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AIC Q-Loader Reviews

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AIC Q-Loader
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Number of Reviews: 134
Average Rating: 8.3 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $80

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
Marker Compatibility
Adapts to virtually any paintball marker in a number of dynamic configurations.

Standard Size Clip
Replaces standard reload pods and works with some existing harnesses and belts.

Constant Feed + Pressure
Maintains paintballs in constant alignment and pressure regardless of the marker orientation.

30+ Balls Per Second
Feeds paintballs faster than any hopper system, because each q-pod is loaded with a presorted stream of 100 rounds.

Increased Maneuverability
Allows the marker to operate smoothly at any angle and even while being shaken.

Lower Target Area
Reduces the player target profile by mounting the loading system under the barrel.

Silent Game Play
Feeds paintballs silently and reduces paintball rattle by isolating every paintball within a helical drive tube.

Clip-Based Loading
Offers the same advantages of the clip-based loading systems the military has benefited fom for more than a century.

Robust Construction
Utilizes stainless steel and polycarbonate construction and is designed to deliver over 1,000,000 paintballs during its life.

Ultra Reliability
Reduces jamming, miss feeding and ball chopping and other problems associated with loading systems that sort paintballs while firing.

Zero Batteries
Each q-pod stores enough energy to feed 100 rounds which means you'll never run out of power.
Product Availability 
The AIC Q-Loader is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
Places to Buy
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Avery Thursday, March 4th, 2004
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested117 of 126 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
None really. The AT 85 had a paint "Clip" but I haven't used it.
Halo, Revolution, Ricochet (totally different)
Marker Setup: AutoCocker / Sniper II:
2000+ Aim 18 Body, Blocks, 15 Degree ASA, Detente, Banjo Bolt, Angel Threaded Feedneck
WGP STO Pneumatics & Ergo Regulator, stock Internals & Threaded Timing Rod
J&J Titanium Cocking Rod & Knob, Titanium Pump Arm
Planet Eclipse MK. 3 Rokkit Blade Frame
DYE Sticky3 Grips
CCM Pump Kit
Illusion Stock Feed (Angel Threaded) & Acrylic Feedtube
2003 Powerlyte Scepter Kit w. Stainless Back

Tippmann 98 Custom
Old Style 98 Custom Body
BSM98E Electropneumatic Kit
DOP Powertube & Delron Sleeved Bolt
GTA Expansion Chamber (as a LP reservoir)
Lapco Bigshot and Flatline Barrels
-Polished all internals, actuating rod, powertube & bolt (aluminum), trigger area, metal parts of trigger, trigger pins
-Glued pins and detent into place for easier disassembly, glued pins in elbow
-Shaped feed elbow inside and out, shaped feed outlet (to stop friction on falling balls), interior of gripframe (for board), rear sight (for style), lettering on outside of receiver (for style), flatline housing, cleaned up dings on top rail
-Magnetic trigger mod with ext. adjustible front and rear stops, replaced trigger pivot pin for decreased slop
Strengths: Clips, speed
Weaknesses: Pod size, mounting
Review: I'll say this right off the bat: I've only tested this indoors. I have, however, spent hours fiddling with it. I'll update this review as I get more info.

When I got the Q-Loader I was impressed with the packaging and the manual. They obviously put a lot of effort into finish. The pods look nice, with nice paint and a really nice strap on the funnel loader. This shows that the company takes their product seriously enough to spend money.

Right off the bat I 'broke' both my pods. After reading the instructions I managed to mis-load one pod and break paint in it, requiring 90 minutes of fiddling to clean and put back together. Then I misloaded it and broke more paint. All the time I was laughing at myself.

Then I accidentally dry "fired" the second pod, jamming the white retainer ball in the mechanism. I took that pod apart and whacked the ball back through the mechanism with a hammer striking the back end of a large felt marker while the cap was on the ball. No harm done.

During this time, I called Q-Loader's 1-800 line and talked to their guys, who were very helpful. They even gave me some pointers I'll pass along here.

So, I'll continue with my impressions. The loader funnel is a nice idea, but it's a pain in the butt. It's shape makes it such that I have yet to find a way to comfortably wear it while carefully loading a pod, shaking the funnel, making sure I don't misload a single ball, and so on. I'm sure with practice I'll improve, but right now I'm thinking about just using a Revy or other agitated hopper as my "funnel". You can also load balls by hand, which doesn't take as long as you would think.

