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Smart Parts Ion Reviews

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Smart Parts Ion
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Number of Reviews: 1694
Average Rating: 8.9 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $200

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
Our most affordable marker ever. We're proud to have produced a paintball marker like no other. The Ion was built to be the marker for anyone who loves the game: simple to maintain, easy to use, designed for winning. It takes abuse like a rental gun, but throws paint with the best of them. You'll get the accuracy, range and rate of fire the Pro's enjoy for just a little more money than an entry level marker. The days of having to spend tons of cash to get what you want are over.

Our Features Presentation

� 17 balls per second semi-auto rate of fire with 3 shot burst, 10 bps full auto and our Rebound firing mode.

� Break-beam Vision Anti-Chop System Reliable and durable, the eyes are mounted on a separate board for perfect alignment and not affected by paint or body color. Just clean and replace (in minutes).

� A Featherweight Prizefighter At 2.2 pounds, the Ion is among the lightest high-end markers made, and it�s tube design imparts an ultra low profile.

� Reliability The Ion was engineered to stand up to the demands of professional players. It will outlast what used to be considered high-end and won't break down the minute you get it home.

� Improved Ball Detents Approximately 10 times the service life of current detents.

� Great Efficiency Expect a reliable 1000-1400 shots from a 68ci, 4500psi bottle without any modifications.

� Accuracy & Range The trademarks you expect from Smart Parts.

� Body Kits A first for paintball. High-quality aluminum internals are protected by composite shells, allowing you to instantly change the color or look of your body. Tired of blue? Switch to red. Or black. Or yellow. And there are more body styles in the works...

� Feed Tube with O-Ring Seals Fits a wider range of hoppers than most guns in this price range.

� Tools 1/8" Allen wrench is all you need for primary disassembly--and it�s included, along with trigger and velocity adjustment wrenches and a handy parts kit.

� Impulse Threads Take advantage of the barrels and feed tubes you may already have.
Product Availability 
The Smart Parts Ion is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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Dynasty_Flash Thursday, August 4th, 2005
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month3610 of 3744 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Dye Matrix
Dragun TES
Marker Setup: Black SP Ion
Black Halo
PMI Pure Energy 88ci/3000psi
Strengths: Look in review.
Weaknesses: Look in review.

Ok, here is the low-down, i'm not gonna feed you a bunch of crap, i'm not gonna tell you the story of goin to the pro shop, and blah blah blah, I'm just gonna tell you what everyone really wants to hear about the gun.


Accuracy, The accuracy on this marker is phenomenal!! I was nailing a tree about 15 yards away, with about a 10" spread on all paintballs. So i'm estimating.. you could gog someone with about 1-2 paintballs from a distance of 15 yards, about 20 yards (which is a good distance on most airball fields) probably 1-3. On a scale from 1-10 on ACCURACY I'm giving this gun a High 8!! (10 being a cocker)

Speed, Very impressive (When ramping) !! I myself can only shoot about a 10 bps lane, but some faster people I know can hit about 13/14 bps. After shooting in Semi, I was feelin spunky, so I turned to "ROF" all the way up on the board, and put it in ramping mode. AFTER I HIT ONLY ABOUT 6 BPS THIS THING WAS GOIN NUTS!! 17bps!! 17bps is certainly nothing to sneeze at!! The trigger is very light, but it kidda wiggles from side to side a little, but nothing to worrie about. SPEED I'm giving this gun a low 9!! (10 being an Angel Speed)

Weight, It is a very solid, balenced gun weighing in at only 2.2 pounds, what more can I say?! WEIGHT definantly a 10!!

The Eye, the eye works very well, it didn't allow me to chop any balls, and they were very cheap/

Style, This thing definantly stands out, it has a totally unique style of its own, for STYLE i'm giving it a 10!!

Price, you get alotta gun for under $300. It shoots really nice for the price you pay. DON'T LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHO ARE LIKE, "You get what you pay for, a cheap peice of crap blah blah blah." MOST OF THESE PEOPLE ARE NEWBS AND COMPARING THEM TO GUNS THEY'VE NEVER EVEN SHOT, OR ARE JUST USED TO HAVING GUNS HANDED OVER TO THEM LIKE ANGELS/EGOS/TIMMYS, AND SO ON. So I am definatly going to have to give the PRICE a 10!!!

MANY PEOPLE DIS THE STOCK BARREL, SAYING... "The inside of it is powder coated" It most certainly is not! "Why didn't they throw a Freak or an All American on it?" Because it would only add to the price! Get over it wieners, its no big deal, If you ask me for a stock barrel it shoots pretty nice anyways.


The feed neck is definantly a problem on the marker, nothing fits on it properly, and I've tried both the eVo2 and The Halo. So I strongly recommend getting a clamping feed neck.

And yes I have to be honest, the most annoying thing about this gun, is the shootdown, and I had to do alot of tweaking to the Velocity/Regulator, to try to get rid of the problem, and unfortunatly, it still doesn't work properly, hopefully Smart Parts will fix this problem in the next generation of Ions. If you have the money to go get a new reg. then I highly suggest you do, the gun will shoot so much more consistently, you will be happy you did.

Conclusion: I would recommend this gun to anyone, the quality is great!! But I must say the regulator on this gun really irritates me. But I'm still going to have to give this gun a 10 because you get alotta bang for your buck!!

10 out of 10Last edited on Thursday, August 4th, 2005 at 9:23 pm PST
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love_gun Saturday, February 19th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month527 of 585 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
Angels, Timmys, electro/mech spyders, E-bladed cockers
Marker Setup: Alias Intimidator
Non yet but when they come out
Strengths: Very light and small
Fast enough
Manual is good

