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Kingman Spyder Fenix Reviews

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Kingman Spyder Fenix
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Number of Reviews: 187
Average Rating: 8.7 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $330

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The Kingman Spyder Fenix is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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CO-Baller Sunday, November 16th, 2003
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month72 of 83 people found this review helpful.

6 months
Products Used:
Several other Spyders, Tippmann and Piranha
Marker Setup: + Tippmann 98 Custom (J&J Ceramic 14", Lapco Direct Feed, Ricochet AK, Pro Team Hyperstar bolt, collapisble butt stock, Tasco Red Dot sight, NW raised sight rail)
+ Spyder Fenix (Ricochet AK)
electric loader (Ricochet or Revy)
Strengths: design
anodized finish
CAMD display
bearing detent
weight / balance
top-cocking bolt
Weaknesses: flimsy grip covers
no charging indicators
can't set max ROF in Semi mode
Review: I used with this for the first time yesterday. I was initially impressed with the paint finish, design and overall feel of the gun. I didn't chop any balls, but everyone was breaking balls yesterday due to the colder temps. With its speed and accuracy I was dominating every game and the Fenix never let me down. With the regulator, I was pleased with its consistancy on the chrono and during intense gun fights. Before I played I adjusted the trigger for a nice short pull...sure glad that option was there! The burst and auto modes were fun to mess around with, but illegal in our games. I wish I could set the max ROF in Semi mode. The CAMD is easy to operate and easy to read. Needless to say, after we were done gaming I was a VERY happy Fenix owner!

The weaknesses I listed do not effect performance, so I still give the Fenix a 10!
Conclusion: I am very happy with this marker and highly recommend it.....I feel I got a GREAT marker for $240. Compared to other Spyders, this too is a well performing gun with nice new features from Kingman. I love this gun and when I'm in the mood for some f ast-n-fun games I'll put down the the Tippmann and pull out the Fenix.
10 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, November 16th, 2003 at 1:31 pm PST
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BabyGotBackman Saturday, February 21st, 2004
Period of
Product Use:
3 months47 of 54 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
Spyder E-99 and a handfull of blow-backs/auto cocking markers

I wont say that I "have owned every high end marker out there" as so many others do, but i will say that i have shot many of them
Marker Setup: Tippmann 98 Custom. ACI six stage Reg. Halo TSA LCD Backman. Freak 18in barrel, AA front. 68/45 PMI pure energy HPA system

Spyder E99 Dye Boomstick, Halo TSA 68/45 PMI pure energy HPA system

Spyder Fenix, 18/14in Freak kit and 14in dye boomstick Halo TSA 68/45 PMI pure energy HPA system
Most definentely a new barrel, electro hopper (the TSA is fantastic, but if youre on a budget, i suggest a 12v revy, or emipre reloader)
Strengths: ROF, Price, See review
Weaknesses: Annodizing is somewhat visible, see review
Review: First off, let me say, this is a great marker.

Rate of fire: slightly higher than the E99. According to the chrono(with a built in ROF sensor) the E99 is around 13 to 14, while the fenix is 14, to as high as 16, even though it is supposedly capped at 14, i would imagine this is probally due to a oddly fast set of two balls, or perhaps the grip is set to un-cap when set to 14 bps

Price: I got mine at a local pro-shop for 200 flat, with a sale, great price, but most places sell it for closer to 220, still a great price.

Accuracy: Stock, the accuracy is pretty shoddy, but not horrible. With the freak kit, this marker is fantastic, able to compete with autocockers much more expensive markers

Fire Modes: The fire-modes are semi, 3 shot burst, 6 shot burst, and fully automatic

Recoil: Minimal, but not as good as say an autococker or an angel, but much better than the tippmann

Display: the CAMD display is fantastic, it lets you set firing modes, and rate of fire, very, very quickly, and is bright enough to eaisly use in the dark (fantastic for scenario games or that late friday night game of speedball)

Weight: Weighs in at 4.4 pounds, with the stock barrel, a full VL200, and a full 12oz CO2 tank

Balance: Fantastic, balanced right at the trigger (where its supposed to be)

Grips: Definently not soft or form fitting, but they do serve their purpose. I've heard many say to get the new DYE sticky 3s, and yes, they do have the e-spyder screw pattern, but they do not fit. They will fit perfectly without a battery, but with a battery installed, the Stickies dont fit.

