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Adventure Beach AB Freestyle Reviews

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Adventure Beach AB Freestyle
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Number of Reviews: 4
Average Rating: 7.5 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $999

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
The Ultimate Freestyle. Adventure Beach (AB) has created a completely customizable marker that takes the ICD Freestyle Pro to the next level. With optional NOX, Powerlyte barrels and CP regulators, you can customize your freestyle before you even receive it! The AB freestyles milling lowers the over all weight of the marker and they are not mass produced! Every marker is unique and there won't be many of these made! AB also offers laser engraving and custom colors if requested.
Product Availability 
The Adventure Beach AB Freestyle is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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pyro3k2 Monday, December 26th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
6 months31 of 31 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Bonebrake freestyle, Gen1 freestyle, freestyle version 7, freestyle pro. Other spool valve markers like the shocker, DM's, and the Proto series.
Marker Setup: 2k2 right feed wgp autocokcer, with the Nexus upgrade kit, Jackhammer 2 reg, Torpedo inline reg, shocktech front block, 2k5 race front solenoid, race frame baby. CCM barrel kit and the 5 pod Q-loader set up.

CCi VSC phantom bone stock
PT extreme pistol
X-valved mag
B2k, CP inline reg

and a F-series Bone Brake Bushmaster
Now a Gloss black adventure beach Freestyle, Sidewinder reg and STD's lpr
The regulators
Strengths: Light, small, accurate, easy on paint, now it's affordable, and the milling
Weaknesses: Stock settings make it a gas hog
Review: First and for most the price on these things have dropped a lot I picked mine up for 645.99 as compared to the post price of 999.00

This gun is not a spool valve marker; it's a blow forward design, much like the Automags, except the return spring has been replaced by air pressure via the LPR. This gun has many spool valve features and is more like a hybrid than a new gun design. Mechanically this gun thus far has had very few problems, the only concerns that arise are the same inherent problems of spool valve guns, but it has shown the dependability and reliability of an Automag.

Internally this gun is different from the GEN1/2, BB FS, and FSv7. the solenoid is mounted in the grip frame and not directly to the body, the hoses coming off the body are a little bit bigger than autococker three way hoses and are made the same material, Also the gun comes with a QEV, I'm not sure if it's standard with the FSP or not but mine came stock with one. It also came with the new HR-1 bolt, last time I checked it was the best HE bolt on the market right now. The gun uses the newer style boards so those of you with GEN1's and 2's your a little out of luck.
The stock board come with four sub menus; mode of fire, ROF, debounce, and dwell.
Straight out of the box the settings are semi, rof=18, debounce=15, and dwell is 15ms. Since this gun doesn't come with the FSv7 solenoid it is very hard and almost impossible to get the gun to work under 13ms for dwell, this will increase you shots per tank a lot, I was getting 800 psi on a 68/3000 on one hopper when it was set to dwell=15 and at 270 fps. Now that its on 13 I get hopper and half a pod off the same 800 psi, keep in mind the freestyles aren't known for the air efficiency. But back to the board, it comes with seven modes of fire, semi, full auto, fast ramp, ramp to response, ramp to 3 shot burst, ramp to full auto, this last mode is a little tricky and would get your whole team DQ from a tournament and/or kicked off any req ball field you would go to, it is a four shot ramp and after the fourth shot what ever your max rate of fire is, it takes that umber and makes it a burst, for example if your ROF is 21 and you pull the trigger more than four times the gun will fire 21 times regardless if you are touching the trigger or not, it won't stop half way through, it won't stop if you stop hitting the trigger, it WILL shot 21 times then stop, it's fun if you want to show off at the chrono range but for the most mart a very useless mode.

-Gun Comparison-
like the other reviewer I too have a bonebrake bushmaster and directly compared the two, I also handed the gun off to many of my friends all of which have a different taste in guns.

