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Old 03-04-2002, 12:13 PM   #21
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If their is a fence jump it. If You can go under sumtin go udner it. If u have to get wet get wet. Just like carrim said the hardest route is the least gaurded. and a lot of times the best route since most people use them almost as if they were walls but if u can get there u can get em in the back.

Oh yeah and don't fire unless u need to. Silence can be your greatest ally then being loud is ur second greatest ally
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Old 03-20-2002, 07:28 PM   #22
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playing outlaw ball in the dark is the best! so much excitement and the feeling a pyscho will come out and chop your head off lol

oh ya, i just like to crawl and run like hell when needed
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Old 03-21-2002, 12:20 PM   #23
Crash Danger
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once my whole team of 4 kept the enemy team occupied while I snuck up behind them till I was about 10 ft away (literally). I unloaded about 50 shots at the 3 enemies from behind a tree and didn't hit anyone! Then I got shot in the leg and mask. I let my team down and the enemy team slowly advanced and picked off the rest of my team

Moral of the story is that in Woods paintball games to always take your time and aim up shots! That's why it's not called SPEED ball!
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Old 03-22-2002, 03:49 PM   #24
I was in the pool!
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this is somewhat like furious pb's strategy but always have a group of some people in the front and more people in back than in front and then make the enemy come to u.

and like carrim said the hardest route is the best choice but if u practice on taking rough terrain it wont seem as hard but it will still be kinda hard

and my own contribution:IMO i think that the 2 key elements to woodsball/outlawball go against each other and those are speed and stealth.if u stay still u wont be seen as well but if u move really slow u will be shot so try to balance out the 2 as much as possible.
hope i helped some,
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Old 03-23-2002, 10:21 PM   #26
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I like to advance as close as possible and wait for the enemy to advance through the hole and close the flanks use your point man like a line man and have him trap to one side or the other similar to the Zulu bull horn tactic
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Old 04-27-2002, 09:51 PM   #27
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Okay... listen up. You really wanna win a game of woods ball with people that are ten times better than you? Here's what ya do. I played paintball earlier (Saturday). So I still have a bit of adrenaline left in me. That's why I'm writing this. I invited a bunch of my friends who are better than me, they all play on a team together. I took my Black Dragun, a Spyder One, a Targa, and a Piranha and faced off against a Shocker, Autococker, Impulse, Tippman, and a few other guns. The biggest and two best games for me were the two last games. I had a 6 and 2 record, meaning that I shot six people and only got killed twice. That's pretty good for four games of three on three.

So you wanna know how I did it? Hiding. Efficient and well thought out hiding. It's simple and anyone can do it. I hid in some heavy brush where I could see out and it was very difficult to see me with my camouflage on. So we took our spots... then about five minutes later the best kid with the Impulse comes walking by. He looks straight at me but does not shoot me. I don't think he saw me... so I waited then lit him up. Patience helps very much. Then another kid walks by... and he is a moron. He just stood in the middle of the trail in plain sight... so I had to put about five in his chest. Then I left after about ten minutes and bunkered the only kid left that was hanging off the side of a cliff. I killed all three people two games in a row. It was pretty fun. The game before that was a good game to. I started out attacking because the other team took the walk. And I decided to go off the trail and through the woods and brush. My teammate who was not well camoed went out in front of me. He stood out in the open kind of as a distraction. Then one of the good kids (Shocker kid) was crawling through the woods with us. I seen him before he saw me. He was taking aim at my friend and so I just let out about twenty shots. The fast ROF helps with Spray and Pray. He gets out, but my gun even with a 14 inch Boomstick is loud as chuck. So the best kid there hears all the fire and when my friend walks out of the brush he gets lit up. However, my friend was closing in on him and the good kid knew he had to move. The Impulse kid took off running... and here is another MAJOR TIP. Shoot where they are running so that they run into the paint... don't shoot at them. Just shoot a steady stream so that it's unavoidable and they slide into it. That's what I did and I got him twice. Then the Tippman kid was the only kid left. I had the Autococker kid on my team... so we set out looking for him. Here is the most effective tactic in woods as I have found. Flanking. I saw the kid behind a tree, so I told Autococker to go up from the left. I came right and drew his fire while Autococker shot at him. Tippman backed out enough for me to shoot him in the leg and chest. Bunkering is really important, as well as listening.
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Old 05-10-2002, 07:37 PM   #28
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Aggresiveness, awareness, and anything else anyone has said will help A LOT!!! Depending on what kind of woods you play in, is what you will need. If it is in a place with not a lot of vegitation, and kind of skinny trees, don't try to be so d*mn stealthy!!! It's not gonna help! So be aggressive and pressure them into their own loss. Last time I played in a place like that, I won a 2 on 1(me), twice in that day, cuz I was agressive.

