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Old 10-09-2004, 01:25 PM   #101
Calm and ready.
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Location: USA,NY,Cassville
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Post Hmmph, why so many parts?

i've read most of your tips and it seems the keep repeating themselves with very little new information, but hey, this might just be something new, a little "tactic" as it were.

I've noticed a pattern in all of you tips also, you pin down the offenders with loads of paint nad while you do it you wait for ANOTHER guy to come up and plop em'? why?
if you have ever been, or forced to become a one man team this just dosen't work.here is what will work.

Hitmans rules.
1)do not rely on anyone besides yourself as a key variable in a game or play, keep in mind that if you make complicated plans and stratagies that rely mostly on yourself AND another guy that is a key factor in the game, stop to think, "my buddy is good aslong as he don't get shot", therefore, have a backup plan for everything becuase the really hard plans never work, and the ones that will work are the hardest to complete.

2)Paintball is a thinking game, seeing the whole "Be Aggresive! RAMBO STYLE!, KILL EM!" tends to suggest your tips are leaning towards the contrary of sapienic thought. So whenever a period of time presents itself in which you have time to quote;un-quote "think rationally" and look around yourself, keep in mind that the players that don't read this will probably have an impulse vise-versa to the information here inturned.

3) This is the actuall tactic i use when i don't trust my buddy with my life/tag and/or im alone, whcih i prefere to a team since my plans are my own. If you are in a situation where the opponent is pinned down in the bunker/tree you are currently plastering with neon colored oil, look back at tip # 2. oooh, now you get it, you understand that the very loud tap tap tap and splatting noises made by your marker are actually imparing the sense of hearing you adversary posseses .and rationally you would think "if i move now, and keep fireing, he won't hear me" and since you already know he isn't about to peek his head out or tag you when he is cowering in full fear of the multi colored dreamcoat you keep adding on to, you would take this oppertunaty to move to that bunker, stop shooting, wait for some stupid attempt to be made -by he who is on the other side of the bunker- to return fire, and bask in the glory and comedy of seeing his dumb struct noggin' when his goggles turn into a Luke-Skywalker blast shield from your own design. wouldn't you?

4)Lead the opponents not with a straight line but with a long sweep and fast ROF, this will give them a chance to see the incoming paintballs and "panic" thus making them either drop, try to run away, or not be able to stop and get whip-cracked on the side.

5)Quick tips not yet mentioned;
a)if you decide to rush somebody, try to remember the fundimentals of woodsball, as in, "stay out of the open" "tree walk" "spread out", just becuase the guy(s) you are rushing are dead men walking dosen't mean you should risk you or your team mates with a stupid move that puts you ALL in a clearing.
b)if you have time for tip # 2,remember to reload, even if you only used 90 rounds, there might be a confrontation where the other 110 balls you have just wont be enough, and those extra 90 might help too.
c)send out scouts and spotters ahead of yourself/team when possible, every now and then; stop,get cover, send out your scouts to do a quick 20 second run and look. then move again. this you will notice if you use it, actually reduces the risk of an ambush, since if one guy gets tagged or shot at you will know where they are and then you can rush their ambush with full knowledge of their intentions.

never be intimidated by somones marker, sure, they got a bob long russian legion, flatline, HMP/NO2 and a bunch of othe gadgets, but do they have brains? i used a spyder victor for most of my experiances in paintball,and i sold that since it was getting old and bought myself a nice Icon Z, its really a spyder clone and works just as good, plus all the parts i got for the spyder are 100% compatable with it, best thing about it is that i got it for $40 from NPS (sponsored) and i recently beat an AutoCocker,Angel,and A5 by just "thinking" my way past their arrogance, intimidation should be the last think on your mind, most of all, don't cry about how their tactics are better than yours and you lost, ask them for their secrets so you can win .
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Old 10-24-2004, 11:02 AM   #102
Join Date: Oct 2004
I always crawl through thick brush and ambush my opponents.

One time, I got behind some barrells and someone started shooting at me non-stop. After he stopped shooting, I ran for it and crawled through bushes. It turns out he was still shooting at the barrells thinking I was still there and then I shot him and won the game.
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Old 11-21-2004, 02:41 AM   #103
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this strategy is good if you want to sneak up to a certain area, or you're sneaking up on an opponent:

-When you walk, keep your knees bent slightly and try to land on the balls of your feet. This will effectively silence your footsteps.

-You don't need to walk s-l-o-w-l-y....you can move at a fairly brisk pace while moving this way.

