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There have been far too many threads asking this question, and this is to put an end to them. Written by me, this is all the info you will ever need regarding Co2 usage with Mechanical Autocockers, and even Electronic models.

First off, you can buy any mechanical autococker, new in the box, and screw in a Co2 tank, and go play some paintball. It's as easy as that. Screw in the tank, go play. The marker will be more consistent than a Spyder, Tippy, or other low end that runs Co2 well, and if it's a newer autococker with a regulator, it will run Co2 even better, because they run at low pressure, and will be less subject to shootdown.

Now, if you are unhappy with the performance of just plain Co2 and your setup, there are a number of things you can do.

-Install an anti-siphon tube in your Co2 tank! I don't know how many times I've told people at the field to get anti-siphon tubes installed in their tanks. They are godsends, they help your marker so much!

-Use a remote line! If you're not installing anti-siphon, a similarly helpful, and slightly easier set up part is a remote line. Remotes are cheap, easily used by idiots, those who lack common sense, and killertip, etc., and most of all, keep that nasty liquid Co2 out of your marker, preventing shootdown, damaged seals, blown off lines, and velocity spikes.

-Buy a good regulating system! By far the best way to run Co2 on your cocker is with some good old Palmer's Stabilizers and Rocks. The best way to do it if you already have a sound regulator on your marker, such as a newer stock WGP model, get a Female Stabilizer. Your bottle screws right into it, and that little baby will keep all the liquid Co2 out, and give a constant and consistent flow to your inline regulator, which will act as if your marker is shooting HPA! For maximum performance, a total of 3 Palmer's Regulators should be installed. A Male Stabilizer, a Female Stabilizer, and a Rock LPR. Please search for these items in PbReview's Review System, and you will see that they are very coveted items.

Those are my tips for using Co2, and aside from the remote line, they are the setups I have on MY personal markers.

Please note that these concepts are not my own; they can be found in the various stickies in the forums, but I made this one to be directed at the newer cocker audience. In addition to this, these tips can all be used for electro cockers, it's just not the greatest recommendation, and remember, a total of 4 items must be installed to use Co2. A Male Stabilizer, a Female Stabilizer, an Anti-siphon, and a Rock LPR.

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