Weaknesses: Very little drop off
Review: Ok i just bought this gun to back up my Alias Intimidator, and let me tell ya Awesome gun. Right when i took it out of the box i was very impressed, it feels just like a shocker and is light, not as light as my timmy, Also very small, which i like a lot, can stay nice and tight to bunkers and easy to handle. I loaded my evo 2 with paint and it fit very snug, i have heard that the neck doesn't fit halos. Put on a cross fire 45/4500, and started shooting, I really wasn't expecting good accuracy but this thing surprised me a lot, i was shooting arrows, now i started ripping on it (after i took the magnet out which is a lot better trust me) i put it on rebound and started shooting ropes, 17 balls is not the fastest out there, but fast enough, a lot of people won't agree. Now the reg. I took it out to the chroney and the results were 282, 274, 284, 285, 291, Not bad. That's not even broken in yet. Now after i was playing with it i experienced very little drop off, when shooting 15-17 bps, but it was there, a new reg will fix that. Another thing that really buggs me is that it's not field strip-able. I mean if you chop (which i didn't chop one ball with the break beam eyes) you have to take the gun apart, this starts to be a pain in the but, but after you do it a while it gets easy. (read the manual before striping) Now the shells. Now the people that are saying that it is plastic are wrong and there a bunch of you know what. The shell is very durable and its almost as durable as aluminum. If you threw the body to the ground it probably wont even crack, and its looks good, defiantly better than in pics looks a lot better in person. Another great idea that smart parts brang up was that you can switch the shells to yellow, blue, red, black, and soon to come other colors and designs. The trigger isn't all that bad. I defiantly recommend that you take the magnet out, it will increase ROF a lot, it is a little sloppy but when an aftermarket trigger comes out, that problem will be fixed. The sound of it was a little wield, at least mine was, almost sounded like an auto cannon, a new barrel can fix that, I put a 12" freak (takes Impulse threading) on mine and it sounded a lot better. As far as efficiency goes with my 45/4500 tank i got 1100 shots, not too bad. Im no gun tech but the people who say the ION uses cheap parts, that's wrong, its a very simple design that will be very reliable. I havn't used it much but im pretty sure that it won't cause a lot of problems
Conclusion: I defiantly would recommend this marker to anyone, not just noobs, this gun will not beat a Bob long or Angel, but it is better than a lot of 600 dollar guns out there. Great back up if you have a 1000 dollar marker. And the price is incredible going for 300 bucks. I wasn't a real smart parts fan, but this gun was great. 9/10 performance but for the price i gatta give it a 10.
10 out of 10
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ballisticpball Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month409 of 422 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
Spyder Pilot ACS- Ion is much better in just about all aspects. Faster, lighter more reliable. Simply better.
Karnivor- Karni is much faster, more accurate. The Ion gets beaten rather easily here.
Marker Setup: Red SP Ion
SP All American w/14" Freak Tip
SP Q-Lock
SP S-Rail
SP On/Off
CP Roller Trigger
Halo B
-Better Feedneck
-Better Trigger
-In the Future a Better Barrel
Strengths: -Cheap
-Good Reg
Weaknesses: -Quality Lost In Cheap Price
-Difficult To Program
-Strong Trigger Magnets
Review: Well, I've been reading over this review, and i think it's time to update it. That being said, I'll probably just write the entire thing over again.

Before I bought my Ion, I wanted to make sure I knew as much about thme as possible. I read all the posts in the Ion forum, looked at all the pictures, and made sure i knew as much as possible about them before buying them. I would reccomend everyone does this prior to buying their Ion. If you don't want to look like a complete idiot on the feild, not knowing how to turn your Ion on, or something like that. Another thing, before you buy an Ion, determine "Do I need to buy an Ion". Most people ask thmeselves "Can I buy an Ion". This should not be the question you ask yourself. If it's your first time playing, don't get your parents to buy you an Ion with all the trimmings. It's natural for all people to start out with a mech. Spyder or Tippmann. This lets you get the basic of paintball, without being too over your head. Seriously, a kitten dies everytime a noob (i don't like to use this word, but it seems appropriate) buys an Ion.

First Impressions:
When I first got my Ion I was impressed. It was basically everything I expected it to be. I previously owned a Pilot ACS with a very sloppy trigger, and long profile, so it took more than an instant to get used to the feel of my new Ion.

Problems Already?:
So, I just get my Ion, rip it out of the box, and slap on my air tank. Already I start to notice something. The threads in my ASA start shredding, literally. After screwing my tank in two or three more times, I start to notice real big problems. Such as chunkcs of the threads completelty missing. This caused the pin valve to be depressed, but the air to escape right out of the ASA. This wasn't too big of an issue for me, since I had an old PMI ASA kicking around that worked fine. However, this could have meant a weekend or two without paintball for some people.

Closer Examinations and Findings:

My thoughts on the feedneck? Junk. Complete junk. Since at the time I had an Egg with a relativley large feedneck, the Ion feedneck work relatively good with it. However, small feedneck'ed hoppers worked horribly, and larger ones worked poorly too. I removed the middle o-ring out of my feedneck, so I was trying to squeeze my Egg in with as much effort as i was previously exerting. This seemed to work for awhile until the o-rings just started shredding. They broke in half. Every last one of them. So! I said I had enough, and went out and bought a Q-Lock. This solved that problem just fine. It's super low-profile (unlike the stock mid-rise) and I like the design too. It holds an Egg tight and secure, and Halo's too. (it is a bit of a sqeeze to fit them in though) Overall, the Q-Lock really adds to the look of the Ion as well. You will want to replace your stock Ion feedneck.

This is where some people really start to debate. Some say the Ion barrel is crap, while others say it's good. Well, I feel I can bring truth to the table, since I've seen and shot a fair number of Ions. I say the stock Ion barrel is fine. The powder coated finsih might not be as appealing as other high gloss barrels, but if you care about perfomance, the Ion is rather good. Now one thing that has to be said about some Ion barrels. In some cases Ion barrels are over powdercoated, and the powder coating gets into the barrle through the ports. Powder coating is rather rough, and leads to inaccuracy and increases the likelihood of a chop. My team mates barrel was one like this, and to solve it, we cleaned it out with some shotgun barrle cleaner. It's rather potent stuff, and did a great job of cleaning up the excess powder coating and really polishing the barrel out. Now, if you want to talk accuracy I can throw some numbers out there for you. On my Ion with the stock barrel, shooting 10+bps, at 60' the Ion will repeatedly hit a target 12" diameter. Over and over and over. It doesn't really matter what paint your using either.I've shot tons of paint through my Ion. All Star (my favorite), Tork, Marbs, Stinger, X-Ball, Polar Ice, Zap, and so on. All these paints had very similar results. For long range accuracy, shooting at approx. 110' aiming at a 14" target, the target can be hit half of the time, or better. (1 out of every 2 shots) times. So that's what I have to say about the Ion stock barrel. Love it or Hate it, I think it's a decent barrel, especially for a stock barrel. Now, I went out and bought an All American. Many of you will try to say that there is no difference between Smart Parts barrels, but your wrong. The bore is much more smooth and polished on my AA than on any stock Ion barrel, or on any Progressive. I've noticed that I get a tighter spread with my AA on my Ion. If your strapped for cash, you don't NEED to upgrade your Ion's barrel, but it never hurts.You will find tighter and more accurate spreads with a decent aftermarket barrel.

Now, like the Ion's barrel, there is a lot of contravesy over the Ion's regulator too. This is what the case is. Some are good (+/- 3) and some are bad (+/- 10). It just so happens that I got a very good Ion reg. QFT: I was playing a tournament, on a warm summer day, and my team was at the chrono station getting ready and set up to play. My team mates shot some paint over the chrono and very having decent consistancy (about +/- 5). It was then my turn chrono. The numbers looked something like this. 277, 277, 277, 276, 277, 277, 278, 277. Yeah, +/- 1, and my entire team was there to witness it. Now, my reg doesn't always do this. It must have just been a good day or something, but on most occasions my reg gets +/- 3. Obviously I got a good reg. Now, if you did indeed get a bad reg, which I believe some people did, you shouldn't go around saying that all Ion regs are bad, because that's just not true. Like I said, some are good, and some are bad. This inconsistancy is definatly not a good thing.

