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Old 04-29-2006, 11:46 AM   #1
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The Semi-Exhaustive Entry-to-Mid Marker Concordance

Well, I looked at the insane number of “Which Gun???” & “A Vs. B.” Threads, so I decided to compile a comprehensive entry-to-mid marker comparison.

For the sake of keeping this fairly concise, and the fact that it’s in the New Paintballers forum, I’m going to limit this to markers that can be purchased for less than $300 brand new. I’ll also group them into the categories of Mechanical & Electronic.


WGP Markers:

--Trilogy Tactical ~ $###
Primary Use: Woodsball
Key Features:
Cons: Front block is non-interchangeable

--Trilogy Competition ~ $###
Primary Use: Speedball
Key Features:
Cons: Front block is non-interchangeable

--Trilogy Pro ~ $###
Primary Use: Recball/Speedball
Key Features:
Cons: Front block is non-interchangeable

Tippmann Markers:

--98 Custom ~ $###
Primary Use: Woodsball/Mil-Sim/Recball
Key Features: High upgrade/customization ability, dependable

--A-5 ~ $###
Primary Use: Woodsball/Mil-Sim/RecBall
Key Features: High upgrade/customization ability

Kingman Markers:

--Victor ~ $###
Primary Use: Recball/Woodsball
Key Features:

--Xtra ~ $###
Primary Use: Recball/Woodsball
Key Features:

--TL-X ~ $###
Primary Use: Recball/Woodsball
Key features:

--Rodeo ~ $###
Primary Use: Recball/Woodsball
Key features: Pressure gauge, regulator/x-chamber, improved milling

--MR-1 ~ $###
Primary Use: Woodsball/Mil-Sim
Key features:

Mechanical Summary:
It seems the most recommended markers I have found in the mechanical section are both tippmann markers, and the Xtra/Victor. The kingman markers are basic, but provide a cheap entry marker that can take various upgrades. Spyders seem to be more popular for upgrading into the "speedball" world, but tippmann's seem to be more accepted for durability, and their "mil-sim" appeal.

The Kingman MR-1 is fairly new, and not much is being said about it yet...



WGP Markers:

--Trilogy SF Family: ~ $###-###
SF = Select Fire. These are the stock WGP electronic framed versions of the Trilogy Series (reference Mechanical Section for marker specifics)
Primary Use: Speedball
Key Features:

Kingman E-Markers:

--Imagine ~ $###
Primary Use: Recball/Speedball
Key Features: Cheapest e-framed spyder, multiple firing modes, recessed “Vizion” bolt

--Electra(newer models) ~ $###
Primary Use: Recball/Speedball
Key Features: Anti-Chop System, Rocking Trigger Frame (’06 model comes with an eye)
Cons: expensive for blowback operation

--MR-2 ~ $###
Primary Use: Woodsball/Mil-Sim
Key Features:

Tippmann E-Markers:

--98 Custom Pro E ~ $###
Primary Use: Recball
Key Features: durability, upgrade/customization ability
Cons: long, bulky

--an E-Grip is also available as an add-on for the 98 custom and the A-5

Smart Parts Markers:

Ion ~ $###
Primary Use: Speedball
Key Features: Spool Valve, Low pressure operation, BreakBeam eyes, lightweight.
Cons: "Composite body" is not appealing to some.

SP-8 (modified version of the Ion) ~ $###
Primary Use: Woodsball/Mil-Sim
Key Features:

"Evil" Markers:

--Omen 2.0 (do not confuse with normal "Omen") ~ $280
Primary Use: Speedball
Key Features: Cam arms to eliminate chops
Cons: Have to set recock but solved easily just read manual

Game Face Markers:

--Vexor Eye ~ $140
Primary Use: Speedball
Key Features: Speed, eyes, good value

Piranha Markers:

--Evo 2005 ~ $130
Primary Use: Speedball
Key Features: Speed, eyes, low price

--EVO Special Edition ~ $160
Primary Use: Speedball/Recball
Key Features: Evil Detonator, Trigger Guard, Eyes, Great Reg
Cons: Limited colors
[No Review Link Located]
Diablo Markers:

--Wrath ~ $209
Primary Use: Speedball/ Recball
Key Features: ElectroPneumatic,Dual break beam anti-chop eyes
Cons: Only Semi Auto, Very few upgrades, Grips, Spring Return

--Wrath LTD ~ $240
Primary Use: Speedball/Recball
Key Features: Teflon bolt with O-rings for better seal, High speed air-ram operation, Dual break beam anti-chop eyes , Circuit board has ramping mode, Fixes Problem with original Wrath
Cons: No adjustments on the Ramping, Spring Return

Electronic Summary:
In this section, the most popular choices seem to be the Kingman Spyder Imagine, and the Smart Sparts Ion. Both are reasonably priced for their specific function, but the Ion offers siginificantly more advantages in the area of operating pressure, speed, breakbeam eyes, and the spool valve operation.