Field Stripping: Incredibly easy, requires no tools, no easy to lose parts, very easy

Customizability: Not so good, the special Fenix top cocking bolt makes findin addons troublesome, however, im sure you can use a standart spyder bolt, at the risk of hitting yourself in the face (lack of beavertail)

Looks: Personal Taste

Color: Fine for speedball, but slightly shiny for woods. It's not as shiny as the pictures make it look.

Trigger: Adjustable for distance, but not for tension. Trigger also rattles to the left and right about half a centimeter (not so bad)

Barrel: Better than youd expect on a spyder. Its fully annodized, has five inches of straight porting, and a muzzle break. It says its a two piece (it is, if you look down the bore from the front you can see where it splits) but you cant seperate the front and back

Internals: Pre-Polished

Regulator/Front Grip: Reg is adustable, from low, to high pressure, comes with a gauge. the front grip is angled foward, and is very comfortable. I was worried that th eline would get in the way, it doesn't.

Durability: The aluminum doesn't scratch, period.

Expansion chamber completely elimates snow (liquid CO2) even on extended use
I am worried about water getting into the grip, the grips should be more ridgid with a built in gasket so that water has a difficult time getting in.

Edit: I origionally said that the exp chamber eliminated the snow, but I test fired the marker today, and had less than fantastic results, I saw chunks of CO2 comming out the gun, perhaps it it beacuse when the tanks were filled they were at too high pressure or it was an especially cold day (55 deg.) (I dont really know the reason)
Conclusion: Fantastic marker. Has all the features an intermediate player wants, or a pro on a budget. I highly recomend it. Gets a nine, (not on par with the four figure markers like angels and high end cockers) Overall, very nice.

I do wish that it had a magnetic trigger, but hey, I also with it had 50bps, you cant have everything.
9 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, May 30th, 2004 at 11:42 pm PST
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Rotties67 Wednesday, March 10th, 2004
Period of
Product Use:
3 months42 of 47 people found this review helpful.

6 months
Products Used:
Only other product I have ever used is a VL Orion. There is no comparison.
Marker Setup: Spyder Fenix
Evolution 2 Hopper
J&J Ceramic 14" Barrel
Dye Sticky 3 E-Grips
68/4500 ACI Bulldog III HPA
Straight out of the box this is still a great marker.
The only immeadiate upgrade needed is an electronic hopper (but any electric gun needs that), and I use an Evolution II.
An aftermarket barrel will almost always be an improvement over the stock one (duh). And the only reason I went with the J&J Ceramic is because I got a great deal on one from E-bay.
The grips are an issue that needs to be addressed, but 20 bucks later and I am happy.
So to summerize:
1st: Electric Hopper (Evolution 2)
2nd: Barrel (tie) (I know my J&J works flawlessly)
2nd: Grips (tie) I have the Sticky 3 E-grips and they are great
Strengths: Looks, Firing Options, Solid marker, Out of Box Use, Confidence builder
Weaknesses: Weight can be an issue, Grips are flimsy, Too expensive for some people.
Review: I'll be the first to admit I am most definitely a student of the sport. But it makes no difference with this marker if you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game.

First let me start by saying I know that this marker is an overpriced Imagine with one more firing option. I don't care. I love this marker. From the feel, to the looks, to the weight, to the awe it inspires in all the Tippmann lovers I play with. This gun can compete with the best of them.

I have shot this gun straight out of the box and was impressed with it immediately. From up to about 100 feet away it was really accurate. Little kick back and a loud shot. But that plays right into my style. I like people to know I am coming. This gun is most definitely usable in games without any additional upgrades and you will still be competitive if not have an edge over people you play with.

Although I recommend a higher quality paintball, I have played with the cheap Walmart specials and still never chopped a single ball. This gun rocks.

Now, if you want to dominate, just make a few adjustments and the game belongs to you. The new barrel helped to quiet down my shots a lot. I was picking people off from well over 150 feet away. The Eggy 2 hopper more than kept up with the gun, I never chopped a single paintball (either cheap ones or top shelf). I can only dream what will happen when I upgrade to HPA. Don't get me wrong, I sill have a lot of work to do on this monster (i.e. drop forward, LP system, etc), but it is a dominating force right now, and it will only get better.