-My comparison-
I put this gun side by side with my bonebrake bushmaster and a bonebrake freestyle. For the testing I used the same equipment on both guns and the same paint; Halo reloader B @ 19 BPS, ACI bulldog iii, and a CCM barrel kit match to blaze. Chrono'd both guns from 270 to 280 and took the average of the first three shots as the reference, the Bushy was reading +/- 4 over a hopper and the AB freestyle was +/- 5 over a hopper, which was very impressive considering that was the first time it has had paint and air it in, and for just being set up maybe 15 minutes prior to the test, before the two guns left the station the psi usage was AB 800 psi and the bushy was around 650 psi. Shot pattern was very close, the AB had a grouping of 6 1/8 inches from 30 feet and the bushy had a grouping of 7 inches at 30 feet. Next I set both guns to semi unlimited, and dropped the debounce to two and drained a hopper, the AB had finished about a second faster than the Bushy, but there was plenty of room for human error in that test so I think you should just shoot one and see for your self.
Now for the field testing, for this I brought both guns back to factory settings, dwell and pressure input, what every they were chronographing at was what was being played with, the AB was at 273 +/- 5 with factory settings and the Bushy was at 269 +/- 4 with factory settings. Went out and played every other game with a different gun. The first few games were four on four hyper ball and limited paint at one hopper. it was much easier to work the snake with the smaller AB than it was the bushy and much easier to run with. After the 4th game I decided to skittle the guns and I ran both guns on a .693 barrel size with 6 types of paint in the hoppers to test the eyes, how the gun was on paint and how well it preformed with bad paint, I used practice, spank, cryptic, domination, elixir, and ( I'm not kidding ) 10 month old blaze that spent most of it's life in a tool shed. The only different with both guns was that they both shot the higher end paint with the performance and accuracy you would expect, but the spank, cryptic and 10 m/o blaze would make it out of the guns but was all over the place and people would tell me after the games that they could tell when I was shooting the better stuff. Then we had more people who up and the rules changed to unlimited paint. once again every other game was with the AB, the guns were feed good old blaze and after a few games I skittled the guns again and still no chops but the bad paint was still all over the place. But what set the two guns apart in the unlimited was I could carry only two pods with the AB and four to five with the bushy.
My over all opinion was the AB is the way to go if you are comfortable with only having a hopper and two pods, and since I had just played the last few months with my phantom I found it very hard to shoot all that paint in one game. The gun was fast accurate, light, and was very impressive to play with. Walking off the field I chrono'd both guns again about 5-6 hours later, AB was 275 +/- 3 and the bushy was 271 +/- 3.
sorry I forgot to mention the stock regulators were still on at this point.
Next I set it up head to head with a Bonebrake freestyle, the preformance was identicle +/- 3 on both guns, same shot grouping. the bonebrake FS got around two pods more than the AB. But the AB still needs to break in and I think it will be right up there with the Bonebrake Freestyle

-One of my buddies impression-
this particular friend of mine is very into angels he owns an 05 and 06 speed, he went from a sypder to an A5 to an angel, he has been playing for about 3 1/2 years and spent 2 of them with lower end guns, so he isn't that newbie at the field that show up with an angel the third day of play. He is also a computer nerd and can get a true 16 BPS on a gun with no air or paint in it in semi mode, he just has freakishly fast fingers. I handed him this gun and told him to go have gun and tell me how it does. He obviously compared it to his 06 speed, he preferred the trigger on his gun as opposed to the pro trigger. After playing a few games all he would say is how accurate it was and how little kick it had, and how light it was. Not a word on how fast it was, so I guess he didn't notice the difference between the speed and the AB. But that little issue about efficiency came up again, and that was his only complaint about the gun was the air consumption.

-Another friend-
The best way to describe him is to say that he loves intimidators so much that he would probably let bob long sign his genitalia. It first took a little convincing to get him to put down his Empire, but when he actually played a game with it all of his, "timmies are better," trash talk went away for a bit and actually asked how much I got this for, and was amazed. he felt like he was cheating on his gun so he handed it back, and the trash talking came back. He commented on the air consumption as well, but only briefly before he went back to how accurate it was.

