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Mini FAQ

Operating system: Preasure controled poppet (PCP)

MSRP: $449.95 with One year limited warranty

Release date: December

Website URL: http://invertpaintball.com/

Myspace account: http://www.myspace.com/invertpaintball

confirmed Mini-facts:
* Weighing in under 2 lbs (including barrel, ASA, 9volt battery and regulator) the Invert Mini™ might be THE Lightest & Tightest electronic marker available
* NEW patented proprietary P.C.P. (Pressure Controlled Poppet™) operating system
* NEW patented proprietary MINI Regulator/ASA
* NEW patented proprietary Slipstream™ solenoid
* Break Beam Anti-Chop Eyes Standard
* Multi-mode (NPPL Semi, PSP ramping, NXL, & Millennium ramping) firing capability with easy tournament lockout
* Clamping feed-neck with Ion (Smart Parts)/ICD threads
* "Cocker" threaded 12" barrel
* No hoses to crimp or break!
* Initial production colors will be polished finish Black, Red or Blue
* One year limited warranty
* Available through your local retailer in time for Christmas!
* MSRP: $449.95.

*Works on hp or lp
*Spring Returned bolt
*Magnet returned trigger.
*Only 2 sets of Wires (quick disconnect wires conneting battery to the board, and the solenoid to the board).
*One Screw Quick Strip - Bolt guide, bolt and bolt return spring then simply slide out the back of the gun.
*Uses a Hall effect sensor
*Volume chamber in Grip Frame
*Two stage bolt system to be gentler on paint
*Control Button Located Back of Front Grip
*Stock Barrel is .691
*Stock Trigger can adjust pull length, stop points, and sensitivity
*It won't like CO2 at all
*It's been in development 4-5 years
*works at 160-200psi
*1400 shots off a 68/4500 at 275fps. 1200 shots off a 68/4500 at 295fps

*Manike speaking about the mini*

Rumors/Unconfirmed Facts Will be updated as we learn them
*Max rof depending on how you set the gun up. Capable of 20+bps.
*Battery Life - so far over 100,000 reballs on a battery.

Will Pulse Chips work with the Mini? If so where do I solder?

Inside the grip frame being held by electric tape.

Upper body removed. Exposing the noid connector.

Pulse chip harness/wires soldered to the back side of the noid connector.
doing it on the mini will prolly void the warranty.

if you solder it to the sensor board, you have to strip the black coating over the noid connector terminals.
i found this the best place to install the rf chip.

what i did was:
- remove the grip (4 screws)
- take the grip frame off. ( 2 different screws, make sure the bolt guide doesnt fly away)
- disconnect noid wire from board (pull the white male connector part off, do not tug on the wires)
- remove the metal frame on top of the sensor board where the noid and upper volumizer is connected (6-8 small screws)
- lightly pull the sensor board out (try not to damage it by using flat head screw drivers. try not to mess up the eyes by yanking it off)
- with the optimus sensor board off, lightly remove the black coating off the noid connector terminals. just enough to expose any metal. (use a really fine sand paper/filer)
- solder the pulse RF chip wires (make sure that the chip IS NOT connected to the wires when you solder. the wires come prepped with lead on its tips. make sure not to make the wires touch each other when adding more lead)
- cover that part with a non-conducting material. so you don't ground anything by touching the metal parts of the frame (thick electric tape is advised.)
- place the sensor board back to the upper part of the mini (be wary of how you place the eyes back inside.)
- now slide the RF CHIP wires through the hole frame that holds the sensor board in place. there is enough clearance so you don't pinch any of the wires.
(the same hole that the white noid connector goes into)
- check that everything is flushed. no wires are pinched. eyes in position (look inside the breech). now you can screw that frame on (6-8 small screws)
- connect the noid back to the sensor board.
- re-attach the grip frame back to the upper body of the mini. again, make sure that the RF chip wires and the noid wires does not get pinched in the process.
- connect the RF chip and tape it to the volumizer. unless you like to let it hang.
- screw the grip frame back on. short screw in the trigger area, long screw in the back. make sure you align the bolt guide and it is flushed with the upper body.
- now turn your mini on with eyes off
- sync your pulse loader (hold the power button of the pulse till it blinks slow green and keep holding. shoot your mini once. if by the powers of she-ra you did everything right, the pulse loader will blink rapidly and turn off after you release the button)
- the the pulse on. hold the carousel (thing that rotates on the inside)
- shoot mini. feel response from pulse loader.
- yay. turn the marker off. turn loader off.
- screw grips back on frame. (4 screws)

Another good option is the Destructive Customs RF harness. The ego/dm/pm harness works with the mini. You simply attach to the solenoid than the other end into the board and plug in the RF chip.

How do I clean and take care of my mini?

General Maintenance
Velocity Adjustment
Mode Adjustment
Trigger Adjustment
Electronics and Front Grip
Noid Replacement
Sensor Board Replacement
Complete Disassembly
Regulator Disassembly***
Complete Assembly1
Complete Assembly2

Once again, thanks to Simon and Invert for these awesome videos. You won't see something like this from any other company.
***NOTE the Regulator is not meant to be taken apart by non-certifed technicians and it is reccomended that if you are having problems with your regulator send it back to the manufacturer.
What lube should I use with my mini?
Dow33 will work. Dow33 is commonly known as Shocker grease or Sl33k(both made by Smartparts).

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