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Diablo Wrath Reviews

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Diablo Wrath
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Number of Reviews: 260
Average Rating: 8.8 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $300

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
The Wrath is designed to deliver top level performance at a reasonable cost. With its 20 ball per second cycling rate, the Wrath is one of the fastest markers available at any price. The Vise Grip Feed Neck, Quik-Strip bolt, vertical foregrip regulator, ported barrel and high speed air-ram operation are all features usually found only on much pricier markers or only through a great deal of after-market expense. We believe that the affordability of a reliable, feature packed marker will improve your playing experience and winning percentage. Unleash your Wrath!


Product Availability 
The Diablo Wrath is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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Bhudduh Sunday, February 13th, 2005
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month145 of 165 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
Tippmann 98 Custom
Marker Setup: Diablo Wrath
Odyssey HaloB w/Rip Drive
Spudnuk'l Nylatron Bolt
Fast Hopper
Drop Forward
Strengths: See Below
Weaknesses: None so far
Review: Alright, heard about this one from a friend of mine who works down at Alamo City Paintball and just had to try it out. I have to say, after test firing it, I just had to have it. This gun is great. The white to blue fade is pretty good looking, and it also comes in solid black. It comes stock with a clamp feed neck, which means no more having to sand down hoppers to make them fit. The stock barrel is pretty good, with a little bit of a curve around 70ft which was fixed with some velocity adjustments. The easy to use LCD allows you to go from 4 to 20 bps in seconds, keeps track of how many balls you've shot, and even includes a timer. I also liked the addition of the break beam anti chop eye system. I have to tell you, even though you can turn it off, don't, cause there will never be a reason to, unless you want to chop. I tried it both on and off for 350 shots each setting, and out of that I only broke 3, all of which where when the eye was off and I outran my hopper. Also cleaning on the fly is a breeze, all you have to do is pull the pin in the bolt up, pull the bolt out, and then you can run a squeegee straight through from the back all the way through the barrel. The trigger is very sensitive, which is a plus, but has a slight side to side shake, along with a little recoil. But once you get used to the recoil it actually keeps you from even noticing the side to side shake and doesn't detract from the gameplay.
Conclusion: Overall, this gun is definetly a bargin for the price. I only paid $280 for mine, and "I'm loving it." This is a good upgrade for those rec ballers who feel the need to go entry-level tourny. May not be as fancy as an Autococker or shoot as fast as an Angel, but it gets the job done for minimal price.
10 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, May 15th, 2005 at 7:08 am PST
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nayrLS6 Friday, February 25th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested119 of 124 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
ION,TES, Nerve
Marker Setup: Diablo Wrath-stock for now- blue/Silver
Halo TSA
Bolt (when they come out
Strengths: FAST!
eyes work great
looks really cool
Weaknesses: Stock bolt not delrin.
Grip was bulgy over the solenoid.
Review: I just got my Wrath tonight about 3 hours ago. I paid 265 for it at a local shop which is pretty cheap. At first glance this thing looks really nice. It resembles a Timmy a lot which I like. This marker is also really light, just a tad heavier than the ION. I couldn't wait to get out of the shop and rip on this thing to finally see what it is made of. Well let me tell you, the name really fits this marker. With a little adjustment of the trigger set screw, (took 30sec) this thing was beasting it. I easily got used to the trigger and had it at shoot 16-17. The break beam eyes really work great too. At one point I outran my TSA but it hardly skipped a beat. It's not too loud either. I mean its not like a cocker or anything but its definitely not a loud marker by any means. Also those "big holes" in the side of the reciever will not let stuff it. There is a shield around the internal and the hole can take a direct hit and nothing will happen.( Hey look at the Timmys, they have em!)

Yes there are a couple but nothing major at all. One is that the bolt is aluminum. It would be a nice touch to have a delrin bolt but hey, it was 260! The aluminum one really isn't horrible and it slides surprisingly well, but i would recommend a delrin one as soon as they come out. Also right at the solenoid the grip kind of bulges out. It's no big deal and i'm sure i can fix but hey, there has to be a couple weaknesses right?

Now comes the question......ION OR WRATH???!!!!
This is kind of a personal preference and I am going to do this totalyy un-biased because i do like both and have shot both

Speed is a little lower. Also quieter and less kick though. Really hard to get to bolt (just dont chop!! lol)
Faster than ION. Stock barrel is better. User friendly, LCD, Quick strip bolt. little bit more kick and a bit louder. Quality of marker is a little bit better. I'm not saying that because of the plastic (I kind of like that idea). I have heard of problems with really weak threads on the IONs. This will eventually get fixed just be careful and use some grease or paintball lube.
Break beam eyes-Pretty nice triggers-Great Values
Conclusion: This is a great product for an Amazing price. It is great to see paintball going in this direction and the prices lowering. This thing is really fast, easy to shoot and user friendly. I would have to go with the wrath over the ion(obviously I already did and don't regret it) Just because of how user friendly it is. If you do ever shop with the Ion you have to completely disassemble it unlike the wrath. Just pull the pin it takesd about a second. Also the LCD board makes it a lot easier to use. They are both good gun though. Tis is a great gun. I give it a ten because for the price, it is about the best you can buy!
10 out of 10
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Stormin-Norman Tuesday, March 29th, 2005
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
3 years76 of 87 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
GZ Timmy
Marker Setup: 3 Custom Cockers 99, 02 and Custom Body non WGP
Automag Classic
Tippmann 98
Spyder Electro
Diablo Wrath
Just a delrin bolt and drop forward.
Strengths: Best bang for your buck.
Eyes, LCD, runs on CO2 and HPA
Weaknesses: Non Delrin Stock Bolt
External Supply Lines
Review: ###UPDATE###5-22-06
Gave my old wrath to my Dad and still shooting the LTD. The gun has been performing flawlessly so far this season, other than the LCD going on the blink when it's cold.


