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Arrow 03 Shocker Ultimate Sticky

Well, after getting a request to organize the 03 shocker FAQ, and being bored, here she is:Hello, I have a few changes that you shoudl incorporate into the ultimate sticky thread.

Helpful Links

Smart Parts Official Website

Shocker Owners Group

Ydnas 03 Shocker Page (has all kinds of info)

03 Shocker O-Ring Diagram

ALL the Custom 03 shockers HERE

Smart Parts Official Owners Manual (Online Version)

Factory Upgrade Page (only applies to shocker SN 1-3900)

Better o-ring guides than the old one HSW made can be found here: http://www.angelfire.com/mech/zds/s...intenance2.html - ydna

Where To Buy 03 Shockers and 03 Shocker Upgrades

Punishers PB

3Ds Xtreme

Paintball Wholesalers

E Paintball Outlet

These are the SP specialty stores, regular paintball stores IE PB Gear, First Call paintball, also carry shocker stuff. The stores above are recommended above all other stores (for shockers of course).


Q: Are old school shocker parts compatible with 03s?
A: No, the 03 Shocker is a completely new design, it is nothing like any previous Shocker made. It is a completely different gun in every possible way. By all rights it should not be called "Shocker" but somehow due to some morons behind the SP advertising departement it is. The only characteristics that the two share are threads for the vertical feed tubes, ball detents, and barrels. But even then, some of the private label Shockers will be cocker threaded for some odd reason, so the differences become even greater. -Ydna

Q: Are high pressure tanks compatible with 03 shockers?
A: Yes you can use any output tank on any Smart Parts marker so long as the output of the tank is higher then the Max-Flo's operating pressure. This means as long as your tank outputs over 200-psi you'll be fine. All Smart Parts guns come stock with a Max-Flo regulator. -Ydna

Q: Why doesn't the 03 shocker need an lpr?
A: It dosen't need an LPR because the marker already operates the pneumatics at 90-psi (stock bolts only), despite what the input pressure is. But if you've got your heart set on one then you can get either the Evolve LPR mount or the NEW DeSIGNZ LPR mount, both will accept gagues too. -Ydna

Q: Are 03 Shockers Fragile and easy to brake
A: They aren't really very fragile but the board's power button is very easy to break off when reassembling the frame with the body. Besides for that it's fine. -Ydna

Q: When buying a shocker do you get a choice between a vertical and horizontal regulator?
A: As stock (base model ) the gun comes with a vertical Flo and a bottomline Smartvalve to shut off your tank. If you elect to get the Ultimate package for more money, it will come with [at the time of this writing] a gas-thru grip and the bottomline Max-Flo 4500 system, which is the reg and tank. BUt this option costs more...one thing you might not know is that the bottomline (screw-in) Max-Flo as seen on many pre-2003 Shockers and some pre-2003 Impulses is no longer made! - Ydna

Q: Can 2003 shockers run CO2?
A: In a short answer, yes. But they must be anti-siphoned tanks. Some people say shockers will get ruined by CO2, which is only true if the AREN'T anti-siphoned. You won't get as good as performance as if you were running air or nitrogen. - xXblinkXegoXx

Q: If my shocker doesnt have a vert reg, does that mean i need to buy one?
A: Not necessarily. This depends if your tank has its own reg. All max flow tanks, (the kind you get in the ultimate package) have regs. So gas through grips work fine with them. All shockers bought from a store (not used) will come with at least one reg.

Q: Whats the maitinence on a shockers selenoid?
A: Solenoid maintenance is necessary every once in a while. Not too often, though. Roughly I'd say every two months or every 10,000 shots (aired-up shots, not solenoid clicks). I wrote a guide which can be found on my site. (Up in useful links) If the folks at your proshop can do it then so much the better, but it really isn't too complicated. It is a little tricky to do with an 03 simply because of how the noids are mounted to the bodies, but it's not impossible.

