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The Matrix FAQ

After noticing a surge in posts around here, I decided to start over on a faq for the matrix. this thread will ONLY be for the purpose of information, NOT asking questions in okay? now since that is all cleared up I think I'll start off by telling you what exactly the matrix is (no not the movie people!)
bare with me this will be a work in progress for a loooooonnnng time.

What is the matrix?
The matrix is an open-bolt (technically not a bolt, but a spool) electronic paintball gun that is made by Airguns/Procaps and is distributed by Diablo. The guns stock psi is at approximately 140-180 psi. The gun is ran by a 9 volt battery. The Matrix weighs 3 pounds and 4 ounces. Stock barrels thread are for autocockers, however other breeches (warp, angel, m98, and spyders are the other ones out) can be put in place in case youu want to use another barrel system for any other reason. The price range is usually around $660 american, and the price for the lcd as of right now is currently not known to the public. The rate of fire stock is at 16.7 bps stock, and with a bolt-kit from Aardvark Custom Paintball Products, it is 21.6 bps. The feed tube is the size of the post-BE Revolutions, so if you have a pre-BE Revolution, you are going to have to shave the neck in order for it to fit.

How many shots?
On a 68/4.5k tank you can get around 770-800 shots off of the tank, and around 550-600 on a 68/3k tank. For a 20 oz. tank you can get around 1000 shots. Mods to have a better shot count are out by a couple of companies. (which will be listed later)

What is bolt stick?
Bolt-stick can occur several times. It can get stuck in the forward or backward position. The forward position generally means that your inline reg is turned up to high. If you do not have a front reg on the matrix, the bolt pressure must be the same as the operating pressure. Back-stick can happen when you have not shot the gun in a while, or your lpr is set to low. The main key to preventing all of this is good lubrication. That can not be stressed enough with the matrix.

What are the upgrades?
This one will be quite long, so bear with me.

Front Regs : There are several out there for the matrix, but to me (and as well as thousands of others) there is only one true regulator for the matrix, the trinity made by Aardvark Custom Paintball Products (which will be reffered to as ACPP to save space). Diablo is making one, and PBC also has one out. The earlier matrixes came with a rock, or image, or kapp mod put on them, although they were not good upgrades at all. This is a very important upgrade if you do not want to chop paint period.

O-Ring Kit : Again ACPP makes an o-ring kit, which comes with a bolt kit, or by themselves. Shocktech also makes some, and I do believe that PBC also has some, but again ACPP are the best that are out on the market.

Chips : As far as I know, only ACPP makes chips for the matrix. They have two kinds out: tourny chip, and the cypher chip. The tourny chip is semi only, and has abs technology. The cypher is a various firing mode chip, and also has abs technology.

Volumizers : ACPP has two out. They have the ones called the "horns", and the "bullet" styles out. PBC also has one that I call the "inch worm". They all do not do anything performance wise, but however they do make the gun look way better looking.

Triggers : There are several triggers out there. ACPP has the switch, and the gator trigger. G-Force has one out, as well as PBC. Angel triggers (with proper modifications) can fit the the matrix, but really at this rate those triggers will be upgrades for the matrix so why bother?

Low And Mid Rises : Again ACPP and PBC are the only ones out with different feed tubes. There is a low and a high from ACPP, and a Mid-rise from PBC.

Efficentcy Sleeves : I'm only putting this in here to tell you these are crap and useless, stay away from them.

Grips : Aardvark has some pewter grips out, as well as PBC. For rubber grips, I can't remember where, but there are some. Dye LCD's, and Angel LCD's grips will work on the matrix just nicely. There is a guy (site escapes me) that makes acrylic grips for angels, and he will also make them for the matrix. I will throw up the site when I find it. Also another company makes some nice pewter grips, but are in the $100 + range.

Bolt-Kit : ACPP has the best one out on the market. A o-ring kit, matrix muck, and a new chip come along with the bolt. PBC, and Diablo are coming out with their own (maybe they have and I just don't realize it yet).

Taking apart and lubing the bolt
When pulling out the bolt, you MUST push the front of the bolt to the back, and pull it out from there. First the backplate must be off, and the unscrew the rear cap, then you can take off the front o-ring on the bolt, and push it through the back. To lube, lube EVERYTHING! Especially the top-hat. You Judy Butter, or Shocker Lube, or Matrix Muck first, the put a couple of drops on the bolt (5 will do the trick).

THIS FAQ WILL BE UPDATED OFTEN, (I'm just lazy to do it all right now) SO PLEASE BEAR WITH ME OKAY?
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