-Third Buddy of mine-
He has stayed true to the FS series since the first Gen, and knows so much about them; he should just become an ICD tech. He took the gun set it side by side with his FSv7 and took the clam shells off both of them, He was the one that noticed the solenoid was different, and the qev. He only tested mine on the chrono station and shot it a few times before and after the game. The liked how it was lighter the V7, he said it preformed the same as his, same accuratcy with the same kick and overall same preformance, he suggested that to improve effiencey that if I put the newer solenoid in it would give it the same shots per tank that the FSv7 has, which is a hopper and 7 pods on a 68/45 psi tank. He origionally had a gloss black with red accent AB freestyle, but was stolen out of his car, so he was owned and played with both.

-My buddy that works in a shop-
He is going to write this part of the review.
Im impressed with what you get for the price. I normally shoot a viking and love its high efficiency. The FS isnt close to a viking in terms of gas consumption but they are slowly getting better. The gen 1s I shot were around 600 shots, the new gen 7 is doing about 1400+. Its very light weight, fast, very low kick even with paint. My main complaint with the marker is having to get the regs set up right, Its easiest to just run the factory reccomended settings, set the hpr and dwell and then adjust the lpr to the desired velocity. You can try to tweak it for performance but if you dont understand how the gun works you will just run into problems. I like this gun but I think anyone buying it should have a basic understanding of how the marker works before owning one. If they dont then they will most likely end up blaming their problems on the marker when the real problem is that they dont fully understand how it works. I cant say that a gun like a timmy or angel is any easier to own. Most users have no idea how they work and just adjust the hpr up or down the change the velocity. You can tell the same thing to someone with a freestyle, just set the hpr and adjust the lpr to where you need it to be. As long at the user properly maintains the gun, keeeps it clean and oils it they should rarely need to take it into a shop for service.


It's been three months since i've last reviewed the marker, it's preformance has only improved since it's broken in, now I have the dwell down to thirteen and I'm still waiting for my AKA regs to get in. I forgot to list a few things about this gun that would be a little more helpful.

the milling is very nice and unique, I was reading on AB home page and seaching around the forums, each AB is milled by hand so no AB is exactly the same as the one next to it, thats my understanding of it. it makes the marker very light, just under two pounds with regs, bottome line, battery and all that good stuff.

The trigger takes a few hoppers t get use to, but once you do, you'll have to turn your gun down, or else you get accused of ramping, bouncing, or some other illeagal thing that makes your maker super fast. it's nice on the fingers and makes putting a nice burst out very easy, in my opinion, if there is a better trigger it's second only to the JmJ razor tiggers for the viking/excalibur.

Bottom Line
The gun comes stock with a rail with an On/Off assembly, the on/off is very nice for a stock, m only complaint is the rail, put a cp rail on and it's golden.

Set up
the gun does take an amount of time to set up, but if you have a basic understanging about pressure differences then this proccess will only take a few minutes, if it's your first freestyle then about fifteen, but once you get it dialed in you won't have to mess with it again, I have yet to adjust the regs since I tested it and it's shooting 273 +/- 3, I am very happy with the stock regs and how they are preforming, when my AKA comes in I'll up date on that, but the stock ones are nothing to look down upon, when my sidewinder comes in I'm going to use that reg to replace my torpedo, it may just be me, but my ICD reg out preforms my BL torpedo. Back to set up, once it's dialed in, then all yuou have to do is turn it on and go play, I ref at a local field and I sneek a few games in every day, so my gun has been used every Sat/Sunday for the past three months, and haven't touched the regs since initial set up. But when the gun breaks in, it just keeps getting better and better.

