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Old 07-03-2007, 02:24 PM   #1
I have the compass!!
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Ok I've been meaning to make this for a while now but have been super busy. i decided to make this thread because there is no thread that gives u all the slides in detail. This thread will help u know when and how slide or dive properly, lets start with probably most recognized slide. The super man slide

Topics and important things are in red

Things that u might want for sliding.- pb pants/ pb shirt with padded elbows and knees. Sliding shorts, knee/elbow pads, gloves, cleats

look at what type of ground your sliding on. turf= big long slide, short grass= short slide, high grass= long slide, wet grass= really long slide. and wet dirt = medium slide. dry dirt = your knees hurt n u don't slide that far
you would use this is to help u realize before the game of how far u might slide so u can use this during the game and try not to over and under slide
Over and undersliding
always remember its better to over slide than to underslide. but try not to do either. if you feel ur oversliding grab some dirt and dig your toes in the ground. if u under slide bust your *** to your bunker as fast as u can

for the sake of your gun don't practice sliding with your gun till your good with the actual sliding part. i don't want to hear about how u broke your dm7 or marq.

Some slides once u are good at them give u the ability to shoot while sliding. try it.
Slides while running straight at bunker

Superman Slide

The most feared slide in paintball. The one that gives u the littlest profile but can hurt u and your marker if done wrong.
Ok for the superman slide lets start with what u might superman dive into.(used at the end of very long runs like to 40s,50s, and SNAKE #1 bunker u use the superman dive for. Other than that u might use if for filling in bunkers and u see a lane that the only way youíll get under is if u superman dive. Other than that u donít want to use it because u lose your ability to shoot accurately ( Iím saying accurately because I know there are those that can superman dive and shoot at the same time).
If the bunker is on the right side of the field your gun is in your right hand, if on left side its in your left hand. If running to the snake off the break sprint there donít run and gun just sprint. Donít put your hand in front of your mask so u cant see( trying to look agg)keep your head up and looking to at your bunker and where there players are going. Only put your hand in front of your mask if u see a lane coming at your face.
Ok now for the actual diving part. best way to describe it would be a slip and slide dive. i know we've all had one so lets us our knowledge from it. At the end of your run (this should be before the start of the snake. U should be able to slide a good 6 feet or more if done correctly). U want to lean forward as if falling forward with gun tucked in with body. Then push yourself by your toes till your legs are almost fully extended and dive forward (its falling with style. You do want that last push to add a couple of feet to your slide). Do not push up push parallel with the ground, and throw hands out in front of u to give yourself more momentum and to keep your marker safe. (The closer u are to the ground when u jump forward the less likely it will hurt and the more momentum u will gain.)
As your diving u want your gun facing ******d (around 45degrees. because if u have it straight in the air your tank will hit the ground hard, and if u have it parallel with the ground you'll snap your feedneck or break your hopper), hopper facing the outside of the field. Arm with gun slightly bent at the elbow (this will keep your barrel from going into the dirt) bracing for impact. U want your tank to be aligned with your forearm so u donít break your tank or asa on impact. Ur free hand can be either palm up or palm down. I prefer palm down and keeping that arm a little bent so when my slide slows u can go right into the crawl or get up and shoot as fast as possible.
When u land u want your body to land flat on the ground in this order. Elbows hit the ground first followed buy chest, stomach. Knees, feet. Keep ur legs straight, I see all the time shin and foot shots from guys going into snake with there feet 2feet in the air. Other than that go along for the ride.

pics of superman slides.
beginningof slide. pure perfection
nice dive legs not to high in air.
everything good but feet to high.

What Not to do during a Superman Dive.+ pics of it
vid. its at the end, but u really don't want to do anything in this vid^^^

http://miguelcruz.com/06chicagoG1/images/3psp109.JPG lol

have gun facing inward. legs and feet 2feet in the air. head down in the dirt. hand covering face(during run) let the tank hit the ground first. hopper leaning outside to much ( u only want it leaning to the outside of ur body at a 45degree angle or so.)