What can be said about the Ion trigger? Lets see what words come to mind: Harsh, Unforgiving, Strong, Plastic. Yes, I said it. Be warned, the stock Ion trigger takes a lot of getting used to. The magnets are very strong, and make for a difficult trigger pull, especially at high rates of fire. One other thing I do not care much for, is the fact that the Ion trigger is plastic. I've heard of Ion triggers breaking in half, and thought that was just crazy, until it happened to one of my team mates. He was outside in moderatly frigid weather, and it broke in half. Interesting. An aftermarket trigger is somthing that your definatly going to want to look into. I got a CP because that's all I could get, but by the amount of good reviews on this site, i would reccomend a NDZ Blade. One thing that i did to try to make my Ion trigger a bit better, was to heat up the stock magnet, and try to remove some of the "potency". This didn't work as i used a blowtorch on it for about five seconds. i completley removed all of the polarity, making my magnet dead. I then just took a random magnet and stuck it in my trigger, and it's worked my better than stock. It's not near as powerful, yet stil delivers a fair amount of return. I would reccomend spending a lot of time adjusting your trigger, and get it how you prefer it. Less travel doesn't always mean better. But overall, I would strongly suggest getting either a CP, or NDZ trigger.

Like i said in my little story, the stock Ion ASA is horrible. I mean, duckbills still actually exsist? Smart parts must have had a lot of these left from back in the Impulse days. The duckbill makes for a very long profile, and I would definatly suggest getting either a drop forward, or a rail. If you like you marker up close and personal, stick your tank far underneath it and get a drop. If you like it to span out a bit, then go with a rail. No matter what you get, get something!

I have mixed feeling about these grips. The good: They work excellent for covering up the electronics from water and moisture. They fit excellently, unlike other stock grips I've seen *cough* Spyder! *cough*. The bad: These grips actually decrease my speed. I borrowed a team mates Dye Sticky 3's from him, and I found these to be excllent. They greatly change the feel of the overly hard grips of the Ion. The Ion grips seem to be 85% plastic and 15% rubber. They don't form to the hands very well at all. I would suggest getting new grips, for sure.

I don't think anyone can make any bad comments about the Ion's eyes. They are breakbeam eyes, which we all know are the best. These eyes have always worked flawlessly for me, and I've never had any problems. It's simple, eyes see paint, marker shoots. Eyes do not see paint, marker does not shoot. These eyes do just that. I've actually played games with a gravity feed loader on my Ion, rippin strings without any ball breakage. The eyes do their job. You can't debate the quality and performance of these eyes.

Arg. This is one particular area that is a bit shady on the Ion. It can get very confusing. One thing that must be said, you cannot just press some buttons and come up with exactly how mnay bps you would like to shoot. You need help. You actually need to use a math formula. Fortunatly, all you need is an internet connection and this website!
Just fill in the empty spaces, and all the numbers you need will pop up. Simple. Right? Maybe this will help

Solid Yellow: Dwell Up
Solid Red: Dwell Down
Single Yellow Blink: Recharge Up (ROF/BPS Down)
Single Red Blink: Recharge Down (ROF/BPS Up)
Double Yellow Blink: Cycle Modes Up
Double Red Blink: Cycle Modes Down

It's basically what's found in the manual, but it might be easier to understand here. Okay, now say someone is reffering to "zeroing out your Ion" This means you press go to Single Red Blink, and hold the button until, the yellow light does not light up everytime you press the power button. This means your at max ROF, which is 17bps. It's pretty easy to understand once you get used to it. One other thing, once you've become confident in changing modes, it would be in your best interest to ensure your Ion came from the factory with the proper default settings. Most importantly, your Ion's dwell should be set at 52 from the bottom. You should make sure this is the case. Now, my thoghts on this system? An LCD screen would very nice, but the new price tag of the Ion would not be. Once you get the hang of the LED system, it's not too bad. One other thing worth mentioning. In direct sulight, the power button is incredibly hard to see. This makes for a lot of confusion. Is my Ion on? Is my Ion off? Is Vision on? Very confusing. Another thing I must mention regarding the modes.The Ion does come with rebound mode. (ramping) This mode has caused a lot of uproar in the paintball world. What never ceases to amaze me however, is whenever I play against people with Timmys, they always want ramping modes turned off. I find this much they same as the pot calling the kettle black. I guarantee you, that 3/4 of Timmy owners out there, upon saying this, have their debounce turned way down. Now, I'm not accusing everyone of this, but I know as a fact it's true. For instance, one tournament I played. A guy had an Alias Timmy, and my team asked him how fast he was ramping. He said he wasn't ramping, and we belived him. Now, on the filed he was shooting easily over 20bps. How many people think he was doing that purely on his own, unasisted? Yep, thought so. So, before anyone goes pointing fingers, maybe you should actually look at the situation.

Polymer Body:
Yes, I said it. Polymer, not plastic. The idea is a very good one to me. It enables Smart Parts to sell the Ion for much cheaper, while aftermarket copanies allow you to buy different shells as you wish. For instance, look at other solid metal bodies on marker out there. Say Shockers. There's not a lot of market for aftermarket Shocker bodies, and I don't know of any companies that even make any. Now look at the Ion. There's about 10-20 different styles of Ion bodies you can buy, not to mention the hundreds of possible colors you can buy. This is why I like the polymer body. It also for customization. You can make your Ion distinctly you. Yeah, bash that. On a further note, if your body gets damaged somehow, and gets scratched, you can always replace it and buy a new one. It fairly inexpensive too. One thing I might add, is about the Red Ion bodies. I have a red Ion, and I must say the body is fading rather notoriously. It's closer to pink now than red. Oh, and another thing i forgot to mention, the Ion body is strong. You definatly don't have to worry aboput breaking one of these.

Grip Frame:
This is a very good grip frame if you ask me. It's big and roomy, so it's good for you gloved fingered people out there. The largeness of the grip frame also allows for many different walking styles. This is a big plus. I find the grip frame to be comfortable, and allows for great hand positioning. The new frame available with the angled reg, similar to that of a Karni, intrigues me, and also shows just how upgradeable the Ion truly is.

