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Old 12-30-2001, 06:54 PM   #1
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Like in almost all other forums, we are glad to help, but due to the fact we have to keep answering the same questions, I decided to make an FAQ. I wont cover it all, and some of it may be incoherent due to the fact I'm tired, but the others on this board will be willing to help.

What is a "Pump?"

A "pump" is an alias for a paintball marker that requires human input to cock the gun after every shot.

How does a "pump" work?

A "pump" works by the following steps:
1; push pump handle back fully, opening the chamber for a paintball to be loaded
2; push pump handle completely forward, cocking the gun
3; Fire, then repeat

What is Stock Class play?

Stock class is very uncommon among the masses. It is very skill orientated, and takes a lot of heart to do. It is *BASICALLY* a pump gun that can hold no more then 20 rounds horizontally, and 10 rounds vertically, and must be fed by 12 gram powerlets. For some more of the rules click here: http://www.phantomonline.com/stockclass/tournament.html

What is a "12 gram powerlet?"

Its a little metal cartridge that hold 12 grams of CO2 used to power paintball markers and other things.

"Is a, "pump" right for me?"

Well... This is a very complex question that only you yourself can figure out, but these few inquiries may help you.


"Pump play" Is really a very over looked aspect of paintball because of how technology has differed the sport in the last couple of years. Usually its very tough, being the fact you will mostly face semi-toting-12-balls-a-second-one-case-one-kill shooters. It is also less compelling due to the fact your best BPS will be 3 on a pump with auto trigger. You must think quickly, and stay on your toes. You will have to depend on your ability to make the best out of stealth and mobility. You will NOT have massive fire power to fall back on. You will have your but handed to you plenty of times until you get the hang of it. And eventually, it will make you a much more strategic thinker when on the field. You will be more pressed to improve accuracy so that you can eliminate with that first shot. Its not easy, but its loads of fun!

What are the benefits?

SATISFACTION. Say you just flanked and bunkered that guy(or gal) with a 2000 dollar set up. Wont you fell good that you just beat that person that has a HUGE advantage? I think so.
COST. theres one for you, Can you guess what I pay for paint on a daily basis when playing pump.... well, you will be shocked to hear that playing more then 8 hours a day, I will only use about 500 rounds. I usually pay 500% less then my friends do at the field.
DURABILITY. I am going to say this even though it could start an argument, but every pump gun I have seen will take a beating and still work miraculously.
SKILL IMPROVEMENT. Not something that you can only get through pump play, but most people come out a much better player when they play pump. It does seem to refine skills, even if you are using a semi.
"OO'S AND AHHHS." That's right, you will turn a lot of heads playing with a pump, and will more then likely gain a lot of respect from it. I don't' know how many times people said, "oh my god, that kid is old school, hes using a pump. I bet he is pretty good."
I'm not lying here.

"Pumps are more accurate."

I don't' really believe so. yes a phantom is more precise then a stock Spyder, but accuracy is not from the gun, but from the holder. I think that, like stated earlier, that it FORCES you to be more accurate. Its not the gun, but you that's placing shot on top of shot.

What are some good resources for information on pumps?

http://www.munkies.net/ppig/ The Pump Players Internet Guild (PPIG) is a great place for information on various pumps.
http://www.pgpog.org/index.html The PGP Owners Group is a great resource for info on sheridan pumps (PGP, P68, PMI-1, Piranha LB, etc).
I recommend reading through the various FAQS or searching these sites before asking questions, as there is a wealth of information already there. The people on those boards are knowledgeable and helpful though and surely answer any questions you might have.