1 Knee Slide Forward
I personally donít use this slide as much as Iím usually the snake guy but hereís when and how u would use it.
This slide is used when bumping up or if u see a guy throw some paint at u and u want to get out of its way fast.
When u do this slide your usually bumping up, not sprinting, this is more of an agility slide, like when u need to make a move to the next bunker up the tape. U push off your feet get that quick acceleration with head up looking at opponents side of the field. Gun tucked in close (In outside hand), body leaning forward. Gets low, free hand almost touching ground (for support once u start the slide.)(Helps u stay lower). Than drop one of your legs. It really does not matter which one. Then have your other leg either go out to the side a little or in front of u (what ever is more comfortable) to let u slide instead of digging in and stopping u dead. Sometimes after the initial slide u do a mix of the slide/ crawl.

great pic of how its done
a good pic of how the entry of the 1knee slide should look (thanks to 2XTREME4U)

2 Knee Slide. Forward
Itís a very easy slide to do. U would use this most likely when running off the break to a center bunker like the 30 or 40. u can also use it when bumping up to any bunker in front of u, or slightly to the side. It gives u a little profile with the ability to shoot accurately.
U can run and gun before doing this slide but u donít have to. Ok this slide is running then lean back while dropping your knees to the ground. and keep upper body in shooting position. if u need to at first, put one hand on ground and lean on it for a little for extra balance. Keep marker hand a little in front of u palms forward like your knocking on a door. this is so u can use your marker to lean into the bunker a little at the end of your slide (once u get better and donít need that hand for extra balance keep your gun rolling for the whole slide).


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I have the compass!!
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Slides to the Sides

Ok the “baseball slide”/ hip slide.
There are different versions of each slide
U would use these slides running to corners, running sideways, whenever ur running perpendicular to where your opponents are. U can run and gun before all of these. U want to keep your gun tucked in during all these slides. once u get good at them some will allow u to shoot while sliding.

Baseball slide
A true baseball slide is not my favorite as it leaves the biggest part of u body out for the longest time and cant really shoot while doing it. there are different forms to it though which gives u different abilities. not used as much. It's fastly being replaced in every aspect by the hip slide.

True baseball slide
If sliding to right gun in right hand, opposite for sliding left. Bend the knee opposite of the side you are running. So if your running back left. Sprint, get to the point, start to bend your right knee and let your left foot go forward. Put your right hand down on the ground to keep yourself level, and let physics do the rest. U can use your left foot to stop u from over sliding.


Modified baseball slide
Ollie Lang does this in the nppl US championships last year. U do the same thing as a baseball slide but u would keep your left leg bent a little and don’t lean as much so u can still shoot. In this one once u get good at it u do not even need to put a hand on the ground.


Baseball stand up slide
Mostly done going to back corners.
Same thing as a baseball slide except much shorter so at the end of the slide u plant your foot and push up so your on your feet again ripping down the tape. Looks cool when done correctly.


Hip slide
My favorite out of all these sideway slides. Is slide is used all over the field.
Ok on this slide your gun is in the hand on the side of the field u are running to. U bend your knees and fall to the opponents side of the field. Plant ur free hand in the ground. And have your hip hit the ground. Then u let ur legs swing around u till u pulled a 180 and there the nearest part of ur body to the sideline. Then use what’s left of your momentum and get into the one knee down shooting position. I know that sounds really hard and confusing but once u try it/ watch someone do it, its really easy.

middle of hip slid
good pic of ending of the slide

Putting Slides Together
these are used when your in the middle of your slide when u need to get lower.
slides that can be put together are
1knee slide-superman(most common)
2knee slide-superman
Modified baseball slide-to superman.( only seen once or twice). usually is a waste of time and u get shot anyway.

pretty time.
“pretty time” after each slide u want to get back into the game asap, or if possible never get out of the game.

Most important thing I can tell you is practice as much as possible. if that means in your yard, at the field, in your dorm, at your house,in the woods, where ever..

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well done, good job*

note* i didnt read the whole thing.
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too bad this isnt his original work...

heres a link to the same exact post from back in dec. of 06 on another forum.

That's just my 2 cents...
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I have the compass!!
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i've never been to that forum in my life if you've read any of my other threads you'll see a post about how i've just gathered information and then compiled it into one guide
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I have the compass!!
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please let this thread die unless you have any real questions, you will still be able to find the thread here:Tim's Ultimate Guide thread
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