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Old 08-25-2001, 07:37 PM   #1
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Autococker/WGP FAQ

Please contribute.

(Do not post questions, please post information about Autocockers only please, I had to delete the last thread cause it was full of "Macro line sucks" and "Does milling look cool?")

*ANYONE can make some additions to our ever growing FAQ page, but only on one condidtion... You know what you are talking about!
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Here is a must read site for those looking for answers!


Bah! Here, just made it a web page...
"Surely you can't be serious..." "I am serious, and don't call me Shirley" ;-}~
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Member of: LayLo Paintball

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You will find pretty much everything and anything you need to know about cockers here http://www.paintballravi.com/
Autococker 2000, 14" Boomstick, ANS Quick Pull Bolt, DYE frame, DYE stickies, ANS Gen X reg, Shockteck Drop Forward, Shockteck Bomb 3way, 12v Revvy
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Articles on:
Timing, setting up an inline reg, what to look for in upgrades, and a detailed step by step on installing a new three way (covers installing a new LP reg too)

A quick fix:
If your velocity drops over the course of the day, check the o-ring on the adjuster, if its eaten up, replace it with a tank o-ring.

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Please keep in mind that the main purpose of having these forums is to help on another out, and not to flame someone or put them down because they don't know the right answer. Everything will flow much better when we all try to help out!

Somone who has helped me along the way....
If you need any one on one help, then I urge you to give this guy an email, he is very helpful, and one of the coolest guys I have met online.

Doc Holiday - www.cockerhelp.cjb.net

His website is mostly just a bio about himself, you will gain the most by giving him and email, you can expect to get an answer for what you are looking for


Autococker Parts List with pictures, and terms!!! Take a look
2k Autococker Diagram and terms *A must read/look!
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Pewter Shocker NXT

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To remove a valve, follow these steps:
1: Remove beaver tail, grip frame and bolt.

2: Take out the cocking rod, remove velocity adjuster and main spring, reinstall cocking rod.

3:Raise hammer lug untill it clears the inside of the lower tube, and remove hammer.

4: Remove valve jam nut with valve tool.

5: Remove retaining set screw fron under the body.

6: Shake to get the valve to fall out.

To put it back together, reverse the steps.
Be careful when you reinstall the jam nut, if you damage the threads in the body, you will have to buy a new body.
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Slowly I burn
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The jam nut sits between the hammer and the valve in the body. If you take the hammer out, and look into the body, you'll see a hex nut that is open on both ends, with the valve stem sticking out of it. That's the jam nut.
You can use a hex key, but to do it that way, you need to push down the valve stem, and its easy to get it out, but very hard to get it back in, better off using a valve tool.
You are also going to need to retime the gun when you are done.
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Old 11-20-2001, 07:56 PM   #8
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If you are not VERY SURE of how to take apart a cocker, then DON'T. Do not risk it. Take it to a knowledgable person.
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DasBaldDog: The First Non-Factory Shocker Tech(

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Old 11-24-2001, 08:41 PM   #9
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Being new to cockers, I was looking for a parts list that showed everything in it. Well, i have found one and figured this was a good place to put it. So that others could find it too.

Link to lager picture: http://ghostspb.netfirms.com/cocker_Dia_large.htm
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Old 01-23-2002, 10:30 PM   #10
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What stock op pressure are cockers at???? answer? i duno
I need a cheep nitro tank that has a couple years left -- x board revy cheap -- Aluminum piranha gripframe prefer black -- cheep automag PM ME or email me at sjc1932@hotmail.com
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Old 01-24-2002, 04:08 AM   #11
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I have seen stock regs set anywhere from 350 to 500psi. Most stock cocker seem to run best between 350-400psi.
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Taste that?
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Autococker Internet Resource and Owners Group
Helpful information for all cocker owners and an extensive Faq section.
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Autococker on CO2

How does a cocker run on co2? I know it runs better on Nitrogen, but will a cocker run better than a spyder with co2?
I currently have a 47ci 3000psi 32 Degrees tank, but someone said that it was not very good.
Thanks for your times.