Now if you play in places with a lot of vegitation and brush and so on, slow the hell down!!! Still be aggressive, just slow down and be safe. Try not to be seen for as long as possible and keep pretty quiet. But don't lose yer team mates. Stay kind of close to them, but don't sit in a group cuz that's just an easy target. Keep contact. Another thing is don't figure that you are invincable, cuz yer not. Also flanking is a must in any kind of paintball. Do this right and you can eliminate anyone if you do it right. Use everything you got. If heavy cover, use it. If not, try to play speedball like, but still remember yer in the woods. And try to do things that yer opponents wouldn't expect. It works. Go where they wouldn't, do what they wouldn't, do everything they wouldn't. It will work if you got the balls.

That's it! Good luck!
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Got to be a beast

rarr you need to be vicious just keep moving and charge with two people. The other team may panick if there is only one or two people, expessually if they are in the same bunker. Dont walk up tall or fast on hilltops the light sky as a backround kinda gives you away. Ive seen people from about a quarter of a mile away on a hill. Some pallets have holes aim for them.spruce trees make nice shaddy spots to hide, and maybe if you want jump out and suprise someone. Dont trip either.And if you get charged calm down aim and shoot them. dont run. Pump guns work in woods for hide and shoot. AIM AIM AIM AIM. and a super hint a most SPECTACULAR HINT THE BEST YOU MUST READ>>> dont hide in the best spot, the biggest bush, or thickest vegeatation that is very predictable theyll search it. instead hide in average looking area maybe with a log nearbye or something to stop paint. Trust me very important. if you play ctf without paintball guns you learn this the other team will search everywhere that is real good but not every inch of the average world.
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Old 05-21-2002, 07:38 PM   #30
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obvious tip....

what i always do in woodland ball, especially if it's attack and defend.... try to disappear from the game for a little while. Travel all the way the boundries of the field, and flank the enemy. Most people who use this tactic are spotted and come under fire from the enemy, because they dont get far enough away from the action. They usually still can out flank the other team, but now the other team knows that they need to defend two sides. So, be sure to travel about 70 yards (if the field permits) away from the enemy position, then start to move around their flanks. Make sure to take another person with u though. If you get around their side without being seen you should be able to take about 5 of the other team w/ no problem. Thats when your partner comes in handy, because the remaining team will know u r there. Anyways, give it a shot next time. Lemme know what happened.
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Old 05-26-2002, 08:18 AM   #31
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Sounds like a bunch of camping to me. If there is a flag in the woods game take all of your guys and just rush the flag. The game will be over in 10 minutes winning or losing as long as everyone on your team participates. That way you don't have to wait an agonizing 2 hours for the camping idiots that are afraid to come out to finish the game. Plus the surprise on the othere team's face will be absolutely horrible when all your team pours into there flag station gunning everyone up.
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My favorite tactic in woods is to Pair off. We usually played 6v6. Just send 2 right up the middle, 2 up the left side, 2 up the right. Have the people on the left run as fast and far as they can before they encounter the enemy. Let the person in the middle move more stealthily, and engage the other team (who are in a firefight because the 2 u send up the left are just spraying paint all over the woods) and have the pair on the right play wildcard. The team on the right can either flank ALL the way around, send one person to back up the people in the middle, or just take potshots to draw fire.

It's very important to stay agressive. Don't just sit back, you have to keep moving foward.
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Old 08-09-2002, 11:07 AM   #33
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stay low(run in a croutch(sp?))... and move quick... camo... HIDE... AIM... AMBUSH...repeat...
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Old 08-12-2002, 03:20 PM   #34
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Actually the advice given is all good. The winning team will be the one who knows when to use it.

My advice to add to the list is this. Keep COMMUNICATION before the game open and clear (and if possible during the game via simple hand signals etc.). Know what the rest of the team is doing so that if a teammate is taken out you know where the hole is that needs covering.

Second: know your own strengths and weaknesses as well as thiers. For EXAMPLE: If your team is the older or more experienced against the younger or newbies use that to you advantage. Most newbies (and yes this is not all, but most) are going to do one of two things, be scared to death of getting shot and will cower from even the lightest cover fire giving you the chance to get in close. Or else they will be so eager to come at you they will rush and you merely need to wait for them to run infront of your barrell (I love doing this one). If your the newbie, resist the urge to go with those first obvious ideas and play on the fact the the "experienced" players will expect to win.

PATIENCE. This is not fear to move, it is knowing when to move, to where and how fast/agressively to do so. Patience is something that increases with experience and knows to watch for the holes in the opponents stradegies.

STEALTH. SILENCE and LOW PROFILE make a big difference. One does not shot what they do not know is there. I have been able (on occassion) to watch opponents pass within 2 to three feet of a teammate and I and this was both their front and back lines. We waited until they engaged our defending players and with thier attention faced forward they never noticed the shots from behind, until it was too late.

