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Smart Parts SP-8 Reviews

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Smart Parts SP-8
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Number of Reviews: 82
Average Rating: 9.0 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $425

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
Break Beam Eyes
High Capacity Ion/SP8 Solenoid
Electronic Double Trigger
Fully Electro-Pneumatic
Accessory Rails for Scopes, Sights, etc.
Side Feed For Unobstructed View of Sight/Scope
Optional Parts Packages
17 BPS Stock Rate of Fire
Semi, 3 Shot, Full Auto and Ramping
Product Availability 
The Smart Parts SP-8 is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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Vicious6 Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
3 months158 of 165 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
I guess you could say the Ion is similar... actually its the exact same gun
Marker Setup: -AGD Tac One
Freak Barrel Kit
Remote Line to 88/4500 Pure Energy HP

CAR Gas-Thru Stock
68/3000 Pure Energy

-PTP Micromag
Pretty red/black anno, wood grain grips.. owned

-Model 98
Set up bottomline
Richochet Apache
(back up gun)

-Warsensor WSP! Yeah baby!

Various other vintage guns and 'Mag setups.

-Spyder Rodeo
(Hey I got bored one day and bought something to putz around with)
None available currently.. except for barrels using the same threads (which is most likely the best to recommend in my opinion, because I am always obsessed with having a good paint to bore match)
Strengths: See review
Weaknesses: See review
Review: Ok couldn't fit my strengths and weaknesses in their spots sooo:

It's scenario, so it appeals to scenario players. It's electric, (not the song) so it appeals to electro users. Basically do the math and it appeals to scenario players wanting to go electro. It's light and effective. Lays down the paint when you want it to. I feel looks are ENTIRELY opinion based, there are loads of love/hate relationships between this gun and other people. Personally I like the XM8 look. The eyes are just a great addition, I'm having a little more respect for Smart Parts than I did previously.

*EDIT 12/11: Ok allow me to enlighten you with my experiences to point out some strengths here. I used this marker as my primary since the day I got it and the last game was in snow, with verrrry cold weather. Now I could have just been extremely lucky, but my equipment outperformed everyone on the fields. When the temperatures dropped, people were chopping left and right. This happened to them no matter what barrel they used or what psi their gun ran at. I HAD NO, I REPEAT --NO-- CHOPS. I didn't even bring my squeegee out of the gear bag. As I said, it could have just been luck but WOW! I mean if so, my luck is continuous in performance. No chops, consistent velocity, above-average accuracy, and awesome gas effeciency. Seriously, I had one incident where the barrel got stuck into a snow bank by accident and was filled with snow. (without me knowing) Well, balls were curving quite bad for about 15-20 shots. After that all the crap cleared out and it continued to dominate the playing grounds.
Another small detail that is worth noting: The otherwise awkward looking regulator cover that is supposed to simulate a real magazine is actually a great addition. It kept the reg very clean and dry.

Really, I don't want to jynx my good time but I am so happy with this product.

I just recieved this marker yesterday, so I haven't been able to give it the trial-by-fire I'm known to give products I buy. I am aware of the problems surrounding electros, and I've been a mech owner all my life. I don't think I'll be having a good day if I play with this marker in the rain.
From what I can tell, I think the barrel is a wee bit big of a bore. Also, I don't love the feedneck placement, though there probably isn't much SP could do about it anyway. Still, it feels bulky and lopsided. The only fix I can think of is throwing a Q-loader somewhere on the thing and I don't plan on doing that. My Ricochet Apache sits up pretty high and is a prime target for opponents.

*EDIT 12/11: -A minor 'weakness' if you think of it as such: internals are very complicated. The Ion internals are already known for not being easy to work on, but the chassis used for the SP8 makes it even harder. Make sure you take *great* care when working on this marker! If you take your time and be gentle you should be fine.
-Barrel is not as large as I thought... I used the stock barrel every game I've gone to and it's performed ...dare I say... extremely good!!!! Wow, I can't believe the performance on that thing. But this is just restating the strengths.
-Also, a modification I did and feel every owner should do, I cut the feedneck at about half-way. It's much much better, the marker no longer has any balance issues, and the hopper rides much lower.