P.S. I really appreciate this forum. I am a n00b to this sport and this forum has helped me alot .
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~~~ 12v Revvy w/ virtex impellar and X-board
~~~ 114 Ci 3000psi Raptor
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Silent Knight
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How Well Will A Cocker Run on Co2?

A cocker will run fine on Co2, not everyone can afford the investment of N2, but rest assured that co2 is the alternative that can be use on an autococker. The autococker was designed to run on both Co2 or HPA. A few points to remember, be sure you are using an anti-siphoned Co2 tank, and the further extract the best performance use a inline regulator more geared towards Co2 usage.
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Old 04-29-2002, 02:17 PM   #15
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Or if you decided that you have too many tanks to put a A/S kit in, you could buy a remote system, and that should do about the same as the anti syphon, by allowing the Liquid CO2 to expand along the long line of hose on a remote... Be carefull though, remotes do seem to leak easy if not well taken care of.
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Old 05-12-2002, 02:54 PM   #16
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here are 3 good links to posts that i find are really helpful
the guy that wrote this is so smart
i know ur all to lazy to read all that
so heres they are
If you're looking into getting a cocker vs another gun
  • ask around in the other forums
  • test the guns out
  • consier what esentials u already have, ie revy, n2 drop
  • consider what you want speed vs acuuracy vs reliability (cockers have accuracy and reliability, and they can have some nice *** speed
  • how much money do u want to spend
  • do some research on how much each thing costs, u can't compare a stock mag vs a free flow
  • what type of preformance level are u needing, if you're into rec, u probably can't use full out auto, but you might in some tourneys (not all)
  • if you have aposition, what is it, whats your startagies, like if your a back man u might use spray and pay, to do this with a acoker, u need a hinge most likely or an e grip if you're in front how fast do u need to snap shoot
  • depending on who u are, may be consider wheight or length
  • how much money do u want to dump in a cocker is pretty good stock, but a good barel, inline reg, and a few other things could help
  • how often do u go paintballing, if u don't go alot, don't bother, if u go alot, get a higher end gun such as a cocker
  • are u a person who likes to tinker with there gun, cockers may not be for u if you don't know what ur doing, u can screw up the gun pretty bad
  • How nice looking a gun do u want, cause imho cockers are about the sweetest guns aroud
if u have any cocker vs other guns, use the list and compare the features, make pro's and cons acording to the list, plus any u think of

Well there are many threads on what people should by next with there money, i have made like 2 of these in the past, but now there are millions of them so here are some upgrades starting form a stock 2k2 vert cocker with a n2 system (u can have co2 but if u got the money for upgrades, u should probably get n2, much more consistant, if u ahve 2 use co2, use ati syphon, or a remote) and an ehopper like revy, 12v with xboard if u can, a 9 will do, 12v w/o x board is board is nice to, what i got, a ricoche is great, so is the new halo, all though u don't need the speed, a warp feed is good if u want a lower profile, but u sill need an e hopper to load it, all in all the system will run ya about 180 bucks. with the n2 ull need a drop and an air dilivery system, ie macro line or steel braded, i don't recomend micro line, ive seen some ugly things[list=1][*]barel, the stock barel on cockers aint great, if u shoot one paint consitantly get a boomy, but order it size spicifice to that paint, if u shoot a bunch of different paint, and got a lot of cahs, get a freak, equation multi sqitch pro, or cp barel, possibly the artanus, if ur broke like me, get a bizerk, 80 bucks and 8 inches[*]front reg, rock or micro, jackhammer, there are alot[*]trigger frame, the stock trigger frames are a multi polymer, nd i have seen ones hat are broken in half, or just minor cracks that still screw it up pretty bad, if u want a sliding trigger like the stock frame, dye and ans make some of the best, kapp makes good ones too, if u want a hinge, cheapest is wgp, or shocktech (shocktech is ugly)most expensive, and possibly the best, uk maid eclipse