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Old 03-24-2005, 06:33 PM   #1
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Post Different "high-end" marker types, and what the differences are.

'Aight, so I decided to make this... for those who were wondering just exactly what the main operating systems of different high-ends are, and what the main differences may be. Basically, this is for people looking at purchasing several different high-ends, and wanting to narrow the options down... or for those just curious.

There are three kinds of "high-end" (no, sorry, I am not talking about any kinds of blow-backs or anything else of the like) operating systems out there, excluding the occasional exotic bolt-less design.
  • Spool-valve - This operating design is rapidly gaining popularity, and is used in many markers, such as the Matrix series, Shocker, and also exists in many offshoots including the Ion and Freestyle (some of which do not include a dump chamber... and are more of an electro-pneumatic blow-foward, but the valve is still the same, so I loosely include them in this general category). There are many advantages to this design, such as lack of any discernable cyclic momentum. Another would be the use of a dump chamber to hold all the air used in one complete cycle, which has two advantages: the first one is that the EXACT same amount of air is used for each shot, every time. This is the reason many Matrixes get such close chrono groupings, assuming of course that the reg is consistent. The second advantage of this is simply that neither LPR pressure NOR dwell time (unless either is ultra low...) are tied to velocity, since the same amount of air is used in each shot. This means that the user can tweak their settings for sheer mind-numbing speed and smoothness, and not have to worry about the effects on velocity, consistency, or pressure needed. Also, another thing that I have noticed with all spool-valve operated markers is their noise, or complete lack thereof. I have yet to see any other design quieter than these, with the exception of some pumps.

    About the only disadvantage of a spool-valve is the bad efficiency. However, while some sub-types are downright awful (stock Shocker, 1st-gen Freestyle), others have drastically improved on this design, and are getting upwards of 1,400 shots off of a cool 68/4.5k fill (Proto/DM w/ bolt kit, Ion w/ QEV, newer Freestyles, Shockers with bolt kits).

    Here are some animations of spool-valve operated markers:

    Matrix (older DM3/LED/LCD style):

    Matrix (newer DM4/DM5/Proto style):


    (Notice that there is no dump chamber, as this animation is only of the Gen-1 FS. The newer ones fix this issue, drastically increasing effeciency and making it more of a "true" spool-valve.)

    Ion (very similar operation to Freestyle):

  • Ram-driven poppet valve - The most popular among these, of course, is the Intimidator. In essence, it operates the same as any Spyder (Sorry for the comparison. Please, no flames!), but with a valve that does not route any air for re-cocking, and with a ram and 4-way solenoid assembly replacing the sear, spring, and hammer. Other than that, they are almost exactly the same. On these designs, not only does the HPR affect the velocity, but the LPR and dwell do too. This makes it slightly trickier to get the exact tuning you may want, while still getting good velocity at optimum input pressure. Since the amount of air used per shot is not metered out in advance, and is determined by how long the poppet valve is held open, the consistency is very dependent on not only how consistent the HPR is, but ALSO how consistent the LPR is, not to mention the quality/smoothness/consistency of the ram.

    When tuned, these systems are known for their cyclic rates, ease of maintenance and access, and efficiency (getting upwards of 1,500 shots, in many cases!). The only downsides are both the cyclic momentum (since these use hammers and poppet valves (unlike a spool-valve based design), there is a noticeable amount of force exerted by all the moving mass), and the noise. While it isn't bad by ANY means, the operation is still significantly louder than that of a different design. Not that this really matters, though, in today's world of paintball.

    Some other markers that use this design are (correct me if I am wrong) the Ego, Angels, Bushys, Vikings, Nerves, Impulses, and pretty much every Timmy-clone ever created. A popular off-shoot of this design involves using a spring to return the ram, thus allowing the manufacturer to use a cheaper solenoid, and thus cut costs. Some examples of this would be the BKO, Wrath, etc.

    Here are some animations of the firing sequence:




    ^^^See the ram? And the hammer? And the valve?

    Bushy (notice the spring-return on this one):

  • Others - These include mechanical "blow-foward" designs, such as 'Mags (which are known for their durability, awesomeness, and overall lack of cyclic momentum); as well as automatic-cocking designs, such as 'Cockers, Blazers, and... many others (which are known for their COMPLETE customizability and upgradeability). Each one has their own unique advantages and dis-advantages, but are beginning to show... their age as an operating system. They still kick arse, when set up right.

    (I'm not hating, I <3 'Mags and 'Cockers.)

    Some animations:



    Levl-10 (Mag):

Hope I cleared some things up, regarding the different ways "high-ends" operate. If you have ANYTHING to add that's POSITIVE (especially regarding different operating types, or moving diagrams), don't hesitate to post.

And oh yeah, much <3 to the Ydna. He is the provider of many of the animations used in this thread.

Here is a link to Ydna's site directly linked to his animation page:

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Nice dude... very, very nice. Sticky anyone?
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i second.

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Incidentally, i'll be around a bit more, i think. So, enjoy.
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Originally posted by oo7ph
......with black accents

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stick to the ey
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amazing eff, simply amazing
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Goin with everyone else on this being sticky material. Clears up a lot of stuff I've wondered about for a long time, and I'm sure it would help a lot of people. Rock on eff!
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this just in folks: eff=god. that is all
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My old sig is gone. I killed it. May it rest in peace with all its nostalgia and witty sayings by former members many of you have never heard of.

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Originally posted by Someday1189
this just in folks: eff=god. that is all
That is way old news


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Great job STICKY
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Incredible job!

Now to keep a clutter free sticky, this will be closed. If you have anything to add pm me or f2f4 about it.
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