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Defiant 2 FAQ

Defiant 2 FAQ

If you find something that isn't answered in these questions, post and we will see what we can find out. If you have information that you think may prove useful, PM me or post it and I'll add it (provided that it's useful ).

Quick Specs:

Weight: 2.1 lbs with barrel and regulators (no asa)
Balls per second: 23+
Height: 7 7/8ths inches
Length: 7 1/2 inches (body length)
Fire modes: capped ramping, capped semi, uncapped semi, uncapped ramping
Design: ram driven poppet valve w/ hammer

1. How does the D2 compare with a regular intimidator?

Well, I find it easiest to display with a better, neutral, or worse list.

+ About 2'' shorter in length than normal intimidators
+ Lighter than nearly all regular intimidators
+ Cheaper - $550 NIB off PBN (contact cartunes99)
+ Some design points, such as easier ram sleeve matenience and a smaller LPR

= Same speed
= Virtually the same performance
= Same kick (at least that's my experience)

- Stock bolt isn't very good, and the feedneck isn't either. Regular intimidators come with a better bolt and clamping feedneck.
- Not as many settings on the 127.4T (d2) board as the normal. Also, no LCD screen

2. What parts fit the defiant 2?

- All intimidator ram caps
- Alias/2k2 feednecks
- Autococker threaded barrels
- Standard 2 hole mount ASA's or rails
- 2k5 style boards (uses membrane pad and snap fittings)
- 2k5 style triggers
- ASA threads don't accept anything but the torpedo that's on there. Violent products adapter is availible though
- 9v batteries
- Any intimidator style grips
- Standard intimidator barbs
- Alias style solenoids
- Intimidator style hoses (thicker than the autococker hose)

* Note * It does NOT take 2k5 frame trigger guards. It's built in on the D2.

3. Should I get a high pressure or low pressure HPA tank for my D2?
Either will work fine. If you use the tank on other guns like blowbacks, you may want to get a high pressure, but low pressure I've found is easier to work with.

4. What do I need out of the box to get my gun working right?

You need an ASA, 2 90 degree macroline fittings, a foot of macroline, Dow33 to lube the gun up, and tri flow lubricant. You can get all that stuff minus the tri flow from:

Paintball Kingdom

There are more sites than that, but I've always had a good experience with those two.

For Tri Flow, go to the local bike store, or use Froogle and find a certified site to order some. You may also check the PBnation new in box or miscellaneous equipment forums, you may be able to get some from there. I got a can from a local bike store, so just look around.

I also reccomend a clamping feedneck, but if you sand down your halob quite a bit it fits fine.

5. How do you adjust the LPR without a guage?

The defiant 2 comes with a guage assembly that you insert where the ram sleeve goes. All you have to do is:

- Take out the ram sleeve
- Put some grease on the guage assembly o-rings, then put it where the ram sleeve was. Here's a pic of the guage assembly:

- Gas up the marker
- The guage will display your current LPR pressure. To adjust it, unscrew the set screw for the LPR to lower the pressure, or screw it in to raise it, then fire a few shots so it balances.

6. So my eyes just broke, and the eyes I can buy have a different connector. How can I replace them?

First, if your gun is new, call up BLAST and get a new pair. There is a 90 day warranty on all electronics.

Second, if your gun is out of warranty, you need this adapter to be able to replace the eyes.

7. My bolt is sticking forwards and causing horrid efficenct/bolt stick... how can I fix this problem?

Well, there are a few things to check first:

- If your ram is stiff, try lubing it with dow 33. If that doesn't work, then replace the o-ring on the shaft (013 I believe) and try again. It may take some wearing in to loosen up.

- If the problem continues, try polishing your ram by sanding it lightly with 300 grit sandpaper, then finish it up with some 1000 grit

- Your bolt may be too big (milled out of spec, swelled, ect), so upgrade/replace your bolt.

- Lube the delrin spacer on the hammer assembly with tri-flow lube.

If the problem persists, contact BLAST.

I've found the hammer assembly is notoriously hard to keep lubricated at first. About every 500 shots it seems to start sticking a little bit, causing horrid efficency. Only way to fix this is to have a regular style ram (like full intimidators), which at this moment can't be done. However, I talked to several companies who were interested in producing it. So, hopefully in the future the problem can be fixed, but in the mean time keep that ram lubed up. After you get the gun worn in and polished up, however, it shoots like a dream and is very, very smooth.

Useful links:
Violent Products
They sell the only ASA adapter to regular regulator threads

Defiant 2 reviews

Defiant 2 Manual

Defiant 2 Inverted bolt or here at PBgear

I just got this bolt... its much, much better than the stock one. Only downside is that you have to carry the ball bearing, spring, and set screw over from the old one, but otherwise it's pretty sweet. You can get new a new ball bearing, spring, and screw from Paintballkingdom

My d2 shooting

Dead halo batteries, so it "only" hit 18ish bps

BLAST's phone #: 925 625-7929

Call them if you need ANYTHING. They are the best customer support staff ever and can help you out.

Bob Long's website

Hasn't been updated in forever, but it's still there.

That's it for now. If you have any questions, PM me or post and I'll do my best to answer them.

And yes, I realize it's a little sparse... sorry, but it's all I got

Thanks to f2f4 for helping me edit
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First Post.

Great job Everlight. Sticky!
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This will make a nice first link in the new D2 Ultimate Sticky
Great work
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I just noticed today that the Inverted bolt is also for sale at www.pbgear.com Its in the same section as the regular timmy bolts.
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Originally Posted by spyder_king06
I just noticed today that the Inverted bolt is also for sale at www.pbgear.com Its in the same section as the regular timmy bolts.
Yup, it just went on sale there... I'll add the link real quick
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Added some stuff
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How exactally does the Defiant work? In your review you said it was a ram driven poppet valve w/ hammer, but what is that exactally. Is there a diagram or something to better explain that?
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They operate *similar* to the Impulse.
Here's an Impulse diagram for reference:

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