blade (u need metric renches folks, ive heard a bunch of stupid questions involving that), i like the new aka, or the kapp, dye makes good ones two and so does system x[*]if u get a new hinge u deffinatly need a new 3way, but a new 3 way can help alot any way, some of the best are the new wgp one, it has a thumb adjustmant (no dealling with the damn timing rod) the shocktech bomb is very nice as well, so is the ans one and pro paintball makes a good one for sliding triggers[*]a new bolt is nice, the main ones are probably the ans quick fire, aka lighting, and shock tech supa fly, supafly is a derlin bolt, quickpull doesn't require a push pin, and lightning, well thats very nice all in all[*]a new ram is nice, can help the smoothness of ur firing, ans and sto's are some of the best, i think kapp and dye make em 2, i don't know 2 much about them, the stock one is pretty good, wile ur buying the new ram, might as well get a new pump arm, go titianiam people, it's the best[*]if u want that sliding trigger, but u want to keep it short, get a flatened timing rod, u can't have a saftey once installed so be ware, it does cut back on the slak in the pull, u can't use it on a hinge[*]cocking rod's can help, the stock ones strip pretty easy, kapp makes a good 1[*]new springs can help eas the trigger, the stock one ware down some, im not shure who makes good ones other that proffesional paintball[*]smae thing goes for valves and other internals[*]new grips can add that nice touch that makes ya feel good, i got houges, dye makes good ones and so does 32[*]new inline reg is very helpfull, if u got cash, ans genx-3's are exelent, will run ya about 100 may b more, vigilanties are good ones for like 60[*]now if u like the feel, a 15 asa adapter[*]the last things are body, the body of ur cocker makes it just so much more ur's. im not gonna get started on kinds, but check out spanky bodies, or go over to g3pb.com or fireballmountain.com may b ripper milling to[*]well thats about it[/list=1]
  • Lube Your cocker
  • Keep it clean
  • clean your cocker after every use
  • if possible use N2, co2 is ok though
  • keep it timed
  • keep it protected, don't just leave it out
  • have fun with your cocker
  • Mess with it if it aint brok
  • touch the timing rod if it's timed
  • wash out the internals
  • take it apart
  • leave it out
  • hurt it
  • turn up the fps to high
  • turn up the cocking pressure
  • take off your beaver tail unless u have to else you'll get nocked
  • get drunk and "speed test" your cocker against you budy
  • use lil' ruber balls instaed of paint
  • use dirty paint
  • leave your bolt unsecure, always use a push pin
  • use vasaline as a lube, although it can be done it's a dirt magnet
  • get concerned about aperance of your proformance
  • coat the bolt with teflon tape so it's "just a little slower"
  • use co2 without a reg
  • use n2 without a reg
  • have to muc fun with your cocker, if u catch my drift

if you have any more ideas, just tell me and ill add em in the list

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The truth about Co2 and their effects on Autococker.

This not only applys to autocockers but pretty much all other markers using Co2 gas.

The first law states that energy in a system, which may be anything from a simple object to a complex machine, cannot be created or destroyed. Instead, energy is either converted from one form into another or transferred from one system to another.

The second law of thermodynamics deals with the natural direction of energy processes. For example, acording to this law, heat will, of its own accord, flow only from a hotter object to a colder object.

In Cocker terms:
When screwing in a Co2 tank into your marker the liquid Co2 escapes the bottle and rushes throught the tank reciever (asa) to the hose. while in the hose it is exposed to outside conditions and starts to expand and turn into gas. As it changes form it releases an energy. This energy is cold frost. This happens because Co2 absorbs heat, to turn it into a gas, and leaves it cold to the touch. Most of the times the liquid does not all turn into a gas. So the semi gasious and liquid travels up to the regulator. The purpose of the regulator is to bring the psi of the gas into an appropriate level, but lets not get into that. As most co2 users know your regulator then gets cold very quickly. Its still transfering from liquid to gas even at this point. Remember that if you put 100% oz into your marker that you will get 100% oz out of your marker. "cannot be created or destroyed" What happens to all that? Most should be converted into Co2 gas