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Thumbs up Frequently Asked Questions

Keep in mind that this is just a basic overview of Air Systems, and it does not cover all questions about Air Systems. One thing you will not find here is biased opinions, I have not taken the time or wish to take the time to say which is better and which is not. Everone has their own opinions, and the fact is, some work great, and some dont, this opinion is in the eye of the user. If you want a general idea of what is good and what isn't, please be sure to check out the reviews on the different expansion chambers on our front page www.pbreview.com now for your reading pleasure
  • Why does my Co2 tank get cold?

    When you are using CO2, you are actually carrying a tank that is filled with CO2 in a liquid state. The liquid must expand in order to "charge" your gun. This conversion from liquid to gas requires a great deal of thermal energy and causes the tank to get colder.

  • How can I tell if my gun is shooting liquid Co2?

    Do you see snow flakes coming out of the barrel of your gun? If you are, then your gun is taking in liquid.
  • What is a Anti Siphon tube?

    An anti-siphon tube, is a tube that is attached to the inside (the side that's inside of the tank) of your pin valve on your Co2 tank. This tube is designed to help prevent liquid Co2 from entering your gun, and damaging the internal seals or your marker. It is designed for those who have their tank mounted horizontally via bottom line adatper. ***DO NOT USE A ANTI SIPHON TUBE IF YOUR TANK IS MOUNTED VERTICALLY*** This is a very inexpensive way to keep your gun performing at tip top shape if you are using Co2.

    An Alternative is to mount your Co2 tank vertically, this ensures that the liquid sits at the bottom of your tank, and only the gas enters your marker. I recommend having a local shop install a Anti-Siphon tank for your gun, instead of ordering one online. Anti-Siphon tubes are fully customized for your gun, and your alone. I highly advise against buying a Anti-Siphon tube from somone else... however the option is yours.
  • What is a Expansion Chamber?

    An expanion chamber is used to help Liquid Co2 expand into a gas, and that is exactly what it does. There are different designs out there and some work better then others. Some X Chambers have different multiple chambers that the Co2 must pass through in order to expand or for the liquid to evaporate into a gas, While some are simple one chamber tubes. How to tell the difference? Stages! 4-stage, 6-stage, etc (or contact the manufacturer for more details)

    You could also use a remote line as an X chamber. Remotes give the Co2 more time to fully expand into a gas before it enters your gun, much like an expanion chamber. This is another alternative, and is a added bonus for those who do run a remote set up.
  • What is a Inline Regulator?

    What does it do? It regulates!!! It regulates the ingoing pressure into your gun, and in turn makes your velocity much more consistent. It ensures that the air coming into your gun is at the same/or close the same pressure after everyshot. Like I said before this leads to a much more consistent velocity, and a much tighter shot grouping. So for those of you wondering if it improves accuracy? yes, it does. A regulator is a must for those going the route of LP (low pressure) it simply cannot be done without one of these. If you have bought a regulator and are still getting inconsistent marks over the chrono, please check to ensure that you have the correct paint/barrel match, also please give you regulator time to break in, the break in period varies, and can be from 1000shots, up to 1 or 2 cases. Although it is not necessary to have a gauge for the regulator to work, it is handy, and it looks cool.

    Do your research before you buy a regulator, some are designed for use with Co2, and some are not. Save yourself the stress, and get the right one. **If you use Co2, be sure to use have a anti-siphon tube installed on your Co2 tank for best results. A regulator is not designed to prevent liquid co2 from entering your gun!!
  • What is a Pre-Set tank?

    Pre set systems have a fixed output pressure that cannot be adjusted, hence the name "Pre-Set" Adjustable tanks allow you to adjust your output pressure, simple as that.
  • Can I put Co2 in my Fiber Wrapped HPA tank?

    Lets be smart about this. Just use a Co2 tank for Co2, and a HPA tank for HPA, simple as that. Using Co2 in a HPA tank will eventually cause the fiber lining to seperate from the composite shell on the inside of the tank. This weakens the HPA tank, and makes it very dangerous.

  • How to store Co2/HPA?