Paid shipping to NPS, and they fixed everything for free. Replaced my RAM, hoses and cleaned my Reg. Now I am not so pissed off, now it just needs to get warmer so I can re-open my field and play with it. On a side note, I sold out and bought a Shocker and Impulse, the Schocker is primary used gun but the Wrath will still be my backup.


I got a compressor and now see no reason to go on using the Wrath. Bought a Wrath LTD and it leaked out of the box. This pissed me off and I stopped using it.


Ok. So I have owned my Wrath for about a year now. I still think it is the greatest thing on the face of planet. My wrath has been shooting anti-siphon and non-siphon CO2 for the past year. It still runs beautifully, I honestly could not ask for anything more.

I recently upgraded the board to the R-15 (Stock LTD), Wave Trigger and LTD Bolt. The gun absolutely rips, I will probably never pick up my e-blade again. I really cannot say enough good about this gun, the customer service behind the gun. It is strictly phenominal.

Chris Valente who is the primary technician for this gun, is amazing, any questions/problems I have had in the past he has worked out instantaneously. He truly is a credit to NPS and Diablo!

Bottom Line is still, the Wrath is unbeatable for a gun that will run consistently on CO2. If you find a gun that will run on CO2 with no adverse affects, you think is better than the Wrath please contact me, because I think it is the best on the market.

Users reading this review feel free to contact me for a referal!

So I have owned the gun for half a year now and I still love it. Now, about 6 guys at the field own them and love them. Still the only problem is blowing the front line to the LPR when using CO2 and one of the guys pinched the eye wires putting it back together but that was his own fault. 2 of my regulars at the field have done every possible mod on theirs, so far my favorite is the delrin trigger that one of the players has, I really like the feel of it.

Chris Valenete at NPS has still been great at getting me parts when I need them. The customr service at NPS is impecable. So, even after 6 months my rating is still 10 out of 10. We will see how it does during the winter months though.

###UPDATE### 07-13-05

So, I have owned the gun 3 months. Biggest problem with it thus far is, I have blown the pneumatic hosing twice. This is only likely to happen when your crank up the pressure over 300 psi. I got a whole bunch of extra hose from NPS for free and so its no big deal. The gun is easy peazy to dismantle and put back together. Overall, I am still extremely happy with the way this gun functions, especially on CO2!!!!

###UPDATE### 05-19-05

Just got back from an MSPA tourney in Clarksville TN and the wrath performed very well as usual. I experienced a little bit of shoot down for the first time, though. Other than that it is still working flawlessly and so far 5 other people at my field have bought them due to seeing mine perform.


The Diablo Wrath Rocks! I shot with this weekend and I may never touch a cocker again. I was shooting medium bore mixed quality paint and it shop flawlessly. The following is what I experienced today shooting the gun.
Good Distance
Tight Shot Patterns = Good Accuracy
Phenominal ROF
Super easy to use with the LCD.
Great on battery life.
Revy was sufficient.
Great working eyes- no chops all day.
Light and well balanced. (even in the heat I didn't mind toting it.)
Easily Adjustable reg, no problems at the chrono.
Close shot per shot fps all within 5 fps.
No Maintenance required over a 6 hour span.

Needless to say, I am awestruck at what I got for 260 dollars.
I would reccomend this gun to any paintball player, new or experienced.

I'll post another update after 6 months when I have beat it up a little bit.


Took out all the Ion stuff as I no longer care. However it does piss me off that Smart Parts only warranties there guns for 90 days.

I know I forgot some things but here is my semi-biased research findings.

Josh "Stormin" Norman
Field Owner
Conclusion: The Wrath is a must have for new to intermediate players who want an advantage over their opponents.
10 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007 at 2:30 pm PST
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rottensquad07 Sunday, February 27th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested66 of 71 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Dragun ONE, B2K4, Odyssey O3
Marker Setup: Diablo Wrath, Check it drop, AIM 68 regulator, Freak kit, Egg II w/ Z-board, and 68 / 3000.
Delrin bolt when it comes out, barrel, the usual
Strengths: See review
Weaknesses: See review
Review: I purchased the new Diablo Wrath this week from Brady's Paintball. Right out of the box, I knew this thing was going to be a monster.

When I first saw this marker, I knew I had to have it. The gun arrived on Thursday this week, and I was not disappointed. Out of the box, the gun has some good quality parts. Unlike its closest cousins the O2 and the O3, this marker had a nice looking foregrip regulator. Upon inspection, I noticed the regulator was similar in operation to my AIM regulator or a Bob Long. The air flow pathways in the regulator are a little small, but I was impressed overall. The gun features a rail type mount which has those funky Dragun type threads. The regulator is however standard threaded, so only the mount needs replacing if the user decides. The anno was a high polish blue to silver fade. I must say the pics on the site do not do this thing justice. The LPR is a O3 type, and has great flow and performance. One thing that caught my eye right away was the ram sleeve. I think it was good of Diablo to use this design as it gives the gun a more "performance" look. In the ram sleeve sat a ram very similar to the O3. One difference on this part of the gun was that the ram appears to be pure brass, and not brass coated over a nylon tip like on the O3. The ram spring is about 1.5 inches long, and is very light. Much much shorter then the ram spring in the ONE. The bolt is the usual aluminum type, but is ok if well lubed with some Dow. After moving the bolt forward a few times, I realized how smooth and short the stroke on this marker is. Very comparable to the O3. The clamping feedneck stock was another nice touch, but it is one of the weaker points of the gun. It has a cheap, rough feel to it, and I will be replacing mine with the Odyssey twist clamp. The stock barrel is your usual Odyssey / Dragun type with Autococker threads. These stock barrels are some of the best stock barrels around. The grips are a smoke color and allow the black LCD to be visible. They have a nice feel to them.