-Let's say you are trying to sneak up on an opponent. You are hidden from view. You aren't really paying attention to what's on the ground, and you end up stepping on a branch and it breaks. Most people would say "oh #%$!" and wait to get lit up, or try to rush their now-alerted opponent and have a big firefight. You don't need to do that. You can still be stealthy. If you're still hidden from view, try to get some cover i.e. hide in a bush. if you're somewhat visible, FREEZE. the human eye is attracted to motion. even the slightest movement will be noticed. If you stay completely still, your opponent will have a harder time of seeing you. Obviously, if he's standing two feet away you're gonna get hit, but if you're a reasonable distance away you should be OK.
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Old 12-17-2004, 07:58 PM   #104
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Left flank, Right Flank and 1 up the middle.. try surrounding them and start shooting away
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Old 01-15-2005, 11:08 AM   #105
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Location: cincinnnati
this is a little thing to try when ur up agianst one or two people

==== is a bush/obstical that is about 3-4 feet tall

X is a tree about 3-4 feet diamiter

? bad guys
$ good guys

this has to be the set up


shoot a few at the bad guy he will look for you
$ on the right side and move to his left to not get shot queitly move to other side and his butt will be sticking out from the tree and u will have a good shot because he still thinks your at the other side


----------------------$ KABLAMO
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Old 01-23-2005, 10:00 AM   #106
Arctic Wolf
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I didn't write anything in this thread I think so here's my contribution to the guy that likes the adrenaline overflowing throughout every game.

Just like speedball a good plan or strategy is made before the game is even started. If it's nothing critical and you are playing a bunch of games all day anyway, do some run tests. See how far down the field you can run before you get litup. Before I do these of course I look at a decent path to run down. All along the path trees should block the middle of the field. I imagine where people will be at certain points I am running down and what tree or bunker blocks thier paint or even thier vision of me trying to run to thier side of the field. I remember that I will always be running faster than them, and I will always cover more ground than they do. If I can setup in a position close enough to deny a whole side of the field, I'll find it on the field walk. Also at some points at the starting box, I can line up the trees until I have a straight path to my goal. The shortest distance between two points is a line. Just be sure the line has alot of cover blocking the middle of the field.

After you do the run tests on actual games (your teamates will hate you for it) you will know which bunker that is farthest down the field that you are capable of making. You found the primary bunker, now it's time to find the secondary bunker and then the third and the fourth. If I think ahead this far, my timing becomes super tight to the point where I will stay behind one tree in 2 seconds before I move to the other one. If you have an electric, you can get behind a small tree (I am super skinny so it might not work for you) and cover your exposed part of your body to the player with high ROF. Do not use this tree as a bunker, use it for a stepping stone to move to the next tree as soon as the guy flinches. Everytime he looks back at me, I am not going to be in the same place. I will probably have disappeared from his vision totally. This will demoralize him so much that he might start running away. If you see this, SPRINT as fast as you can and try to catch up to him changing your angle of attack slightly so as he turns around he will be even more disoriented. Try to eliminate him before he gets back to his group if he's isolated.

Do not be triangulated. Constantly be attacking the sides to open up flanking opportunities and creating angles. Sometimes I can go straight up the middle and wreak even more confusion if I move fast enough. Before I try this, I make sure the opposing players behind me are blocked by trees or the players behind me are shooting at another player. It is best, however; to move in a counterclockwise direction, because people tend to be right handed. Remember as you move keep your head up at least 70% of the time. I know if I stop looking at the ground, I might trip. Look through the trees, not at them. Awareness to me sharpens as I gather as much information as possible from the horizon. As long as you know where everyone is, you can make a decision fast. The faster you move, the less people will be aware of their team being eliminated more from behind than in front.
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Old 02-12-2005, 01:36 PM   #107
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If your field has a creek most of the time it will have a bridge, Every person noob will take that bridge, Camp the bridges.
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Old 03-09-2005, 12:12 PM   #108
Beware of the Shadows
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A good stratagy in captur'flag wood ball is to overload one side with 3/4 of your force and then send 2'ta three guys on the other side.

most opponents will send thier main force to yours allowing your 'squad' to slip in the back way. then you just have to take car of the flag siters.
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Old 03-13-2005, 08:22 AM   #109
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Some people don't know how to run in the woods, they're constantly stopping and looking for paths to run down. It takes a while but try and look past where your running and create paths so you never have to stop and look for an alternate route.
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Old 03-13-2005, 10:06 AM   #110
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There's a game kind of like "Bin Laden" mentioned earlier (dunno who mentioned it...) we used to play it on my dad's 80 acres in WI (all sorts of cover from hardwood ridges to cedar swamps, hemlock thickets, etc) but anyway, one person goes out and hides, 5+ have to find them.

Setup time is half an hour to find a 'good' spot and set up. My favorite thing to do here is wear my hunting clothes (carbon washed) and bring some cover scent.

