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Old 06-14-2011, 06:20 PM   #1
The Packrat of War
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Worst Paintball Fields Played

Add stories of the worst paintball fields you've ever played at. This isn't to bad-mouth a field just because you broke a rule that they then enforced. This is so horror stories of crappy owners and cheating players become known. This should either lead to positive change at those fields or would help discourage players from wasting their money on a sub-par experience. Either write a short paragraph about your experience or direct people to your field review and talk about it here.

But boy, do I have a story for you...

Read my field review of the Carney Park Paintball Field in Italy. That is unquestionably the worst excuse for a paintball field I have ever played at. I'd rather not clutter up this thread by pasting my review here and taking up space. Let me know what you think. >>>>Remeber, be polite and mature on this thread<<<<

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Franklin Co. PB
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Ive never played on a bad field. Usually a swift and sneaky headshot during a speedball round to that guy who you know is going to/ is a cheat gets him to stop.
"Only the dead have seen the end of war." - Plato
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Old 07-18-2011, 09:38 AM   #3
Arctic Wolf
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There was a bad field that was a hyperball field. It had exposed rocks just at the entrance of the snake. I was trying to go in there softly but I was getting shot up so I had to dive. The rocks stopped me instantly and my marker flipped over and over in front of me all the way into the mid of the snake with the hopper coming off. My body was still stuck at the entrance so I crawled on in and grabbed my marker. I checked my back for hits and I felt moisture on my back so I called myself out. The ref checked me over and said I wasn't hit. At which I said, "Then what is THIS!?"
The ref looked at me in horror and I was confused so I turned my hand around to see that my hand was so covered in blood that it looked like I dipped my hand in red paint. I looked into the center of the blood and saw that my hand was opened up like a zipper on one of the sharp rocks.
Some married woman patched me up though. She was really nice to me so it was alright in the end. I was forced to play the rest of the tournament with blood seeping out of the gloves my captain gave me after. My ROF suffered for it, and I didn't take as much risks as I wanted to during that tournament.

Another sup airball field this ref kept accusing me of cheating. I didn't get hit when I eliminated them. These refs thought they were better than me and put me on a team of newbies. I eliminated all of them with my marker jamming every other shot and squeeging the barrel after every shot. I thought it was a great success but the ref gave me the stink eye all day. He was just a fat idiot.

Somewhere in Alaska there was this outlaw field with a huge no mans land. It was alright if people engaged each other but if someone was scared, he would literally disappear. The other team developed this strategy to curb my aggression. They would wait on the edge of the tree line just out of reach of my old gimped marker and fire pot shots at me. I couldn't reach them because the seals in my marker were busted or something. I would frustratingly spray a bunch of paint into the air only to watch them sidestep my paint. I couldn't get over to where they were at because there was no cover or bunkers to go to. Just an empty space. I tried many times to figure out where I could get in. Sometimes I thought I was flanking them but they always had some nut, that wasn't in the game to start with, pick me off from behind as I was running up behind them.
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Old 05-13-2013, 04:02 PM   #4
Vote 4 Pedro
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Tacoma Paintball in Washington. You could spit from one side of their speedball field and hit the back can on the other side. The ground was like playing on sandpaper and killed your knees and gloves. Not much fun. It is really hard to make a 'bad' field.
Shooters Inc.
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