The pods themselves are simple mechanisms, but they've already been finely tweaked for our use. I can tell that there isn't a whole lot of room for improvement in their mechanism. I can imagine them imrpoving the white retainer ball, and perhaps the feed collar. The only obvious improvement I'd suggest is to more firmly affix the metal "detente" in the feed collar, since they can fall out if you pull the hose out wrong, but they've included spares in the package.

Moving along, I suggest pulling the cap with the crank handle off of the loading mechanism sometimes. This cap has a triangular projection in the bottom of it that can be a very useful tool. For instance, if you've just "pre-wound" it differently, you may end up with the white retainer ball down in the pod a little instead of right up against the collar with the holes in it. This can be a real problem, because that white ball can slam up into a hole and jam the mechanism. Using the cap with the crank handle, you can carefully wind or unwind the pod. In fact, I don't use the loading collar at all when I'm pre-winding a pod, I just use the crank handle.

All that said, how do I rate the product? Well, they're revolutionary, with no other product for all markers out there like it. They warn you that you need to learn to use the Q-Loader, and it takes both effort and time. They warn you that you should learn how to strip and clean all the parts. They can jam up or break paint very easily if you don't know what you're doing. They are not for "hands-off" or unintelligent people.

On the other hand, if you have practiced a little (and cleaned up the mess afterwards ;) the system really kicks. If you load pods properly (the white ball starting at the top, and no gaps between paintballs) and set up your system correctly, they should be problem free.

There are other downsides. The pods are bigger than Fatboy 140 pods, and also heavier (though not much). They don't fit in my Redz 140 rd harness very well (they're too long for the flaps to velcro over them well), and I don't trust them not to fall out.

I'm really hoping that they offer MANY more mounting options, shorter clips that fit in more packs (50 or 75 would be nice for many players, myself included). On my cocker I hope to feed directly from the bottle into a right angle stock feed adaptor, like you would with a 10 rd stock tube. On my Tippmann I hope to conceal a smaller pod inside a fake Tommy Gun drum =)
Conclusion: Right now, there is nothing that can compare to the Q-loader for what it does. It may not be right for inept or stupid people. Most tournament players should have no problem with them, nor with spending $20 a pod on them (they spend $1000s of dollars on paint, guns and hoppers anyways, another couple hundred will pay off).
10 out of 10
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Ninja_Jenkins Tuesday, March 16th, 2004
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month96 of 100 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
I haven't used an electric hopper aside from the 12 Revvy, and that doesn't even compare.
Marker Setup: Kingman E-99 Avant
Lapco Bigshot
Strengths: see review below
Weaknesses: see review below
Review: NOTE: I have only played woodsball with this, so I can't really say how it fares in a game of speedball.
NOTE: This is a completely unbiased review. I did hours of research on which hopper would best suit me, and I found it to be this one.

Key Strengths
-Fast; 30 balls per second. Although no one can shoot that fast, this means it will never dry fire or chop due to slow loading.
-The feed tube makes in near impossible to double or misfeed.
-Although fast, it's not strong enough to push past the ball detents.
-Nicely balances the gun (opinion though). Just an estimate, but a full loader weighs the same as a 12 oz tank.
-Easy to reload another tube.
-Easy to load each tube with balls, as long as you have someone else help you.
-Doesn't make too much noise, even when running. Although I can't say there is zero noise what-so-ever. it's better then the balls bouncing in your hopper when you run.
-Helps keep a lower profile.
-Doesn't reflect too badly.
-No batteries, meaning everything is washable.

Key Weaknesses
-If you do not read the manual, you will not figure this out (more of a warning than a weakness, unless you don't enjoy reading).
-Sometimes, the feedneck can come loose and you will lose ALL of your balls if this happens. Easily fixed with tape though.
-There is no reloading the Q-Pod themselves on the field like with a hopper and a 140 rnd tube. The only way you can reload on the field is if you bring the silo, which is a great inconvenience. Although, I have never used more then 200 rnds, even in games that last 2 hours plus, so I never had a problem with running out of balls.
-QTubes are $25 a piece. Unless you plan on buying more, you had better ration your shots.
-I don't recommend using brittle balls.
-May not fit in some harnesses.


Clip based loader that can be placed horizontally on a regulator or vertically on a barrel.
There are plenty of other places to put it, but these are the most obvious. says they will make an adapter so you can attach it to your tank.

I must admit, when i first assembled this thing, I encountered problems with the QLoader. It either wouldn't feed the balls or it would lose power halfway. After looking over the manual two or three times, I found my problem, and from then on it was easy to work and easy to use.