UPDATE: I upgraded to HPA about two weeks ago and have put my marker through a couple of tests. The first was to load the hopper to full capacity, have the firing mode on full auto, and keep shooting till I broke a ball. 3 full hoppers later I decided it wasn't going to happen. The real kicker, this was with Blue Streak paint. I took it to get the chrono and the difference was never more than +/-5 fps all day. Definately an improvement over the CO2.

This marker also gives the user an instant confidence boost. If you play with just recreational players like I do, odds are they are always wanting to use the Fenix. I even put my Fenix to the test against a Tippmann A-5 (with the flatline barrel), and the Spyder won hands down. Whether it was accuracy, which would fire faster (we counted 45 paintballs a piece and put them in our respective hoppers, I won with it in Auto as well as Semi-auto), or overall looks (polled the people we played with). I know the player makes the gun, but in this case the gun definately helps the player.

I also am thrilled with the field strip capability. Pull a pin and you are in business. It's a nice touch to an already fantastic marker.

I believe that my favorite part of this marker though is that it is so easliy upgradable. Whether for looks, improvement, or both there really is nothing that can't be changed. It has inline holes for the drop forward instead of the standard Spyder offset, and that opens a whole new door for options.

The only real knock I have with this gun is the stock grips. They are something that you will just want to replace soon. Very flimsy and (sorry to say) poorly made. After installing the battery there is a slight gap where paint and other debris can get in. The Dye Sticky 3 (e-frame variety) elimanted any problem. I got the blue ones and it looks tight, but the black ones might look a bit better. The other thing I have heard is that it is too heavy. I don't really see it. Don't get me wrong, it is a stout little gun (especially with a full hopper on it), but nothing to really be concerned with. I have no problems with it. But then again, I am 23 and work out at least 3 times a week. To be honest, I like the weight. I feel more comfortable and confident with my marker made out of solid metal than a marker made out of plastic.

2nd Edit: Be forewarned, the older style Boomstick Barrels do NOT fit this marker. I bought a Syper threaded Boomy and although it fit my wifes Imagine, it would not fit my Fenix. I called Dye about it and the confirmed it. The older ones will not fit the newer Kingman markers. If the barrel had never been used before they would have exchanged it, but since it was used I was SOL, but my wife was happy.
Conclusion: I researched a lot of different markers before I decided on this one (including the Imagine and the Tippmann A-5). But in my opinion none of them can really compare with the Fenix. Looks alone will get you one or two people out (people are so amazed/scared of the gun that they don't play to their full potential). I can honestly say I would recommend this marker to just about anyone. If you are on the bubble of deciding yes or no, go to your local field and ask someone to see theirs. If no one has one then take a chance on it like I did. You aren't going to be disappointed.

And remember, a Fenix always rises from the ashes...
10 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, April 25th, 2004 at 10:35 am PST
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sk8ershorty597 Sunday, November 30th, 2003
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month23 of 25 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
Tippmann Model 98 Custom
Viewloader Triton II
Brass Eagle Maurader
Marker Setup: Spyder Fenix, Viewloader hopper, 32 degrees competition paint
New Grips,Viewloader Evlution 2 hopper or 12 volt revy
Strengths: doesnt break much paint, very accurate, a great new electronic trigger,extremely light trigger pull
Weaknesses: grips
Review: This gun is not shiny at all with the matte finish so you will not be seen easily,the trigger is very easy to adjust and the velocity is just as accurate no matter how high you put it. i was using full auto at 13 bps for a full 200 rounds and hit a target from fifty feet away every time with the velocity all the way up and didnt break a single ball.i was using a standard hopper and it didnt jam that much but an electronic hopper would be a good upgrade for this gun along with grips.This is the best gun made for under 250 bucks.It cant be beat and its fully loaded with upgrades.
Conclusion: If you want to spend around $250 on a gun,this is the gun to get.spyder finally came out with a quality gun that will scare away the competition!
10 out of 10
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kangaroodent Saturday, April 10th, 2004
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested21 of 37 people found this review helpful.