and a tiny bit of liquid left. In a perfect world all 100% oz co2 would come in as a liquid and all 100% oz co2 would leave as a gas. But its not like that. This is why Co2 is not that great in consistancy. Not all of the liquid is transfered into a gas. Since we do know what it takes great amounts of energy to turn a liquid to a gas and causes an endothermic reaction we can say that most of the cocker's internals will also get cold. What is in the cocker? well tons of o-rings. This endothermic reaction will cause o-rings to swell and dry up. If the o-ring swells then it won't be able to its job effectively which is to stop gas from escaping in a certain direction. This causes leaks throughout the marker. And by drying the o-ring up it is likely to crack and break.

From experience:
I have no problem with co2 in my marker (not anti-syphoned). It works fine and consistancy is horrible. With this gas set up I was more than likely to break some o-rings but I didn't. It is a better idea to get it anti-syphoned and maybe run a remote so the time of expansion will be over a greater amount of time and space. The Myth that Co2 will break your cocker. Is false... The worse co2 can do is damage o-rings, which cause leaks, and gives you a very uneven consistancy. The final solution to solve this is to get a HPA system. If you have the cash get it and it will save you from any troubles. Co2 is fine to use so don't worry about it as long as you know what it can do and know how to stop it by taking the nessesarry steps to prevent it.

Other alternitives:
1)Get the Palmer Stab.
2)Anti-syphon is cool
3)Get a HPA setup (*best solution)

Hopefully this Thread will prevent any more Co2 ?s and might solve some leaking problems.

Paul (finally getting my 68/3000 PMI carbonfiber next week)

//yes i'm pretty damn bored...
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ICD Nut, Cocker Guru
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People have been asking around about this.. So i've added it to the FAQ now too so i can refer you all to this...

Hello all, Crisis here to put up a little info for you all...

I've been messing with my gun again (like that is new to you guys huh?) And I've run across a FEW interesting tidbits.

First of all, ever notice that CHROME plating between different companies always seems to have a different HUE to it ? I'll bet you never really noticed... If you have it's because Chrome plating can be done cheaply and Nickel plating is the same sort of effect, now your asking what causes this, well Chrome and Nickel can only be applied to certain metals. Aluminum IS NOT one of them.. And when either method IS applied to aluminum it will flake off in time. So i ask you this..

will You ever find light weight parts that are chromed? NOPE, well that is cause they do not exist in a happy long life form.

SO I've started playing again, and what I found is this.

If you sand down a NORMAL stock aluminum Worr Games Part (speciafically ASA Adapters and the MAIN Reg) you can get a MIRROR polish out of them with about a FULL days's work..

BELIEVE ME this job is NOT for the MEEK or NON-DETAILED minded person.

I spent nearly 5 hours polishing my regulator alone (included teardown, taking out nicks, polishing, cleaning, reassembly, testing and setting the reg back to it's normal pressure) the ASA adapter and re-timing the gun after i was done was about another 3 hours.

Like I said time consuming. Now of course you could send it out and have it done for a few $$ but the amount depends on what you have done, who you send it to (WILL HAVE TO BE A PAINTBALL SHOP - or they'll damage your reg as for they have NO IDEA how they work or go together)

if you are interested or have any comments or questions feel free to email me at : Dizturbd1@SBCGLOBAL.NET


Now if your interested, here's MY method.. for you to try on your own

180 Grit Emery tape (for removing nicks)
320 Grit Emery tape (for removing annodization)

600 Grit WET DRY sandpaper (smoothing - USE WATER!)
800/800 Grit Wet Dry (same as above)

1200/1500 Grit Wet Dry (for more polishing)

2500/3000 Grit wet dry (fine polishing)

And either Jewelers Rouge (for ALUMINUM) or
Aluminum polish. (your choice here - I like Jewelers Rouge)

Buffing wheel of some sort. (drill, dremel, or grinder type)

Drill, Dremel, OR A BENCHGRINDER that a buffing wheel can be attatched.



start off LOW number to HIGH, and get the surface you want. then start applying the polish and get to buffing.

now this is a VERY VERY simple way to do this i've left out a BUNCH of details that are fairily COMMON-SENSE.