Credit to Crazy Mills for suggesting the links and C-Mac for putting them in with the brief write-ups.

that's all for now. Hopefully this will be stickied. I know I missed a lot, but for now it will do. I will add more about gun design and how they are better/worse in spots. But until then, enjoy!
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Old 01-02-2002, 01:57 AM   #2
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Phantom FAQ

What is a Phantom?
A phantom is a type of pump marker that is made by Concept Component Industries. www.phantomonline.com

Is it stock class?
It can be changed from Stock class to gravity feed in about 5 minutes and it has many air configurations

Is the stock barrel accurate?
Yes! The stock barrel is one of the best stock barrels on the market and is VERY accurate. There is really no need for an upgrade

What are some Upgrades for barrels?
The CCI Nickel is a very good upgrade that is inexpensive. Another popular Phantom barrel is the DYE Stainless but it is slightly heavy. Other barrels inculde the All American, J&J Ceramic, DYE Boomsticks, Lapco Bigshots, and more.

Are Phantom expensive?
Yes Phantoms are generally expensive but it matters how they are setup. The price will be about equal to a low end semi-automatic. Here is a general price range :

(all guns are in stock black)
(all prices from offical Phantom manufacturer)

Phantom- $200
Phantom with .45 grip- $230
Phantom with .45 grip and bottom line - $260
Phantom with Vertical Air- $230
Phantom with Vertical Air and .45 grip - $260
Phantom SC with .45 grip - $240
Phantom VSC - $250
Phantom VSC with .45 grip - $290

Do the internals need to be upgraded?
No the internals stock in all phantoms are about as good as they will ever get.

Where can I get a phantom?
The best place to buy a phantom is strait from the Mannufacurer itself (CCI, Mike Casedy) www.phantomonline.com There they have every single configuration made and you can have your gun annodized to solid colors, fade, cammo, splashes, and custom.

How do Phantoms rank with other Pumps?
Phantoms are some of the BEST pumps made and are near the top of the "pump chain" and yes I would recomend buying a phantom.

Where can I learn more about Phantoms?
http://pub15.ezboard.com/bphantomphorum75007 - Phantom Owners Group (PHOG)
Pround owner of IMP#009874

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Old 01-27-2002, 04:19 PM   #3
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What is the best pump?

It is very much a matter of preference, but it's hard to go wrong with a Phantom, Sniper II, or Sterling. If someone asks this question one more time, I'm going to be sick. In a lower price range, any of the nelson clones should be fine i.e. Maverick/Tracer/Hornet, Diablo. SL-68II's and the Sheridans are also nice. It's hard to go wrong with any pump that isn't made out of plastic (no offense to the NSG Splatmaster).

As far as price range goes, I would say the biggest division is at around $200. Phantoms sneak in just below that for basic models, but in the $200-$300 range, you're looking at Phantoms, Snipers, Sterlings and Illusions. The $100-$200 range includes some of these guns in used condition, as well as SL-68II's new. In the $50-$100 range fall the Maverick/Tracer/Hornet, Kingman Hammer, used SL-68II, PGP, etc. Below $50, it's either plastic or it's a used $50-$100 pump.

Why do pumps shoot so much further and more accurately than semis?

They don't, now never ask that again.

Which pump shoots furthest?

See above. However, some people might have difficulty aiming a shorter barreled pump pistol, in which case, they might get the impression that the gun doesn't shoot as far as another one.

What paint fits the phantom best?

I find that marballizer agrees very well with the CCI Nickel plated barrel. Marballizer and PMI both fit the nickel, actually, and also the stock barrel. The nickel is only slightly smaller than the stock. Big Ball also fits nicely, if your local store has it (mine doesn't).

Where can I buy a stock class harness?

http://www.stockclasspaintball.com/s...yalflush.shtml This store is run by good people and offers a good range of items.
www.iisports.com has stock class harnesses made by Ronin. The new link may be paintball.iisports.com
www.cops911.com This guy makes good stuff, from what I've heard.

What barrel threads do Mavericks have, and where can I buy barrels for them?