POSITIONING. A great hiding spot is no good if noone ever passes by. Look at the accesses to your flag/point of defending. Make sure you cover them but don't set up right in their path. They may be on you before you know they are there. Also don't get so well hidden that you don't have a line of fire. Nothing more funny than a popping bush with paint splattering through its branches that does nothing more then make for a painted bush. And most usually, when this mistake is made, they will get you before you get out.

AVOID REDUNDANCY. If it woked last time, and it worked really well last time, save it for a later game. The opponents can only know of your stradegy what you show them. Keep it mixed up and them guessing.

Yes I know this is mostly advice for the "non-agressive player" but there is one thing that they need to know as well. AVOID TUNNELL VISION. No matter how still you are or how much you move, keep your eyes moving. Don't get so focused on one target that you miss those right beside you. I know that this can have some painful results (three quick shots to the left kidney from two different players in under 15 - 20 feet and all I could think was that I walked right into it).

LISTEN. Listen to what the other players have to say. From time to time even the newbie has some good ideas.

And the most important tip can give HONESTY. I have seen games run on and be ruined by dishonest morons (no they do not deserve to be called players). This is a game that has grown in large part due to the groups who meet in a "friends field." Many of the higer profile events that have a following and many players got interested in the sport because of the "first weekend game." Nothing turns people away quicker than someone lying with no real purpose other then to say "I won." Keep the game to the great joy and level it should be at.

Well, that's my 2 cents.
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A few strategies for when u are in a firefight.

1.) When both u and the enemy are behind trees, keep shooting to one side of the tree, they will usually start backing up more and more, until his/her big fat ummmm, well you know, ***** starts showing out the other side, in which case u give them a paint enema.

2.) If u arebehind a tree (or any other bunker), don't keep popping out one side to shoot, or else if they're any good they'll be one step ahead and make u taste it.

3.) Don't get cocky and start mouthing off to people, cause for one I'll have to put a foot up your arse personally, and because thenthey'll go after u like none other, and most likely will lite u up. U think Evil Kinevil is a crazy mofo, wait till u see someone with their pride on the line. If someone starts giving u crap, don't return the favor, just smile, nod, and make them eat some paint, as well as their words, on the field.

4.) Be random. It may not always work, you may end up painted more colors than a war cheif on peyote, but they won't expect it and it's sure to be fun.
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My team and i like to stay together, not more than 20 feet from each other. In tha woods that i play in there r bicycle jumps that make great cover, well sometimes we will just fortifie that area. MOst of the time we will stay of the trail in the brush. We work slowly up the trail, 3 people watch ahed and 2 people watch our backs. We keep goin very cautiously until we get in some action. When we get in action, i will run all the way down the trail and go up from the behind of the enemy and flank em. after i do that the enemy is screwed. They either surrender or die!
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Offensive Tactics

I see a lot of good and bad posts here and will contribute my expieriances...and let me note that what wins the game is not the gun, the player, camouflage, cover, conealment, hiding, snipers, or whatnot, it's teamwork! Win as a team, loose as a team, just stay a team! If you loose as a team realize you could not have done anything more and you lost becuase the other team was more coherent or just all around better than you.

1) If you don't come/go there to win stay home because that whole "it was just for fun" is just a way to make loosers feel better about doing what they do best: loosing. Maybe not good for the sport but if you're not there to win then you are a drag on the fighting capability of your team.

3) Make sure that when you open up you are in range of the enemy and not too far out. No point in ruining it if it was a surprise. This is a classic mistake of newbies and veterens so know your marker I guess too.

4) Don't stay static, be aggressive, move, hit, flank, etc. If you stay static you are simply playing speedball on a wooded field, no difference. Heck, I've moved more in speedball than some people in woods!

5) Work as a TEAM! By that I mean communicate, cover each other, know each other, don't just let guys hang out and shoot on their own, that is nothing but a group of individuals while a team will move as a whole and work as a whole.

6) Take one for the team! If your sacrifice= winning then do it, you aren't going to die. If it were real war then I wouldn't say this.

7) Spread out but not too far. I know some of you Rangers were trained to stay 20m-25m away from each other, but you toted guns shooting 500m and farther. Be close enough to support each other, but far enough so one stream of rounds won't take out half the team. If you are to far apart you cannot support each other.

8) Know when to use concealment, cover, and camo. When you move, you should use all three whenever possible but when in the fray of things, use cover over anything else as they know your position.

9) Trust your instincts. I know this sounds dumb, but trust them...

10) Move through the most difficault terrain. Easily said, how many of you actually do it? I do. If there are brayers I get down and crawl. If it's a swamp, then I wade through it. If it's heavy underbrush, then crouch.

11) Don't be lazy. Laziness happens for a lot of reasons that I won't idenfity, but I will tell you that laziness causes you to be slow in thought and reaction, you make noise, you take the shortest way, you cheat to save yourself a long walk, etc. Don't be lazy.