The Game Face Vexor Eye and the Piranha Evo offer a very good package for the blowback marker as they are priced low, AND come stock with eyes & a higher ROF cap than most kingman eframes.

If you have any additional information (or questions) on these markers, please post here and update us (including concise "features," "cons," & "price").

If you would like to submit another marker for listing, please use the following format:

Manufacturer Name:
Marker Name:
Appx. Price:
Primary Use:
Key Features:

If you'd like, you can include link to review on pbr, but that isn't necessary, I can find that.
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Manufacturer Name: Airgun Designs
Marker Name: Automag
Appx. Price: Anywhere from $100-$400
Primary Use: Either. Depends on the upgrades it has.
Key Features: Reliable, original, simple, well-made and designed. If you don't want to be "just another kid with a Spyder" or Ion or vice versa, a mag is definetly a marker you should consider.
Cons: Getting outdated...but if we're stricly comparing it to Spyders and Tippmanns, I'd still consider it a superior choice.
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Old 06-06-2006, 10:01 AM   #3
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Originally Posted by hurleyhonda22
I am guessing I am not the only one tired of constant which gun threads so i decided to make this.


Kingman:Any spyder mech gun is nice for a begginer. One of kingmans best mech guns is the rodeo with its pretty good accuracy, cheap price tag,stock reg, and over all relabillity this is a great gun for any begginner. And if you decide to get serious it had tons of upgrades and is very easy to upgrade. The xtra is also a very nice out of the box gun. Being a gun i currently own it is a very relaible, cheap, low matinence gun after some upgrades it can be a great gun and the stock 12 inch barrel is pretty accurate out of the box. The victor and victor2 are very nice mechs being the cheapest spyder mech out there it has a strong design and great out of the box accuracy and with some upgrades can be turned into a marker to compete with any electric gun.

Tippmann: Tippmann guns are the most relaible strongest guns out there they are like tanks. The 98 custom is a gun that can be used by anyone with its tank-like design it is a force to reckon with. It is a highly customizable gun and has relable performance overall a good gun for any begginer. The A-5 is a great all around gun. It has a fairly accurate stock 8 inch barrel and has a newly designed cyclone feed system allowing for a faster rate of fire and lowers amount of chops. You can customized this marker and make it look GREAT. This gun also has the relaibility of any tippmann marker. Overall great gun for any rec woodsballer or scenario player.

Worr Game Products: WGP guns are nice for a begginner but the player must have some kind of mechanical knowledge. The trilogy pro is a great gun for any begginer it doesnt take much knowledge to use. It is a very light weight gun, and is very accurate out of the box it also has a wallet friendly price. It is also a very easy to use and is set up well out of the box. Overall good for anyone looking to get into autocockers or just a begginer looking for a gun. The prostock is another nice gun made by WGP but unfortuanttly isnt the cheapest gun out there. The prostock is very accurate out of the box, it is also moderatly fast for a mech. It is also very easy to clean and quiet and not many ball breaks.

32 Degrees: 32 degrees only has a few markers but are very cheap nice begginner guns. The Icon X is a very relaible marker and is pretty accurate right out of the box if you use the right paint. It also has a very cheap tag being only $60 is a cheap alternative for any begginer looking to start in the sport. It is also very efficeant on Co2 getting up to 1300 shots on a 20oz. Co2 tank. Overall if you want a cheap relaible gun look to get the Icon X. The icon Z is one of 32 degrees best mech markers they have to offer. If you are a player looking to start in the sport look to get this gun with a cheap $90 price tag and the relability of a tippmann this gun is great for anyone. It also has a pretty nice barrel out of the box proving to be pretty accurate. It is also very easy to clean and maintain and has lots of nice features. This is a great gun for any begginer looking to get their fist gun.