6 months
Products Used:
VL Prodigy - It compares, easily. Much lighter trigger, way lighter, but far less customizable. And no firing modes, thank god.
Zap ZXS 1000-E (Black Dragun, basically) - I didn't use this marker much, but it was bearable, except for the SEAR ADJUSTMENT which I had no idea about at the time. :@
Marker Setup: Edit: The setup I used today (15 may 04) was as follows:
Spyder Fenix
eVLution II
48/3000psi HPA tank (Pure Energy)
Dye Excel barrel

VL Prodigy
68/4500 PE tank
Ricochet 2K

Coming soon:
Either a....
MacDev Cyborg
MacDev MatchStick

or a...
OGI Tactical Electronic Sniper
MacDev MatchStick barrel kit
Maddman, 32 Degrees and Shocktech spring kits
Evil Detonator regulator
Check It Super Speedy Dropforward
Bandit Nylatron T.E.S. bolt
And eventually more...

or a...
Spyder Fenix
MacDev MatchStick
Check It Super Speedy dropforward
Bandit Fenix bolt
Springs and random junk
eVLution II or a Halo B
The top 3 upgrades:
*Viewloader eVLution 2
*Pure Energy high pressure air tank, I recommend a 68/4500
*MacDev MatchStick for a kit or Dye Excel for just a one piece.

In order from most needed to least needed:
!Electronic hopper:
I'm not sure if the pitiful ball detent will be able to hold a Halo down, so I'd recommend a Viewloader eVLution II or a Ricochet Apache for it. If you don't get one of the two, you will chop. I used a Ricochet 2K on it and it chopped like mad.
*NOTE* Just to point it out more thoroughly, YOU WILL CHOP if you don't get a semi-force fed hopper. Agitating does not cut it anymore (well, it'll cut balls :P)

!Compressed air (AKA nitro, nitrogen, high pressure air, HPA, N2 and several other nicknames):
This has the following advantages over CO2:
-WAY less tempermental
-WAY lower expansion from temperature (ie. not causing your marker to stop firing at -30c and not making your marker shoot 500fps at +40C)
-WAY cleaner
-WAY less velocity spikes (IF you use a fill nipple cover! Always use protection :P)
And several dozen other things.
*NOTE* You will need a high pressure output tank, meaning that the tank must be able to output 850psi minimum. Regulators can only decrease pressure, they can't increase it.
*NOTE* High pressure ANYTHING is extremely dangerous, and unless you are proffesionally trained to fill, disassemble, repair or otherwise alter a cylinder or its' regulator for high pressure air, DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO IT!
*NOTE* Check with America's Department of Transportation or Canada's Transport Canada if you have any questions about high pressure air. You can also contact the manufacturer for the product, they may be helpful also.
*NOTE* I should point out that as long as you follow rather simple safety instructions as stated by the manufacturer (and common sense ones like not dissassembling the reg from the tank when there's still pressure in it. To bleed the tank just screw it into an ASA that isn't attached to anything and all the pressure will eventually come out, just check the gauge and wait until you can't hear any more are escaping. Hold on to the tank just in case.) and by your countries' transportation department, HPA is very safe. But one final safety tip: If you can see the reg seperating from the cylinder (on CO2 tanks this would be the valve seperating, it's the copper piece that you screw into your ASA) THEN DO NOT MOVE IT ANY FURTHER! The cylinder might unscrew completely and create a bottle rocket that has, I'm serious, killed two people in one month. This is a major safety concern! Always get a TRUSTED airsmith (ask more experienced players, and several of them, who is a trusted airsmith around) to install new valves on your CO2 tanks.

Recommended products:
-Non Adjustable screw-in:
Pure Energy 68ci/4500psi air system
-Adjustable screw-in (only one of them):
Nitroduck X-Stream
-Adjustable dovetail mount screw-in:
Air America Armoggedon 2004 (so hottttttttttttttt...)
Evil Inc. Scion
MacDev Conquest 2004

!Barrel kit:
A proper paint to barrel match, consistent velocities and good (consistant in size) paint will make your marker run wonderfully and perfectly accurate. Paint to barrel match, even down to the thousandth of an inch, matters significantly in your accuracy. In fact, with an absolutely perfect paint to barrel match (which is impossible, you can get close with good paint) the only other variable in your marker will be it being clean and consistent velocities.

Recommended products:
MacDev MatchStick if on a budget, Custom Products kit if not. Dye Ultralights are pimp two piece non-kit barrels, get one (don't bother buying a Titanium 'stick, they're pointlessly expensive).