Later on, I decided I needed to take the marker apart. It is a weird thing, but I just like to see the "insides" before I go shooting so I can better understand the marker. Upon opening up the grip, I noticed the LCD board was similar to the O2. The wires were tied together neatly, and the overall look of the electronics was good. The solenoid is a clapper type noid, with a valve mounted on the front. The clapper is activated, and this pushes the valve core in. Air rushes in, and a spring on the opposite side of the valve chamber pushes it back closed. This type of noid is completely rebuildable, and looks to have a high flow capacity. I did notice that this noid is very hard to put back in right, so I do not recommend its removal unless maintenance is required. Since I had the frame off, I set the trigger at this point. The trigger is exactly like the O3 with the lever, and 2 point adjust-ability. One thing I really liked was ther marker has dual detents. They are little rubber nubs that can be accessed by taking the eye covers off. After I set the trigger, I put the eye wires in the channels on the body and put the frame back on. I recommend doing this with the marker upside down so you can set the trigger frame on the top. This will make the placement of the wires easier, and ensure that the screws do not fall into your lap. I then lubed the LPR, HPR, bolt, and ram with dow and put the gun completely back together.

Saturday was the first time I got to actually shoot the marker. I screwed on my 68 / 3000, set my HPR to 250 psi, and began turning the LPR in. I loaded a few balls, and fired. I was shooting well over 300 fps, so I turned the HPR down to 200 psi. When it was all said and done, the marker was running at about 190 psi and shooting 285-290 fps. I shot about a tank full of air just to break the regs in. The marker has a very solid feel to it, and it was very responsive. I could easily walk the trigger 12 bps, but there is some undesirable trigger slop. I recommend a Zenitram trigger to help that problem. After I emptied the tank, I refilled, and put my egg on the marker. I was shooting some Diablo paint that I had. With my Freak kit, I was getting + / - 7 fps with the stock regulator. Not too shabby. I then went out to test the eyes on this thing. I pointed the marker at a cardboard box I had, and let it rip. I emptied the hopper quickly w/o chopping or breaking a ball. The accuracy was superb at 50 ft. At this point I was very impressed with the marker. I did however experience a leak later in the day. The adapter that the LPR screws into uses odd size o-rings, and I had to use some automotive o-rings to seal it up. I added another small o-ring to the adapter retaining screw for precaution. All in all, we shot about 700 rounds consecutively through the marker by dumping pod after pod into the hopper. I did not have one break, and the eyes worked flawlessly. I was very impressed none the less. This marker is fast, and I had good air efficiency. I still had about 1000 psi after 700 rounds, so I estimate about 900 – 1200 shots on my 68 / 3000. The marker is about the same weight as an O3, but is about 2 inches shorter then the ONE. It has a very nice feel, and overall setup. The reg is close to the frame which makes you more compact, and the gun felt very balanced with my tank on it. My fully upped ONE does not even compare. Even with the ram mod I had, the wrath still has less kick and better consistency. I think the price is a steal for what you get. I would have shelled out $400.00 for this thing. If you are considering buying one, I would defiantly recommend it.

Conclusion: Great gun, very easy to use, good on air, I give it a 10!!!!!
10 out of 10Last edited on Monday, April 18th, 2005 at 6:16 pm PST
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bjgpb Sunday, February 27th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested66 of 83 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
Marker Setup: Dm4 for speedball
C98 decked out when I play woods
Drop of choice with mirco line kit
Strengths: Fast
Dual eyes
operates on everything
grip neck
Looks nice/sturdy
Weaknesses: Aluminum bolt
the drop down
lack of upgrades
trigger gaurd space
Review: My friend just got one of these and I had the chance to fire it. I will play a round or two with it today as well to get some in game incite. I want to write an honest review of this marker that covers everything that no one else has so far. This maker is a GREAT beginner marker ... and a very good intermediate marker. Maybe the only thing that can compare is the ION but I have not shot one of those yet. So let me break it down for everyone.


Fast ... not as fast as TRUE high end markers. Everyone says 20bps CAPABLE. Yes the boards are CAPABLE, but can it be done easily. The Wrath's board might be "capable" but you are not going to shoot as fast as easily as you can with a true high end marker. I can't shoot 20bps on my DM4 (how many manually can), but I can rip around 15 pretty easily. I may have reached 10-12 with the Wrath. It's DEFINITELY not a Spyder, but it's not as "easily" fast as true high end markers. I am sure with some tweaking you can make it easier to rip on. You definitely get the speed with this marker though.

The Eyes .... what can I say, dual break beam, the best eyes to have, and these were working as well as the eyes on my DM4. Awesome. The grip neck is easy to use and really tightens your hopper down (except a VL Revy). These two features alone make the Wrath worth the purchase. And another great thing is this Marker operates on ANYTHING. High pressure HPA, Low pressure HPA, and even Co2 for the rec ballers that can't afford HPA. I put it to the test with the Co2, and wow. It ripped pretty nice with decent consistenty. But after shooting streams of 10, 12, 13, 14 bps for a minute the reg was freezing up. So I wouldn't try shooting this marker as fast as you can in a game while using Co2. It shot much better with the HPA. Shot great even with the High output tank. So those asking ... getting a low pressure tank would probably be a little easier on your reg, but it operates fine on a high output tank as well. The reg is definitley a strength, even comes with a gauge to show your output pressure. Another plus you are not use to seeing on a marker this price.


The problem I had that hindered my "ripping" ability with this marker is the small amount of space between the trigger and the gaurd. It is a small, tight, compact marker ... but I wish they found a way to allow a little more room inside the gaurd. The trigger seems a little short to my liking as well, but that is maybe more of a preference. It didn't feel as smooth as I am used to and was hard to "sweet spot" I would probably change the trigger out.

