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Old 06-04-2006, 05:29 PM   #81
xtreme pballer
The Kill
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This is what I do:
1. I know where the opponet is and take in consideration of where my other opponets are.
2. I take a quick look and then go back in without my gun sticking out.
3. I then burn the image in my mind so when I pop back out with my gun out this time so I know exactly where everybody is and shoot no more than 3-5 shots.
this is what works for me i dont know about every body else.
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Old 07-21-2006, 08:53 AM   #82
NH-Baller 101
"Check His Face!!"
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For gaining the upper hand off of snap shooting, do your normal 2-3 shot snap shot, and tuck back. Chances are if you are accurate enough, the opposing player will have to tuck back in. Wait that milisecond for the balls he shot to pass by u and pop back out. you now have the upper hand, just stay tucked in pretty well and ready to take him out when he trys to snap. It is risky if your first snapshots are not well placed tho.
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Old 07-30-2006, 04:32 PM   #83
You ever feel like this??
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I find it easier to shoot with both eyes open, but thats prolly cause thats how I shoot my pistols and rifles at the range.
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Old 12-10-2006, 04:47 AM   #84
Public Punishment
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ok heres the setup that i do.

if im gonna snap out the right side i put my gun in my left hand (ill be shootin with my left hand) and have my right foot forward and my left foot back some. (this is when im kneeling down). have you gun up and ready and quicky pop out having your gun against the bunker and being able to see some. now i put my gun in my left hand becaus ei could see more out of that side when im poppin out rather than having it in my right hand.

also do not keep popping out your right side. just do quick motions like snap out right then snap up then right again until they're behind their bunker. but watch out for others that might be aimin right at you.

i might be able to have some pictures added. plus if you want to just take your gun (dont need paintballs or anything) and just practice inside the house. just practice the motions and the correct technique. hope it helps

not popping out of the top what are you talking about? just make you motions quick so you arent at that disadvantage. cause i fyou keep poppin out of the sides they're gonna figure it out


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Old 01-15-2007, 03:00 PM   #85
CF midman
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Location: m-burg PA
i do snap shots in front of a mirror.
shoot now, shoot later, shoot some more, and after everybodys dead, try to ask a question or two
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Old 01-17-2007, 08:12 PM   #86
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Originally Posted by Halliday View Post
1) Aim at your target before any part of you is exposed.
2) Don't watch to see if you hit.
3) If I'm really in a jam, I start shooting BEFORE I pop out. Just make sure you're not so close to your bunker that you spray yourself.
i wouldnt shoot before popping out. snapshooting is also to shoot at the other guy without him knowing where your at
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Old 01-27-2007, 08:53 AM   #87
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Turn your gun (if you dont have a flatline) into the bunker to that the hopper is still hidden
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Old 01-30-2007, 12:34 PM   #88
Fenton Defiants
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Try to keep ur waist and below behind the bunker (lean out to where ur as less of a target as possible), if ur popping out the left of the bunker tilt ur gun to the right and shoot left handed(the point is to get that big hopper behind the bunker making it and u less of a target. If ur popping out the right, tilt ur gun to the left and shoot right handed (the point of this is so ur elbow isnt sticking out and its not akward to shoot).

lean over like i am in this pic if i was behind a bunkeri would be popping out on the right and my gun is cocked left.
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Old 06-01-2007, 12:18 AM   #89
Pro Paint Shucker
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This thread is 4 years old.. But w/e ill give my input too..

Anticipate where he is going to be, and keep him guessing where your going to be...

Ex: Running to a low bunker, guy in a similar posistion starts fireing at you... Stay low, watch to where he is... Move 2 or three steps in either direction for best fire oppurtunity, and pop up getting off 3 or so shots then pop back down and repeat if nessecary.
And from left to right, its the same concept really... Stay low, and move from side to side of the bunker...
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Old 10-31-2007, 03:42 PM   #90
Trigg3r Happy
Cocker Rocker
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if you want to practice it ....get a frisby have a friend roll it across your back yard.....get where you can hit it.......get where you can hit it in one shot.....then get where you can hit it moving...that will drastically improve your snap shot
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Old 12-26-2007, 04:40 PM   #91
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are you supposed to use your dominant eye when off handed?
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Old 01-21-2008, 04:15 PM   #92
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Location: Michigan
i bought battle max bunkers for really cheap and just practice on those, like hugging the bunkers and snapping out.
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Old 04-13-2008, 07:53 PM   #93
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ty this thread realy help me out
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Old 04-19-2008, 07:34 PM   #94
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First thing i would do is get a friend or whoever to be a "opponent" ask him when you are in the position to snap shoot and when you actually are snap shooting is there anything out in the open that shouldnt be. Ex. elbow, leg, arm, too much of the marker or mask. Its all about keeping tight but also to be somewhat accurate when you are snap shooting. After you get comfortable with the stance or in any case different stances to snap shoot with also get into the habit of firing quick bursts 1-4 shots maximum. Also on a quicknote get comfortable with your opposite arm while shooting.(I learned the hard way about the importance of using both arms and sides of bunkers.) After you get the whole stance and comfort down through practice (of course) start ACTUALLY snap shooting. Get out there while still playing tight and shoot. The accuracy part is a little iffy for me because I am decent at snap shooting for the most part but in no way as accurate as the most of the guys at my feild where i play. probably the best way for snap shooting would be a friend being there as a target and also someone who is going to keep you down. Practicing snap shooting is going to consume alot of paint but if you keep at it itll do wonders with your game. Overall get comfortable with the position, get into the strict habit of staying tight, fire as soon as the barrel is past the bunker, try to keep your elbow in hopper in and your marker as tight as you can get it into the bunker. Having a friend shooting at you while you are snap shooting will help alot more than a bottle sitting on a wood stump.
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Old 06-08-2009, 07:09 PM   #95
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good luck on your snap shooting and thanks for the tips everyone..
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Old 04-27-2010, 10:48 AM   #96
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Snap Shoot Drill:

Two bunkers at a short distance, two players gun it out one ball checking on ONE side of the bunker. Once one player is hit the Hit is called out and they must react and switch bunkers, and start over. Repeat until you drop.

Player will get tired, and their usual flaws will start to become obvious.
It is a great way to practice simulating real in game exhaustion.
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Old 06-05-2010, 04:47 AM   #97
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a helpful hint i think is to not snap then move forward a little bit because when i snapped back in barrel got cought on the bunker and someone hit it
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Old 09-14-2010, 02:02 AM   #98
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Great! Thanks so much for sharing.This piece of info really courage me. Thanks ^o^
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Old 01-18-2011, 03:06 PM   #99
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thats pretty cool
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