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Adrenalin Products A.I.M. Trigger Frame Reviews

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Adrenalin Products A.I.M. Trigger Frame
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Number of Reviews: 2
Average Rating: 9.0 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $150

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A.I.M. Impulse Trigger Frame and Solenoid Housing. IN STOCK READY TO SHIP!!! Fits all Impulses. The frame has the new grip forward design, the grip is machined 1 inch further forward than a stock Frame. What is the reason for this.... to get your hand in the center of the gun, to balance the marker better. It makes your gun handle better when the weight is not all on the front or the rear. It is also one piece, no more two piece frames, were you have to have everything lined up or the gun will not fire. Its also more compact and shorter that a stock frame so your gun has a lower profile... 1/2"(Have you ever been hit in your hoppers lid???? 1/2 and you would have still been in. It has a set screw for the travel of the trigger, so you can really fine tune it. This is the same frame that comes included on an Adrenalin Impulse. If you can't get an A.I. of your own then build one piece by piece. Many colors to choose from.
Double Stick trigger design with MAGNETIC TRIGGER INCLUDED!

-- One piece frame design
-- Grip forward design (1" further forward than stock)
-- Low profile design (1/2" shorter than stock)
-- Adjustable Magnetic trigger pull. (as hard or as soft as you like it!)
-- Forward and rearward travel adjustments
-- Peep hole design (look at your trigger plate and micro switch while adjusting the trigger, so you don't damage your switch or board)
-- Battery stabalizer adjustment screw. (Keeps your battery from rattling around in your grip)
-- Side to Side Play adjustment screws (Take all the side to side movement out of the trigger
-- Trigger plate and shoe design. (Change your trigger to a double finger or double stick, without messing with your trigger adjustments)
-- Works with all cricket style boards and Was boards.

Many different kits available: Which setup is for you?
1. We have a standard Frame kit. (includes the frame and one trigger shoe.) Works with any 15* asa mount setup or with 90* gas-thru grip setups.

2. We have a vertical regulator kit. (includes the frame, one shoe and a 15* vert reg mount.) For use with guns with 90* mounts and vertical regulators. A 90* gas thru grip and a 90* vert mount will work fine with the standard kit.

3. We have the Cricket and Frame kit.(includes our frame and smart parts cricket board, with vision or without)

4. Also available are chrome buttons, for on/off and dwell settings.(Note external dwell buttons are usually not tournament legal!)
Product Availability 
The Adrenalin Products A.I.M. Trigger Frame is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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miniature-art Friday, April 22nd, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
3 months5 of 7 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
HSW I-Frame version 3 tested for comparsion
Marker Setup: Rat Impulse 03/04 Body-Gloss Black
Adrelenine AIM, 05 Trigger Frame
WAS Equalizer Board
Smart Parts Shocker Max-Flow Reg.
New Designz Slik-Shot Ram
New Designz Hammer Housing
New Designz Custom Hammer Cap
New Designz RIP Valve
New Designz LPR/ANS
New Designz Narrow Eye Cover
Smart Parts Titanium Pull Pin
Smart Parts S-Rail
Smart Parts Aluminum Hammer
Smart Parts Q-Lock Feedneck
Imperial PB Undertow Delrin Bolt
Custom Products On/Off with purge
Evil Pipe Barrel Kit
Evolution 2 Hopper (Z-Board)
Crossfire 68/4500 N2 Tank
Mac Dev LPR Gauge
Dye Sticky 3 Grips
Dwell - 7.0ms
160psi Max Flow pressure
100psi LPR/ANS pressure
1600 shots on a 68/4500 fill
Internal weight - 1010 grains
Strengths: Good color selection, better marker balance, adjustability, design and construction.
Weaknesses: Heavy trigger, very tight hand positioning. See review below.
Review: Adrenaline has updated their AI trigger frame for the Smart Parts Impulse in 2005, renaming it the AIM frame. As of writing, it comes in black, red, purple and green anodizing.

The biggest improvement over the stock trigger frame is that the hand grip is moved about 1 inch forward to improve balance. This allows an Impulse to have better "pointability" essential for snap shooting. This change in hand grip position shifts the balance of the Impulse forward. If you use a standard style hopper (Halo/Revy) you will definitely notice the marker doesn't feel front heavy anymore.

The AIM Frame does not have a separate solenoid tray, it is integrated into the trigger frame. This reduces a little weight, and the AIM frame is 1/2 inch shorter in height compared to the stock trigger frame.

One of the strong point of the AIM frame is it's adjustability, and well thought out design and construction. The AIM frame designers have included a nylon tipped screw at the back of the hand grip to secure a 9v battery (this prevents the battery from rattling inside the trigger frame). The AIM frame has 2 screws (left/right) to provide tension to the trigger plate, to lessen side to side movement. The trigger uses a pair of high tension attracting magnets. You can now adjust the tension via a slot drilled into the hand grip. The magnet sits on top of an 1/8" allen screw, you'll need to use a bit of force at first since it is secured with red Loctite. The trigger and frame also include pre and post travel adjustment screws.

As seen on their website, the AIM frame has a peephole to ensure your microswitch engages the trigger. This is a great feature, it allows you to position the circuit board while checking to ensure you aren't damaging the microswitch during installation. The peephole has a plastic plug; I didn't use it since my grips cover over the aperature.