I'll finish this later, but here's a summary:
-Bolt: Bandit Nylatron HP w/ o-rings Fenix bolt. Spudnuk'l = A waste of money. Nylatron bolts are cheaper and have less problems compared to Delron bolts. The benefit of upgrading from your stock bolt is not having to lube it (except for the o-rings occasionally, if you get a bolt with them) and the disadvantage is more kick because the mass (the bolt and the striker) are moving without as much hinderance and this will also cause more chops.
-Grips: Wait, apparently some Sticky 3s fit.
-Regulator: Evil Detonator is my suggested buy.
-Drop forward: I suggest a Check It Speedy drop.
-Circuit boards: IS or T board.
-Trigger. Either Zenitram or ACI Slasher. I'm not sure on prices, but most likely they'll be within the same range.
-Titanium striker: This will lower your kick and possibly your chops. Dark Horizons (I think that's what they're called) and Magnum make them. I'd get the Magnum striker (check Spyder & Spyder clone section for it) as it's much lighter, but be sure to buy the electro version, and if your bolt fits in the bottom tube then get the fatty striker, if not, get the slim striker version.
-Spring kits: Nearly essential. Maddman and 32 Degrees make pimp kits. I'd get both of those and a Shocktech Shim kit, but if you're on a budget just get the 32 Degrees kit.
-Good paint. Will help the most for anything.
Strengths: See Review Body
Weaknesses: See Review Body
Review: Here's the main review, followed by the Strengths/Weaknesses then the impressions I got the days I used it:

Anyways, this is the marker of one of my brothers' friends. He got it off the internet from the States for $300 Canadian and that's quite the excellent deal. I used this marker on two occasions, one with the following set up:
Spyder Fenix
Viewloader 200 gravity fed hopper and a Ricochet 2K agitating hopper.
9oz CO2 non antisyphoned, 16oz CO2 non antisyphoned and a Pure Energy 68/4500 psi HPA tank.
Dye Excel barrel (which we quickly ditched because of the extremely crappy paint).
And Zap Recball paint :@

This setup made me hate this marker initially. Chopped incessantly and was a real pain in every aspect (weight, accuracy, cleaning).

The next time we used it at a real field (before we were at a farm) and this is what we were using:
Spyder Fenix
Viewloader eVLution II
48/3000psi Pure Energy tank
Dye Excel barrel, had a good paint to barrel match and made it shoot darts
PMI Bigball and Premium paint

I wanted to get this marker now, lol. It shot very fast and accurately with no chops. I took it out and shot from 30 yards away at a tree about 3 inches wide and at the maximum speed I could shoot (at least as fast as FULL AUTO 13, enough to get the Angel Speeds' ROF meter to the top) and it would land withing a foot of the tree. Not very impressive, you might be saying, but when everyone else lies about how great their accuracy is it actually is impressive. And had I been trying to aim more accurately I'm sure I would've hit it more (I walked onto the field and started shooting at the tree, no time to aim proper).

Internals: Light and seemingly machined well. Fit very well into the body, high quality. They're actually extremely light compared to my markers'. The valve will run (stock) down to 500 psi if I'm not mistaken... Or you might have to use different spring combos (lighter valve spring and harder main spring). Like most Spyders it is suggest you run this marker @ 850psi or so, but the review I read for it in Splat Magazine said the manual suggested 650 or so... Anyways, tinker away, but the higher the better! The bolt is top cocking (ish, see Weaknesses section) so that you can easliy strip down the marker for a good clean. The bolt also has an o-ring where the ball detent contacts it, so that may cause the o-ring to need to be replaced frequently. We've already had to replace it, but that's probably because paint swelled it.

Grip Frame: Nothing special here except it's electro and has modes (semi, full auto, burst 3 and burst 6, all except for semi are adjustable from 4 to 13 bps). It's also tourney lockable by removing a connector thingy on the board. It seems pretty high quality, I suggest getting a T-Board though (or possibly the Kinetic board.) for 36bps :D The trigger resting point is adjustable by a screw on top of the trigger, accessible by taking off the grip frame.

Barrel: I really didn't use the stock barrel much, but it is pretty huge bore (big enough to fit the horrible Zap paint in, which wouldn't fit in the .692 Excel). Like all stock barrels, it is assumed to be truly horrible and should be replaced immediately with a usually crappier barrel.

Feed Neck: YES! It's adjustable! This is truly wonderful, and if it isn't just buy another one. I suggest getting the lower half of the 2-piece feed neck for the TES from OGI and then getting the new OGI clamping feedneck.

Ball Detent: It is confirmed, it will not hold down the mighty strength of a Halo. So just buy an eVLution II and then get a Z-Board and throw it on and you'll be rocking, hurrah. This ball detent is of the metal bearing type, much better than the damned fang detents on most Spyders.