Days of play
The gun is preforming awesomely it looks like it's shooting maybe 180 but put it on the chrono and it's reading 270's, the paintballs just look like they are sailing down the field, The gun has just continued to impress not only me but every one who holds it, air consuption is still a mild issue, but it has improved since last time. At this point in time I still give it a 10/10 and would highly recommend it to other players

--Update Number two--

I've now gotten out of the babying your new gun phase, I recently went out and bought a new LPR, a new rebuild kit for both the regs and the gun, And i'm now just beating the thing up to see how durable it is. I've gone days of play with out lubing the thing, and it's still just as efficent and preforms good, I've given it nohting but crappy seconds for about a month solid, not cleaning it, and diving gun first into hyper ball bunkers. Just shy of letting some one barrow it for a week i'm really trying to break it. After all the abuse I felt like I was trying to break an Automag or a tippman, it just wasn't happening, the only thing that gave way was my halo, and the feed neck. The feed neck didn't break, it didn't snap off the gun, infact the reason why I replaced it was because it was doing it's job a little too well, I went to unscrew my halo and it had such a death grip on it the feed neck powered through the red lock tight and un threaded it self, so being the person I am, "while it's off, why not replace it." I put a CCM on it and lock tighted i again, now came the task of getting my halo off the old feed neck, it took about 20 minutes and some crisco but I got that little bugger off, I wasn't angry with the feed neck, infact I was a little impressed with it, so I'm going to keep it and us it on my bushmaster.
Through me trying to destroy my gun, I found that either super Lube or ACI's air lube works the best and the longest on this gun.
This wasn't really a design flaw, more or less user error. In an attempt to clog the bolt, I played a whole day with my eyes off, halo at 17 bps and PSP ramping at an unlimited rate of fire, need less to say, hit th trigger more that three times in a second and you had a squirt gun for the rest of the game, after the fourth game like this a small piece of shell wedged it self between the cylinder O-ring and the bolt, making a small leak when the gun wasn't firing, the marker was still able to fire, and after three weeks I thought I sliced my first o-ring. I was really excited,I did a feild strip after the game, noticed it, removed the shell (didn't clean off the paint) threw it back in, the leak was gone the gun worked fine and I was disappointed. So far it's proven it self to be a tough little marker. So I replaced all the O-ring and rebuilt everything, cleaning it, and re lubed it. I would not recommend trying this experiment with a carbon fiber barrel kit, I developed a crack in mine, there goes 140 bucks, but it gives me an excuse to get a new one
Conclusion: This gun is an awesome gun if you are a front player, easy to move with, no problems get fast burst on a snap, light, quiet, accurate and now below 650, if you are a back man than I suggest going with the FSv7 you'll get the same preformance with better air consumption and with no hot sexy milling. As a front player I am giving it a 10, but as a back player I'm giving it an 8, overall I am going to give the gun a 10 for the price, the milling, the quality, preformance and over all feel, I highly recommend this gun to any one.
10 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, March 28th, 2006 at 2:50 pm PST
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mainiacpaintbal Monday, September 19th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month3 of 8 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
bushy bone break(still better than this gun somehow) ,lighter
Marker Setup: stock bushy bone break....12 volt revvie.dye ultra light.45/45 hpa....stock ab freestyle with 12 volt revvie, stock barrel.....45/45 hpa (batteris for both models)
none3 ...(berrel if you dont like the stock)
Strengths: Rverything....The trigger is the best part.
Weaknesses: Read below
Review: Well first off this gun is the best..It has the best trigger in the world and you can shoot relly fast. With a blade on my bushy i can gaet only like 10/15 shots per second(sps) but with this i can go full out .
The trigger is very good... You have to shoot it to understand what im talking about ..The trigger is why they made this gun..Very acurate...Very light...Ok the only flaw is that it sucks gas (like every other torny gun)...So thats all..
Conclusion: Get this gun...Very good you will never look back to your Angel, Timmy,Autocoker,Dm's Ect. Very good buy the best gun in the world
10 out of 10
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prs52488 Tuesday, January 16th, 2007
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month2 of 5 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Marker Setup: 91/3000 Crossfire tank
Halo B
Strengths: This marker will lay out some paint.