It is very well built. There are two tubes; one that protects and one that spins the balls into play. Then, there is a spring which winds up and is the power of the QLoader. Also, there is a special ball that prevents over winding and the spring from spinning to fast.
Aside from the tube, there is a silo, the tool required to load each Q-Pod. The silo holds 500 balls, and makes it easy to to just dump the balls into the silo without spilling. At the end of the silo is a feedtube connected to a crank. The crank winds the spring and balls into place.
The Q-Pod themselves fit easily into my Redz Comfrot Pack, although i must say the velcro flaps almost didn't connect. The Q-Pods are no wide in circumference thena VL 140 rnd tube, so they should fit easily into most harness that can hold that big of a pod.

As long as you set it up right, this thing work everytime, as there should be no reason to why it shouldn't. The only thing is that when the balls reach it's end, there is nothing to push the balls up the feedtube unless you put in another QTube.
Since there is no battery, you will not ahve to worry about it dieing every so often.
Before playing, I decided to show it off. I shot a string of thirty-some balls, all landed on top of eachother on a woodenboard 35 feet away.
Because it's spring powered and not agitated of gravity-dependant, I was able to shoot upside-down and sideways, although I never really needed to,

Balls I've Used and How They Fared
Blue Streak - didn't break
RPS Super Swirls - Had a few instances where they broke
Kick N' It - didn't break
PMI Big Balls - didn't break
Evil - didn't break
The only balls I've found this thing didn't like was the Super Swirls. Maybe it was just a bad set??

Performance Review
I was happy that I didn't have to be afraid of using 3-shot burst on someone and only hitting them them once (we play 2 shot kill). I could now get closer to the enemies base and wait for them. I no longer had to wait for only on guy to come after me. I was my own firing squad. There was one instance where three guys were walking together, and I just decorated them with a multicolor fashion before they could even react.

I used this thing on 3-Shot Burst and never once had a dry fire, and only once in my 9 hours of play had I broken a ball, although it was due to the fact that my tank busted an O-Ring and my gun wasn't receiving enough pressure.
This device made it easier for my to crawl through brush and run through thick desert forest.
I've used this in blazing heat and cold nights, and have encountered no problems with it.
I must say, I am very happy with this purchase.
Conclusion: I recommend this to woodsball players, but I'm not sure if speedballers would enjoy it. Due to the fact that they shoot very fast and very often, they would have to reload frequently. But, if they do not mind this, then the speed the Qloader delivers should satisfy their needs.

Also, I recommend purchasing the Tourney Pack if you have the money.

I give this product a 9/10, because nothing is perfect.
9 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, March 16th, 2004 at 4:05 pm PST
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jett22251 Monday, July 5th, 2004
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month44 of 49 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
Nothing else I have used is similar. I used a Halo and a Revolution, but those are completely different in operation and performance.
Marker Setup: ~Dragun The One LP Autococker (Nitro Mode enabled)
~16" Freak System'
~Bandit Bolt
~CMI Coiled Remote
~Messiah Regulator
~Fast Trigger Switch
~Q Loader Tourney Set
Strengths: Speed, Profile, Easy Assembly / Disassembly, Wont Double Feed, Clips, No Batteries
Weaknesses: Pod Size, Pod Capacity, The Pod Loading Process, and the weight if you are weak.
Review: ~First and foremost, an IQ above 80 is a prerequisite to using this loader. Take some time and read the manual thoroughly in addition to watching the videos on BEFORE operating. Watching the videos and reading the manual will give you an idea of how simplistic the loader really is.

~The Q Loader operates very smoothly, never double fed or starved my marker (although mine only shoots ~27 bps.) I stress the word "smoothly" because if you are operating the loader (ie. reloading, changing clips, prewinding, etc.), and it doesn't feel "smooth", you have done or are doing something wrong. This loading system was based upon superior performance, precision, and concise operation.

~You will have to get the hang of loading your Q Pods. This is a time-consuming process, and if you do not already know you have to attach your pod to a reloading socket, of which is fed balls via a feed tube that is connected to a silo (which can hold around 500 rds of paint). You then wind your socket as 100 rds of paint go into your Q Pod. Your done. Takes less than a minute.

~My Q Loader is set up so the Q Pod protrudes beneath my barrel. This leaves you virtually no profile compared to using a hopper. One hint though, make sure you use your O RINGS. I made the mistake of forgetting to use one, and some one shot my feed tube. It disconnected and shot 100 rds up into the air. I was grateful for the Q Loader's fast feed rate, because it shortened my embarassment.