Ok, the biggest hint that the gun is an Ion... IT CAME WITH AN ION MANUAL. Yes that's right, I didn't get an SP8 instruction booklet... I got an Ion booklet. I've never owned an Ion before, in fact I was always the guy joking about the people toting Ions. (my favorite quote: "The Ion is like an AK-47... yes it's got some firepower but every nut has one")
Well, despite some uproar I might recieve from saying this, I think Smart Parts has good quality control, the product was assembled nice I must admit. I mean, we should expect such results with them dominating a good slice of the market, but still. Kudos to them.
It came with a 9v battery, set of spare parts, a few allen wrenches, and a wrench for adjusting velocity. All were placed in a nice little camo baggy.. cute. I immediately figured out how to use the damn thing, and threw in the 9v. Threw a hopper on it, and my PMI 88/4500 HPA. (NO FREAKIN WAY am I using CO2 on this gun.. or any decent gun I own for that matter) Powered up and dry fired a few times... I'm not used to the 'mouse-click' trigger of electrics. Also I wasn't thrilled with the amount of travel the trigger has to actually get to the clickiness. It's somewhat awkward... I'm used to finely tuned 'Mags that will go off if you even look at them the wrong way. Perhaps I just need some practice. I was able to walk it up to a decent speed.. nothing at all to brag about. Tried out the different modes, the infamous rebound worked fine. It shot faster than I would ever need in a game. My next part of fun was to fill up the hopper and try it out. It shot pretty nice. Not much kick, decently quiet. For the price we're talking, it worked amazing.

Ok about this whole "plastic piece of crap" thing... no, it's not plastic. Sorry guys. Most of the main body is aluminum with a plastic coating over it. You can see this on the uncoated interior. What results is a suprisingly durable yet light marker.
Conclusion: So far, so good. As many have stated, it's an Ion geared towards scenario. Also as I said, it's purely a matter of opinion. Many laugh and sneer at this marker, while others worship it. It just depends on what you like. I rate the product a 9 out of 10, because so far I think it's performed wonderful. There is a large debate over Ions and similar markers, but I'm attempting to be as unbiased as possible in my review. I feel the gun chops rarely, is as reliable as electrics get, and does its job. Simple and effective. I play a lot of scenario games hence the reason I ordered it. The reg seems fine, the internals seem fine, the trigger is okay though could be improved, the barrel is a bit on the larger bore size, and the plastic coating makes it look cheap to some people. It won't replace any of my current marker collection, but it will definately be used often.

*EDIT 12/11: Ok so after some punishing use on the woodsball fields with me (lest it be known I have a reputation for breaking stuff often), the marker has really surprised and pleased me. I've seen electrics die in wet conditions, but this thing has survived use in snow, being soaked both outside and in when I got back home.
How do I think of the SP8 now? The best way for me to put it is it's kind of like having the reliability of a Tippmann or other bombproof gun coupled with the performance of a fast-shooting mouse-clicking anti-chopping electro. In all fairness, with no biased judgements, the marker stands at a solid 9. The only reasons it isn't a 10 is because of the complicated internals, the need to cut down the feedneck, and how the trigger isn't perfect, even with adjustment it wobbles a bit... honestly these might not even affect some people, I just figured the average Joe wouldn't appreciate such things.

This concludes my lengthy report. Obviously, I'll edit if anything changes. I have also ordered the SP Adjustable Stock and Suppressor Kit for this marker, (they're not really available in stores yet, but I found one place that got them early) and I'll find a place to say how they worked out.
9 out of 10Last edited on Monday, December 12th, 2005 at 4:38 pm PST
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af895 Friday, October 20th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
3 months39 of 42 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
I played paintball years ago - way before electronic guns. I've tried a few other markers recently including some Tippmanns with MilSim kits.
Marker Setup: Jungle Green SP-8
Extendable Stock
Tactical Rail Kit
Stealth Barrel kit
TechT L6 Lightening Bolt
Smart Parts 360 QEV
CP Regulator, Long
PMI Pure Energy 68/4500 HPA
PMI remote
OpsGear 18" Interceptor barrel
Tasco BKRD30 RedDot Sight
Viewloader Evo II hopper
Q-loader System
Tippmann Triumph SSL-200 hopper
ON ORDER: PPS Brass barrel, Hammerhead Barrel Kit
Palmer Pursuit Shop 14" brass barrel

Clippard QEV (the Smart Parts 360 QEV, while easier to install, has questionable performance - see my review of it here on

EDIT!DON'T upgrade the regulator! I played with an SP-8 that had a well broken in stock reg and the results were excellent. I would recommend setting the marker to full-auto and dry-firing without paint several thousand shots; 4000 should be a good start. Once the stock reg has broken in, it should give excellent consistency. Out of the box it doesn't give good consistency which is what leads a lot of people to replace it right away.