The stock bolt works really well and makes it extremely easy to strip your marker down and clean in seconds. If it were derlin, this would be up in the stregnths. Not a bad bolt at all, but come on derlin should be stock. The other "stock" piece that bothered me was the drop down. It's not a bad drop down ... but it's got that big braided steel hose instead of a micro line kit. Again this is preference I guess ... but how many "HighEnd" markers have steel hoses ... exactly. Not only that, but you can't fit a micro line kit on it without changing the drop (or getting a converter fitting) because the reg and the drop are threaded differently. A bit frustrating, luckily I had a nice short drop and asa that we were able to throw on my buddy's Wrath along with the micro line. It dropped the weight a little more, leveled the marker out, and improved the looks even more IMO. A nice SHORT drop FORWARD is reccomended.

There are a couple more things. The KICK is pretty strong. When using the Co2 I though I was shooting my C98 w/RT. It was less when using HPA ... just another reason to get HPA. It's not THAT much more than Co2 when you break it down over the long run ... so newbies just drop the Co2. The last thing is the lack of upgrades. Yea it sucks. People are saying Timmy bolts fit this marker ... show me which one. The closest thing I have seen that looks like it may fit is a Stubby Impulse bolt. Diablo needs to get to work themselves and with other companies and get some upgrades for this baby, mainly a nice bolt or a new trigger frame might be nice.



I took my friend with me to the indoor field I play at here in Tampa and we tested the Wrath out. I played a game or two with it and was impressed. I gotta say with the short drop we added the weight is awesome and the profile is tighter than my DM4. The trigger is still not as smooth/fast as true high end markers, but I adjusted it further for him and this next Sunday I am sure he will be able to rip another ball or two per second faster. He's a newb and already rips faster on the marker than I can as he has the sweetspot on the trigger down pat. He used my boomstick off my old cocker and it was very accurate, more so than the stock barrel. At the end of the day I broke my marker down and gave him my 14" ultralite and he shot out 2 tourney guys and one decent recballer while himself, playing with two "chumps" in a 3on3. Marker is SUPER accurate with a nice barrel. He was dead on accurrate hitting one of the tourney guy (actually GIRL) on the knee cap when she very slightly over slid her bunker. Why the UL is my barrel of choice. Got home and he broke it down completely to clean (we got pretty dirty playing from 11am-8pm) it as well as get a feel for how it worked and was set-up. He's a newb, remember, and he did this no problem. Shows it's very user friendly. BUT he had to replace every o-ring on the marker and one ball dentent was toast ... which is probably why he chopped twice in our day of play. The o-rings I'm sure; a result of our Co2 test (newbs get HPA). (*note the stock o-rings are the cheapest I have EVER seen*) Hopefully that won't be a problem again since he runs HPA and we only tested it with the Co2. No one carries Wrath ball detents (locally at least) since they are made strictly for the Wrath and I had to search around at ACE Hardware to find a couple of o-rings for him that the scuba and paintball shops did not have. Called Diablo and after a day of trying he got a hold of someone. They are sending him replacements at no cost and he was told they would do their best to have them here by Saturday so it will be ready for Sunday play. A good sign for those worried about customer service. I don't know why companies go to the trouble to make the feature components of their markers good quality, then skimp on the cheap stuff like o-rings, ball dentents, allen keys, etc. Why not throw in extra o-rings, ALL proper allen wrenchs, ball dentents, some lube ... heck charge an extra $5 if you want to ... but that stuff should be stock. (This is directed at some high end markers as well, it's not just the Wrath, but it is one more "weakness") So if Diablo and the other companies are reading ... listen to what I just said. Believe it or not this is one reason I chose a DM4 over other markers and ONE reason it is a better VALUE over markers in the same price/performance range. Why should people have to worry about searching and buying or even calling in, for replacment 60 cent orings and ball detents for their marker they shelled out hundreds of dollars for. It urks me more than anything. Again this is not just Diablo ... all the marker manufactures know who they are. Anyways this is more info for those considering a Wrath. It's still an 8 overall and still the best value in my opinion even with the weakness (which ever marker has)


Diablo informed my buddy a new bolt will be out very shortly (couple of weeks). I have been informed that *Derlin has made a derlin bolt for the Wrath as well as Zoompaintball I believe it is (who can be contacted on PaintballNation)
Conclusion: I'm giving the Wrath an 8 overall, but a 9 for what you get for the price. I wish they would have added a couple little things like micro line, derlin bolt, better looking/performing barrel ... that would have brought it up to a 9 overall (a 10 with a nicer trigger). This is a great marker to get you into high paced tourney style ball. It's not going to out perform the Shockers, Matrixes, Timmys, Vikings, etc etc ... but it will allow you to compete and get you going. If you really get into it, you will definitely wan to get a "True High End" marker down the road. But this is an awesome beginner-inmediate level marker that with the added 3rd party support could launch Diablo as one of the leading marker sellers ... and is already changing paintball as we know it with all the features it currently has at a going price of around $275. Great job Diablo, you have done something great for our sport.
8 out of 10Last edited on Thursday, March 3rd, 2005 at 10:11 pm PST
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africanhottie Thursday, February 17th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
3 months36 of 39 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
Nothing specifically
Marker Setup: Diablo Wrath
Revvy (12 Volt with X board) but I finally fot my egg2 with a Y board
Crossfire 3000/68 N2 tank

Spyder victor 2
ESP 3.0 IPI trigger frame
14" PMI razzor barrel
VL revolution Hopper(with Xboard)
ESP striker bolt
Fast hopper
halo b
Strengths: Light
Looks good
Dual Breabeams (better than just 1 eye)
timmy parts in it
Weaknesses: Trigger is a bit wobly
needs a delrin bolt
Review: The first day I got this marker I opened the package and stared in awe at how B E A U tifull this marker is. Way better than the pics(I have the black one).
And it shoots as fast as hell,it was also very, very persistent.
I Just recently went to go and "field test" it.
1: it runs at about 175-200 Psi(like an o3)
2: air ram design
3: its super accurate
5:use nitro!!!!( I used a 68/3000 crossfire)
6:clamping feed neck
7:Cocker threads
I am going to get a delrin bolt to see if there is a diff in performance soon.

