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Old 06-09-2001, 07:12 AM   #1
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Well what are they
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Old 06-10-2001, 07:33 PM   #2
i like cake
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Talking whoa! too many replys

well anyway i would say a good tactic is to do something really crazy, something your opponent won't predict. like running like hell and getting behind them and shooting them up. or just being a sneaky ******* and slowly crawl around a bunker that has a bad guy. :p
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Old 06-16-2001, 01:18 PM   #3
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best tactic is one of the simplest; flanking. you engage in a fire fight with an oppenant while your team mate circles around and engages from the side or back. NOTE: because this is such a popular tactic, many teams have counter-flank players already in position to eliminate any flanking attempts.
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Old 06-16-2001, 07:28 PM   #4
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best tactical is "dont get shot!"
- Josh (NY Rush's Captain)
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Old 06-29-2001, 09:22 AM   #5
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Use Decoys, a crazy kid running and sceaming or singing loudly to occupy their attention, A small force of about 1/3 of your guys with the loudest guns makes a lot of noise(descretly though like snapping twigs and ruseling bushes) and shoots at anything that moves. The quite group goes and attacks while the other teams attention is on the other guys, if you play at night (rember that TRT) just one guy with a flashlight the human eye is drawn to light.
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Old 06-30-2001, 06:42 PM   #6
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playing the lines with plenty of cover, always works for me.
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Old 07-02-2001, 01:23 AM   #7
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don't get to ancy, have patience and calm down and think about choices you have and act.
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Old 07-08-2001, 08:59 AM   #8
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Where i play the marshalls divide our team into smaller teams, those that go left, right, centre and defend - this is rec-ball.

Chances are that one team will break through round the back and give support from the back, or get the flag.

Worked time and time again for me, great against adults that have never played before. they all think they're rambos and just go straight down the centre

Except the pros, bloody hard to play against - took me about 5 mins to get one out!
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Old 07-29-2001, 10:26 PM   #9
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i like sneakin to different obstacles when they're not lookin... they pop up and point where you WERE but you shoot em right in the goggles

when your shootin someone, you wanna be there first. get above something and point and wait. as soon as they pop up shoot um cause your already ready but they have to look around and aim while your already there... unless they moved without you knowin. when i think someones already there, i just pop up fast and take a look where. then i get ready, pop up fast and shoot at em. they usually take a few shots, and duck to avoid gettin hit. so then your there first again. when im there and someone comes up, even if they're shootin and missin by centimeters, i dont go down i nail them suckers! but then again maybe thats just me.

sometimes in Capture the Flag when we got it i totally go Kamikaze and shoot em up, but when we are playin elimination theres no need for it and i sniper and float around without bein noticed and try and get up close shots.
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Old 07-30-2001, 05:47 AM   #10
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Communications, is the best, and also having someone really lucky and just run for the flag and no one notices but me, then we capture it and no one notices, our team was very communiative and took the other team out w/ any of us getting shot.
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Old 07-30-2001, 03:13 PM   #11
Paint Bulley
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IF you have a bunch of bunkers in lines, right when the guy is about to look out one side of his bunker charge him, run by the other side and get in a bunker behind him. Then if he stays there he has no cover, and if he rotates to the other side the rest of your team can get him.

Especially good if you can shoot more than one of them without them knowing you are behind them.

I did this to a guy and he just stared at me dumfoundedly. I dove over a log and he started shooting at me like crazy, so I popped up and tagged him twice. I then got out another guy on his team.
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Old 07-31-2001, 01:59 AM   #12
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Some things I did last time we played

This is all woods ball with a group of about 27 people.

First game 3 man sniper team- work you way into some thick cover and aproach the enemy carefully so as not to be detected. Maintain a triangular formation keeping a good distance from each other The best point man (ME) should be the tip of the arrow pointing at the other team. We ran into the main body of the other team who were trying to sneak through the area we were covering. Once you see the other team set up in front of them and have the point guy only open fire. (I nailed 2 with the opening shots) the point man then ceases to act like a sniper and runs away noisily firing as you go. the idea is to get them to chase you. They fell for it and ran into tho other two points of the triangle and several more were eliminated. At this point the triangle formation is inverted from how you started out, and the person who was point makes sure that no-one flanks your team. This tends to work like a charm. The three of us held up a group of 10 and the rest of our team wiped out thier diversion force and then came in behind the survivors that had run into us and from then on it was mop-up.

Second game, I am off to the side by myself and five of them go by me as I hide in plain view in a bunch of ferns. I had made sure that I was in the shade so that there would be no glare of the gogs for them to detect me by. they head towards the rear of a bunker trying to sneak in close. I follow behind them still not opening fire. I wait until they are almost in position to attack the bunker and open fire on them from behind I get two and the bunker cleans up the rest. Their surprise was gone and they were in a crossfire from 3 guns, I wish I could have seen thier faces under thier masks as their plan went to pot.

