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Armotech WG-75+ Reviews

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Armotech WG-75+
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Number of Reviews: 1
Average Rating: 9.0 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $430

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Completely redesigned from the ground up, the WG-75+ sets the new standard in paintball realism. Modeled after the famous Heckler and Koch MP-5,the choice for elite and counter terrorism forces the world over, the WG-75+ is the result of over 18 months of research and development. Features the industry standard .68 cal bore size. Realistic styling and function Sturdy construction on/off safety adjustable sights operates on CO2 or HPA covered by the Armotech Lifetime warranty Armotech
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The Armotech WG-75+ is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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Andy_c Sunday, August 13th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
3 months6 of 7 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
I also own an armotech WG-65
Marker Setup: Standard WG-75 with composite bolt
composite bolt
Strengths: Very accurate, look great, comfortable
Weaknesses: Not the most straight forward to strip
Review: OK, let me first get the ranting out of the way by saying i do love this marker. Its ace. lol

This marker is a great piece fo kit. As i said it looks great, but then again, being designed on the H&K MP5 and being made by the guys at armotech, i wouldnt expect anything less. I took this marker out the box, gased it up and off i went. The first 300 shiots went off without a hitch (i did notice a few things but i will do in to this later) . There are 2 major things i noticed about this marker which in my opinion stand out from the rest. The first is accuracy. This thing is ACCURATE. It was out shooting all my mates guns when it came down to it. Its a rifled and ported barrel and i was using CO2. With most other guns (not every, but alot) you will find (especially if you are using co2 and standard bolt) that the balls tend to go off in different directions, not this gun. It is amazing, it really is. the second is how comfortable it is. I own a WG-65 aswell, but you cant get your face down to use the iron sights but with the 75, you can, and the most amazing thing, the iron sights actually work! Very accurate and very comfortable - this was, along with how good it looks, was enough to sell me.

This marker does have a lot of potension for upgrade - HOWEVER, these upgrades are purely cosmetic and apart from the composite bolt, there is nothing else that you can buy performance wise. You can buy an electric trigger (but if you have ever shot an ego or an ion etc etc these electric triggers i would stay away from, as they arent the best im afraid - i mean i know this is not a tourney marker and its not desigend for that but for what the electric trigger does, i didnt like it) and lots of different length barrels. The barrels dont make to much difference in my opinion because i am using the shortest possible and the things is still accurate as hell. Only thing you can get to upgrade performance wise is the composite bolt - WHICH IS A MUST as this will stop it jamming from broke balls and dirt, swollen O rings etc etc. This is something you may want to consider when you buy the marker. I fell in love with it straight away and have never regretted buying it, however, i have a mate who owns An A5 and he has spend 700 quid doing it up. Its based around the G36, looks amazing, but he has bought so many performance upgrades, it now shoots 25 BPS (rampage board) - he has really personalised it, where with this marker, its comes with the max performance you gonna get (apart from the trigger of course). This doesnt bother me, but if you are up for changing things, may want to consider something else.

(once again, i love this gun)

Now for the things that i need to say, but in no way make me hate this marker ( had to say that as there a few things i have noticed). The first is that it runs best on CO2. I tried running it off air ( i was using a 0.8 bottle) but it wasnt powerful enough to re cock the marker. Also, if anyone uses a micro line (thing remote line) this does not deliver enough CO2 to the gun - so you need either a 1.1 E bottle or CO2, and you need ether a thick remote line or put the bottle direct on gun. (on the plus side, it does shoot any type of paint).
Second of all (AND THIS BY THE WAY, IS SOMETHING TO TAKE SERIOUS NOTE OF IF YOU ARE A NEW PLAY AND ARE NOT THE BEST AT STRIPPING MARKERS, This marker is not the most straight forward when it comes to stripping. You have to take of the barrel and the top cocking handle as well as the barrel sheath. This then exposes a basis, stripped down stacked blow back system. there is a pin that goes straight through the bolt and the striker but must go trhough the top of the gun, which means you have to fiddle with it for ages to get them lined up, and then, you bugger this up and dont push the pin all the way through, when you fire the marker, its snaps the cocking pin in half and really causes problems. Also, most markers, when replacing the striker, you apply slight pressure on the back, pull the trigger so it can pass over the striker - not this marker, you have to get tool of some sort ( prefrably a spoon as this is my weapon of choice) and push the trigger down so it can pass over it. A little annoying but i can live with it - dont really need to remove the striker to much , only to oil it.

The last big thing which is a big, BIG no no if you get one is removing the handle. The plastic is very thin ( and i mean very delicate) and the retaining pins crack the plastic if you remove it (9 times of of 10 anyway), i did anyway. luckily, i got it replaced.

A nice touch is the saftey switch, not your standard push through saftey swicth but an on/off thumb switch like the real thing. I could go on about this marker for a long time but i believe i covered the most important things.

Although i went in to detail with the negative things, this is a good marker.
Conclusion: Put aside all the negative points, i would recommened this marker to anyone, but i would say this - this shouldnt be your first marker, nor should it be a marker you buy and then dont spend time taking care of it. For looks, performance and accuracy, go for it.
9 out of 10
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.
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