Adjustable stock (you'll need to run a remote or a drop with this - it gets in the way of a tank attached to the stock ASA)

A red-dot sight with a cantilever mount is an excellent way to improve first-shot accuracy - no need to "walk in" your shots. (you need the canti' mount to raise the sight off the rail or your mask will get in the way.)

LOW PRIORITY UPGRADES: aftermarket board: either the T-board or APE Rampage.

See my reviews of most of these items here on PBreview.
Strengths: Ion parts compatible, speed, balance, ergonomics, looks, cost, very quiet, efficient.
Weaknesses: Best with remote or drop & extendable stock; somewhat heavy, bulky, unmaneuverable.
Review: 1st, A BIG WARNING:
Out of the box, the stock reg is adjusted to "full on." Firing your marker like this - or even gassing it up - will void the warranty and possibly destroy the solenoid. (the 'noid is the valve that releases air to cycle the bolt and fire the ball)

Turn the reg ALL THE WAY DOWN, connect your air source and then turn up the regulator until the gauge reads about 150psi. Consult the manual to be sure how to do this.

2nd: set up the Dwell and ROF on the circuit board to something reasonable. If you need help with that, visit the SpecialOps forum and look for a thread called "Ion settings." If you don't do this, your shots will be all over and you'll get half as many shots from a tank as you should.

OK! On with the review...

I had the choice of any marker I wanted when I got back into paintball recently. The sky was the limit. I went with the SP-8.

The fact that it uses Ion guts makes it easy to find upgrades. Other people have recommended avoiding the SP-8 in favor of an Ion with a mil-sim body. I like the look of the XM-8 and the biggest advantage I see over a mil-sim Ion is the offset feedneck - you won't get that with an Ion.

I've put a lot of upgrades into my SP-8. On a good day, I see +/- zero FPS variation with the CP reg running HP air from a remote. More typically, it's +/-3fps which is pretty good to me. The Epiphany upgrade should be out in 2007 and I hear Smart Parts techs have seen even better consistency with that. (smaller firing chamber, higher pressure, new solenoid to handle the higher'll see more on this as it hits the market) NOTE: with a well broken-in stock reg, I've seen good consistency.

HPA or CO2
On the subject of air vs. CO2: it's best to run HPAir on this marker, likewise the Ion. If you use CO2 and suck liquid into the internals, you risk damaging the hoses, fittings and the solenoid. If you use a CO2 tank, do so cautiously and with an ANTI-siphon system. Since I was getting kitted out from scratch, I went with high-pressure air. Now that I've seen how consistent it is, I won't use CO2 ever again.

As touched on above in the warning, this marker operates at extremely low pressure; mine's at 150psi and I've seen others at 120psi. This makes it very gas-efficient and quiet.

QEV's are a matter of preference. The Smart Parts 360 is the most convenient as it swivels to line up correctly. It is, however, a hit-or-miss part. I got a "miss" and it never performed well, making shots very inconsistent. I switched to a Clippard and consistency was excellent. A QEV of any type offers the potential for better gas efficiency if you tweak the dwell and ROF settings correctly as it allows for a shorter return path on exhaust gas which in turn allows the bolt to cycle faster.

Stock barrel is actually pretty good - IF you have a good regulator and quality paint. It's good enough, in fact, that you should make this one of the last upgrades you consider. I'm a bit of a gear-tweaker so I have a bunch of barrels which I reviewed seperately.

I added an OpsGear 18" fluted barrel which is extremely good - balls land right on top of each other to about 60' and stay within a mask-sized circle at distances out to 100'. It's worth noting, while the unported Interceptor barrel is slightly noisier than the Stealth or stock barrels, it's much quieter than on a Tippman because the SP-8 operates at much lower pressure.

I bought the "Stealth Barrel Kit" which is a 19" ported barrel with a longer fore-stock. I haven't played much with that because the OpsGear is so good and you don't NEED the longer fore-stock unless you're 7 feet tall. I'm 6'0 and the short grip is comfortable. An 18" barrel sticks out farther from the short fore-grip but looks good and is perfectly functional.

The long-fore stock from the Stealth barrel kit does give you more room to mount things like grenade launchers, lights etc while giving you room to grip. In either case, the tactical rail kit is needed to add accessories.