if your going to disassemble your reg and gun, this is ON YOU, I will not be held responsible for your own actions...
I've owned and shot...
Sheridan: Nemesis XTS, Brass Eagle: Talon, Stingray II, RainMaker. Kingman: Spyder, Spyder 2k, Spyder-Xtra (xtra and 2k had Boo-Yah electro grips). Indian Creek Designs: Bushmaster 2000 (2 of them!) Bushmaster BKO (2 of em - still have 1). Worr Games Products: Sniper, Auto-Cocker - Right feed, Auto-Cocker - Vert feed (DOPESICK).

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Silent Knight
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Autococker FAQ

Can I run my Autococker on Co2?

Yes, it'll work fine with co2. Although it's recommended that you get yourself a good High Pressure Air system in the future. To extract maximum performance out of Co2 you should have an anti-siphon tube installed in your co2 tank, and buy an inline regulator that works great with co2 like the Palmer Stabalizer. If you dont want an on gun set up, a remote will work fine (*don't use an anti siphon tank with a remote)

Is the Autococker efficient?

Yes, you don't have to worry about efficiency at all it's one of the most efficient markers out there.

What is Short Stroking?

The Autococker has 2 seperate functions that occur during the trigger pull. There is a firing point, which is followed by the recocking point (in that order). The term "short stroking" often refers to the somewhat sloppy action involved when inexperienced cocker users pull the trigger. Not pulling the trigger ALL THE WAY is the cause of short stroking. Pulling the trigger past the firing point, and not completely pulling the trigger past the recocking point (actuating the 3-way) can lead to loading multiple balls into the breech, chopping, and frustration.
Learn the feel for the trigger, and you'll be fine.

What is Timing and how do I do it?

Much like how a car must be timed correctly, so does the Autococker. The Autococker has a lot of moving parts, and the secret to getting this marker and it's parts to perform at it's peak... everything must be in properly working order, the process involved to achieve a properly working Autococker is called "Timing" I am not going to go into full detail about timing because there are several other places where you can read up on it please refer to the other stickies and/or websites.
Like I said above the Autococker has 2 seperate functions in the trigger pull. There is a firing point (where the ball is fired from the marker) and there is a recocking point (where the next paintball is loaded into the breech) timing involves adjusting these 2 points so that they work in perfect harmony everytime the trigger is pulled. Bad timing can be very frustrating, and annoying, that is why it's a good idea to have a good grasp on this concept. Especially because upgrading specific parts on the autococker will require you to know how to time your marker.

Where can I put a gauge?

You have several options some regulators have a gauge port that will allow the user to add a guage that will indicate regulated pressure. For those regulators that don't have gauge ports, or that have gauge ports but wont read regulated output pressure you have 2 options... You can add a gauge to the front block by removing the plug underneath the front block (this will tell you your operating pressure) Or you could buy a Shocktech vertical adapter, it comes with a gauge port and it will also read your current operating pressure.

What is the Autococker's ROF?

Autocockers are capable of high rates of fire. Although you will never see the same numbers that an Angel, Emag, Matrix, impulse etc. is capable of, cockers are capable of dumping paint as fast as you can pull the trigger. A lot of people claim they can shoot their cockers @ 10bps... please realize that 10bps is a hella lot faster then you think. If you are using a chrono to measure this last time i checked the chrono figures the your ROF based on the first 3 shots that pass over the chrony. Anyhow cockers are capable of being much faster then your lower end markers without electornic triggers, but they are not electro fast.

Are autocockers Reliable?

An Autococker is only as reliable as the person who maintains it. The same can be said for any other marker out there. If you neglect it, how can you expect it to perform at it's best every time you play with it? Autococker's are very reliable, and unlike electro markers there are no batteries, boards, or selonoids that one has to worry about. The advantage of having a non electro marker is that you can probably fix it as soon as it goes down. As opposed to an electro, a bad board or blown selenoid cannot be fixed as easily. Like I just said... as long as you take care of your Autococker, It'll rip the living day lights out of your opponents. The amount of time the owner is willing to put into learning about cockers, and taking proper care of your marker will determine how reliable YOUR marker is.