IT RIPS and I never chopped a ball once(thanks to the break beams).
This marker is fast enough for a back player but light enough for a front player.( if you know what I mean)
It is really easy to use and the LCD screen is easy to read with usefull features like the game timer and shot counter
There is one thing though, its very loud (if dry fired) all though not to bad if your cycling balls.

So I think this marker is truly awsome.
I will give more info as I find it out.
Conclusion: This marker is the best bang for your buck (literally)
If you are looking for a high end marker that wont keep the food off your table for a week or two, then get this.
Its a marker that all can use, is great for rec or tourny play, and will not hold out on you.
I give this marker a 10 out of 10
10 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, March 15th, 2005 at 1:25 pm PST
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wrathrob Saturday, March 5th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month25 of 29 people found this review helpful.

6 months
Products Used:
Spyder imagine, ACS delrin bolt, SP Teardrop barrel (sold to buy Wrath) - Does not compare well.
Marker Setup: Stock Wrath & Egg II
Fast hopper,Nitro, Delrin bolt, possibly a new trigger
Strengths: Dual beam break eyes, quick strip bolt, vertical clamp feed port & the grip.
Weaknesses: No delrin bolt, no extra o-rings & the trigger is a little sloppy.
Review: I am very new to paintball, but I think that may be a plus as I have slightly different view point. My review may be more helpful to new players, or anyone just looking for any possible extra detail on the gun.

My first gun was a Spyder Imagine with an ACS Delrin bolt, and a SP Teardrop barrel. I liked shooting the gun just fine, but I was very frustrated at having to spend a large portion of my time cleaning the many ball breaks. Admittedly, many of the breaks were my fault.

All I wanted with my second gun was one that would shoot and keep me out playing on the field. I didn't want to spend more than $200. I also did not want a marker that required immediate upgrades. I wanted it to work well right out of the box. I quickly realized $200 wouldn't get me everything I wanted.

I liked the reviews for the Misfit. The ION came out just as I finalized my decision to upgrade. I also considered the Odyssey 02, of course the Wrath, and few others. Since my first priority was not to break balls, I wanted to go with the best eyes possible. From what I could find, the ION and Wrath both have the dual beam break eyes which apparently don't have issues with darker paint.

After reading a few of the Wrath/ION threads on the net, I felt that they both must be pretty nice markers. Neither gun seemed to be a clear winner in the debates. I decided on the Wrath because I like the look better, and I don't like the idea of having the same gun as everyone else.

I ordered mine from Brady's and received it a couple of days later. I was pretty excited. The box looks good, but I was a little disappointed when I opened it. I was expecting the brilliantly shiny black that you see in all the images. Instead the gun was covered in fingerprints. I was a little peeved that someone had been pawing my new gun!

Anyway, I picked it up, buffed it with a cloth, and then turned it over to look at the other side. By the time I flipped it back over, the fingerprints were back on the gun. I quickly realized that it is so black and shiny that everything shows on the gun. This is a disadvantage of the black I suppose.

I'll just go ahead and list the small details that I didn't like to get them out of the way. I didn't like the packing inside the box. The gun was set in foam, but should have had a small layer covering it in case the box is flipped over. No extra O-rings were included (My Spyder came with them). No charger and no charging port so you always have to take the grip off to replace/charge the battery (This is the only thing I miss about my Spyder). The included user manual is like a photo copy of a photo copy. It looks cheap, and has no diagrams at all. If you don't already know the name for every part of a marker, then the explanations given don't make a lot of sense.

I liked the looks of the trigger when I first saw it on the net. I have had some trouble adjusting to it though. I am getting better at using it, and I think I am going to learn to be happy with it. It does have a bit of side to side slop, but I never notice it when I am playing.

My only experience is with the Spyder Imagine, so it is the only thing I can compare with. Compared to my Spyder, the Wrath shoots awesome. I love the feel, it seems accurate, and the eyes work perfectly so far. When I do something stupid (like not turn on my egg) instead of making a mess, it just doesn't shoot. It is pretty much idiot proof in this regard. The feed port holds my egg perfectly with no tape, etc. It seems to make about half the noise of my Spyder. The grip is comfortable. The LCD is easy to use, and cleaning it is a real pleasure. Removing the bolt takes all of about a second or so.

When I first brought it out to the field, I received several ooh's and ah's. Several of the staff "had" to check it out, and they were excited about it. They were able to make the trigger work a lot faster than I can, and they all seemed very impressed. They did hook it up to Nitro as well, and the consensus was that the gun definitely shoots better with it. I just can't afford it at the moment.

I have had a couple balls break in the barrel, but it doesn't seem to be a big issue. If this happened with my Spyder/SP Teardrop barrel, I had to clean it. With the Wrath, I just fire off a couple of balls and it seems to clean itself out pretty well.

The reviews I find most helpful are ones that are primarily about the stock gun. If the review is after upgrading the bolt, barrel, regulator, feed port, grips, etc., then feel that I still don't know much about the gun. Comparisons are helpful between stock and upgrades, but a review only after a ton of ups is not.

I will break down and score some of the details. I find a one number rating a little limited. The scale below is 1-10 with 5 being average.