Adrenaline has a pretty novel approach to its trigger design. Rather than a one piece unit, the trigger has a single finger trigger plate, to which a double trigger shoe can be screwed on. This allows you to use a single trigger if you are used to actual firearms, or a double trigger for walking. The trigger shoes can also be moved forward or back before tigntening them down.

When purchasing from you can add chrome on/off and dwell buttons, or select a double trigger shoe. The blade style trigger shoe comes standard.

Personally I felt the two piece trigger design is unnecessarily heavy; I wrote this article to modify the trigger:
amp;threadi d=302027/

Modifying the trigger will allow you to shoot as fast as a CP roller trigger.

If there is one complaint I have about the AIM was not designed initially for use on a stock Impulse body.

When the AIM Frame is installed you have to use their 15* ASA or the New Designz 15*ASA on a stock Impulse body. Because the trigger frame is moved forward, the stock Impulse ASA will get in the way of the trigger guard.

The trigger guard on an AIM frame actually touches the 15* ASA's on stock Impulse bodies; thus you will need to lower your grip on the regulator. HSW's I-Frame corrects this by having their trigger guard attachment on the side of the trigger frame. If you have large hands, this can be a problem, but most folks will adjust pretty quickly.

Adrenaline Impulse bodies do not have this problem since their ASA hole is moved forward to compensate; you can grip the regulator or ASA higher up.

If you wish, you can remove the trigger guard entirely! Just check with your local field in case they insist all markers have trigger guards.

Adrenaline's ASA are tapped on the left/right sides only. It looks rather odd to have your PRV (always use never know when your regulator fails, sending 800psi into your Impulse) mounted on the side. Fortunately New Designz 15* ASA have front tapped PRV holes.

When viewed from the front or rear, the AIM frame has a pleasing slant to the trigger frame sides. This helps break up the slab-sided look of the stock trigger frame. You can use the stock Vision eye cover or either New Designz metal eye covers. However the plastic WAS Equalizer eye cover will bulge out slightly because of the angle of the AIM frame sides.

Purchasing the AIM frame was easy using's online shopping cart. It arrived 5 days after purchasing. Their e-mail customer service department responded to my queries quickly and courteously. Good service all around!

Conclusion: Adrelenine has refined their Impulse trigger frames over the years. It's a great upgrade, easily found for sale at a great price. It can be even better especially if you modify the trigger for a faster response.
9 out of 10Last edited on Saturday, April 30th, 2005 at 2:07 pm PST
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Makarov Saturday, June 4th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month
3 years
Products Used:
I-Frame, Stock Impulse Frame, other high-end electro-pneumatics
Marker Setup: SP Vision Impulse, Adrenalin I-Frame, Torpedo Reg, 14" Freak Barrel, Adrenalin Feedneck, SP Tapeworm, Eclipse Front Cap, Crossfire 68ci/4500psi Tank, Viewloader Revolution 12v w/X-Board
Strengths: Balance
Trigger Pull
Height Reduction
Removable Trigger Shoe
Sticky Grips fit perfect
Weaknesses: Rattling Battery
Stock trigger pull may be too heavy
Can't use Vert. MaxFlow
Review: I purchased an Impulse off of eBay and it came with this frame, which was the main reason I bought it.

One of the key aspects of the frame is the balance. It centers the weight of the gun behind the trigger frame and the hopper over the trigger, making it easier to maneuver. This is only personal preference, however. I prefer the weight on or behind the grip. As the solenoid tray and frame are integrated, it also makes your gun shorter.

However, this feature comes at a price. As stated previously, this moves the trigger so far forward that the trigger guard and vertical max-flo can no longer peacefully co-exist, forcing you to buy a 15* ASA adapter or a smaller regulator. If you like space between the grip and the reg, then you may not like this frame. The space is comparable to that of an Automag. I plan to make a custom block that utilizes a MiniCocker ASA and moves the reg forward about 1/2" an inch.

One of the unique aspects of this trigger frame is the trigger itself. As it is a single-trigger with a double-trigger shoe, it allows you to chose between the two. The other benefit is the adjustability of such a setup. You can find the trigger angle that you prefer the most, instead of having to buy a new trigger.

The worst part about the trigger frame, in my opinion, is the stock pull. While it is probably easily walkable to those with mechanical guns, it is rather heavy to dainty-fingered electro-shooters. This is easily fixed by removing the trigger and taking a lighter to the magnet. I used a cheap blow-torch lighter, and it fell out. I find this to be a better alternative to drilling the trigger like others have suggested. This made the pull incredibly light. If you want a single trigger, however, I find the response with the magnet better.

Another problem with the frame is that the battery has lots of room to bounce about in the grip. While it isn't performance critical, it gets annoying. I fixed this easily by adding a couple strips of sticky-back foam inside. The battery is now snug.
Conclusion: I would give this product a 9/10. It is a great grip frame, but the need to modify the trigger, regulator spacing, and bouncing battery were detractions, although easily remedied. The new AIM frame addresses these issues, except for the regulator spacing.

Not truly a must-have for any Impulse owner, but a great addition if you are unsatisfied with the balance/feel.
9 out of 10Last edited on Saturday, June 4th, 2005 at 11:45 am PST
I found this review  
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