What kind of oil do I use?

Simple you can use any paintball marker oil like gold cup, or whatever. Dow33? You can use Dow33 on your bolt or to lube your 3-way o-rings, just be sure not to put too much on your 3-way o-rings or it can lead to clogged tubes. I have noticed that most newer paintballers are reluctant to use the proper lube for their products, they tend to use what ever they have laying around the house. It's cool, as long as it works, and no harm can be done right??? I suppose so... what's the point in having the manufacturer suggest lube to use in the first place. Try not to be so ignorant, lube is very inexpensive, go out and buy the right stuff you lazy bums!

How do I lube my Autococker?

Your going to want to take out your bolt, pull out that pin on the back block, and your pull your bolt out. Lube up those o-rings on your bolt, a single drop on each o-ring should do it nicely *If you have a delrin bolt, you do not need to lube the bolt! Adding oil to a delring bolt can in fact cause it to swell up. Next you are going to want to lube up your internals this is simple. Just add a few drops of oil into your bottom line adapter (4 or 5 drops will do just fine) Next you'll want to take off your barrel, gas up your marker, and cycle your cocker maybe about 20-30 shots or so, this will cycle the oil through the internals including the valve & cup seal, through the front block and into your pneumatics. Instead of taking off your barrel, some people just like to take out their cocking rod, and cycle their marker. To properly lube up your 3-way, if you haven't put oil into your bottom line adapter yet, would be to put a few drops of oil in the front of your 3-way, on the exhaust ports, now pull the trigger (without the marker gassed up) that way the exhaust ports wont vent out air blowing out the oil before they have had a chance to touch the o-rings in the 3-way.

Do cockers have better range then other guns?

No, they shoot just as far as any other marker *wink wink*. The only difference is that cockers tend to have a much tighter shot grouping at those distances often making it seem like they shoot farther. To obtain maximum accuracy, having a consistent regulator, shooting n2/compressed air, and having a good paint to barrel match all play it's part.*

Should I buy a custom cocker or a stock WGP?

Custom cockers obviously look much better, they already come with aftermarket parts and therefore perform much better, and they are more expensive. The beauty of buying a stock cocker is that every penny you spend on upgrading it is worth it, and will yield you an improvment in performance that justifies the money you pay for it. Upgrading an already upgraded cocker is a waste of money if you are on a budget, and it's something that you should consider if you are on a budget. It's not pointless to upgrade a custom cocker if it needs to be upgraded, it's just that you could have spent less money on a cheaper cocker, getting the upgrades that you want and not waste money on parts that you dont need. If your going to spend money on a lot of upgrades your better off getting a stock cocker, or building your own custom cocker. Just something to think about especially if you are on a budget, but for those who do have the money to spend... why not?

Stock WGP Cockers out of the box?

WGP does it's best to ensure that every autococker that leaves the WGP warehouse is pre timed, and in proper working order. From time to time, some people have been unlucky and gotten miss timed markers. It happens but it is rare, and that shouldn't be something that changes your mind about getting one. Cockers are cool, but they are not worth getting if you are not willing to put in the time to learn it. What will you have to buy? Most likely you will have to buy a bottom line w/fittings, and a hopper (12vt revolution or better is recommended) put some paint in that hopper, attach your air source and your ready to get down to business.

Stock WGP Cocker recommended upgrades!