Many peope find that disassembling and reassembling the Ion can be very difficult. Well, practice makes perfect. The first time I tried to tear a Spyder all apart and pt it back together I found it difficult. The Ion is naturally going to be difficult. This is how I disassemble my Ion.
First I remove both screws of of one side of the grips. Then I remove the other top screw on the other side of the grisp. Both top screws must be removed, or the Ion's board will not slip out of place. Then, I disconnect the battery. After this, unscrew the barrel, and remove the screw that it underneath it. Then, I remove both of the screws found on the body. The one all the way at the back, and the one found inside the trigger guard. (Tricky one) Then, psuh upwards on the Ion's board, not using too much force. Then, remove all the banjo's. Annnnnd your done1 It's not very hard to do. One thing you must do though, is pick up some Dow 33. This is the grease Smart Parts reccomends, and even requires that you use in order for your warranty to be unvoid.

Final Thoughts:
The Ion is a great marker. It has very little kick, and that can be reduced greatly, by purchasing an aftermarket bolt. It's very efficient, and that can be greatly increased by buying a Qev. That's about it. If your looking for a solid marker, from a reputable company, that will preform very well, while still being very cheap, pick up an Ion.
Conclusion: I hope this review was helpful to you. I don't believe I have anything else to say. I give this product a 9, because of all the little peeves i mentioned in my review.

Please rate this review helpful, if you found it to be.
9 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, December 27th, 2005 at 11:57 pm PST
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cjpmunoz Monday, March 7th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month298 of 319 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
Dynasty Shocker, Shocker 03
Marker Setup: Smart Parts Ion - Black (Serial #10)
NDz Roller Trigger
Predator Board w/ Palmer Swivel QEV
Modified Bolt
Hybrid B!tch Grips
CP Rail and On/Off
CCM Low-Pro Feedneck
Halo B w/ Rip Drive and v35
PMI 68/4500 HP
Primary upgrades:
- Barrel
- Fast Hopper
- Off/On Drop Combo
- Feedneck

Secondary upgrades
- Grips
- Trigger or a trigger mod (no magnet)
- New Board (when or if they come out with one)
Strengths: - Light
- Accurate
- Fast
- Reliable
Weaknesses: - Trigger (kinda)
- Barrel (ehh...kinda)
Review: So yea. I got my ION a couple of days ago and the first thing I need was test it out over a chrono right away at my local pro shop. I gased it up and i shot 280, 281, 279, 280, 281...and I'm like...B.S. so i went to another chrono and shot 279, 281, 282, 280, 278. I'm thinking to myself not bad for a gun out of box. But i was still not buying it so I loaded a hopper and let it rip. AND RIP AND RIP! Man, this sucker is fast. I haven't even set it on of course I took it back in and MAX my ROF and put it on rebound and ripped another hopper. While I was ripping, I had one of the guys at the shop look at my gauge...they were like...hardly even moved, maybe +/- 1. Okay Okay. I'm getting to like my new investment. So here are my observations and suggestions, ie upgrades:

Barrel - pretty accurate for a stock barrel. SP usually puts out good barrels, but honestly this marker can much quieter and accurate with a barrel upgrade, ie CP barrels, Freak barrels, All American barrels, even a Evil Pipe Kit. (REMEMBER: ION takes IMPULSE threads.)

Feedneck - I think its pretty high. Gotta get a low profile feedneck. I don't really have a suggestion on which on cos' I still have mine stock, but I'm planning to buy maybe the q-lock, or any other low rise feedneck. <~ personal preference.

Reg - I wouldn't spend your money on this upgrade, unless you have a personal preference. I like the reg. You just need to break the sucker in, that's it.

Body - I like it. ITS NOT "plastic", its "polymer." Same thing. However its polymer coated ALUMINUM, Therefore DURABLE! You can sticker the snot out of this gun. Totally pimp the body out. I personally might get carbon fiber stickers and sticker the body, well portions.

Internals - Big FAN of SP internals. High Quality, I think. But one thing I didn't like is disassembly. It was pretty tough, but honestly this will make you a better tech if you can disassembly this sucker. Also, the hoses are exposed, but so are the timmy solenoid hoses. Oh well.

Board - People. Listen. 17 bps is pretty fast. Not gonna lie, I like no cap, but this is a very good board with a very good eye system. Vision eyes, I think, are the best out there. Besides...a month or two...there will be a board and I'm going to get one. You can get one right now at, but still won't go faster than 17 bps because of....

The Bolt and Solenoid - watch out for these aftermarket upgrades. THIS WILL MAKE THIS MARKER GO PAST 17 bps. SP said they have reached the low 20s with the ION, but I call BS on that. However, with these upgrades plus a new board (Please WAS make one!) you'll get your fast marker.

Feel - is great. So freakin' light!

Duckbill ASA - I HATE IT! makes the gun way to long. I just don't like the fact that SP says its better to get an Off/On for the marker. why not put one on? oh well. Get a NDz, CiP, or custom products RAIL-Off/On COMBO

Trigger - its not bad, but not good. It helps to take off the magnet to make it less stiff and also you can go to forums and a dude is making custom triggers that are pretty phat. I'm getting one...

Noise - I like it. Not noisy at all, really. Like I said, getting a new barrel would probably help with reduction of noise.

Durability - OH yea. One thing. There is a review out there by Sporefrog which says that this ION is horrible BLAH BLAH BLAH and is not durable. He states that he "slided" into a bunker and hit is hopper/feedneck on the ground. Well, if you slided correctly you wouldn't have this problem NEWB! anyway, just venting. This gun feels durable, and has the ability to withstand tournament style play.

Tank - It would be helpful to get a HP tank. You can get a LP tank, but make sure you get a Crossfire because they have the best recharge for their LP tanks and ONLY use them if you have a LP tank. I know people use other LP tank, but that means more tinkering with dwell and reg press BLAH BLAH BLAH. Also, you could get shootdown. Honestly, this gun's pressure is perfect out of box so do yourself a favor, invest in a HP tank. I am.

Conclusion: Overall. If you need a backup gun, this is a great marker to get. If your sick and tired of your spyder, get this gun. This marker is a high quality marker and deserves to be a high-end marker. Honestly, this gun is awesome that this could be your primary gun. The price speaks for itself and compared to other high-end guns...this marker isn't bad at all. Go out and get yourself one, you won't be disappointed.
10 out of 10Last edited on Monday, June 6th, 2005 at 11:02 pm PST
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kleners Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month214 of 235 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Freeflow E-2 cocker, Dye DM5, Smartparts shocker, many versions of timmys, A-5, Spyders, Dragunfly, Lighting, Angel LCD, evil pimp. SP nerve
I have, used, borrowed, and used to own almost every "THE BEST" marker out there. and this is somthing you have to use to believe
Marker Setup: for review Yellow Ion, with SP clampfeedneck, hybrid 05lady grips, 68/4500 CF HPA tank, egg y-z
out of box almost nothing needed. for perfect play get a barrel kit (freak kit). and for prefrence I wouldget a clampfeed neck
and dont like the ASA get a unimount
Strengths: Cheap Price.
replacable bodies
easy setup

