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Like in almost all other forums, we are glad to help, but due to the fact we have to keep answering the same questions, I decided to make an FAQ. I wont cover it all, and some of it may be incoherent due to the fact I'm tired, but the others on this board will be willing to help.

What is a "Pump?"

A "pump" is an alias for a paintball marker that requires human input to cock the gun after every shot.

How does a "pump" work?

A "pump" works by the following steps:
1; push pump handle back fully, opening the chamber for a paintball to be loaded
2; push pump handle completely forward, cocking the gun
3; Fire, then repeat

What is Stock Class play?

Stock class is very uncommon among the masses. It is very skill orientated, and takes a lot of heart to do. It is *BASICALLY* a pump gun that can hold no more then 20 rounds horizontally, and 10 rounds vertically, and must be fed by 12 gram powerlets. For some more of the rules click here: http://www.phantomonline.com/stockclass/tournament.html

What is a "12 gram powerlet?"

Its a little metal cartridge that hold 12 grams of CO2 used to power paintball markers and other things.

"Is a, "pump" right for me?"

Well... This is a very complex question that only you yourself can figure out, but these few inquiries may help you.


"Pump play" Is really a very over looked aspect of paintball because of how technology has differed the sport in the last couple of years. Usually its very tough, being the fact you will mostly face semi-toting-12-balls-a-second-one-case-one-kill shooters. It is also less compelling due to the fact your best BPS will be 3 on a pump with auto trigger. You must think quickly, and stay on your toes. You will have to depend on your ability to make the best out of stealth and mobility. You will NOT have massive fire power to fall back on. You will have your but handed to you plenty of times until you get the hang of it. And eventually, it will make you a much more strategic thinker when on the field. You will be more pressed to improve accuracy so that you can eliminate with that first shot. Its not easy, but its loads of fun!

What are the benefits?

SATISFACTION. Say you just flanked and bunkered that guy(or gal) with a 2000 dollar set up. Wont you fell good that you just beat that person that has a HUGE advantage? I think so.
COST. theres one for you, Can you guess what I pay for paint on a daily basis when playing pump.... well, you will be shocked to hear that playing more then 8 hours a day, I will only use about 500 rounds. I usually pay 500% less then my friends do at the field.
DURABILITY. I am going to say this even though it could start an argument, but every pump gun I have seen will take a beating and still work miraculously.
SKILL IMPROVEMENT. Not something that you can only get through pump play, but most people come out a much better player when they play pump. It does seem to refine skills, even if you are using a semi.
"OO'S AND AHHHS." That's right, you will turn a lot of heads playing with a pump, and will more then likely gain a lot of respect from it. I don't' know how many times people said, "oh my god, that kid is old school, hes using a pump. I bet he is pretty good."
I'm not lying here.

"Pumps are more accurate."

I don't' really believe so. yes a phantom is more precise then a stock Spyder, but accuracy is not from the gun, but from the holder. I think that, like stated earlier, that it FORCES you to be more accurate. Its not the gun, but you that's placing shot on top of shot.

What are some good resources for information on pumps?

http://www.munkies.net/ppig/ The Pump Players Internet Guild (PPIG) is a great place for information on various pumps.
http://www.pgpog.org/index.html The PGP Owners Group is a great resource for info on sheridan pumps (PGP, P68, PMI-1, Piranha LB, etc).
I recommend reading through the various FAQS or searching these sites before asking questions, as there is a wealth of information already there. The people on those boards are knowledgeable and helpful though and surely answer any questions you might have.

Credit to Crazy Mills for suggesting the links and C-Mac for putting them in with the brief write-ups.

that's all for now. Hopefully this will be stickied. I know I missed a lot, but for now it will do. I will add more about gun design and how they are better/worse in spots. But until then, enjoy!
I have no signature, to save PBR bandwith.

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