~The clips are very nice just because they compensate for the lack of the Q Pod's ball capacity. You will however find that they are particularly large, and I haven't yet found a suitable harness to hold them. There is definitely one out there for sure.

~Finally! No more balls bouncing around. This loader holds them firmly and tightly in a sleek pod, so even when sprinting, sliding, or flipping ( if you do in fact flip when you play), the loader will not make a sound. While I am on the topic of movement, another outstanding attribute of the Q loader is that you can fire sideways, or upside down (and upright, if you were wondering). It will just feed 30+ bps from any angle.

~These pods are pretty heavy (both from a physical and monetary aspect). I would suggest picking up a remote coil if you dont have one. That would lower profile even more. Financially speaking, they are a bit heavy on your wallet too. 25$ each. But you will find the cost/benefit ratio appealing.

~SPEED. Your eyes will open wide as you load your Q Pod. By the time you load your Q Pod into the socket, balls will be in the breech of your gun already. Watching the balls through the feed tube, you see that when you engage your pod, your balls are loaded almost INSTANTANEOUSLY.

~The fellows at AIC knew what they were doing. They give you a great loader with great instructions. The overall set (the tourney set), is put together with an astounding attention to detail. You may find the abundance of parts a bit overwhelming at first, but then you will realize that every part plays an obvious role, and that they used the fewest parts necessary to construct a true work of art.
Conclusion: I gave this product a 10 not because it is perfect, but because it is truly an innovation for its time. In conclusion, I ask that you COMPLETELY dissassemble your pods when your get them, and then assemble them again, following the instructions as you go. Then if something goes wrong you will know WHY. And finally I wish you happy hunting...
10 out of 10Last edited on Monday, July 5th, 2004 at 11:08 pm PST
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GhostSniper Saturday, November 22nd, 2003
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested28 of 29 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
Hailo, ,Rev, Rico, evl 2
Marker Setup: Ans Gx3 4500psi 68ci
Strengths: Speed, duribility, It is not a hopper
Weaknesses: The amount of paint it puts out. The competitors dont stand a chance.
Review: After testing this product i have come to the conclusion that nothing compares. The hoppers are bulky, large, and always in the way. Give the choice on where i wanted the qloader mounted i quickly decided to mount it under the barrel. I then proceeded to load all of the (pods). To my amazement i loaded 500 round in one to two minutes. I lost no rounds unlike the hoppers, where you attempt to pour the paintballs in or load the hoppers by hand fulls. The qloader loads with precision and speed. To my amazement the marker fired without the popping sound that you get on occasion with the elec hoppers. The markers fires upside down and sideways flawlessly. It requires no shaking and there is know chance of batteries going dead. Now if by some freak chance you decide to take the (pod) and bang it on a bunker till the balls break on the inside you are not out of the game you just simply take it off and use a different one.
Conclusion: I would recommend that you try this qloader. Once you try it you will be hooked it is unlike anything i have ever used. Check the price before you make your decision im sure it will please you. The best part it does not take an experienced player to use, even the newbies will be able to use it.
10 out of 10
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kyro74 Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month22 of 25 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
While there is nothing else similar, I have used just about every knid of hopper out there.
Marker Setup: WGP Outkast
Qloader Tournament system
ACI Bulldog III 68ci/4500psi Tank
Triple threat barrel system
WGP Torpedo Drop
Strengths: Quick reloading, Blazing feed rate, Reduced profile, Lighter Weight
Weaknesses: Ball Capacity
Review: I had been looking forward to the Qloader system for months. When it finally arrived I was blown away! They did everything so right with this system that I couldnt wait to use it. It is biult like a brick house, very sturdy and solid. The design was carefully thought out; everything is made for ease of use.

I was amazed at the balance this thing brought to my marker. I could literally balance the gun on one finger (right at the trigger guard).

The profile of the marker was reduced so much that I was able to snap shoot and surprise a lot of people because I was not 'prairie dogging' behind the bunkers.

Everything about this system is easy. Easy to fill; easy to change, easy to mount, even easy to clean. The learning curve is really pretty short.

Finally, this just LOOKS cool.

The two drawbacks were this: they only hold 100 rounds each and the pods are slightly larger than regular 140 round pods (dont fit in some packs). Thats it for negatives! I deduct one point because NOTHING is perfect.