Weaknesses: not enough body designs out(YET).
marker not set from factory.
no trigger magnet adjuster
Review: got the ION week 2 of release. been using it for past month no probs
first opinion (bad opinion but first) body not my style. but looks nice. trigger very sloppy. felt very cheap.

body - other style are being made as we speak
trigger- just needed adjustment, but aftermaket ones are already out but doesnt need it
feeling cheap- the grip is junk get a nicer one. the cheap feeling is the fact its SO light. man it weighs like its a plastic marker, but man its nice

After working with other testers knew to reset marker first.
tore the marker down, checked for tight fittings. checked hoses. takes about 20 minutes to tear it down and reassemble.
lowered reg all the way once back together. set trigger pull. had it sit right on switch(1-2mm pull now. put battery in, turned it on. clicking nicely changed my thought on the trigger. haha . changed settings. upped BPS can easily walk it to MY max. hooked air up and turned reg to 120PSI. put paint in. and chronoed. at 140PSI its sitting at 300FPS. nice. using PMI premium barrel match wasnt a problem right now. ok time to test. replaced neck with a clampfeed so i didnt have ot worry about hopper falls.(all my markers have one). the ion uses impulse necks and barrels. and put my new hybrid grips on. using egg with y and the z board both were able to keep up with max ROF. tried all the settings. semi hitting MY cap of 15BPS which is constant to my walk on a nonbouncing marker. rebound hit cap of 17BPS. 3round burst is like 8BPS but its 3 shots per pull. and full auto is 10BPS solid. after half a case. we noticed the tank efficiency wasnt right. so we lowered the dwell setting by two clicks. at 140PSI it hit a constant 280FPS. with -/+2 fps variance while walking. and tank was getting like 1000+ per tank. after our first case just breaking it in. time to play.
NOTE----------------------- at this point a full case, no breaks, burps, stalling, nothing
and it is quieter than my ecocker (sounds like a cocker in training mode, and teammates DM4. now that is a feat... whisper quiet with the crappy port stock barrel. cant wait for a better barrel will sound like.

on the field, man being so light the tank was the biggest thing. very easy to sling and snapshoot. first game playing a castle game. went thru 5 pods. man it sucks paint.
now. back in PITS, refs and people are playing around with it,dont mind because they all want one now. one team mate just got his DM5 3 days before and it broke. he has to send it back to dye hahaha. ok Supair time. off the line BALLBREAK. come to find out the eyes were turned off when we were dryfiring it and now the marker was overshooting the hopper using the Y-board egg.turned eye one. tookof barrel cleaned it. chamber didnt have any real bad paint in it. next game back to goodness. not one problem. played thru the whole other case and a half through the next few hours.
time to leave. wiped down the splatter of the side....... ?? that was it. got home tore it down. no signs of wear. everything is tip. man this is the easiest marker ive EVER used.
even the shocker. has to be reoiled. and polish all the aluminum. man its like hosing down a truckbed. haha
Conclusion: for $300.... for $600.... man for $1500 nothing is better. and ive used them. our team shoots some of the highest priced stuff around. and we are going to buy ions to play tourny,for reliablity, small profile, and the fact we cant be called for cheating since they are bounce free.
Now if we are sitting our cocker,angels,dm4-5, and timmys down and using THEM for backups. this should tell you somthing. dont listen to the nah sayers. these have to be SHot to believe. and this is with NO MODS. and believe me they are coming. this is the numberone selling marker right now for a reason. my local park is ordering in 15 to sell after seeing mine and the reaction of others for one day.
Id hate to go straight for the 10 but as my wife would say this is the cheapest paintball gun that i didnt HAVE to fix straight from the store. nothing beats it
10 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, March 15th, 2005 at 10:59 pm PST
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Riotnrrd Thursday, March 24th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
1 year188 of 199 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
nothing in the same class
Marker Setup: Smart Parts Ion (Black)
Halo B (Black)
Crossfire 68 / 4500 HPA 800PSI Output
Shocktech Drop Forward #5
Custom Products 2005 On/Off
Freak Barrel Kit w/ Stainless Inserts
Drop Forward
Strengths: Price
Weaknesses: Feedneck
Vision Eye Ribbon
Review: Had the Ion for about a week. Here's a short review.

Smart Parts Ion, Black
Halo B Hopper, Black
Crossfire 68 / 4500 HPA

Got the Ion, took it apart. Wow. Not too bad. Comes with all the tools needed, disassembly and assembly took me about an hour the first time, going slow and careful. Manual is quite good, both instructions and engineering drawings clearly marked. WARNING: This gun is NOT at all field strippable.

One thing I didn't like. The small ribbon cable which goes from the solenoid to the vision eye assembly is extremely fragile. One must gently pull on the cable itself to release it, and it's easy to pinch in between the grip frame and the body assembly when putting back together (bad). Make sure you do not pinch the cable! A rubber band keeps it close to the air hose, so it's not too hard to keep track of. Still, design a bit weak there IMO.

One thing I did immediately, was to adjust the trigger. Yes, the stock Ion trigger is probably the worst part of the gun. Its made of plastic, it's got a big magnet which makes it snappy, and coming from the factory it has a large amount of both pre and post travel movement, which means it feels 'sloppy' . I adjusted it with the included allen wrenches so that it travels 2-3mm total, and the firing circuit is complete at about 2 mm. It's now fairly tight, and feels like a hair trigger.

Ergonomics are good. The stock grip feels very nice to me. Adding a 68 / 4500 tank, made the gun fairly long, which is not bad if you like how a rifle feels. It's also a touch back heavy. Probably a good thing here would be to remove the duckbill ASA, and add some sort of rail or drop forward. This should bring the center of gravity forward to an ideal location, and make the gun tighter as well, better for speed ball / cramped locations, but IMO it feels pretty good.

Gassed it up, no leaks. Immediate pressure from the factory was set fairly high, around 180 PSI (this is the upper limit of the recommended range, 200 max). Dry firing, checking the firing modes on the gun. pure semi, rebound, 3 round burst, and full auto. Hum. Pure semi is real hard to walk. Im a noob, but hey... I kept missing the firing cycle.

Switched to rebound. Short amount of ramping, meaning I fired 4-5 shots before the rebound mode kicked in. WOW. Now it's firing 17 rounds per second. Burst and full auto work as expected. They cycle about 10 rounds per second, which is slower than rebound mode in semi.

Fired about 350 rounds Draxxus Blaze. Accuracy was fairly poor at 180 PSI. Gas consumption was very high, on the 68 / 4500 tank. This made me think... hum, check output pressure.