A new barrel is always a good thing to look into getting. The stock cocker barrel is not great at all, getting a new barrel will improve accuracy. A new trigger frame, it can be a sliding frame or a hinge trigger frame... it don't matter just get one. The stock cocker frame is not very durable, and the chances are pretty good that the stock trigger will eventually crack or break especially under the stress of a large heavy tank, or everyday wear and tear. Switching from co2 to a high pressure air system will improve accuracy (shot to shot consistency) and it's a lot healthier for your marker period. And lastly a good agitating hopper, at least a 12vt revolution or better.

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Autococker FAQ Pt. 2

What Kind of Bolt Should I get?

The biggest advantage that an aftermarket bolt can provide you is increased air flow. This is essential for low pressure autocockers, and using that reasoning... A lot of people agree when I say that a bolt should be upgraded when you are going the route of LP. Otherwise you really dont see any extreme benefits with an aftermarket bolt. Venturi bolts simply tend do distribute pressure evenly on a paintball, although the theory is interesting, it isn't quite as effective as it should be. Venturi bolts actually restrict air flow, and are not ideal for LP cockers. If you are not going LP, then getting a venturi bolt really isn't a big deal but if you are, then you'll want to get a high flowing bolt, so that means none of the venturi junk.

There are several aftermarket bolts that are great for low pressure; AKA's Lightning bolt, Shocktech's SuperFly, Dezigns Eralyte Open Face Bolt are a few good ones.

What's the difference between a swing trigger, & a hinge trigger? should I get one?

Surprise! They are the same thing, both terms are different ways of describing them. If your asking if you should get one or not, that is something that you will have to figure out on your own. Everyone knows that it takes some getting used to in order to really lay some paint using a sliding trigger. With the introduction of the hinge/swing trigger, autococker users have an easier time shooting their autocockers. How comfortable you are with a hinge trigger can only be answered by yourself. The majority of people out there would say it's much easier to get used to then the traditional slider.

How do I set up my hinge trigger?

First thing you should note is the the hinge triggers push the 3-way shaft as opposed to pulling it like the traditional sliding triggers. With this note, just keep in mind that they operate backwards. First thing you are going to want to do is slap on the new trigger frame to the body. Now you are going to want to switch the position of your hoses on your 3-way. The hoses going to the ram must be reversed (front to back, and back to front) *with the exception of 3-ways like the bomb, or the PMP. Now your going to want to set you firing point as early in the trigger pull as possible but not so early that the sear will not catch. After that you can work on the 3-way. Just adjust the 3-way like you would on any other cocker, with the recocking point taking place after the firing point. What you thought I was going to have some tips and tricks for you? Nope... not from me. Timing is sort of an art, it's something that you develop over time and from repetition. Eventually you'll get better at it every time you have to do it, and it'll be well worth the experience.

I have a hinge trigger but my pull is not short?

It's not the trigger frames fault! All hinge triggers on the market today come with trigger stops to shorter your overall trigger pull after timing has been taken care of. Keep in mind that your trigger pull is determined by your own (or your shop's cocker tech's) timing ability. It doesn't stop there, if you want a short trigger pull you must also have a good 3-way with a short switch length. So in the end your trigger pull is a result of whether or not your trigger frame has a trigger stop, if you are using a 3-way with a short switch length, and lastly you or your local shop's timing ability.

How to adjust stock WGP inline reg?

To gain access to the pressure adjustment screw you must take off your fitting going into the bottom of the reg, and that is all you need to do, you do not need to unscrew the bottom half of the reg, it's a waste of time. Simply take off the fitting, and you will be able to see the adjustment screw. screwing in on the stock WGP inline regulator decreases output pressure, while screwing out (unscrewing) increases output pressure. WGP claims every 1/4 turn to be about 60psi

How do I properly set up my pneumatic regulator?