There is a video at on the homepage that shows everything about the system. Check it out and decide for yourself.
Conclusion: I wholeheartedly recommend this product. I truly believe that it will forever change the face of the sport. If you get one you will certainly agree. GET ONE! You won't be disappointed.
9 out of 10
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dibadiba Sunday, May 30th, 2004
Period of
Product Use:
6 months20 of 20 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
12 volt revvy
Halo B
VL Evlution 2
Marker Setup: Blue Dust Adrenalin Impulse
Mac-Dev Gladiator Inline Reg
12" Silver to Black Evil Pipe Kit
Crossfire 68/3000 Fiber Tank
Macro and Fittings
Strengths: -VERY fast feeding
-Ultra-Low profile
-Not very heavy
-Lots of mounting options
Weaknesses: -The amount of questions you will be asked :)
Review: I got the Q-loader for Christmas 2003. I ordered the 2-pod starter kit, but was shipped the 5-pod tourney kit. That made me happy. When I opened it, I was pleased by how nicely everything was packaged. I like how a company puts effort and time into their product to make it as good as it can possibly be.

LOOKS A lot of people say the Q-loader looks funny and is bulky. I disagree, I like the look of it. But hey!, who loses a game because their gear doesnt look hot enough?

WEIGHT The Q-loader weighs less than a Halo B or Evlution 2. The battery-less design is very excellent and cost effective. You dont need to buy batteries, and you dont have to worry about the batteries going dead on you.

SPEED The Q-loader is fast. When i say fast, i mean FAST. This thing can reliably feed over 30 balls per second! If youve seen videos, it can feed over 50, yes FIFTY balls per second (if your marker can do that). This means you will never have to worry about chopping balls, ever.

RELOADING I dont see why people keep complaining about how hard an weary it is to load a Q-Pod. In the time it takes for my friend to pour paint into his hopper out of a bag of 500, I have already filled a Q-pod. It takes me max 15 seconds. Super easy.

ASSEMBLY/DISSASEMBLY When I first got my Q-loader, I thought, ' oh goodness this is going to be a hastle to assembly and dissasembly'. I was wrong! The manual is very very easy to understand, since it is full of pictures. I can fully assemble and dissasembly a Q-pod in less than 5 minutes. You will rarely ever even NEED to dissasembly a Q-pod in the first place. even has videos to show you how to do it. Easy as it can be.

PROFILE Wow is all I can say to this. I have gotten ZERO hopper hits since I bought this thing, and Ive had it for 6 months. It's great to see how angry the opposition gets when the can never hit you. I love this thing.

EVERYTHING ELSE Changing pods is super easy. Its faster than conventional pods. No problems here. Setting the Q-pod up to your marker is very very easy too.

I do have one complaint, however. For some reason, the Q-Loader elbow that goes into/onto your feedneck just wouldnt fit. It kept falling out, so I had to tape it on so that It wouldnt fall of. I seem to be the only person to have this problem, and it is because I have a unique feedneck that is of a larger diameter, so that all hopper-necks will fit. I guarantee you you wont have this problem.

Here is some pictures of the Q-loader on my marker, I hope you enjoy. Thanks.
Conclusion: I HIGHLY guarantee this. Your days of hopper hits are over. You will go to the local field and everyone will envy you. I get tons of questions and compliments everytime I go paintballing. I love it. Do a favor, and order this thing right now!
10 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, May 30th, 2004 at 10:28 pm PST
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th3 Sunday, March 26th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month14 of 17 people found this review helpful.

3 months
Products Used:
Marker Setup: 3ht pimped ion:
violent products/techna scythe trigger
blackheart board
q-loader 500
v-locity loader
function clamp neck
function rail
smart parts asa on/off
macdev 68/4500 lp
aka 2 liter plus lp
warped sportz lucky 15 barrel kit
techt L6 bolt
sp 360* qev
pro touch grips

Strengths: Low profile
Mount almost anywhere
Fastest feed rate
Keeps balls dry in rain play
Weaknesses: Only 100 rounds
Hard to set up
Difficult & slow to load
Hard to clean
Review: i bought the 500 round q-loader package ($179.95 + $18.05 shipping), i havent had it long, this is my take on it so far......

the q-loader is not easy to set up. everything has to be just right or you will break paint in more ways that one.

my 5 favorite ways to break paint in my q-loader:

1. FORGET TO LOAD FEED HOSE with paint before installing pod in socket = 3 busted balls, one in the hose, one in the pod and one in the breech.