Marker looks - 8
Feed port - 9
Trigger - 8
Grips - 8
ROF/Feel w Nitro - 10
ROF/Feel with CO2 - 8
Ease of cleaning - 10
Anti-chop - 10
LCD - 8
Speed - 9
Overall Quality - 9
Overall value - 10

Conclusion: This is a great gun, and it is well worth the money. If for some reason I was offered $400 for gun, I would immediately buy another Wrath, and put the extra towards a Nitro tank. It really is a pleasure to shoot and clean, and it looks good. Because of the poor manual, lack of additional O-rings, and the slop in the trigger I am going to give a 9 as my product rating.
9 out of 10
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ZWCoolkid Sunday, April 10th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month21 of 23 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
-Timmy (closer than you may think)
-Shocker (about the same size, a little heavier)
-Ion (a little heavier but seriously outperforms this gun)
Marker Setup: Stock Blue/Silver Diablo Wrath (I wouldn't have it any other way)
Crossfire 68/3000 w/ Dye Tank Cover

Spyder Rodeo
Evil Driver Barrel
Hybrid Technologies Headlock neck
Dye Stickies
Crossfire 68/3k
Hopper is all you need, but if you use atypical paint, a barrel kit might help.
New regulator, but only if stock one breaks (heard rumors, mine's awesome!)
New T-board if you want even faster (you sicko, you wanna fire more than 20BPS?) or if your stock board messes up (again, all rumors, my stock rocks my socks.)
Strengths: -Speed, reliability, accuracy, cheap (pick 4)
Weaknesses: -None for me
-Many rumored problems I have not had
Review: I just went to the field with my Wrath for the first time and I can now confidently say, this marker is truly incredible. Let me just say I went ahead and did the trigger job that gives the gun a 'backstop.' I did this for 2 reasons. 1st, I just plain wanted to shoot faster, and 2nd, I had had the problem with the switch sticking. It seemed like the switch would stick no matter what I did, but after wiggling some wires or adjusting the trigger out it would usually fix itself.

Anyways, I got out to the field after getting that and a few other things (oiling, O-rings, and disassembly) done. I had heard all the crap about the regulators screwing up so I took the precautions you guys suggested. I screwed my HPR adjustment screw out really far. At first I was worried because my gun wouldn't fire, but I realized I had busted my HPA's tank's O-ring as I screwed it in (how often does that happen?) Anyways, I approached the chrono. It took me a little while to learn the gun, but I got it shooting about 280 +/- 20 at 200 psi and with the LPR screwed in pretty far. With this done, I took all my paint out, took apart my gun, installed my Über ghetto jumper (a very small screw that just barely fits between the prongs), and let rip at full auto, in order to break in the regulator. I was somewhat disappointed here though. While the gun could click at 20 BPS with just the solenoid, the regulator wasn't recharging fast enough to get me past a consistent 17 BPS. Any faster than that and the gun wouldn't fully cycle. A new regulator and maybe a new valve should fix this problem. With my trigger adjusted like it was, I found it very easy to walk and I don't really think I'll need a T-board.

Finally, after about 5000 shots (2 air tank fills + what I had left over from the last time I had played) at 17 BPS, I felt my regulator was probably broken in. I went ahead and refilled my air, added paint, and switched my gun back to semi-auto. Now was the big chrono test. I found my first shot went only 182, which I thought was awful and I was worried my gun might be broken, but then my next shot was right at 285. That's a pretty good sign right? Yes, this gun did have FSDO, but after that it fired at 285, 283, 281,284, 286. I went ahead and took all this down on paper because I knew I was gonna do a review.

The next thing I did was test the accuracy. I went out to a field the refs had been working on that wasn't in use, and fired as fast I could at a target that was really far away. It hit a bunker that was easily 100 feet away about 75% of the time. My previous gun wouldn't have had a chance at hitting this, but my paint just happened to be the exact bore of my barrel, and this thing was straight-up shooting darts. Unfortunately, my hopper wasn't doing this gun justice. I had read a review on Warpig that said the Reloader 2 would get a consistent 14 BPS. Either Warpig was wrong for the first time I have heard of, or I was firing faster than I thought I could, because my hopper just couldn't keep up. It felt like it was only feeding at about 11 or 12 BPS. I later borrowed a friend's Evolution 2, but it still wouldn't keep up with my fingers. Nobody would let me borrow a Halo, so I still dont' know how fast this thing could fire, but I guarantee you it will fire at least 16 BPS, and maybe more like 17.

Because of my eyes, I chopped 0 balls in the ~2000 rounds I shot. My barrel and bolt because of no breaks, and as a result, my accuracy improved immensely. I found the eyes performed great, but I never really had a chance to test them at high-speeds, only at lower, more erratic-feeding speeds, which most people consider to be a better test of eye ability. Oh, and did I mention this paint was jet black? Yes, several tourney players were pissed off, including Mr. Shocker, who had bouncebeam eyes, and I just couldn't help but laugh at these guys who didn't have breakbeam eyes and got so upset by the color of their paint!

Finally, (after several hours however, because I had to help like 50 new people) I managed to get some game time in. I'm not the best player out there, but with new muppet-mower I felt more confident that I could play and win. I did very well, taking out many people on the break with good laning (I took out 2 in one game with one lane, a first for me!). I did very well overall, and some guy with a Nasty Shocker came over and chatted with me for a while about my gun and he was freaking out and didn't believe it only cost me $250 (I got a great price a local shop). This impressed me a lot, because he had put more than $800 into his gun, and he was shocked that anyone sold such a great gun with so many features stock for under $400. This gun breaks the "Pick 2: Accuracy, Speed, Cheap" rule. The only minus I had for this gun was that in round I got shot in the feedneck and got paint all over it and in it. The very next round, my hopper came off when I made a dive for a bunker and I got shot while reaching for it. I suppose the paint acted as a lubricant to make my hopper fall out. Anyways, after getting shot in the feedneck and getting tons of splatter all over my gun, I had the Herculean task of taking my new beast home and cleaning it up. Sounds like a nightmare right? Wrong.