Weaknesses: See below.
Review: OK, first of all, I know some people will say "This is the guy that says he won't spend a lot of money on a marker." In fact, my friend and I own a field, and we use this as a joined field account. I bought this marker not too long back, after hearing it shot insanely fast. As a matter of fact, Indian Creek's website says it has an unlimited rate of fire. So, I hooked my air up to it, and after placing a full hopper on it, I turned the air on, and got about halfway through the hopper, when suddenly it stopped shooting, and made a loud hissing noise.
I cut the air off, and disassembled the marker, to see I had blown a hose. Apparently at the factory, the regulator was set at the wrong setting, and a few other things were wrong. I went to go find parts at a local paintball store, local being 30 minutes away, when I find out that the don't carry ICD parts because ICD was hard to get along with. Great, a wasted hours drive.
I get on the phone with ICD, and needless to say, they confused me badly. I finally ended up selling this marker on eBay, simply because, I am not going to be constantly sending this thing to ICD EVERY single time it messes up. So, a word to the wise, check with your local shops and find out what they carry before you buy a marker. It will save you grief.
I was disappointed in the factory screw up of the regulator. It seemed to me that if I was going to pay as much for this marker as I did, I should get it perfect.
Conclusion: Obviously, to ya'll, I am a person made up of HTML or javascript, and am nothing more that a computer program that thinks. I can't and will not tell you what you need to do, but personally, there is no universal marker. There is no marker that everyone will agree on being "the best." Buy what YOU are comfortable with. As for me, my "local" shop carries plenty of ION and DM6 upgrades.
7 out of 10
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Batman 5-0 Thursday, March 8th, 2007
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
1 year0 of 7 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Used and owned Bushmasters, Intimidators, Angles, Matrixes and various blow backs.
Marker Setup: Decked out one of Species Intimidator, FS7, Rapper Onyx, Ion
Nox board if your looking to push the limits of the marker, different on/off the stock one is not smooth or easy to turn on/ off and a diffrent barrel the stock one works well but if you need an edge get something different. Users often replace the regulators but I have never had a problem with them at all.
Strengths: Extremely small, lightweight, cheap, excelent customer service marker is simple to break down
Weaknesses: Low Quality craftsmenship, Marker is touchy has to be tuned just right to work well.
Review: GOOD
This marker is tiny. I play snake and I can move this thing around all the tight corners with a 12 inch on the marker is very managable in tight places. Its not as fast as some of the other guns out but has plenty of speed at 20 bps board came with four modes semi, auto, and two ramping modes. Mine came with the fs8 clamping feedneck and an on/off which were nice. People often complain about the Fs7 being a gas hog but its not to bad I can normally get about 6 pods and a hopper off a 68/45. The trigger is the pro style and has four points of adjustability I like the way it feels. Lubing the bolt is easy you just pull out the snatch grip firing can pulls out the back. Break it down lube it up stick it back in and your done. The eyes are break beam and work flawless and are easy to turn on/off you just hold the trigger down for three seconds with the marker on and the are off.Clamshell style frame which makes it easy to get at the internals. Regs come with derlin pistons and comes with a manual on cd that is also online I bought mine from for $525 new

Apon recieving my Fs7 I noticed several things wrong with it straight from the box. One of the first problems was the the feedneck was not locktighted down from the factory I could unscrew it with my hands. Secondly most of the threads on the marker had very sharp burs on the threads and could be bent to the side. The Asa was also tapped to close the edge of the metal so the side wall was caving in. The marker would not fire from the factory either and tuning was required. The tubing on the inside which diverts air from the regs to the cylinders went bad about a week after I had it. Also the board also shorted out some how 6-7 months down the road.
Conclusion: I bought the marker a year after they came out and had several problems with it. Problems that I think could have been avoided by some attention to detail by the manufacture. For being brand new in the box the marker has had a lot of down time that was not enjoyable. The warranty came in handy many times and ICD was very helpfull in trouble shooting the problems and helping me. Over all with some work the marker is great and works well but the problems should not be so prevalant and in my opinion should not exist.
3 out of 10
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