2. LEAVE POD ON MARKER, even with the hose cut to the right length and the spring motor tension set to the recommended number of winds, if a pod is left installed in socket on the marker for an extended period of time (25 min. or more at 78*) , the spring pressure will crush dimples in the paint causing the paint to compress leaving a ball half in and half out of the pod. if an attempt is made to remove the pod the ball will bust. the only way to remove the pod is to remove the feed hose without sending balls flying which can be done, but is tricky and if you slip, well, at 50+bps its hard to stop the flow of balls and not bust one. the temperature and type of paint used will dictate how long it takes to dimple the balls. even if you don't remove the pod, every ball in the hose between the pod socket and the breech will be dimpled and will shoot like they are covered in paint. so get into the habit of removing the pod between games.

3.LEAVE A GAP IN THE POD, leave a gap in the paint as you load it in the pod. the instructions say a 1 hole gap is ok but it wasn't for me. the one time I left a gap in the paint it cost me big time. I was right in the middle of slinging paint on a breakout move at the beginning of a game when the pod busted the next ball inline behind the gap as soon as it reached the feed hose. by the time i realized what had happened the paint had spread from the pod through the hose and into the breech causing a few more to bust before the marker quit shooting. I was done, there is no way to clean that up in the field. i ended up having to totally remove the q-loader from my marker and switch to my vlocity hopper to finish out the day.

4. GET SHOT IN THE HOSE, this will break at least 1 if not 2 balls in the hose. it is not easy to clean up. when the o-rings are used it is difficult to take the hose out of the pod or angle fitting without breaking the feed guide (the feed guide is thin and easy to break, I broke two in one day). I have to remove the pod socket / feed hose assembly from the marker and hold it under running water to wash all the paint out of the hose and then blow it dry with compressed air. if water is left in the hose it will make whelps on the next balls that sit in the hose.

5. SHOOT A GAP IN THE HOSE, if i don't pay attention to the amount of balls in the pod i end up shooting a gap in the paint stored in the feed hose. once the pod reaches the end of the spring motor and stops feeding paint, the balls stacked in the breech (anywhere from 4 to 8 depending on movement and position of the marker) get shot and creat a big gap of paint in the feed hose. as soon as the marker stops firing i notice the pod is empty and change pods. as soon as i insert a new pod, the gap in the feed hose lets the balls build up enough speed to bust when they slam into the empty breech.

the pods are not easy to load and the silo just makes it worse. after many (like 15 or so) attempts to make the silo work right I became tired of having to shake it constantly or have my wife shake it for me. I attached my vlocity select force loader to the reloading socket, set the tension to 6 and was able to load the pods with more success. every now and then I still get a gap in the paint and have to stop, remove the pod from the reloading socket , unload the pod back to the gap, reinstall the pod back into the reloading socket, put the unloaded balls back into vlocity loader and start again.
the q-loader people need to trash the silo and go with a power loader or at least put some kind of motor in the silo.

every time a pod is removed from a socket 1 to 2 balls come out without fail. in the video on the q-loader web site each time the pod is removed from a socket the extra ball is caught in the hand to hide this fact. if you catch the ball or two that falls out what do you do with it? put them in your pocket? you cant put them in a pod without the reloader socket or the reloading socket winder, you cant put them in a conventional flip top pod because you don't have any on you, all you have is the q-loader pods on you back, you cant flip the top on your conventional loader and pop the balls into the hopper because you have the q-loader on your marker and not a conventional one. you have to let them drop to the ground, load another pod and keep shooting. even if you shoot the pod empty there will still be 1 ball in the pod. the only way to completely empty a pod is to start off with 3 to 4 empty spots before you let paint start filling the pod. now your down to 96 balls per pod.

breaking down the pods to clean them is a pain. removing the inner cap from the drive tube without damaging something is almost impossible without making a special tool. I had to use two paper clips bent just right. I'm still looking for an easier way.

q-loader support has been great !! each time i sent an e-mail i received a response the next day. the calls i made that didn't get through were returned the same day. i wanted an extra winding handle so i didn't have to remove the one from the reloading socket every time i wanted to unload a pod and was sent one free of charge. i broke a couple of guides so i called and asked about buying a few extra and was sent a 8 pack free of charge. i have to give q-loader a 10 out of 10 on service!
Conclusion: the q-loader is a great idea and has its place but it just need more tweaking. its a system you have to learn to use, it is by no means a plug and play piece, be ready for some disappointment till you get it dialed in. after 2000 balls I'm still tweaking on it and learning what to and what not to do with it. I would not recommend the q-loader to just anyone. ill keep it but will only use it at certain fields. I have to give it a 7 because it is such a pain in the butt to figure out, but I like it and im glad to have it.
7 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, May 9th, 2006 at 2:42 pm PST
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Da'dtou-di Thursday, June 16th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month13 of 15 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
Gravity fed loader
pocket hopper
Empire Re-loader (DO NOT BUY)
Marker Setup: Spyder Flash
Supa Fly Bolt
16" ARMSON Stealth or OTP 12" barrel
50 rnd hopper
4oz CO2 tank
Cocker W. a Qloader
Strengths: Fast
Clip system
Read review
Weaknesses: Pod Size
Review: Well lets just get right into it