When I got home I looked at my gun. It was covered with splatter and had pink all down the cracks of the feedneck. However, the inside was immaculate, so I just took out the bolt, eyes, and ram. The ram cover thing had splatter on it. I used a damp cloth to clean off the trigger frame and I was careful not to get the board wet. I took everything else off the body and just washed that and my barrel, feedneck/clamp, and ram cover, and my gun was back to being immaculate again.

The only upgrade I can recommend is a new feedneck, because I just plain out don't think it holds hard enough when its got paint all in it, but then again what feedneck does? Also, depending on the typical size of the paint, you may not need a new barrel kit, but if your field carries unusual paint, go ahead and get one. The regulator also worked great for me.
Conclusion: This is easily one of the best guns I have ever owned, and I'm so impressed by it that I think I'm going to encourage all my friends to buy one. I found it to be faster, more reliable, and far more accurate than any Ion I have ever fired, and at my field, there are plenty of them and everyone wants me to try theirs. It was also cool knowing that I was the only guy out there with a Wrath.
10 out of 10
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misfortune_king Tuesday, July 5th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
6 months16 of 17 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
Ion- Not as good as Wrath but still is a good gun.
Marker Setup: Halo B with rip drive <-----very good hopper especially for this gun or anything that shoots above 17 bps
Stock Barrel <------ pretty accurate for a stock barrel
68/4500 psi lp crossfire tank <----great tank
derlin bolt <----------------the gun rips with this baby
new bolt (which is only $23 and YES THE BOLT IS OUT)
new ram (which i around $23 as well and if you get the bolt you may as well get that too YES IT IS OUT AS WELL)
drop foward if you prefer (some people like it the way it is, like me for instance).
Strengths: Fast
Good price
Great Eyes
Feed Neck
Great customer service
Weaknesses: bolt
burns paint fast
Diablo is the not known "underdog" company
Review: ok, let me start off saying this gun is deffinatly a great,fast,impressive gun, and the price just makes it better! ok with a nice fast halo hopper this gun can truley live up to its name. You can burn paint at top speeds and blow away many enemys.


There are several new upgrades that came out that makes this gun even better then it already is. But of course not many people know about them (which will lead me into my next topic). Ok a new derlin bolt, derin ram, and trigger was made to improve this guns game. I also saw they came out with a new board that lets u shoot 36 bps. Now of course a million people will say "There is no way" or "Absolutley not" well you know what, there IS. And even better than that there is there are two new chips for that board as well that give you different firing modes and the other chip guves you unlimited bps, which depends on the cps of the gun. You can see reviews for these parts, boards, and chips on this site. The only bad thing is people who liked the LCD screen have to say goodbye to it. That board is $65 and the chips are around $23 each which is pretty good. I wanted to show people that there is new things coming out for this gun that no one thought there would be.

Which leads me to this topic.


The MAIN REASON people prefer the ION VS THE WRATH is because DIABLO IS NOT AS WELL KNOWN AS SMART PARTS. It makes me sick when I see people being shut down mentally by other players or refs or anyone who paintballs, because they never heard of Diablo and they think their guns are crap. They are horribally wrong. Smart Parts is very well known so people assume they are better. Well in this case they are wrong.


Excellent fast gun. I can shoot 15 bps right now and its great. The eyes are terrific and I have not had a ball chop since I have had the gun (probably around 15,00 balls). The trigger is nice and sensitive and you an shoot fast if you know how to walk and/or pull the trigger fast. The Lcd monitor is helpful and easy to use and the feed neck fits almost every hopper. Diablo has great customer service. They will fix your gun fast or send you messed up parts and free of chrage (the way it should be). They are nice helpful guys. And last the price is excellent for this typ of gun. Not very expensive but not cheap.


Every gun has a weakness. The stock bolt isn't as fast compared to the new bolt. It's not a bad bolt it just isn't as good. Another problem with this gun i you burn paint fast, but any good gun has this problem. The main weakness is Diablo isn't as well known as other companies and this greatly influences what guns players buy. There aren't too many weaknesses. One review before mention "cheap parts" in guns and I agree. But most companys do it so we really can't do anything about it. Thats all for the weaknesses.

EDIT: I found out the reason people believe this gun can't compete against the more expensive ones (angels,shockers, timmys etc.), and the reason that they dont believe this gun can go up to 36 bps is because they dont want to believe that they payed $1200
to have their gun go that fast when this thing is like 900 dollars cheaper. Well to all those people...............tough luck!!!!!!!!
Conclusion: I rate this a 9 because no gun is perfect. The speed is good and the price is good. If you are one of those kids or guys whose parents buy them everything don't even bother reading this review or look at this site. You don't deserve to. This gun along with Timmys, Angels, Cockers, Shockers etc. are the kind of guns when you EARN the money you feel great because you got your money's worth and got an excellent marker. If you are a good player this gun can stand up agianst those kind of guns, but like every gun it DEPENDS ON THE SKILL AND TALENT OF THE PLAYER. I hope everyone recieved the message I was sending. Have a great paintball career and thanks for your time. Have Fun.
9 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, July 17th, 2005 at 10:27 am PST
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homegrown2nr Monday, June 6th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month16 of 17 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
ION - only handled and shot.
ACI Korrupt Assassin - Good Reg and Accurate, but still a blowback.
Spyder Compact - My first love
A-5 - interesting concept, but a little heavy/pricy
Spyder Imagine - Average
98 Custom - mechanical (slow), but durable.
Marker Setup: Diablo Wrath - Silver 2nd Gen.
Spudnukl Bolt
Delrin Ram & Cupseal
Grip Mod - Red/Black
68/4500 N2
In this order:
1. HPA tank (n2)
2. FAST hopper
3. Spudnukl Bolt (or delrin bolt)
4. New barrel
5. Delrin Ram / Cupseal (cheap, so buy them together)
6. T-Board
There are others, but these are the biggies.
Strengths: Speed
Build Quality/Strength
DUAL Eyes/Detents
Looks/Unique Factor
Weaknesses: Manual - Really Sucks
Upgrades - for now
Gauge Position
C02 stamina
SS line
Review: Ok, this is my first review.

