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I accidentally the whole
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How to play X-Ball

I originally wrote this for my local fields' forum, but I figured I'll repost it here, for all of you to enjoy.

As a new X-Ball player, I've learned alot from the very talented folks that I play with.

These are primarily targeted at new-ish players, however you may learn something, even if you've been playing X-Ball for a while.


- Put a tank and loader on your marker, and practice switching from left-hand to right-hand. I find 1. moving your trigger hand to your regulator, 2. opposite hand from your regulator to your frame, and then 3. switching your tank from one shoulder to the other is the fastest, most consistent way to switch hands. Try switching hands as fast as you can 20 times before you play, or whenever you have some free time at home and you will notice a HUGE improvement.

- Whilst on your knees, practice lifting yourself higher, then squatting down lower. Also, practice leaning to the right, and to the left. This will strengthen your core, and speed up your snap-shooting considerably.


- Before anyone else arrives, get on the field, slide around a little, figure out what parts of the field are sticky and what parts are slippery, and get behind a few bunkers and figure out the angles.

- Before everyone is ready and about to start, check that you're hopper is on tight, shake your marker to make sure nothing's loose, and then shoot a few balls at a post. Make sure everything is working fine, before every single round.

- Figure out if you're taking a bunker to the right or to the left of you. Stand on that side in relation to your team-mates, and hold your marker with that hand.
Example: You're going to a can on the left side of the field -- Stand to the left of your team-mates, and hold your marker with your left hand.

- After a countdown to 5 seconds, actually count down from 5 in your head; it will give you a better idea of when to explode off the break.

- Off the break, don't run so hard that your feet slip -- Your first "push-off step" should be just slow enough to get your body moving forward without slipping. Once you have some momentum, you can explode towards your bunker. With all X-Ball fields, having the "X" bunker in the middle of the field makes it less crucial for you to get out of the middle off the break, because nobody can shoot at you until they have moved at least 5 feet right/left (approximately).

- Upon approaching your bunker, slide into it on the hip opposite of the hand holding your marker. This keeps your marker off the ground, and puts you on your knees, facing directly towards your opponents.

- Immediately pop out of the bunker on the side that you're holding your marker with, and then switch hands to check the opposite side. This is the fastest possible way to "get operational" once hitting your bunker, and allows you to "check your angles" and catch opponents moving to bunkers. Also, because X-Ball is considered a tape-game, this allows you to automatically (regardless of what side of the field you're moving to) be set up to lane down the tape, right off the bat.
Example: You slide into a bunker on the left side of the field with your marker in your left hand, immediately snap out to the left. After you have checked who's where on that side, switch hands and snap out of the right side.
In this example, switching hands to check the right side FIRST means you're coming out of your bunker later than if you had checked the left first, right second.

- If you see an opponent anywhere, CALL IT OUT. Call out how far down the field he/she is (50, 40, 30, etc), what side of the field (right, left), and what sort of bunker he/she is behind (dorito, temple, can, etc).
While this doesn't tell your team exactly where an opponent is (especially if a few similar bunkers are placed near one another) it gives them a better idea of what angles to watch and where paint may be coming from if they're being held down.

- Always have somebody laning and/or watching snake. ALWAYS.

- If you have no angles on anybody, and your bunker is not getting hammered, chances are you're in a dead-zone. Move to an adjacent or slightly-forward bunker, but don't move too far -- Making a big move once everyone is established means a sure trip to the dead box, unless your team is backing you up or there are very few opposing players left on the field.

IN GENERAL: (to be expanded)

- Feel dangerous. Be dangerous. You can throw paint with the best of 'em. Being confident is the most important asset you can have.
NOTE: Being dangerous does not mean "compromise your safety".

If anybody has anything to add to this, please feel free.
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Great! Thanks so much for sharing. Its got to be helping somebody.

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