3rd game- beacause of the nature of the field, both teams had been trying to reach the flag by attacking the sides. The center is almost devoid of cover and protected by a nearly impregnable bunker. One guy was taking charge and outlining a plan to do basically the same thing. I had a better Idea.send out some decoys to make alot of noise on both sides to make them think we are doing what they expect, and then have the main group do the unthinkable and charge right at that bunker to pull the flag. He argued for his plan and I for mine(at this point in the day I didn't know who the guy was)one of his buddies pulls me aside and tells me he's a swat guy. I am impressed with his credetials but still want to try my plan. A bunch of my buddies, some of whom I've been plaing with for 6-7 years back me up and we go for it. Worked like a charm. There were only three guys defending the flag from that approach and although they got a couple of us I managed to pull the flag.

Id write down some more but this post is too long allready.

I'll end it with a few tips for sneaky types
Always stay in the shade of a tree. Most people are detected by glare from the sun bouncing off you gogs or gun.

Move with the wind. If its a breezy day and you are in close and dont want them to hear you, move when the breeze picks up and they probably wont hear you.

Never underestimate the value of a low crawl approach. Sure it takes a little longer to get there, and you are down in the dirt, but the lower you are the harder it is to detect you.

If you are hidden and someone looks in your direction, do not move a muscle. think "I am a rock" I dont know how many times people have looked right at me and moved on.

Use every bit of elevation that you can. even if its a slight mound or depression, you can use it. I've shot at people, dropped into a ravine and then ran down it only to emerge behind them

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Old 07-31-2001, 03:49 PM   #13
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I just stay along the extreme sides of the course, only 1 side to defend. Then an enemy walkes right by me watching the firefight in the middle of the field. then i shoot- whap whap whap elimination.
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Old 08-25-2001, 09:59 PM   #14
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I like to chuck rocks. Not at the other players of course, but in other directions from myself to shift the focus off of me when it's at a quiet point in the game and people are aproaching and trying to figure out where I am. It works well too, just don't hit a ref.
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Old 08-27-2001, 04:28 PM   #15
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If you're playing speedball or hyperball then as soon as the game starts, have everyone run to a bunker except one player, who will stand just barely in bounds. This player will proceed to jump around, run side to side and juke like a football player. Their team will, needless to say, be distracted (if they're newbies). Now the other players can execute bunkering moves.

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Old 08-30-2001, 07:18 PM   #16
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A good idea too do is to shoot were the player was before (but you know they moved on) This will make them think that they can move more freely cuz they are not as noticed. Once they move to get around you, light them up like a fireplace!!
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Old 09-01-2001, 07:04 PM   #17
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The thing that works well for me in the woods, becuase i am an extremely aggressive player is to run laterally to one end of the feild as fast as i can right when the game starts, then if no is there yet to shoot at me i continue to push my way around playing the line until i can locate most of the players, if possible i surprise them with a burst of 50 balls and either hit them or scare them into running into my team which one or two of the guys where moving up the oppisite end while the rest stay in the middle and shoot and draw fire, this works the best on feilds that are square but it works good on any feild, you will really be surprised, the guys that go to each end must be the 'better guys' on the team, experiance, stealthyness and speed (both of gun and player) should be acounted for, like anything it works best when the two 'runners' aviod being seen but that can be tricky so have the guys that hold the middle up run up a little and draw fire or at least keep their guys accupied, speed to this is key as soon as the game starts RUN like heck to the end this will make oppents (if they do see you) wunder but if your middle guys are any good they will stay occupied, and for the guy who goes to the back: put out mega paint, dry fire, make believe some one else is with you, continually look off your side and make hand gestures and motions and make it seem like there is more than 1 guy there, so even if you don't hit anyone you will scare them to front (right into the ambush). this works well for me and my woods team and if you have any questions super_stud2001@hotmail.com
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Old 09-02-2001, 04:59 AM   #18
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Be wherever they don't expect you to be

My friend Aaron taught me to be where they least expect you. Sniper from trees or bushes. Hide in piles of leaves and when thye come, blast their asses. I like camouflage and then shooting from a distance, like thirty to forty yards. I can usuall hit them with two shots or better.
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Old 09-08-2001, 01:39 PM   #19
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Crawling is often an overlooked strategy, literally. No one really expects an opponent coming from that low to the ground, and most opponents don't look for crawlers either. Although you have to sacrifice mobility and agility for concealment, it is a pretty good trade off considering that you can move around almost unseen.
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Old 09-08-2001, 05:23 PM   #20
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I personally like going out and penetrating enemy lines and causing some havoc. Or, getting up real close and asking the other player if they want to surrender. That is really funny. But also, overall, try to ambush. Like at night, have one of your point men engage the enemy and draw them in front of your main force. Then you are behind them!
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