    Simply disconnect it from your marker, or turn the on/off valve/switch to the off position and your all set. Be sure not to leave your Co2 tank in direct sunlight, or in a room where it gets really hot. Remember, Co2 is temperature sensitive! Do not leave your gun gassed up. Leaving it gassed up puts avoidable stress on your markers internals. Just disconnect it or turn it off. It's only going to take a few more seconds, no big deal. Ask yourself, would you want to leave your car running after your done using it? hmmmm
  • What's Better Co2 or HPA?

    To answer this question you will first have to understand the dynamics of both air sources. Co2 is very temperature sensitive, meaning that ambient temperature has a direct effect on the tanks output pressure. Co2 is also stored as a liquid in your tank, there is a small area in your tank that contains Co2 in it's gas state called a "vapor bubble" As you fire you gun you notice how the tank gets cold? well like i said before this is cause by the liquid co2 changing into a gas, and as your tank keeps getting colder the more you fire, it also lowers your operating pressure. This drop in pressure results in a not so consistent velocity. Ever play in the winter time, or in a super cold environment, and all of a sudden your tank gun starts to spudder after you filled it? It's so cold outside that there is barely enough pressure in the tank to recock your gun. Being Temperature sensitive is the draw back to Co2. However just because your using Co2 doesn't mean you can't gog that guy with that Blue Dark Angel on the other team!

    HPA on the other hand is not prone to these same conditions. Summer or Winter, the pressure in a HPA tank will always be the just about the same with maybe very very very minor fluctuations, but nothing that you will notice, it will not prevent you from playing at all! N2 or compressed air its a much more cleaner gas then Co2, and also this makes your marker a lot happier. HPA is just much more consistent then Co2, and this is the main reason why HPA is a better air source. The drawback to HPA is that it's not as widely available as Co2 is, and the cost of an actual tank is much more expensive then a Co2 tank. You should always make sure that you have a way to fill your HPA tank before you purchase one. Not all fields have HPA fill stations for players that need it.
  • Hydrostatic Testing?

    Here is a website you can check out for more information www.hydrotesters.com
  • Setting Regulator Pressure

    Here is another page to take a look at this one was made by Vantrepes Regulator Pressure Adjustment
  • Low Pressure

    Low Pressure isn't just lowering your operating pressure of your marker. Low pressure requires you to buy a few upgrades, and have them properly work together to achieve on common goal.

    "Low Pressure" is a *result*, not a goal. It's a *side effect*. You do NOT modify your gun (any gun) simply to get the operating pressure down. You modify your gun for better *efficiency*, which, in turn, allows you to lower the operating pressure

    Read that again if you don't quite have it, and when you do, read it for the 2nd time!!!! *quoted from Doc's Machine

    Through low pressure you can gain Better Gas efficiency, Better Velocity stability (increased consistency), and quieter operation. Less ball breakage and the ability to shoot brittle paint. Even then it is still possible to chop or break paint, but the chances have been minimized.

    Lowering your pressure required to operate your gun means that less air is being used, and in order to maximize usage you will need to upgrade to high flowing parts. You will need a High flowing valve, a high flowing bolt (no venturi stuff!), A barrel with little to no porting, an adjustable inline regulator, and you will also need to buy a aftermarket spring kit. I am not going to go into full detail on how to set your gun up, because i can't cover all guns out there. You can refer most of your questions to the gun specific forums for more ideas on how to set up your gun. Keep in mind that it is more then just adding these parts together, expecting them to work, and a cloud of smoke! *POOF* Low Pressure. It can be kind of tricky getting everything to work right, and if it's not done right, your gun can be set up to be a horrible inefficient gas hog! Just remember that the goal is to increase efficiency, not just to lower the operating pressure.
  • Low Pressure Chambers/Volumizers

    LPC's and Volumizers, the same thing. It's like an extra resovoir of air to help aid low pressure guns. Just adding one really wont give you a super increase in performance, it's mainly an upgrade for those who have LP set ups.

Well, that's it for now, like i said before this is just meant to cover a few of the basics, you will gain the most by posting a question in the forums! after all, thats what it's here for
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