Kingman: In my opinion this is one of the best Blowback makers to this date. With a strong line of markers that anyone can afford. The electra is kingmans best electros they make. It has great out of the box accuracy and is a very easy to clean low matinence marker. With a pretty cheap price tag and the new Rocking trigger it is great for any starter or intermeddate player looking for a gun. But i do recommend a fast hopper though. Ahh yes the Imagine one of the most reccommeded electros out there. The imagine is a very cheap marker being only $63 and having good speed, easy upgradibility, and being a very relaible marker. If you are looking for a cheap gun with great performance the imagine is for you. The fenix is not that popular yet but is still a very good marker. The fenix has a fairly cheap price along with great relaibility, fast firing rate, easy matinecnce and a reg being on it stock it is a marker to contend with. This is a great marker for anyone wanting a highly upgradible fast marker. Last but not least the pilot. The pilot is a very nice marker being fast and highly upgradible. The pilot has a wallet friendly price tag, the new ACS bolt, fast firing rate and great out of the box accuracy so whats not to like? Nothing this is a great marker i reccommend this for someone looking for their first electro or even someone looking for there first gun.

PMI: Pmi is an up and coming company bringing out the best blow backs on the market. The evo is the best blowback marker out there and even has a decent price tag on it too. The evo is incredibally relaible, and very accurate with almost zero mattinence. And with a high rate of fire and even breakbeam eyes. This is the best blowback you can buy i reccommened this to anyone due to its low mattinence. The GTI eforce is also a great marker with its low price tag fast rate of fire and accuracy out of the box this is a great marker for anyone. It is also a very light marker and easy to maintain. I recommend this to any interested in a nice electro that wont empty your wallet. The EXT Pro is another great marker made by PMI. It has a very sensitive trigger, has a stock reg and is very co2 efficiant. It is also very accurate and has nice stock features. This is a nice marker i reccommend it to someone who is looking to buy their first electro or someone wanting to upgrade from a mech.

Diablo: Diablo has a great line of electronic markers. The Wrath is a very nice high end gun with a low end type of price tag. It is fast and the eyes on it work great. It is also very light and has a stock reg on it, and it even runs on A/S co2. I think the Wrath is the best bang for your buck you can get this is a great gun for anyone who has some knowledge on paintball guns and knows how to operate an electronic gun. The Slayer is a very nice marker for anyone. It has a great stock barrel and is very light and fast. The eyes also work great and its simple to use and even runs on co2. This marker can be used by anyone with some backround knowledge on paintball guns.

Smart Parts: SP has made some great high end electronic guns but one of the cheapest high end to this date is the ION. The ion is one of the most popular markers on the market i can see why with its fast firing rate easy matinence and 180 dollar price tag that anyone can afford it is the ultimate marker. It is also very consistent on gas but i reccommend if you buy this you must use compressed air or A/S co2. It is also a very lightweight marker. The ion is a great gun but i reccommend you learn how to use an electro pnumatic and how to maintain it before you buy it.

I spent lots of time on this so all of us dont have to deal with whick one threads anymore so please consider this before posting a thread

Yours truley,
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Key Features:O.K Upgradibility Acuraccy
Price: About 150 (package)
Cons: Slow
Use: Speedball, Recball,Woods
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I like this listing, but no mention whatsoever of:

Brass Eagle/ViewLoader markers:
price: low, from $40-80 on average, sometimes including all necessary equipment
Use: recball/woodsball
Pro: Inexpensive and easily available through most major retailers.
Con: Reliability isn't considered to be very good in most models, usually not fast-firing, high degree of reported defects according to this website, cost-to-value is low (i.e. the same price as a more reliable marker such as a low-end spyder)
NOTE: Brass Eagle and Viewloader make good markers for beginners, people who don't plan on playing regularly, or people who just can't afford anything more. I've used them before and not had too many problems, but other people DO have problems with these markers. Be warned, you can usually get a better marker by just saving a few more dollars, but for instant gratification, they're fine. Check the reviews, because some BE/VL products do quite well for most people, and others tend to be very poor quality according to reviewers.

One other addition:

Kingman Spyder Pilot ACS
Use: recball/speedball/woodsball
Price: usually around $140 at major retailers, more or less depending on where you purchase.
Pro: a good electronic blowback for the price; has semi-auto, 3-shot, 6-shot, and full-auto modes; anti-chop bolt; plenty of upgrades to be found if you look hard enough
Con: for a similar price you can get the piranha evo, which has break-beam eyes to stop chopping. other than that, no real cons in my book. check the reviews to learn more.

Please don't flame me because I'm suggesting BE/VL markers to new players! I just want the list to be balanced, and there are positive points to them, even if they aren't the most reliable markers.
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I'll try to update the list as soon as I have a bit more time than 2 minutes...
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Manufacturer Name: PMI/Pirhanna
Marker Name:GTI
Appx. Price:$120
Primary Use:Woodsball/Recball
Key Features: Price, Black, not so easy to spot

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