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Droid 1st Impressions

Upon receipt of my Droid the first thing I noticed was that it was 10x prettier in person than in pictures. The blue anodizing is almost flawless (eye covers are a slightly different color) and the milling is some of the sexiest I have seen. You can't see how nice the dark blue color and the subtle intricacies of the milling are except in person.

Next thing I did was to read through the manual, front to back, very helpful and one of the best manuals I have seen for any paintball gun. However, there were a few things that would have been nice, mainly a list of the o-ring sizes on the power train diagram. A particularly nice section is the programming section. Very detailed and well put together.

After this I put my tank on and my hopper and noticed how tight of a setup it was. Very good low profile set up with my Halo. Twisted the ASA on and here is where I ran into problems. Gun gassed up, and immediately I heard a leak inside the gun. I fired a few times with the eyes off and the leak would go away for a second and return.

So I moved to the next step, disassembly. Unscrewed the top screw, back cap, and then I tried to get the train out and ran into difficulties, First I tried to put my finger down the feedneck and push it out, and it wouldn't budge. So I tried what the manual said and put an allen key in the slots in the back, tried again and it did not move. I was hesitant to put to much force into it because I did not want to damage it. Next I ran and grabbed a battle-swab and put it down the front and pushed it out, which proved to need a little elbow grease to get it started and was then very easy.

Pulled the train out, unscrewed its pieces, and quickly found the broken oring on the bolt, which would be an easy fix, if Macdev had included some spare o-rings. This would also not have been too bad if I had the right size oring around but I do not. So I will be going up to the field tomorrow and I will put it together instead of play. Hopefully this will not take to log as I already have it in pieces and all I need to do is throw on an oring and lube the gun, but this is still going to be frustrating when other people are playing and I am fixing an oring. Hopefully this will not be something I have to get used to.

Since I can't shoot it right now I will talk about its feel while holding and pretending I am shooting it. The first thing I did was cut the grips to make them into panels. I am used to fat grips but it doesn't mean I like them to much. After cutting them they were much more comfortable but I think I will be getting some plexi-glass grips like SPD or Dark Seoul. I think this will help with the grip problem a lot.

Trigger, well, this has been hit on a bunch I am sure, but it is not the best I have felt. It is far from the worst however. It has some side-to-side play but not too much. The return is all right but I would have preferred magnetic return. My personal preference is scythe triggers so I have the feeling that I will be getting a new trigger fairly soon. Overall, for a $1000+ gun I would expect a trigger with no side-to-side play, the rest is all personal preference.

The gun is light, very light. It feels significantly lighter than my mini because of how well balanced it is. I am tall and have big hands and found the mini to small for my taste, it was light but unbalanced and to small for me to be comfortable. The Droid is absolutely perfect, light, balanced, and it just feels right in my hands. I can't wait to get out and shoot it. And when my fiancÚ held it she said it felt good to her as well. And she has small hands and loves her mini. So far from the people I have had hold it all were very impressed and it seems to be a good fit for most players. Some didn't like the front regulator position because it further out than on some guns but personally I love it.

A complaint I have heard mentioned but do not have personal experience with is that there is no gauge to see what the operating pressure is but for me that does not really matter. I know people say that they will be able to fine tune their setups better with one but I do not think I will ever be that concerned. As long as it shoots well and consistently I do not think it matters that much to me. This may change in the future as I get more experienced with the droid but as of now I do not find it to be a big deal.

The feedneck is amazing, very low profile, grabs tightly, I have tested a few of the hoppers I have found and it grabs them all very well. It is easily equal to any other feedneck on the market in my opinion.

The on/off switch is nice in my opinion. I have not had any accidental turn ons but I do see a slight potential for it. Nothing to much though as it is well recessed into the frame. I prefer the easy switch to on and switch to off, no messing with a membrane pad or button.

I have not had the chance to shoot it yet and I will post up how I feel it shoots when I get back later. I will also include a summary at that time.

Until then, keep on shootin….

[UPDATE 10 January, 2008]
Well, I have been able to play with it for a few weeks now and every time I go out I come back ever happier. Maintenance is a breeze compared to most spoolers. Poppets will always be a little easier but as far as it goes the maintenance is not bad at all. One small note is that the Gladiator seems to need a little more maintenance then other regs. Nothing major, but I found to keep the best consistency I needed to clean it out a little more regularly then some of the others I have used.

Accuracy of the stock barrel is top notch and out of the box I was getting +/-5fps which is only getting better with time. There is less kick in this gun than any other I have ever shot, it is there but it is minute. The first shot is a little less smooth than some of the other spoolers I have shot butt the gun is smoother in rapid fire then . These combine for amazing accuracy.

This gun is fast, it has no trouble and fires as fast as you would ever need. You will not be able to beat poppets in a pure speed contest but honestly you will never need to fire that fast in a game.

I'm getting around 1600-1700 shots off a 68/45 as of right now.

While not the lightest set up I have used (that award would go to one of the stock class pumps I have used lol) it is still very light and nothing to complain about.

It is one of the most comfortable set ups I have ever used. With the space between the reg and the frame the gun feels “snappier” and is very easy to snap shoot with. Again I have to say I am not a fan of the trigger. It feels very cheap compared to many other stock triggers from other guns I have used. It is going to be replaced very soon.

When right up on the gun you do not realize how quiet it is. I knew it was quiet but when I let my bro use it for a game and I had about 15 feet between us I realized how quiet it was. This does not matter to everyone but honestly, for spending that much on a gun why not get every advantage you can and the opponents having a harder time finding you because of a quiet gun even for a split second is an advantage.

The very last game the last time I used it I started to have shootdown and first shot drop off problems like the gun was running out of air but I think it is probably the battery or something else easy to fix. I have read that it might be a problem with the bolt or valve but I have not had the time to take the gun apart and see exactly what is wrong. Even if it is one of the few faulty bolt/valves that were sent out I have read that Macdev is very helpful in getting the problems resolved. The first step will be simply replacing the battery, if that does not take care of the problem I will strip the gun and clean/relube everything. If that doesn’t help I will be placing a call to Macdev to see what they think I should do.

Over all, there are a very few flaws in my opinion but this is hands down the nicest gun I have ever owned and I have owned my fair share of guns since I started in ’98.

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this would be a review, for the reviews section.
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meh, it is a dead forum anyway, can you blame me for posting something. at least it is something useful
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While it is useful I think most Macdev goers have read your post on the nation.
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