Took it to get it chrono'd. Found out I was shooting very hot from the factory, about 310-320 FPS at 180 PSI. Dropped the regulator output pressure to about 150-155 PIS via the velocity adjuster on the bottom of the regulator, with the included wrench. at 150 PSI, was shooting 285 FPS, with +/- about 5-6 FPS. Occasional spikes to +/- 8 or so... think this will probably get better when reg is broken in somewhat. About 500 rounds so far.

I strongly recommend you drop the pressure to about 140 PSI, then turn slowly up from there until you reach the desired FPS.

Accuracy MUCH better at 285 FPS. Much, much better than Tippmann stock barrels. In fact, the best stock barrel I've ever seen. Not great, but definitely not bad at all, now that the velocity is set to normal levels. Gas consumption is now also much better, I'd estimate 1000-1200 rounds on a 68 / 4500 tank.

I've fired about 800 rounds through it so far, and I love it. It's definitely worth the 300$. I'll add more comments to this in the coming weeks.


EDIT: 5/10/2005

I've had my marker for a few weeks now. I've since made a few modifications, and wish to detail here what I've done.

(1) I pinched a vision eye cable in between the bolt assembly and the grip frame. If you're not careful during reassembly, you will too: so make sure the ribbon eye cable is securely rubber-banded to the air hose, and that it is not poking out when you put the marker back together. This keeps it from getting pinched when the marker is reassembled. Pinching the eye cable seemed to have no immediate effect: the marker still would not fire, unless a paintball was in the breech and ready to fly down the barrel. However, I did have two breaks in the breech / barrel. I was using crappy, brittle, old paint, so I don't KNOW that the vision eye was actually malfunctioning. The cable was not visibly broken but it WAS visibly mangled. I have since replaced the cable, and I have had no breaks since; however, I'm also using better quality paint.

(2) I busted an air fitting. The internal air hoses connect the solenoid to the 'banjo' fitting, which is a screw-type connector that screws down into the marker. The instruction manual says tighten till 'snug'. Apparently I misunderstood exactly what 'snug' means: this DOES NOT MEAN TIGHT! Just tighten it until it will not move under GENTLE pressure. If you over-tighten you will bust your banjo fitting, and your marker will be an expensive paper weight. To FIX this problem, I called Smart Parts, and ordered an assortment of parts; there are two sizes of banjo fitting, so I ordered two of each, as well as a new macroline hose, a complete screw kit, and a couple of screws to replace the ones attaching my ASA to the grip frame, as they had been stripped by an old allen wrench. Lo and behold: When my parts arrived, the air fittings were listed on the invoice but not included in the box! I was not pleased. I called Smart Parts, and they consented to airmail me the air fittings free of charge. Thus, I was able to play that weekend, despite the shipping snafu, and Smart Parts gets a B+ for Customer Service!

(3) I installed a Shocktech #5 drop forward, and a Custom Products 2005 On/Off valve. This makes my Crossfire 68 / 4500 tank sit MUCH NICER. The weight balance is perfect now, with the center of gravity for the marker just over the grip frame. The marker is no longer back heavy, and my accuracy and snap shooting are much more accurate. There is also considerably less fatigue over the course of a day of play, as my arms are not extended as far as they previously were. Its also tighter, which is great for front players or people who like to play tight behind cover. Finally, the On/Off value makes blown o-rings a thing of the past, and you can release the air pressure quickly for added safety or maintenance.

(4) I installed a Freak Barrel Kit with stainless steel inserts and an All American front. WOW. Accuracy is now WAAAAAAY improved. One reason I bought the Smart Parts Ion was because the stock barrel was said to be fairly accurate. Yes, the stock barrel is fairly accurate. But it simply cannot compare with the Freak kit with stainless inserts. I can get about a 6 inch grouping at 100 feet, in both semi and fully automatic firing modes. This gun is SICK accurate.

(5) The regulator is now much more consistent. I was experiencing spikes of +/- 8 FPS. This has now fallen to +/- 3 FPS. I've shot approximately 2 cases (4000 rounds) through the marker thus far.


EDIT: 1/21/2006

I've now had my Ion for about 1 year. I've played with people all over the region within about a 2 hour drive, on average once a week. I've shot many (maybe 20?) cases of paint through the Ion, I've played woods ball, speed ball, and scenario games, and I think I have a pretty good idea of how this marker will stand up over time.

(1) I installed a New Designz roller trigger a few months ago. I dialed the trigger way down so there was only about a millimeter of play before the marker would shoot. I started having problems with the gun 'bouncing', meaning I would pull the trigger a couple of times, remove my finger from the trigger, but the slight kick from the paintball leaving the marker would cause the marker to fire again and again and again... generating a fully automatic condition in semi firing mode. It was kind of dangerous, and I felt like I wasn't in control, so I backed it out a bit more, to perhaps 1.5 - 2mm, and now it works great... the trigger is still REALLY sensitive, which I like, but it only fires when I want it to. I constantly have to warn people who shoot the gun 'Don't touch the trigger until you are ready to fire... it is REALLY sensitive'. They never believe me ... till they touch the trigger! I don't play alot of tournament, I try hard not to 'rip strings', but if you want it, particularly with ramping... it is definitely there. I shoot too much paint if I let myself go, so I generally leave mine set to a reliable, controlled, fairly fast pure semi mode (maybe 5-10 BPS), right where I want it. This helps me shoot less paint without reducing my number of eliminations. Perfect!

(2) I've run into a problem with the stock regulator creeping up slightly in pressure if the marker sits without firing for 5 or more minutes. Example: the normal operating pressure for my marker at 285FPS is about 165PSI. If I let the marker sit, gassed up, without firing for 5 or more minutes (like when I'm creeping through the woods, or looking for the enemy), that pressure will creep up to about 175PSI, or about 295FPS... this is getting dangerously close to maximum safe speed. I think a replacement regulator might fix this... I've been considering a replacement CP regulator, but until I can find someone who's seen this problem before, and can suggest exactly why it's happening, I'm gonna hold off spending another 30+$ on a reg... the stock one is still great. I'll post more when I know exactly what's going on.

(3) Excepting the creeping condition noted above, the marker is AMAZINGLY consistent... when I chrono, my shots are ALWAYS within 3FPS. Every shot. My last chrono was 284, 286, 285, 285... the chrono operator is almost always surprised at how close in speed each shot is.

(4) If you hate breaking paint, buy this marker. In the past year, I have played maybe 40 days, with a total of about 200 games and 20 cases of paint. In summary, I chopped 2 balls in the firing chamber early on, I suspect because I mangled the vision cable when assembling the marker(see above). Since it was replaced, I have broken 0 in the chamber. I have broken maybe 5-10 in the barrel, and maybe 2 in the hopper. This means, over a year of play with over 200 games, I have broken a TOTAL of 10 balls out of 20 cases of paint, with only 2 of those breaks occuring IN the marker. How many people could say the same of their marker?