Q: Are 03 shockers closed bolt?
A: This is a pretty controversial question. Some people will tell you closed, some people will tell you open. I believe it to be an open - bolt marker. This is because before you fire the marker, the bolt is in the open position. This does not make a difference in accuracy though, because whether the bolt is open or closed before firing takes place before the painball leaves the marker. What does matter though is wheter or not the breech is sealed off when it fires. In this case, the shocker's breech is sealed, giving the shocker the consistencey (accuracy) of a closed bolt marker. - xXblinkXegoXx

A: I would put forth that the gun operates no differently then any other open bolt marker. The only diference is the addition of the o-ring before the bolt, and the difference it makes is neglegeable. Most bolts do a fine job of sealing the chamber by themselves. -Ydna

Q: Where does the air enter the area where the bolt assembly is at? where does the air enter the bolt?
A:Running the length of the body are two tubes for pressurized air, called distribution manifolds. These are where the two small screws are under the bolt guide at the back of the body. The one on the right directs air form the vertical adapter to the solenoid and form the solenoid to the bolt sleeve. Alternatelt, the manifold on the left directs air from the vertical adapter to the fire chamber part, where it is allows to be shunted through the bolt when it is in it's forward position. -Ydna

Q: Can You replace the sp smart valve with your own ASA?
A:The ASA is a standard dovetail-style mount, so yes you can. -Ydna

Q: Can i use different HP regs on my shocker?
A:The vertical Flo is a standard vertical reg, so yes you can. - Ydna

Q: Where is the cheapest place to buy a shocker
A:www.punisherspb.com is where i reccomend for all your shocker needs. Great service from people who know their shockers, almost always have the lowest prices also.

Q: What kind of Barrel Threads does a Shocker Use?
A: Shockers have there own kind of barrel thread. Called Shocker threads.

Q:What kind of tank should i use with my vert max flow?
A:You should use HP tanks with the stock vertical Max-Flo reg that comes with the gun to avoid shootdown. This means any tank with 400-psi or higher. The onyl LP tank I suggest using is a Crossfire, since it has the greatest amount of flow. -Ydna

Q:If i buy a shocker brand new, what kind of reg will it come with, or will it just be a gas thru?
A:No longer do Shockers come with a gas-thru. At the time all models come with a vertical regulator...the ultimate packages also come with a high-pressure bottomline reg as well. -ydna

*Usernames after each answer is the person who answered them. Answers with no username behind them were by me. Some answers were altered a bit from the original FAQ to fit the question better.

Shocker Or ______

Shocker Vs Timmy

Shocker Vs Nerve

Shocker Vs b2k4

Shocker Vs Vision Impulse

Shocker Vs Rat Jr Impulse

Shocker Vs Angel Speed

Shocker Vs BKO

There. If you have something to add, (which i know people do) please pm me to keep this thread clean (since im not a mod, i cant exactly delete posts). Please only post if you have feedback. Im going to try to get magnus to sticky this.
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Do i have the setup i said i would?

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If you dont mind, I thought I would add a little something I have.

1.How To Clean Your Vert Maxflo
-Huey 69

2. How To Install A Tadao Board

3. How To Change Dwell, ROF and Rebound On STOCK Shocker Board

For A Tadao Board

4. How To Shorten Your Grip Screws (For those who have hit there horizontal board)

5. How To Install A New Feedtube

6. To Clean Your Bolt
-Rebel Puz
http://www.pbnation.com/showthread.p...pagen umber=1

7. Full Dissasembly
-memberof wgpress


Private Label Guide

Shocker Introduction

Shocker FAQ
- Ydna

Shocker Technical Information
-All that posted

Animated Shocker Bolts
-Doug Warner

How To Videos!
1. Remove Your Board
2. Change Rebound Settings (Not For All Shockers)
3. How To Change Your Dwell
-Thanks To Ydna

Custom Mods For Your Shocker!
well depending on ur seial nimber u might already havee a flipped switch but...For those who can solder but dont have surgon hands...


For those with surgons hands:


Shave down your trigger for a lighter pull

-Slim Vela

LED color change
If you’re sick of the stock blue LED, I can install a new one onto your board. This new LED will shine through your power switch just like the stock blue one does. This mod will void your warranty.

Can Be Done by Ydna...zdspb.com

LED relocation
This is a custom modification that involves installing a new LED someplace else on the back of the marker. The blue LED above the power switch actuator will no longer shine; it will be replaced by the new relocated one. This mod will void your warranty.

Can be done by Ydna....zdspb.com

I will update as needed
Jed Paintball
For All Your Shocker Info

Eastern Paintball
For All Your SP Gun Mod Needs
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Here are two more websites for Shocker owners:

(shows the high efficiency bolt in action)

(shows just about every in and out of the shocker)http://www.warpig.com/paintball/tech...03/index.shtml
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edited for content
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u blood or crip ???
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you didnt put the most seen comparison in your sticky shocker or proto matrix
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shocker vs ion?
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is kind of a big deal
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ZDS paintball should be in big bold letters at the top of this thread


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How do I change modes on my shocker???
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what board first off?
Www.zdspb.com has everything you need to know about any smartparts gun anyways
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Guys...please post questions outside of the sticky.
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