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Old 12-24-2008, 06:05 PM   #1
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Mod idea v.tanklocation

First off, I used the search feature, I'm new here, but not to forums.

I am a PB n00b, so bear with me. I played my first game about a month ago, and bought my first marker on Monday.

Anyway, I was considering a drop, but after looking at some pictures and even some video, it almost seems that the drop might make it difficult to get into a good crouch position.

Well I've thought of two possible locations to move the tank to.

One of them is move it forward, under the barrel. The issue here is that this gives a larger target when trying to peak around corners. Also with my stock barrel (SP-1), the tank would actually end up being the most forward part of the marker, though I could likley add some cover to look liek a grenade launcher. A longer barrel might even up the distance to the end of the marker, but there would still be a large target area that would be fairly easy to hit.

The other location, and one that I would prefer would be to move it back and up. Almost in the location where a stock would be located. I would likely still keep it a little lower so that the custom mount I have in mind would allow for the addition of a (custom possibly integrated) stock that was located above and behind the tank.

Is there any reason I haven't seen a "lift" used? Safety? Tanks kept low incase the regulator breaks off? I've seen a video where a tank broke off, but was when the player fell or slid, so it could have been the force of the marker (tank) being driven into the ground. The lifted position would protect from that scenario.

I'm mostly going to be woodsballing, but in the winter we are using an indoor facilty, in what I think is a speedball set-up (I still haven't found a good definition of exactly what Speedball is).
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Old 12-25-2008, 07:15 PM   #2
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Well, you have two options here if you don't want to use the drop forward. You could do the 'old school' method and reverse mount the tank. It just involves removing the asa and putt it on backwards. Though you'll probably need an aftermarket one with an elbow that comes out the side instead of out the front like the SP-1. Though you may still need a slight drop to take it out of alignment with the reg so you can actually screw the tank in. This is probably more work then is needed for the Sp-1.
The second one would be buying this NDZ drop kick rail. It'll put the asa on a 45 degree angle and may be what you want. Though it'll put the tank at an odd angle if you ask me but it may be the option that works for you.
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Old 12-26-2008, 11:52 AM   #3
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Hmm, that's another idea.

I just got back from getting my HPA tank, a Pure Energy 68/4500. I got a good deal on it because it isn't labled as a Pure Energy. The guy at the shop said, that there were some Pure Energy tanks made this way, and they cleared them out. Looked just like the labeld Pure Energy tank, and has what looked to be the same regulator as the labeled Pure Energy tanks as well.

I'll have to look into the NDZ drop kick rail that you have pointed out. It might be a better option than what I had originally thought of.

I also bought a tank cover and double trigger.

So I'll either buy one of these NDZ parts or make one.

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Old 12-27-2008, 12:35 PM   #4
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Well, thanks to Tabris, for pointing out the idea of changing the angle of the tank, I made a couple modifications to my marker today.

One is a longer trigger, the other is I modified the stock tank mount wedge to be reversed, and move the tank up instead of down. The marker definatly feels more balanced this way.

I will eventually make a wedge that has more angle to it, to get the tank higher and the overall length shorter.



It wasn't as simple as just turning that wedge around, it required clearancing the tank fitting, and since I wanted the overall length to be pretty short I needed to drill a hole in the wedge for a short piece of a screw I cut off to keep the tank fitting straight. I moved the wedge forward by one hole, since using the stock holes to mount the wedge placed the tank too far back.

I used a dremel to remove some of the stock wedge to fit around the part of the tank fitting that is raised in this picture.

The threaded stud:

The threaded stud installed:

Wedge installed. You can see the end of the stud nearest the camera. This just keeps the wedge located.

Whatcha think?
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