Everyone please notice that most of my tactics are based on the team. Why? Because the team is more important and more effective than the individaul player. Take three excellent players and put them in a group and now take three good players and put them together but they work as a TEAM. They will wipe the field. I promise you that. You win with teamwork. Not by fancy tactics, guns, titles, overwhelming numbers, cover, and camouflage. You will win as a team and loose as a team, but a team is much stronger than a group of individuals.

Observation/Detection Techniques-

Many people have stated that a ghillie suit is an effective tool in paintball. I can surmise that these people are city boys who have not learned to hunt and move in nature, or they have eyesight around 20/100 or worse. The ghillie suit is effective, actually, camouflage as a whole, because from abot 200 yards away, the eye cannot see clearly...anything. I don't know why, but it's true. I can spot a deer from about 400 yards away but it is incredibly hard and tiring.

Some tips for those who don't want to take the time to master everything and learn it yourself by being outside which is the best way which I learned from tracking-

- Look for disturbances. Hard to explain but things that don't look right or belong. Like, if you see a branch moving in an unnatural way (yes, branches move a certain way people) then someone passed there recently. When tracking you can use crushed vedgetation but on a pb field there is so much trampling and gmaes are so short, tracking doesn't really apply except for attention to detail.

- Trust your instincts. Get in tune with yourself and what you feel. No logic, but what you FEEL! Against all logic I took a 16-point buck in a pine forest when there were rivers, etc beucase it felt right to me.

That's it, attention to detail. Something don't look or feel right then cahse it down.

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Re: Crossing a ravine/creek

Originally posted by RecklessFable
In the woods, bring a buddy. Woods ball has a lot more spotting involved.

If you play where a creek or ravine is almost too far for you to jump, hand your marker to your buddy. Have him cover you. Then take a running leap. Have him throw you both markers and cover him wile he leaps over.
I don't suggest doing this. I would keep my gun and have someone cover me. My reasoning is I hate coming underfire w/o the ability to protect myself. and what happens if the team abandons you? If the creek comes up past your waist then you shouldn't attempt to cross it. Now, I'll be useful and add some tactics on moving through areas like this-

Never distribute your full weight onto anything. And feel around too. Kinda push yourself off lightly and keep yourself moving, never holding one position as your full weiht will hit it. You kinda float along merrily. This works in water that is relativly high though as the water lightens you.
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Hypothetical Woods Situations

These are some not so hot situations to be in. I'm going by experiance and from some stuff I have picked up from others but if anyone wants to debate with me, you can pm me

1) You get seperated from your team behind enemy lines and you see groups of the op force milling around.

This is a bad situation that shouldn't happen in the first place. As you might know, I emphasize team work and leadership...ever notice that the USMC don't put lone snipers behind enemy lines, rather, they are put in teams. There's a reason for this. But back to topic, your best bet would be to stay passive and wait for a friendly unit to come by. They eventually will. You might also consider moving out real slow if you are certain no friendly unit will come by, like if you were deep behind enemy territoy, maybe 1-2 miles or more.


2) The enemy is smashing your lines and almost broken though. You have a small team at your command.

Now, I believe in charging into things head first. My reasoning is that if you don't move now and try to help then there might not be anything to help in the future so I would move to the hot zone nad try to put out the fire and take whatever else can be spared. You might also consider an organized retreat. And you might be able to make your defensive area even smaller by doing so or give you a terrain advantage.


3) You have command of a small team and spot the enemy. Currently you have not been observed.

Get in their assumed path, set-up good positions and ambush them. If you are certain that you cannot win that type of battel then you will need to co-ordinated with friendly units, using runners, interdiction riflemen, and small groups to lure them where you and the friendly unit you are working with can smash them.


4) You need to move out quick but you have heard gunfire coming in that direction and come to a blind spot where you cannot see.

Some might want to try and be cautious and send out recon elements, but instead, keep moving until you draw enemy fire and then attack or do what you need. If there is no enemy then you have wasted time. If there is you can engage him.


5) You are holding a defensive position, your team as a whole is suffering, being low on everything except the enemy.

In this situation, you must think. If you hold the objective, will your casualties be so great that you cannot hold off a counter attack? If so, then move to a better position, rearm and take it. If you are sure you can hold it then do so. Use rounds sparingly if need be.

more to come later...
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okok my turn..ur runnign through the woods to the cnter fakg bvase, when on the way u stumble through speedball, the aposing team is coming up to u, do u and ur men hunker down in said speedball, advance to certan doom do to lack of cover...try to use speedlabb to ur advantage..or retreat like coweards closer to ur bas as thay now have the opertunity to keep u pinned

btw the speedball is all hyperball, ur camoe will not help u

*in keanue reaves voice*
what do u do
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