Just keep the prewinds up, and no problems occur in fluctuation of this loader's speed. The loader keeps up with the cycle rate of my autococker and my spyder (on any mode). What more do you need? Without the intention of setting a marker on full-auto, nobody can walk, pull, lick, or in ANY fashion move a trigger more than 30 times in a second. Any more speed is really not a necessity.

-Faster than any human fingers
-Keeps balls in chamber, irregardless of cycle rate due to constant pressure

*Clip Based

Clips are AWESOME. Not just because I like the idea, but because of their redundancy. The engineering of most loaders that are electronic show a lack thereof. Situations arise where the loader may malfunction, especially electronic devices. However, these clips allow for that.

For an example: You're on the field with your brand new HALO B, you slide into a bunker, go to let loose a quick string.... Uh oh, only the balls in the feedneck came out. THE LOADER HAS BROKEN. Now, you don't just carry around another HALO hopper with you (well, you shouldn't). So you have no way of feeding paintballs into the gun. Screwed.

Side two: the field, you slide into your bunker, you go to let loose a string, nothing comes out the barrel but air! Fortunately, you have CLIPS because you have a Q-loader. YAY! You untwist the current pod and GENTLY place it next to you (yeah right, more like chuck it over to the next bunker cause you're pissed at it). Then, you pull out another, and get on with the game.

Hmmm, personally, I prefer clips because of redundancy. If none of the clips work, its because you're a stupid, and somehow jacked up your pods. Since the power of the Q-loader is in the pods themselves, it's like having 6 or 7 little loaders on the field with you.

-Redundant (Fail-safe or reliable, for the technically illiterate)
-Plain AWESOME, but that's my preference

*Spring powered

The torsion spring in the Q-pods, is kinda hard to figure out. It can be a pain in the @$$ to assemble if you dont line the little teeth on it with the holes in the spring housing, but if you can get over that, it's great. The spring spins, causing an inner tube to spin. This tube has several lands and grooves, similar to rifling on a gun barrel, that force the paintballs to "climb" out of the pod. A principle of screws used to hoist water. Ingenious. This is another redundant feature of the loaders. With a torsion spring as a power source, the elasticity of the spring will constantly turn, but this will not crush a paintball, because of the tube design. However, the constant pressure, as I said above, will ALWAYS keep a ball in the chamber. This is good, because the silence of my 'cocker does not stay, when the thing dry fires. Also, your batteries cant go dead in the middle of a game if you don't have any.

-Constant pressure
-No need for batteries


Having the loader below the barrel is good, for several reasons. Obviously, as everyone will tell you, it makes the gun harder to hit, when you pop out of a bunker, because there is no monstrous contraption on TOP of it. Instead, the loader is concealed behind the bunker. This leaves feed neck, vacuum tube, gun, and barrel to hit. Not loader. This isn't so big a deal in the woods though, because the other guys could be behind or beside you. Then it's still a good sized target.

A more subtle advantage, is the ability to SEE while holding the gun up. This isn't a factor in speedball. But I sometimes get together with my buddies and we drive up into the mountains, and just shoot at each other. With a standard hopper, the gun must be held DOWN, or low. This is so you can get a better picture of what is going on beyond the gun and the loader. Otherwise, someone could be 8 feet to your right, and you wouldn't know, because the freaking hopper is actually hiding them since it's next to your face. With a Q-loader, the gun is capable of being held upright at a higher level, because the loader is beneath the barrel.

-Decreases visible targets
-Increases scanning ability.

*Auditory output

The Q-pods keep the paintballs perfectly structured when loaded properly. This means the paintballs don't move around as much as they would in a standard hopper. Consequently, you can get the jump on your opponents easier. (If you're not sleeping yet, sorry about the length, but I needed to get EVERYTHING.)



*Pod Size
I don't think these pods could get much bigger for what they hold. The pods are only capable of holding 100 rounds, but are massive. Bigger than many 140 rnd tubes. Both in circumference, and length. They're heavy, but an extra pound or two wont kill you kiddies, just get a Bi-pod and sit still. You'll want to move after a few minutes, and you wont even notice the Q-pod's weight.


