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Old 03-07-2002, 08:30 PM   #1
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Little Kids

I was playing this kid in one on one speedball, so I was like, he isnt a big deal. The kid never moves. Well, I made a stupid move halfway across the field. I get shot in the face a few times leaving tons on knicks on my left side of my face. It didnt hurt, but I got lots of little cuts on my face. Then he plays me again and shoots my hopper (once again, i underestimated him). This time, it leaves a hole in my hopper and ruins 150 paintballs. I then play his brother and beat him, but get hit too, and it doesnt hurt. The kid then plays his brother. The kid is scared, so he stays at one bunker. Well, his brother comes up on him and shoots him twice in the leg and he starts bawling! I mean, he droppend his gun and laid there for a while. We were playing at their course which was fairly small. He was then complaining that his velocity was to high. The fact is, his brother used the same paint and stuff, yet had lower crono.

The point is, younger kids get these expensive guns from their parents, yet are scared to get shot, let alone leave there bunker. And when they do get it, they cry like a baby and go running into the house. The brother even got yelled at by his mom! I dont understand. If you cant take the pain, dont play the game. I know thats a little corny, but its true!
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Old 03-08-2002, 10:57 AM   #2
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Dude, If his mom yelled at me I would say, why did you get the gun for him to play the sport if he can't take the pain? I would have plenty of swear word in there too, dON'T play if you hate the pain. Don't feel sorry for him, its part of the game.
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Originally posted by RunsW/Scissors
I agree with AK47 he knows what he's talking about
Atleast someone noticed

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Old 03-08-2002, 01:55 PM   #3
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That's odd, my 6 year old nephew played with me (with my other nephew's spare gun and mask) against a friend of mine, and this kid had no fear. I had to keep telling him to keep his head all the way down when he was reloading (we were playing Civil-War style, one paintball at a time. Low on paint) He'd pop up, aim the marker, wait til the other guy popped out, and fire. He came alot closer than I did a few times.

Later that game (it lasted a while...) I run off to flank the guy, leaving my nephew by himself. Well, the guy we are playing against takes this opportunity to bunker my nephew. My nephew aims, fires, and get's up to run. He finally just kinda surrendered after about 20 feet.

He wants to play again.
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Old 03-08-2002, 02:45 PM   #4
Paint Bulley
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ME and my cousin were playin against this little kid, and the rest of his team was out, and we thought he was out, so were were yelling at him "are you out"...
all of a sudden he starts shooting at us (we were just standing behind waiste high bushes) so we fire back and the little kids jumps behind a tree...
and since the litle bugger shot as us, my cousin and I hailed paint on a tree, toget him behind it, and I charged him and hosed him as I ran past the tree, the little kid was screaming "I'm out I'm out" it was so funny... (we made sure he was ok)

a game or 2 later, we were playing another game, and it was rainin and the paint wasn't the most accurate, and he was just out in the middle with no cover , jumping around and doin spin moves and we couldn't hit him, so my cousin just advanced on him and shot hime like 3 times...

little kids are harder to shoot though,
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Old 04-02-2002, 11:53 AM   #5
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little kid

one time me and my were the only ones on our team and we had gotton every1 out on there team except2 people a 5 year old and this 16 year old. the little kid was in the open and my friend said look it was the kid since he was 5 we did not want to shoot him but then i shot him and he started crying so so so soooo loud. the kid was wearing alot but he was just so little then i saw him looking down his balen and shoting himself(3 times in the mask) i mean the kid had no gun saftey and was just to small 2 be playen aslo after that game there was a kid who was out and he shot my team mate 3 time and he was, we all got mad and said how would u like getting shot he said i wouldnt care so i said can we shot you he said fair is fair stood up and said go ahead. man we probly shot him 50 times from 15 feet and he was cryen and said i dont like being shoot

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