Mavericks, Tracers and Hornets all take Tracer/Maverick threaded barrels. It is a unique thread. Smart Parts, Armson, and BOA definitely make barrels for them. Just go to their websites and you can order direct. Now stop posting this darn question in the Pump Trader's Forum, and even in the Pump/Stock forum, for that matter.

Where can I get an Armson pump?

They are pretty difficult to find. I believe they are no longer in production.

I'll post links to the websites I mentioned when I get a chance, but you could always search yourself on Google.

Where can I get an Illusion?


Where can I get a Sterling?


For Sterling information, check out here: http://www.geocities.com/lea_wu/sterling/index.html
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Before anyone else asks this question. This is a well manered debate about Phantom vs Sniper


Also check out here:


The working phantom link

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Old 02-08-2002, 04:19 PM   #5
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Now for a question that is asked far too frequently, almost always as a joke:

Should I get a Talon or a Phantom? There are many variations of this question, none of which should grace this board since they are a waste of space.

For those truly interested, the Talon is one of the least expensive guns available, second perhaps to the Vulcan. It is not particularly durable or accurate, it is a pain to take apart, it's tough to clean the barrel, and it is very difficult at best to adjust velocity. Before shelling out money on a Talon, seriously consider a used Tracer, Maverick, or Diablo (EPG) pump. If you are determined to own a plastic gun, try to pick up a Splatmaster for $20-$30. If you can only get $20 together to buy a gun, go ahead and pick up a Talon. However, if you can hold off to buy a cheap used Tracer, etc, it will be worth your while. This is certainly a matter of opinion, but I think people would find it hard to refute what I have said. Anyone with strong dissension and a decent argument, feel free to PM me and I'll delete or edit my post if you have a valid point.
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Posted for C-Mac

Maverick/Tracer FAQ

What barrels can I get for a Maverick, and what threads do they take?

Check out this thread: http://www.pbreview.com/forums/showt...hreadid=166191

The Maverick, Tracer, and Hornet share the same barrel threads, most often labelled as Tracer or Maverick threads. I know of a number of barrels for the Tracer in circulation, but I am not sure which, if any, of them are still made. Taso, J&J, Smart Parts and Armson have all made Tracer barrels. Check the following for possible sources:
http://www.barrelsofamerica.com Not sure of their status. I believe the website is just down, but I have no contact info on them.

How do I adjust the velocity?

Maverick Deluxes have velocity adjustable bolts. If yours is one of these, stick the provided allen wrench down the barrel and into the bolt and turn clockwise by quarter turns to raise velocity, and vice versa. For larger adjustments, you will need to switch the springs inside the gun. A stiffer main spring will raise the velocity, as will a lighter valve spring. Generally, changing the main spring is the best way to go. Any nelson or autococker spring kit will work.
You can get a spring kit, a velocity adjustable bolt and some miscellaneous stuff here:

What other upgrades can I get?

If you don't have one already, get a velocity adjustable bolt. Also, everyone should have a nelson spring kit for help with velocity adjustment. A .45 block can be purchased from: http://www.allenpaintball.com/gripframes.html and will allow you to mount standard bottomline ASA's and drop forwards to your gun. If you would like to improve consistency, running an anti-siphon tank or a remote is a good idea. Adding a regulator will further improve consistency. I highly recommend the WGP regulators that come stock on autocockers. They can be purchased for $20-$30 used. Some possible regulator setups are:

Male regulator mounted off of the backbottle ASA with a hose running to the bottomline.

Female regulator, into which a tank can screw directly. An example is the CMI R-2000.

Male regulator mounted on a gas-thru stock via an ASA and elbow, with a remote running to it.

Can I run nitro on my Maverick?

Yes, but you will probably want to have a drop forward for balance and a regulator for consistency. You should probably get a .45 block, drop forward, and regulator, which should total between from $60 up depending on what kind of parts you get.

My Maverick won't cock when I pump it back. Help!

Since it is a nelson based pump, you need to gas it up first, before it will cock, unless the valve spring is very stiff.
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Sniper vs. Phantom comparison

Which is better, the Sniper II or the Phantom?