(4) This marker is so very, very reliable. I play mostly woods ball, but I also play rec speed ball and scenario games. I've played summer days at 100% humidity and 90 degrees, the night, in medium and occasionally heavy rain, and the snow. Over the past year I have sat and waited for almost all of my friends to fix their markers: springs, seals, pins, bolts, hoses, clips, you name it... it's broken in my friend's markers on the field. When I press the trigger, I know the marker will fire, unless I have made a mistake (not turning on the air, not turning on the marker, not checking the batteries before playing). Initially, I was somewhat nervous buying an electro gun for woods play. After the past year, this worry has completely disappeared. Due to the design of the marker, there are less moving parts; this makes it simpler and less prone to failure. Yes, the design works, and works very very well, regardless of your local field or conditions.

I recently went to an out of town game with 4 other people with a Spyder, a Tippmann A5, an ATS AT4, and a Shocker. When it was time to hit the field, I was the only one ready out of five people: the others were fixing their markers and complaining, stressed out, while I was smiling, eating, drinking, walking the field, and giving them crap. I truly believe this gun is more reliable than an A5, which is one of it's biggest competitors for woods ball and recreational play. In my opinion it is easier to assemble, disassemble, and maintain than any Tippmann marker.

(5) It's QUIET! The low pressure air, in addition to being gentler on paintballs, is also much quieter than a high pressure gun. I have an All American front on my Freak back, which is known to be quiet, but probably not the quietest barrel out there. People are always commenting around me 'wow, that thing is QUIET!' I like to sneak around occasionally, what some would call sniper, I call concealed position shooter. This gun will not shoot farther, or straighter, than any specialized 'sniper' gun, but it is extremely quiet, reliable, and accurate, so I'd definitely recommend it for this role. Sooner or later, you will be seen or heard. When you are detected, this marker also has the firepower to get you out of a world of crap.

Final verdict: This marker is truly amazing. I sincerely believe it will change the standards for paintball technology at the recreational level. It is not perfect, but I sincerely believe the price to performance benefit of this marker cannot be beaten in today's market. I've shot dozens of different markers in dozens of configurations in the past year... I have never once regretted my Ion purchase or wanted anything else because I felt it was better than what I had.
Conclusion: The price to performance benefit of the Smart Parts Ion cannot be beaten in today's market. If you are looking for a new marker, especially for woods ball and recreational speed ball, this is the one for you.
10 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006 at 3:10 pm PST
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Sporefrog Saturday, February 19th, 2005
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month185 of 1285 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
BKO, Pirranah EVO, espyders
Marker Setup: 04 Gen2 Freestyle 45/4500, Stiffi switch kit, nox board, prototype techna trigger, contract killers lady panels, Reloader B black, 05 CP on/off, CP reg, JDS LPR, carbon fiber side panels. CP twist-lock feedneck.
Barrel, Feedneck, Reg, trigger
Strengths: Comes with a regulator, alright trigger sorta efficient
Weaknesses: See review TOO MANY TO LIST!!!!!!
Review: My friend bought this gun and wrote the review-


Barrel, no famous spiral porting , they could at least throw the progressive on it stock. this barrel is horrible. I've heard and seen cases in which the inside of the barrel is powder coated. Terrible quality control on SP's part. There is a big difference between micro honed and powder coated.

Feedneck, not clamping but it does have orings in it meaning it might stay tight, but be prepared to do a lot of sanding. another decent feedneck (made of decent aluminum) will go for another 40 bucks.

Regulator- not even a max flow, just a downgraded version. i experience velocity spikes of +/- 25 FPS and my paint to bore was PERFECT. and that was after i fixed the leak on it. And there is tons of drop off once you hit 8+ bps. I was shooting 280 and when I started shooting fast it was in the low 200's.

Body- low grade aluminum covered by "polymer" (PLASTIC) shell. looks really bad, everybody at the local field made fun of its looks. i was sad.

Internals- I took this thing apart and it was pretty simple. except i noticed one thing right away - the solenoid coil - it was in plain sight - exposed. This is a very fragile part of the solenoid and deserves some protection. I can see this getting to be a problem in the future, I haven't opened my gun since then in fear of nicking coil. A two way solenoid, not too impressive. This is what the older BKO's used.

Board - the board is capped at 17, some of my friends can walk a trigger faster than this - Why cap it at 17 when all u have to do is change a few numbers in the code to make it faster? Bad move sp.

My guess is they capped it there because the solenoid is probably really bad and will explode if you cycle too fast..

Kick- This gun had a lot of kick to it, comparable to a spyder.

Feel - Felt plasticy, reminded me of holding a brass eagle blade - I definitely didn't dig it.

Trigger - It was plastic and had a bad setup - Was hard to pull fast or consistantly, magnet was way to strong stock. EDIT: Somebody at the local field with an ion got his trigger shot off in a game, the trigger just broke - very weak.

Lack of color options, yellow red blue black - all looks the same (really bad) no fades just looks plastic.

This is one loud gun.

Duckbill- Makes for a long setup and provides no On/off features. Not comfortable

NOT durable at all- I slid into a bunker and my feedneck hit the edge, now i cant take my feedneck off because the threads are messed up. if i ever want to take it off its going to cost 100 dollars, that's what smart parts said.
Conclusion: First day at the field with this gun - had a leak right away. we figured out that it was the bolt assembly and it was missing an oring - HOW DO YOU MISS AN ORING!!! i was pissed. after that my reg leaked, guy at the field fixed it for me i owe him one thanks bob. The accuracy was terrible even with a good paint bore match, kick was terrible and consistency was non existent - I've had way better experiences with spyder clones

I'll give it a two just because the new concept other then that it deserves a 1. I was definitely not happy with this product. Smart Parts customer service was definitely no help at all.
2 out of 10Last edited on Saturday, March 26th, 2005 at 11:23 pm PST
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Paintball_Jared Saturday, April 1st, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month83 of 86 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
Ive used Spyders and Tippmanns, niether of them compare to the speed and reliability of this marker.
Marker Setup: -Smart Parts Ion
-Stock Barrel (for now)
-45/4500 Pure Energy Hp Tank
-Viewloader Evo II Loader
(I use the Victor II for my backup marker)
-Clamping Feed Neck
-New Barrel (The stock barrel is still decent)
Strengths: -Accurate
-Light Weight
-Low profile
-Low Price compared to other markers
Weaknesses: -Feed Neck
Review: -April 1st 2006-
Ive just bought this marker from my local paintball field and dealer. It came with all the tools you need for adjustment. First thing I did was adjust the trigger to where it was a hair's width away from the sensor point. That way it was easier to walk the trigger during the game. It proved very successfull as long as your careful not to fire it off accidently. When I chronographed it was at a very consistant FPS. It read it at 281, 280, 283, 280. On the field it rips a beautiful stream of paint in every time you use it. The stock barrel is good but not great by my standards. The referees and owners of the field recommend that I buy a freak kit or a evil pipe kit for it. The laser board mounted in the marker works very well, didnt chop a ball even at its fastest fire rate. It is a very light weight marker coming in at only 2.2 Lbs. I played with it's stock parts all day and it was still very reliable. Ive been playing all day against players owning a Dye Dm5, Cyborg, and plent of other Ions, and it still keeps up to speed with even the best markers. The only thing I can find wrong is the feed neck, if you aren't careful the O-Rings inside will latch on to your loader very tightly making it hard to take off after a game. Still This was a very good deal for this marker and I am so very glad I made the decision to choose the Ion as my new set-up.
Conclusion: I will add more to this review in the future as I continue to use my new Smart Parts Ion.