1. Why the Wrath?

I had gotten back into the sport after a short hiatus. I needed a new marker and saw that the options have really expanded. I went to a local proshop to get some answers and see the products that were available. The salesman was quick to show me the new ION. When I first saw it the gun looked kind of cheapish. Also I had read that Smart Parts is in a major law suit over technology used in their guns. However, after the owner gassed up the gun and let me shoot it, I really formed my opinion. The gun felt cheap and had quite a kick. It felt uncomfortable to hold and shoot (IMO). The one thing that impressed me was the ramping mode and the ROF that the marker achieved in this mode. I learned that the gun that I was given to fire had actually been thoroughly modified. I thought to myself, a gun that costs $285 that needed an immediate upgraded (feed neck, reg, trigger, barrel, etc.) to shoot well?!!?! Sounded like crap to me, my friend (Tippman A-5 owner) had an even lower opinion himself and confirmed my thoughts. I would later go in with yet another friend (Cocker - He's played in tournaments) picked up the gun for 2 minutes and put it down in disgust. Also in my trips to the shop (and others) I've seen many Ions apart with work orders for repair. These experiences killed my desire to ever own an ION. So I continued my search for a new marker. I purchased an ACI Korrupt Assassin in the mean time as it was a higher end of the lower end markers. It worked well, but was very similar to every other spyder out on the field (read, nothing special). So I decided to move up to a High End electric marker. So I stumbled upon this site and started pouring over the reviews. I found that even in the lower price category, the Diablo Wrath was still one of the highest rated of the markers. I had found my gun!

From what I was reading; the Wrath had a fantastic regulator, great accuracy, cocker threads, dual eyes/detents, great customer support (NPS), a mean look, and a killer price.

2. Getting the Wrath/ Initial Opinions.

I ordered the gun from action village and it arrived 3 short days later. Then marker came in a menacing looking black box. I opened the box only to find on of the worst manuals I have ever seen. It was glossy but all B&W with NO photos and NO diagrams. However, under that "manual" I found a bad *$$ looking marker. The gun came with a barrel sleeve, nice touch. I took the bolt out and found that it is heavy and had no orings. Interesting, but I threw some lube on it and went out to shoot this beast. The first gas I used on this marker was CO2. I screwed the tank on slowly and heard the gun gas up immediately, with NO leaks. I thought well so far so good! I noticed that the gauge read 200psi, which seemed low to me. Also the gauge and SS line are right where you put your hand, which took some getting used to. I turned the electronics on and removed the safety. I pulled this trigger and ....... there was a mark on the board, but I hardly felt the thing move. WOW! It was quieter than most markers I've shot (even the ION). A few more slow shots and then I went off. The gun shot so fast I was amazed. Then it after a few bursts the marker got very very cold. In fear of freezing the electronics, I stopped shooting. This brings me to the fact that YOU NEED HPA for this gun; it shoots far to fast for CO2. I went the next day and bought an HPA tank.

Over all my initial impressions was that the reviews where right. The only thing that most people complain about is the trigger. The trigger does move side to side a bit, but I find it actually helps me walk the trigger.

3. Battle / Field Review.

I went to an indoor field in my area. This is the first time that I had played with this marker and with HPA. I gassed up the gun and again no leaks, even after my CO2 abuse. The people at the field were very interested in my new marker. Is it a Timmy? What marker is that? I've never seen that before! People kept starring at my marker. this is the unique factor. I then geared up and went to play. The gun at 200psi and was crono 285fps. I had shot 100 balls though it up to that point and the three initial reading where 281,279,285. Wow the stock regulator was awesome! However, the field wants the markers to chrono at around 270fps. So I went out side to adjust it. I was advised to turn the gun down in increments of 1/8 turn then fire, 1/8 turn fire, etc. until I got to the required FPS.

Game time. The stock barrel was decent at a distance, but I think it was that crappy field paint. The first game the marker shot very well and consistent with the HPA. I got some distance kills and ripped some paint up close. The marker was performing beautifully! Never a leak or missed shot. I went through 750 balls that day WITHOUT A BREAK. Dual Eyes kick *$$! While paying the gun felt very solid and therefore instilled great confidence.

The tear down and cleanup of the marker was very easy. However, on removal of the bolt I found that it was already scrapped :( That is why I suggest a new bolt.

3. Upgrade time.

While the gun worked phenomenally stock, I can help, but want to upgrade. However while looking for upgrades, I found a shortage of options/companies to choose from. In my search I stumbled upon a forum on PBNation and read their upgrade/mods sticky. It was very through and had a number of links. So I order a new bolt (nylatron), new delrin ram, and delrin cup seal from Alamo PB and the bolt off eBay. In the mean time I posted questions on this forum and the people where more than friendly, mature, and knowledgeable. This is the opposite of the poeple in the ION forum. So the support is there from other players as well as NPS. The upgrades I listed above are a few of the short list of upgrades available for this gun. In the future, many more options will become available. I haven't been able to shoot the gun with the upgrades, but when I do I will update this review.

*** UPDATE ***
As promised here is the review:
Conclusion: This gun is by far the best marker I've owned or used. With the right upgrades you could challenge markers in the $1000 range.

Price + Performance + Reliability + Looks= Wrath!
10 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, June 7th, 2005 at 11:58 pm PST
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