Gas Mileage: Quoting from the April/May 2004 issue of Splat Magazine, the Fenix got 800 shots off of a 45 cubic inch (850psi output at 650psi operation) 4500psi tank filled to 3000psi.

+ + + + + TOP COCKING: Kingman finally got some sense knocked into them and started using top cocking bolts in their markers, but they're still kinda strange... see the "TOP COCKING?:" title in the weaknesses section.
+ + + + REGULATOR: Has a regulator, stock. A handy thing for any marker, but it's pretty crappy if I may say so myself.
+ + + + FEED NECK: This marker comes stock with an adjustable feedneck! Bliss! It's adjustable by hand or by those flat screwdrivers or by some grasping tool of sorts.
+ + + NO PROBLEMS!!: With high pressure air, an eVLution II and a Dye Excel barrel, not a single chop, barrel break or otherwise was encountered! Really amazing! Accuracy was quite incredible, as I was shooting, from 50 yards away and at at least 13bps, at a tree about 5 inches wide and was hitting it nearly every time :|
Just thought I'd point out that 13bps is ungodly fast, and that your BPS count is most likely artificially inflated to impossible amounts.

+ + + CUSTOMIZABLE:Customizable, thank god. I can't stand that about the Viewloader Prodigy. Everything on this marker can be changed! Just check my upgrades section above.
+ + + NO CHOPS: With an Eggo II, I was shooting as fast as I possibly could (which will max out the shot counter on a Speed) and
+ + + KICK: Very little kick when firing with paint, because the internals (bolt and striker) are quite light. Without paint the bolt doesn't have back pressure and it keeps the valve open longer and that makes it kick more.
+ + + BRAND NAME: It's a Spyder, yay! Brand names forever. This inflates the price quite well, and Kingman does a great job of appealing to newbies who don't know that their markers are easily not worth that much.
+ + + COSMETICS: Nice milling, and interesting colours. Annodization is pretty well done also. It won't scratch off too easily. Some of you woods hicks might say you'll get noticed in the brush with it... In which case, go play some airball you fools.
+ + ELECTRONIC FRAME: It's electro with different modes (rolls eyes...). 13bps max is what the board states, in any mode. This hardly uses the potential of blowback at all, though... It has the modes Burst 3 (BUR3, adjustable from 7 to 13bps), Burst 6 (BUR6, adjustable from 7 to 13bps), Semi Auto which is the default mode and is unadjustable at 13bps (SEMI), and finally Full Auto for you complete morons out there (AUTO, adjustable from 7 to 13bps). To change modes you must do some simple button pressing, and to change ROF you only have to hold the button until (I think) the 13 light starts flashing, then press to adjust, then hold it again until it goes back to being able to shoot. I'm going on memory here...
+ + TOURNY LOCK!!!:Has a tourny lock, thank god.
+ + TRIGGER ADJUSTABLE:Can adjust pull length of trigger
+ ANGLED FRONT BLOCK A.S.A.:15 degree front block, actually, it was more like 10.

- - - - - VALUE: With the stock features, this marker really isn't worth a $350 Canadian price tag, but then again, neither are any high end markers.
- - TRIGGER: was stiff as heck, couldn't walk it properly. I also couldn't figure out how to get the trigger spring out :@ Easy to adjust, though. Edit: I found out, just check Otters Customs and there's a tutorial SOMEWHERE to take the trigger, or basically everything held with pin in the marker out. They all use the same idea, just make sure you smack the proper side!Edit: I just noticed that with paint, the trigger is extremely fast. You'll be able to hold a ROF well with it.
- - - HEAVY: Compared to my marker, it's a bloody lead weight. But it's all metal, making it have a nicer feel and making it more durable if you run over it somehow (it really doesn't matter in this sense). It weighs 3.5 pounds.
- - LENGTH: Because of this marker being a Spyder with a removable front block, it's a couple inches longer than a full body Spyder.
- -TOP COCKING?: Even though it's top cocking, is connected to the striker with a DIFFERENT pin than the pull pin, so you have to take both out at once. WHY?!?!
-FIRING MODES: Blender!! Yay! Unless you somehow mill this thing to take decent detents and get a Halo, an Eggo won't keep up with the constant demands of dumb firing modes. Don't even use them! Take off the mode jumper and chuck it! lol
-REGULATOR:Regulator wouldn't come apart even though I am quite paintball knowledged. I didn't have the diagram, that's why. Just wanted to take it apart cmpletely, lol. I must do that to everything.
-SWITCH: is completely unbouncable. Crazy! Now I can't cheat!!! Just kidding.
-TRIGGER GUARD: The trigger guard is locktighted, make sure you don't strip the screw holding it in.