(Please Rate My Review)
10 out of 10
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yoggie Saturday, February 19th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested68 of 76 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Vision Shocker, Tboarded Drallion, HE Freestyle, Spyders etc...
Marker Setup: I use a 2004 Drallion, T-Board w/bouncebeam eyes, systemx reg and on/off drop forward, shocktech valve rat valve, tickler lpr, ccm delrin back block, otp style barrel kit, zenitram blade trigger and 50g switch, z boarded egg.
Maybe a new reg, clamping feed neck, trigger when it comes out and a barrel kit for sure.
Strengths: VALUE ($285), looks (personal opinoin), pretty fast (17bps), breakbeam eyes, multiple firing modes, tourney legal.
Weaknesses: Not exactly field stripable. The trigger leaves just a little to be desired.
Review: Just as any player who has gotten used to the solid feel of a high dollar tourney gun in their hands; I was skeptical about the ion. I had heard rumors about it being plastic. Let me say its not some cheap plastic talon. This marker is actually really solid feeling. The only part that is not aluminum is the body and that's good now that I think about it. The reason I say that is if you ever need to dive or beat on your gun you can do so without fear of a costly fix. The "plastic" is actually a very tough composite material and the rest of the gun is quality aluminum. The programing is a bit tricky at first, but it's easy once you get the hang of it. When I aired it up for the first time I checked for leaks and there where none. I took it to the chrono and was shooting at 278 with about a +/- 6... not to bad. After shooting the gun my first impressions where this: very light and easy to snap shoot, good accuracy (room for improvement with barrel kit), fast with rebound. However I felt like the stock trigger was hindering me during semi-auto fire. Me and the owner removed the magnet and it really helped. I did notice a little shoot-down at high rates of fire, but not that bad. The eyes work great and I didn't have a single break all day. My only real gripe was that the marker has to be completely taken apart just to clean it. Besides that it was awesome. All in all, I have done a 180 on this gun and plan on adding one to my collection.
Conclusion: This is a great buy for the rookie player looking for a great bang for the buck value. I'm sure this gun will be getting plenty of help from the aftermarket guys soon and with that help it could be one smokin little paint slinger. Is it truly the "high-end" gun sp said it was?... kinda. It won't be replacing my e-cocker yet, but who knows. Regardless this is still a great little bundle of joy for only $285. For it's price range I give it a ten... for it's actual performance I give it and eight so... 9
9 out of 10
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FALAT_WHMC Sunday, July 17th, 2005
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
3 months68 of 180 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Impulse and Spyder Imagine
Marker Setup: Stock with HPA and Halo B hopper
Differnt Gun
Strengths: It was cheap
Weaknesses: Hose connections, frame, body, Setup,
Review: When I first bought my gun I though I had really made out due to the price. I figured that Smart parts had been a reasonably reliable brand name. I got home opened the box and found what I thought was every thing in the box. There was the wrench, gun, barrel, battery, barrel condom, manual and registration card. What did not realize was missing until I consulted a friend was the repair kit.

Looking through the manual I saw how to set the gun up and adjust the electronics. I found having to remove the grip to do so quite a pain and poor design. I understand since it is hoped to be used by tournament players and the restrictions put on those guns. Yet since this gun is only suited for random target practice in the backyard.

When first gassing up the gun leaked like a sieve. All throughout the body there were leaks. I called Smart Parts the next day and the rude tech-support was completely ineffective. I ended up taking it back to the store that I bought it. He looked at it and fixed in a couple of days in time to play on Satuday.

Took it home and ran though a case in the back yard getting used to how the adjustments affect the performance of the gun.

On Saturday the gun did alright it never achieved the 17 BPM. Even with a Halo B hopper. But as the day continued the gun developed a leak from the grip. Latter diagnosed as the solenoid. This is killed the day. I ended up with a rental for the rest of the due to the cheap piece of cr** .

Brought it back to the shop to get it looked at a gain it took almost a week to be told it had to go back to Smart Parts to be fixed.

When I finally got my gun back 1 weeks later it seemed to be fine for a while. Again the ritual of Saturday paint ball came around. The gun did well but I though I heard a light leak and then the world blew up a large leak explode with in the gun during a game. It ended up being one of the banjo joints. Back to Smart Parts it went. The break occurred so that the treads were stuck in the Ion Chamber.

At this point a have washed my hands of this gun.

As I read the reviews on this marker I shake my head and wonder how many of these posters believe what they are saying, or are they just trying to justify spending money on something that does not work as well or they are in collusion with Smart Parts in some way trying to make sure they continue to sell.

I can honestly say that the Ion is Smart Parts answer to the cheap Chinese made guns flooding the market, was is really said to say is that it was really made in the USA.

Smart Parts rushed to compete, but it really shows how little they put in to it. The gun feels cheap.

Described as a tournament grade marker, the Ion falls short on consistancy and sustainability. A long string of balls produces shootdown in such drastic proportions that I thought originally I had run out of air.

In my opinion, anyone insisting on buying a marker that was not properly tested, deserves what they get, it is people too lazy to research that allows Smart Parts and Brass Eagle to keep putting out lame markers and weak products. From what we can tell the Smart Parts plan was to sell to the 13-17 age group, relying on their lack of consumer savvy to boost sales on the ION.

I spend the extra money for a real dependable gun I bough a Smart Part Impulse with Vision. I am not agaist Smart Parts products. Just the Ion was a horrible gun.
Conclusion: With the total lack of quality and horrible performance I give it a 1. Some might say I had a lemon but after I sent it back to Smart Parts and gave them a chance to fix the gun. There fix just proves that they dont care enough to put quality into this product.

To add to the whole thing the price of these guns a haas take a huge dive. When they came out they were fetching about 250 -270 used on e-bay; now they go for about 202-210 used. Word is out that there have been way to many problems with this gun. I t might work for some but it could not have gone worse unless it exploded in my face.
1 out of 10
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