Turn your knob all the way out on your LPR, slowly turn the knob inwards (clockwise) increasing the bolt pressure just enough so that your marker begins to cycle reliably. Rip off a few shots as fast as you can to make sure that it's not skipping any shots. Turn the knob 1/8th to 1/4 more in the clockwise direction and leave it there. adjusting your LPR this way ensures that your marker is getting enough pressure to recock reliably, and that is all the pressure the LPR needs. the advantage of an adjustable LPR is just that... it's adjustable, and that allows for fine tuning of your cocking pressure. The amount of cocking pressure that your autococker requires can be changed by changing out the proper internals, and adjusting the LPR accordingly. Otherwise, a LPR alone will not allow you to drop your cocking pressure, cocking pressure is dependent on more factors other then the LPR alone... like a said a few sentences ago, it's just a tool used for fine tuning.

How can I adjust my velocity?

The velocity is adjusted via the velocity adjuster in the back of the marker. To adjust the velocity you need to remove the cocking rod by unscrewing it (counter clockwise) With the cocking rod removed, stick the allen key (which came with your cocker, 3/16 allen wrench) through the back of your autococker (where you just removed the cocking rod) turning clockwise increases velocity, while turning counter clockwise decreases it. *do not adjust your velocity via inline regulator!

Someone said that I should take apart my cocker to learn about it?

Don't! would take your engine on your car apart to figure out how it works? do you think taking the engine apart will tell you how the car works? Not really, no. Only more confusion can be gained from this. It's best to do your homework first before you try to take on any challenges. At least that way you will have some sort of an idea of what goes on, it'll be a lot easier to understand things that way. I do not recommend taking your autococker apart, the saying "if it's not fixed, leave it alone" has been spoken for a reason. If you feel up to the task, then by all mean go for it. But if you come up on something you don't understand... you will know why.

How can I build a custom cocker?

If you asking this question, perhaps you shouldn't really be doing it.

What is the BEST "XXXX" upgrade?

Can we all agree on one product being the best on the autococker? I highly doubt it. What might be best in one persons eyes might be the worst in another's. We can all agree that what ever the price may be, what ever it may look like, the best product is one that is most effective at doing what it's meant or designed to do. It's hard to get a good idea of what products are good, and what are not especially when gathering info online. Often times it's always good to consider who the info you are asking for comes from? Often times, people will simply repeat what others say just to go along with the rest of the crowd. It's a good idea to take an interest in what seems to be popular, and do your research first before you decide to upgrade.


How can I sweetspot my inline regulator?

I often see a lot of people adjusting their stock inline regulators to fake themselves out into thinking that "ohh now i have a low pressure cocker" wrong! in the end people cant figure out why they're cockers are sucking gas or have a low velocity or whatever. Sweetspotting your inline regulator correctly sets up your autococker's operating pressure to be balanced with your given spring tension. This is the point at which you will see best performance from your cocker. Remember sweetspotting is just one part of the equation, there are other areas on the cocker that have to be set correctly to have a perfectly tuned cocker.


Low Output HPA tanks work well on an autococker?

I do not recommend running your autococker off of a low output tank. it's always best to run your cocker using a 800psi preset but not 450? those low output tanks are much too low for your autococker to function correctly. Your cocker comes from the factory running at about 400psi, using the low output tank will starve your inline marker, and you will see drop off. Unless you have a cocker that is ultra low pressure do not use a low output HPA tank.

How Low can my stock cocker's operating pressure go?

This is a common question i see all the time. Often this comes from newbies with only one thing on their mind. How low can i go? One thing I would like to point out is that it's very much possible to set your cocker up to run a low operating pressure. However the real question is whether or not that operating pressure is best for optimum performance out of your marker given your setup. If you ever expect to extract the best, most of the performance lies buried in tuning, NOT BRAGGING RIGHTS. Tuning is Key!

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