I used this marker for one day out at a farm on a 12oz and 16oz Co2 tank (both not anti-syphoned) with a Ricochet 2K and also a 68/4500psi Pure Energy tank. It ran alright, but was definitely not worth the price. It chopped almost constantly, which might've been because of the VERY crappy paint we were using (Ug... Zap Recball, the junk in the white bucket), but even my Prodigy outperformed it. Quite the waste of money, but oh well.

The next time I used it, we had a Pure Energy 48/3000, an eVLution II and a Dye Excel barrel and I was amazed. It was simply awesome. High rate of fire with no chops and it was shooting darts! We used a mix of Big Ball and Premiums.
Conclusion: The Spyder Fenix electronic marker from Kingman International is a decent marker, but not great enough to be worth its $350 Canadian price tag. The two improvements it has over other Spyders is it being top cocking and having an inline regulator.

With HPA, an Eggo II and a decent barrel or barrel kit, you'll have an incredible marker for quite cheap.
7 out of 10Last edited on Wednesday, May 26th, 2004 at 7:07 pm PST
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hokies4bt Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
Period of
Product Use:
3 months7 of 7 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
spyder compat- basic semi
tippmann 98 custom
other e-spyders
Marker Setup: spyder fenix e-marker, 12 volt revy, phychoballistics drop forward
stock barrel, sweet spot trigger, dye's new e-spyder grips
definitely new grips because the grip panels that come with it are terrible
some kind of drop forward
electro hopper
and sweet spot trigger if you would like a shorter trigger pull
Strengths: easy to use, I had doubts when I heard 13 bps but it's true
Weaknesses: grip panels flimsy
Velocit adjuster a little more time consuming then I expected
Review: This gun can compete with guns 3 times the cost
great buy
This gun is easy to upgrade
this gun includes multi firing modes including
3 round burst
6 round burst
fully auto in which you can change the rof anywhere from 6 to 13 bps
camd board is easy to read and has low battery indicator
and tournament lock push button changer and external charging port
If you buy new grips which i do suggest you need to buy ones with the clear panel
so that you can see the camd board. The only one ive seen is the DYE e-spyder sticky grip. I've only found one site who carries them, who knows why.
Under the rules of this site I can not list the name but you can email me to ask
Conclusion: From beginner to pro anyone looking for a new rig
definitely check this one out
great gun for any price. The only non tournament gun that compares is the raven nexion
which sells for $399
9 out of 10
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dd12dd Wednesday, November 19th, 2003
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested7 of 12 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
Marker Setup: Tippman 98 custom, RT trigger, rocket cock, universal drop forward, remote setup, double trigger, red dot sight. Terminator barrel
Spyder Fenix, Lapco Bigshot Barrel, Crossfire 68/3000, Blue Dye Sticky Grips esp frame, Dead on DF, Check it Sweet Spot Trigger, Spudnukl HP bolt
12V rev w/x-board
Strengths: Look
trigger Pull (like a mouse click)
Weaknesses: None that I noticed, Will post again after I field test it
Review: Overall My first time using an electric marker, but I was overly impressed with this gun, from feel to speed to looks. Nice short Trigger Pull...Walked the trigger and did not break a ball also shot on full auto and did not break a ball....Overall I think it is a pretty sweet gun, It's fast, looks great and performs well. I only tested with CO2 I expect it to feel even smoother with nitro
Conclusion: I would definately buy this gun if you are looking to send a stream of paint at you opposition. In my opinion it's not worth an extra 300 to get a gun with similiar features, I love this gun and cant wait to waste a few opponents.
10 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, February 15th, 2004 at 8:48 am PST
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Briantheonly Friday, December 19th, 2003
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month7 of 13 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
any kingman electro, nexion, icon E, silver bullet, mongoose
Marker Setup: spyder fenix, 12" Stiffi barrel(local company, represent!) evo 2 w/ y board
electric hopper, defiently get an evo 2, it keeps up with the gun and it fits the feedneck perfect.
Strengths: Out of the box greatness!
Weaknesses: doesn't come with E hopper???