Although I love hanging the thing under the barrel. It is a real pain to get it there. There's all sorts of nuts, screws (one of each), and even three other pieces! It takes a grand total of twenty minutes. This isn't cool
, cause normal hoppers just plop right onto the gun and in seconds, you're ready to go. If you're lazy, this could be a serious downside for you. If not, you should be alright. I can survive a twenty minute adjustment for better games.

-Takes a while, but worth it

This is a major downside for me. For some reason, my Q-pods are breaking paintballs like crazy, when I try to load them. Somehow, a paintball is being chopped by the spring housing by sitting too high. I think it's double feeding. I'm not sure how to fix that. IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO FIX THIS PROBLEM, PLEASE POST IT IN MY COMMENTS. I have to load the pods by hand, which isn't bad, but I liked the silo, when it worked.

-Silo does not work for me
-Pain in the butt


I figured out why my Q-pods were allowing a double feed. The spring housing is a housing with a spiral on the outside of it to make the paintballs climb up it, but at the top, the spiral stops acending, and flattens out. When I was assembling My Q-pods, I was not paying attention to where the spring housing was in relation to the hole where paintballs go in/out. I was setting the ending part of the spring housing in at the wrong point, allowing multiple paintballs to roll in. Now I know to set the flat portion at the front, directly below the hole. Now the only jams I get are from the ANCIENT (literally a year and a half old, dunno how i kept them with such a stench) paintballs I use, not the Ancient Innovations loader.
Conclusion: The Q-loader works great. I'd tell anyone to buy it. However, it is so different many people dont like it, but that's their deal. I give it a 9 cause it sucks like no other to load.

Now, my loading goes by just fine. Only use paintballs that are new, because some of mine at their ripe old age, are not really spherical, and jam the loader. Other than spherical rounds, you just need to observer the loader, to make it work! Bravo, AIC, bravo.
10 out of 10Last edited on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005 at 2:27 pm PST
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mooky777 Thursday, July 1st, 2004
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month13 of 98 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
None, a totally different concept
Marker Setup: Angel Speed, Nitro Duck LP Tank, Powerlyte Scepter, Q loader
Angel Force Fly, Crossfire LP Tank, Eggy2, Custom Product drop and asa
Strengths: New Concept
Weaknesses: Mechanical design flaws
Low quality material
Review: After several use of the Q Loader i wanted to warn all who are potential customers.

Positive: First off Q loader is a new concept in paintball, Yesit provides a lower profile to your marker especially for those scenario players and has the ability to feed your marker at a very good speed.


1. Setup and Cleaning the system is hassle, way too time consuming If you break a ball get ready to do some cleaning..who wants to do that in the middle of the game?

2. The overall design is a cheap effort, alot of mistakes were made. One small mistake on setup and your SCREWED. Consist of way too many parts to maintain and setup

3. Around $20 a Q Pod the logo smudges off easily with paint on it, mine was rubbed off on the first day.

4. Inconsistant, unreliable not made for pro players where everything counts. One break down durring game you will be squirting paint

5. Be VERY CAREFUL what paintballs you put in it....
Conclusion: The Q loader is a good concept at work but where do they mention their warranty, is there any??? They dont back up crap , just a cheap attempt to make a few bucks.
For some they claim it as a good product, its just a good concept with too many negative features. And for some of us who actually invest in their product what happens to us? while they work out their product flaws and come out with something new? Sounds like another smart parts company. One mistake never going back.
In concussion this product might be worth a try for those curious minded but dont pay more than 30 bucks for Concept at work. I give it 1 point in my review for their effort
1 out of 10
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trains are bad Monday, March 29th, 2004
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month12 of 31 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
Revvys and reloaders.
Marker Setup: Automag. Why does it NOT save my setup like it says it will?
Strengths: Profile, speed.
Weaknesses: CAPACITY! Reliability kind of, Reloading difficulties
Review: Ok I have this thing and I must say it simply does not hold enough paint for most everyone. All the other advantages are secondary when you have to reload every 100 rounds and can't shoot while you're reloading. Plus, you can't top it off, so you have to either go into situations with a partial pod or waste a lot of paint by reloading. You cannot reload when it's convenient, you are forced into a reloading schedule.
Also, this is a finiky setup that requires some care and feeding. If you break paint in it you're screwed.

You also will need a new pack.

It is unholy fast, though.

Conclusion: So overall this in not good for tourney paintball, it might be good it rec or woods, and it does work as advertised, just realize it's a niche product, not a halo replacement
7 out of 10
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