I set up somewhere with clear shooting windows and by the time people come after me, if they can track me (this normally utilizes tracking skills- following scuffed leaves and footprints) there's ordinarily enough wildlife back in the area that I can hear them coming (squirrels go totally ape**** when they see a bunch of camo-wearing guys crashing through the woods)

I win 2/5 times... not quite half the time, but hey... when 'winning' is taking everyone out before someone shoots you and there are five people, it tends to be good practice for both hunting and shooting skills.

Though I realize this isn't quite practical for ordinary woodsball, what can I say; it's fun!
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Old 03-14-2005, 10:00 PM   #111
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A good tactic for scenerio courses or speedball(capture the base, hold the structure). When attacking work in groups of 2 or even by yourself. Get as far into their base as you can undetected then you and your teamate pull the tactical ladder(one moves up while the other covers, then you do the same for your teamate who was covering). Repeat this process until you reach your advantage point. When reached signal your teamates to move up fast and hard.

**Note that this may be difficult depending on the type of scenerio, but for the average capture the base/flag run this is a good tactic to accomplish. It's amazing what 2 well planned teamates are able to accomplish which may seem close to impossible. TRY IT OUT **
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Old 04-03-2005, 06:04 AM   #112
Da eliminator
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my tatics top secret

since im the fastest on my pball team i usally seprate from our little group.My buds go around one side of the enemy
while i run solo around the other side. I w8 untill i hear sum
shooting before i make my move while the enemy is watching mt team mattes i come in behind them,and them BAM! BAM!BAM!they didnt no what hit em.This only works if
your patient,and if the enemy is close together otherwise
ur gonna get painted up!
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Old 04-03-2005, 04:54 PM   #113
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Wink Translation:

Because I'm the fastest on my p-ball team, I usually separate from our little group. My buds go around one side of the enemy
while I run solo around the other side. I wait untill i hear some shooting before I make my move. While the enemy is watching my team mates, I come in behind them, and then *Bam, Bam, Bam! * they don't even know what hit them.This only works if you're patient, and the enemy is close together- otherwise
you're going to get painted up!
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Old 04-16-2005, 05:07 AM   #114
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Originally posted by Sandman220
oh yea............ the moral of that is if your playin like 3 on 3 or whatever you can make a distraction with the 2 other players and the other player can come from behind and flank them .
The "other player" Meaning one? In that case while you are "Flanking" Them. The other 2 players on the opposite team could come up behind you all stealtheh like and pwn you!

Ooops did i just shoot the ref?
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Old 07-07-2005, 04:33 PM   #115
crul regultr smkng cigaro
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mine is use the obsicals to your advantage. in my field the prize jew of bunkers(at least for us) is a two tier base that is walled on all sides but one. so we put 2 of our people on both flanks(incase they leave the base). the ones on the right are the distractions and the two on the left rush the open side
cigaro by SOAD may be inapropriet for younger kids.
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Old 08-27-2005, 06:33 PM   #116
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The Retreating Ambush.

To make it work you need a relatively large field and two squads of players. One squad goes into deep cover somewhere between the fifty and their base. The second squad advances until they encounter the main enemy force. They draw their fire and retreat. The opposing team will normally pursue, thinking that they have an easy win.
The engaging squad retreates behind the concealed squad a good distance and digs in. When the enemy advances past the concealed squad the both squads fire on them, usually eliminating most of the players quickly. This can go from eliminating a few players to most of the team, and usually works with minimal losses.
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Originally posted by spyder king06
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Old 09-01-2005, 07:18 PM   #117
Dead Aim77
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If you are playing 3v3 have your key player go the opposite way of the enemy team and the other 2 go at them and keep them pinned. if the key player can get close enough to hit 2 and get shot you still have a chance of 2v1 where you will most likely pwn.
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Old 09-03-2005, 08:27 PM   #118
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Many people already know this one, but its worth a shot

Dead Mans Walk

You just simply stand up as if your out, and walk towards the sidelines, then hide behind another bunker, grab the middle flag, shoot someone, whatever. just DON'T raise your gun or hand, yell "out" or something along those line, or in anyway make any motion that might be mistaken as a called-out signal. try it, it works!!
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Old 09-07-2005, 07:09 PM   #119
i love my bad spellin
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i like to be sneakyer than every one else so that they never no where i am at one time i also like to move a lot so i dont get pinded down to were im not any help to my team and wat i say is "to win u must be sneaky like skunk. skunk very sneaky) i even run at home so i can make it through my local corses bigest corse wtich is 1/5of a mile long and like i said im always movin
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Old 09-10-2005, 05:40 AM   #120
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Originally posted by IsaactheRetard
i like to be sneakyer than every one else so that they never no where i am at one time i also like to move a lot so i dont get pinded down to were im not any help to my team and wat i say is "to win u must be sneaky like skunk. skunk very sneaky) i even run at home so i can make it through my local corses bigest corse wtich is 1/5of a mile long and like i said im always movin
..... um, what?
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