Review: Great gun out of the box, but like i said up there you defiently need an E hopper. Now there is a Reg. on the gun(little gauge on the side) to adjust simply unscrew or screw in an allen on the bottem of your expansion chamber (handle) this will incread how hard and how weak the gun shoots but it is NOT the Veelocity! I found that when i turned this up, so it shot harder, that it was much more accurate and it chopped while shooting full auto. So, i turned it down to around 600-700 psi and i shot full auto and went through a hopper without chopping. The accuracy also greatly improved, so you should defiently do this when you get the gun.
Conclusion: Great gun, now, i am a pretty skilled player and i just bought it because of the amazing looks but it surprised me. Great accuracy and speed, and haven't had to deal with chopping balls. Also, the handle is much better than the amg handle because of the fact it is much easier to switch between semi and burst..etc. The gun also came with a rechargeable battery and a batter chargery which is great. I think kingman really has a sleepper with this one. Great Gun!
10 out of 10
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da_bushwhacker Sunday, June 13th, 2004
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
3 months6 of 22 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
This was my first gun.
Marker Setup: Just a stock Spyder Fenix with a Richochet AK electronic hopper
Definitely a better barrel
Strengths: -High ROF in Full Auto and burst modes
-Useful Regulator
-Doesn't need recharging often
Weaknesses: -Chops balls like a mother
-Loud (not that big an issue)
-Cocking bolt jams lots
Review: Where to begin.... When my brother and his friend and i first bought this gun, we had pretty high expectations to justify its $350.00 Canadian price tag. Reviews on the internet claimed that it never chops balls, and is over all a very good marker. Well we went out back and all three of us tested the fenixs. First we tested on semi auto and it performed decently. Accuracy wasnt that great and we did have some chopping problems. We then tested on burst fire and full auto modes. What we had was a constant stream of broken ball shells and liquid shooting from our barrels. My other friend was using a Brass Eagle Marauder at the same time and he was outshooting us by a long shot. All three of us had similar problems. Being new to paintball, we thought maybe we just had to break the markers in. Well, our friend actually went back to the store and exchanged it for a new fenix, which performed even worse. The wiring and circuitry were very shoddily done. He had enough, so he returned the gun and exchanged it for a Tippmann A-5. My brother and I, however, were not so lucky. We continued to experiance problems and new problems surfaced almost every time we played. C02 leaks, major ball chopping, poor acuracy, jammed cocking bolts after a few shots and just recently a weird burping problem where on semi auto, every 3rd or 4th shot loses pressure and doesnt shoot a ball. Since, we have been trying to get a refund or exchange on our guns, but Kingman so far has been really hard to deal with. We are pretty sure these guns are defective because we have witnessed 4 out of 4 so far have totally crapped out on us. Don't try saying it is the balls or the hoppers, or the velocity. We tried every ball available in our area and had 12 ball per second hoppers, and adjusted the velocity and nothing ever changed. Fortunately for our friend, he is very happy with his Tippmann A-5. He has gone through thousands of rounds with his response trigger firing at least 15 balls per second and has only broke one ball so far.
Conclusion: I would not recommend this gun based on my own personal experiance. I read all the reviews on this sight and others and was quite certain it was a good buy. The only way you can ever be confident about buying a gun is if you test it at a field or something. DON'T RELY SOLEY ON INTERNET REVIEWS!
3 out of 10
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Rams_Freak Tuesday, May 4th, 2004
Period of
Product Use:
6 months5 of 11 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Tippmann A-5
Tippman 98
Marker Setup: SPYDER FENIX with electronic hopper, new grip
new grip, electronic hopper
Strengths: straight shootin, chops very little balls, very consevative on CO2, SLEEK COOL LOOK
Weaknesses: flimsy grips, maybe needs a longer barrel but other than that notin
Review: This is the best gun for under 400 dollaz! EVEN BETTER THAN A TIPMANN A-5! it is very accurate and chops very little balls! also it doesnt use much CO2 and I love the look of this gun! it looks sleek and new and sexy! some people say its heavy but i dont think so, but then again im very strong.
Conclusion: BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT
WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU THIS IS AN AWESOME GUN! BEST GUN UNDER 400 dollaz still isnt as good as an angel or autococker, but good for fun EXCELLENT
10 out of 10
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