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Dye 45 Frame Reviews

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Dye 45 Frame
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Number of Reviews: 1
Average Rating: 9.0 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $63

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This frame has been built from the ground up forperformance. The DYE 45 frame has gone throughnumerous improvements to fit the demanding players’ needs. Today, the slide frame isconsidered to be the most advanced 45 frame in the marketplace and sets the standard for others to follow. In today’s game, it is the next critical upgrade after your barrel. All DYE cocker 45 slide frames are completelyadjustable in sear spring retention, trigger stop retention and forward trigger movement. You can basically fine tune this thing so much you’ll get sick.
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The Dye 45 Frame is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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TheAntiGravity Friday, February 27th, 2004
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More than 5 years
Marker Setup: Minimag, SmartParts 18" All American, 32* chrome Vert. Adapter, ACI 6-stage Expansion Chamber, Dye Chrome Frame w/ Dye Black Sticky3 grip, macroline feeds, Category 5 On/Off Swing Cradle, Q-Loader system
Strengths: Solid and beautiful, as is anything from DYE
Weaknesses: See my review
Review: As the strengths section indicates, this is a very solid and beautiful frame. Having used other milled aluminum frames, I found that the ergonomics seem a bit more thought out than other companies, and the fit and finish seems to be at a higher standard as well. And it should be, it is one of the most expensive Non-electric frames on the market so far. So what does your money buy you? Well, to start out with the milling work is outstanding. There are no "tooling marks" to be found anywhere (ie. no parralel lines where aluminum has been removed, all curves seem to have been hand sanded and polished). One of the best ergonomic features that I have found is one that other companies just can't seem to get right, which holds true for both single and double trigger frames. That is that when holding the gun with a grip with molded finger grooves, one other frames, there is never enough room for your middle finger where the grip breaks over into the trigger gaurd. Not true with this frame. All three bottom fingers have ample room to grip without pinching off your middle finger. All in all, with some minor exceptions this frame is by far the best frame I have owned.

Now for some of the weaknesses...(hoping someone from Dye might glance over this)
If you are going for a silver frame to match up with some of the chrome on your gun, buyer beware. This is a true "chrome" grip. Most accesories available that are "chrome" are usually polished aluminum. This is an aluminum frame that has been chrome dipped. The color is actually a (little) bit more on the yellow side as compared with aluminum. From a distance this is not noticable, but against a polished aluminum body, or larger accessories, the difference can be quite apparent.
As for retrofitting to your gun, on my minimag the fit to the gun is outstanding, if not better than the stock frame. Some of the problems I ran into were minor dealing with the trigger and rubber grip fit.
The trigger holes were of the proper size to accept the stock trigger sear pin and stock safety. The first problem I ran into was once installing the trigger, and installing it onto the gun, the trigger would not pull. I found that the groove in the frame where the small actuator rod lies was not milled deep enough so the tip of the rod was being pinched up against the bottom of the trigger, not allowing the trigger to reset back fully after firing. I had to remove approx 1/16" of material from the flat part of the trigger just above where the pin touches it to make room. Hard to explain but easily fixed once you figure out whats rubbing what. The next problem I had was retrofitting the stock safety onto the new frame. The problem lies in the fact that the small hole which houses the spring and bearing that hold the safety in position is not threaded. The stock frame has a small allen screw which retains these parts and pushes tham far enough down to contact the safety. I basically had to almost strip out the screw to force thread it into the aluminum frame. This could be avoided be simply tapping the hole....but its just too small a task to go out and buy the tap to do it. I managed to get it in about halfway, causing the other half to stop the frame from sitting flush against the rail. I drilled a matching hole in the rail to accomodate this. Problem solved.
Last but not least, is the issue of the mounting a grip to the frame. I ordered Dye Grips to go with my Dye frame. Upon recieving both, the grip came with four 8-32 screws to mount it to a standard 45 style frame....stainless steel screws no less....wonderful............Except the fact that the Dye frame is tapped for 10-32 screws, a bit larger than the ones supplied...also a bit larger than the holes molded into any of the grips that I have....I bit of an oversite on DYE's out to the store to spend $12 on four chrome screws (I couldn't resist the custom chrome $3 screw) to make it work. And it did work, and looks sweet.

Note to DYE:
Leave a bit more material on the rear of the frame and countersink the hole where the rear screw is. As it sits now on this frame as well as the stock frame, it rubs the heck out of the top of your hand. The rear of the frame is narrow enough that the thumbscrew can be unscrewed by the sides. Do this, and fix the actuator rod problem...and it will be perfect, worth at least another $10 ; )
Conclusion: So to conclude my small novel on this is top notch, with minor glitches which can be fixed with a small file, and if you're so inclined, a thread tap....oh and four larger than usual screws.
9 out of 10
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