First of all, note that there was a comprehensive article on the www.pumpplayers.com website, which will hopefully be back up soon. In the meantime, here is a little food for thought:

Unfortunately, the answer comes down to preference. If you don't like the feel of a certain marker, you won't shoot it very well, regardless of how good the gun itself is.

However, there are certain characteristics that might make the decision easier for you.

Convertible between SC and direct feed (VERY easily, 2 minutes)
cheaper base version
great performance out of the box
efficient (30-40 shots/12g is reasonable)
available in a large variety of configurations
available in a large variety of colors/patterns
Adequate barrel selection (but the stock barrel is great)
Simpler design
backed by a pump-oriented company

Direct feed only (without custom work)
less efficient (20-25 shots/12g is reasonable)
available in a limited number of colors
available in one configuration out of the box
convertible to semi-auto without much work (well under an hour, including timing)
Huge aftermarket part market
Huge barrel selection (the stock barrel is not as good as the phantoms, but not bad for a stock barrel)
Nicer pump stroke (in my opinion)

If you have a chance to shoot both, then go for it, as that's the best way to tell which is better for you, which is the real concern. As far as weight goes, some people find extra weight of the Sniper to make for a nice steady platform, others find it cumbersome. If you want to play stock class, then the phantom is the better choice of the two. I believe you can get a stock class phantom and a spare direct feed breech for about the price of a Sniper. I'm really a fan of both guns, but it comes down to preference.
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Cool The Armson Pump: Initial observations and first impressions

I got my Armson pump on Tuesday, and I've been meaning to post something like this for a few days, I just haven't been so motivated lately.... so, here goes.

It's a nice gun, your standard issue Nelson based pump, but with some cool additional features.

First off, the ball detent. It's the same one that somes with Micromags and Sleeper Autocockers, and it's a neat little gadget. It's something not seen too often on pumps, so it's a great addition.

Next, the high site rail and offset back-bottle adapter. Wow, a gun where you can actually use back bottle and still see the site rail. It's pretty cool, and it allows for a pretty comfortable hold on the gun.

Next up, the internals. They are your standard Nelson internals, but they are a little different. The bolt is velocity adjustable just like the phantom, down the barrel. But, it takes a square head, and doesn't require the use of a nylon set screw. Also, the edge of the bolt facing the feed port is beveled, presumably to reduce pinched balls. There is an anti-kink tube in between the bolt and hammer. The power tube is also a little different, because intead of just having an open hole at the end like most guns, it has two triangular peices sticking out a bit, and then meeting at their tips a short distance over the hole. It's hard to explain without a picture, and I don't know what purpose this serves, but it looks cool, so I mentioned it. I havent dug into the valve yet, but I don't expect any surprises.

Next, the barrel. It's Armson's Stealth version, in 16" length, with some attractive milling and some porting near the end. The bore of the barrel is shiny and appears well honed, and has the characteristic "rifled" swirls down the barrel. It's reasonable quiet, and shoots well to boot.

Lastly, the overall impression of the gun. All the peices fit together very well, with very little slack and almost no movement. The marker points well, and the oversized pump handle is surprisingly comfortable. It does not come with a .45 grip, which annoyed me at first, but the stock grip is fine. Unfortunately, a standard .45 grip fame can't be mounted without modification. Other than that, the whole gun is great. It shoots very well; I was very impressed how well it shot even on a low CO2 tank.

I haven't played with it yet, but as soon as I do (Monday!), I'll have more information.

P.S.... I'll be getting pictures soon, and I'll post them along with this ASAP.

Congratulations, you all now know more about the Armson Pump... I'll shut up now....
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Attention Canadians!

Attention Canadians!

If you're looking to buy a pump, this place seems to have good prices and is located in Canada:

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How the heck do you get "paint" out of that mess?
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