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NEW and Improved Phantom FAQs!

Link to the old FAQ thread. Good job Psycho. - SaiNt

1. What is a Phantom?

A Phantom is a Pump paintball marker manufactured by Mike Casady of CCI. He personally builds and tests each marker before it leaves him to come into your grubby little hands. They are a little spendy, but you easily get what you pay for and then some.

2. Where can I buy a Phantom?

www.phantomonline.com is strait from the man. If you want it quick, here is the place.

www.whitewolfairsmithing.com this is the place to go for great prices. He has the lowest prices around on Phantoms and Phantom parts. It will take a while for you to receive your gun from WWA, but you pay less.

www.wevopaintball.com is another great place to order from. He has great prices and has great service (my personal favorite to order from)

www.bunkerboyz.com also has very good prices. Run by fellow pumpers, so they know what your talking about.

www.doropaintball.com Has great prices on Direct feed Phantoms, but the price on stock class Phantoms are kind of high.

www.paintballadrenaline.com I have had troubles connecting to their site, but supposedly have great prices

www.canadianpaintball.com A must know for all the Canadians. This makes it cheaper and faster because you don't have to worry about things going across the border.

3. What are some upgrades I should get for my Phantom?

The Phantom is an amazing gun right out of the box. Nothing is really needed for the beauty except some air and some paint. But there are a few things that might not be a bad idea.

- A set of Phantom Detent Rings. These will prevent paintballs from rolling out the end of the barrel. Because the Phantom has no built in detent like some guns, these are important to have.

- A Trigger shoe. The trigger shoe slips onto the trigger and is tightened down. The trigger shoe increases the surface area of the trigger making it more comfortable and makes the trigger pull feel lighter.

- A new barrel. Although the Stock Phantom barrel is an amazing barrel, there are a few that can upstage it.
A WWA Frantom 2 is a phantom barrel that utilizes the Freak Insert system. They can be found at http://www.whitewolfairsmithing.com/barrels.htm

Another good barrel is the J&J Edge Kit. Although sometimes hard to find, they are great barrel kits that work great on Phantoms. They can be found at http://www.bunkerboyz.com/jandj.htm

Lapco also makes their whole lind of barrels for the Phantom. They include the Lapco Autospirit, Lapco Bigshot, and Lapco Microshot, found here http://www.wevopaintball.com/
CCI also makes aftermarket barrels for the Phantom. Found at www.phantomonline.com

Hammerhead barrel kits are now made for the Phantom. Although their effectivness has been debated over the years, many people swear that it will increase the performance of your gun.

- A stock also isn't a bad idea. They allow you to steady your shots easier and make shooting more comfortable.

4. Should I use HPA on my Phantom?

The Phantom was designed to run smoothly on co2. A simple 12gram will get you 40 or more shots out of a stock class phantom. 3.5 oz co2 tanks can also be found. But if you must have that peek consistency, then 13ci and 22ci tanks can be found at http://www.whitewolfairsmithing.com/cci%20parts.htm

5. What is a Micro Phantom?

A Micro Phantom Performs the same as most other Phantoms, but is much smaller. The barrel has been reduced to 6inches and the pump arm down to 2.5

6. What is a Ghost Ring?

A Ghost Ring is a small cylinder that slides onto the sight rail. These help you to acquire your target faster. They are not a sight/scope, they merely reduce the field of vision and allows you to quicken your aiming speed. They can be found at

7 What is a "Break in Period"?

The Break in Period of your Phantom is when your first receive it and the pump stroke is not as smooth as it should be. After about 600-1000 shots (varies in the guns) the Phantoms pump stroke will be silky smooth, and only get better and you play with it more.

8 What is a Stock Class harness, and where can I find one?

A stock class harness is a harness that is designed to hold the 12gram co2 cartridges and the 10rd tubes. There are a few different companies that manufacture them.
http://www.docsmachine.com/gear/scgear.html makes the capless harness.

Ronin Gear makes two different harnesses. http://www.iisports.com/product.asp?...&pf_id=UX0040A and http://www.iisports.com/product.asp?...&pf_id=UX0041A

Also Cops911 makes harness...alot of them... http://cops911.com/category.asp?id=106

A new company, PBMafia, has recently started making some very nice stock class harnesses. They can be found at

9. How do I adjust the Velocity?

It should tell you in your manual, but since Im such a nice guy, Ill tell you. The Phantom comes with a long rod with a black adapter on the end http://www.whitewolfairsmithing.com/...y-adjuster.jpg simply put this down your barrel onto the end of your bolt, turn left to lower velocity and right to raise the velocity. There is also a small, white screw on the bolt, that is the set screw. You have to disassemble the marker to access it, but not like that's a huge task. Screw that in lightly to set the velocity, and screw it out if you need to adjust again.

10. Can I change my marker from stock class to direct feed?

Absolutely. All you have to do is purchase a Direct feed body (or stock class body if your going the other way) take the internals and trigger frame from one breech and move them to the other. Quite simple really.

11. What is a check valve?

A check valve is a valve that replaces your old, or you modify your original valve to hold extra co2 after you have removed the 12gram from the gun. Some Phantoms, such as the ones from WWA, come standard with a check valve.

12. Where can I buy a 3.5oz Co2 or a 13ci HPA tank?

There are a few places that sell 3.5oz. They can be found at:

13. How many shots will I get off of a 12gram?

When you first get your Phantom, you wont get as many shots.

Backbottle: Before Break in; appx. 35 shots
After Break in; 45-50 shots

VSC: Before Break in; appx. 20 shots
After Break in; 30-40 shots.

14. Where does the CO2 go?

The following three setups use a regular size co2 tank
In your average back bottle setup Here The co2 bottle will screw onto the back of the marker just behind the valve.

On a bottomline setup Here the co2 placement is pretty obvious, it will screw into the bottomline on the bottom of the grip frame like most other markers.

On a vertical air Phantom Here the co2 placement is also pretty obvious, it will screw in vertically into the ASA.

The following setups use 12gram co2 powerletts
On a Stock Class (SC) Phantom Here, the 12gram will be placed in the bucket, the extension off the back of the marker, and then screwed into the marker so that it comes into contact with the Puncture pin, thus releasing the co2.

On a Vertical Stock Class (VSC) Phantom Here The co2 is screwed into the bucket that is vertical in front of the trigger frame, and then screwed into the marker so that it comes into contact with the Puncture pin, thus releasing the co2.

15. How do I maintain my Phantom?

The Phantom is very easy to take care of. After each day of play, take out the internals, wipe them off with a dry rag, and put them back in. Then, before you start playing, put 3-4 drops of regular paintball marker oil (Gold cup, Core slick, PMI, etc.) and put then on the pucture pin or asa, and then attach the air source. Take off the marker barrel and fire the marker several times to cycle the oil throughout the internals, and replace the barrel. Your now ready for a good day of play

Here is a thread that FuzzyLlama made on how to properly lube your Phantom

Also, a very valuable thread, is Senghing27's thread for a break down of your Phantom, complete wil pics. Great if you are having troubles taking apart/putting together your Phantom.

Another helpful video from one of the members here, a Vid by Omni about how to adjust your Nylon set screw

If there is anything else that you believe I should add, just PM me and Ill be sure to add it in.
CCI-OT...we miss you

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