Though I haven't shot it yet, I received a Hammerhead Battlestikxx Recon 14" barrel kit and it fits perfectly with the standard, short shroud. It sticks out half-an-inch less than the stock barrel with a bit of room between it's ported front and the shroud.

EDIT: the Palmer Pursuit Shop Brass barrel in 14-in length is an excellent choice if you're getting another barrel. Nothing longer is needed with the standard shroud and it performs as well as any kit without the hassle of inserts.

An upgraded bolt will reduce kick and use less air. May as well go with the lightest on the market: Tech-T L6.

Add a red-dot sight and you'll improve your first shot accuracy. Nothing to do with the marker - that's just how our eyes work.

XM-8 Body, Ion Internals
The plastic and rubber XM-8-look shell probably acts as a bit of extra protection for the internals. As with the Ion, the only moving part is the bolt, unless you include the solenoid valve. Also like the Ion, the bolt is surrounded with a beefy, metal breech.

The body of the SP-8 differs a bit from the Ion in it's design - there's extra metal at the front of the frame to accomodate the fore-grip and faux-magazine which hides the reg.

The only way you are going to damage this gun is using it as a club - generally frowned upon at paintball fields. Even if you damage the shell of the gun, it's unlikely you'll do enough damage to stop it from working.

I no longer have an SP-8. A few events conspired to make this happen.

In one case, I ran out of battery power during a long game and couldn't cycle the marker. I feel I'm dilligent in changing batteries so this was extremely annoying.

In another case, I had to sneak through a tunnel and hold my marker up, pointed at a second floor window until someone showed their face. After a minute of this, even with the SP-8 stripped down to the bare essentials, my arms got tired and started to shake.

I've changed my tune. You may not agree so take this for what it's worth: I do not believe there is any point to "mil-sim" paintball markers unless you're staging full-on, mil-sim scenarios for training purposes.

Real firearms are designed to look the way they do because they need to launch bullets which generate heat and recoil, both of which need to be dissipated while giving the user a stable shooting platform. A paintball marker doesn't need to do either of the first two tasks, it only needs to be a stable shooting platform.

Paintball markers have evolved to look the way they do for a reason. They're lightweight, balanced and maneuverable. A paintball marker in a mil-sim shell is not lightweight or maneuverable.

Sooner or later, you will go toe-to-toe with someone who is using an Ion, Autococker, Ego or Automag. Do you want to be on the disadvantaged end of that gun-fight? I didn't.

I sold the SP-8 and bought a Palmer Pursuit Shop Blazer - a fully mechanical, "Autococker-like" marker. I shoot less paint, more accurately with less maintenance hassle than I ever did with the SP-8.
Conclusion: I think a lot of ratings on PBreview are overly generous so take my rating with that in mind. I'd give it an "8" out of box on account of performance and ergonomics but when you consider the price - seen for as low as $299 online - and just how little it takes to make it great, I have to give it an honest "10."

Break in the regulator, add the extendable stock and either a remote or drop (you can't fit a tank below the stock using the stock ASA) and you have a vicious marker. Keep adding things like the QEV and bolt for better gas efficiency, a new barrel for a bit of extra precision and an aftermarket board and you're done.

What earns it a 10 is that it's a completely useable marker out of the box that just gets better with each upgrade. You don't NEED to upgrade it but if you get a few extra dollars for your birthday or Christmas, you can tweak this marker in the extreme.

It's a woodsball marker, though if you put your hand on the front of the mag instead of the grip, you can hold it like a speedball marker. If I had to choose a new marker today, it would still be the SP-8.

One thing about the SP-8 that I didn't mention but have come to notice a lot: it's a bear to clean. If you break a ball in the breech or anywhere "upstream" of that, you have to disassemble most of the marker to clean it out. I consider this the only fundamental flaw of the design but it's big enough to subtract a point from the rating. 9/10.

Still an excellent overall design. Make sure you do everything possible not to break paint in it - use a good, force-feed hopper, keep the eyes ON and use fresh, quality paint. Disassembling an SP-8 (or an Ion for that matter) after a break quickly sucks the fun out of playing paintball.

EDIT - Christmas 2006
Keeping in mind the caveat in the "edit" section of the review above, if you MUST have a "milsim" marker, the SP-8 is a very good marker "out of the box" and with some upgrades it's a match for any other milsim marker. I will not dock any more points on those grounds, instead I leave the rating at 9 if you're comparing apples to apples.

Compared to a PPS Blazer or AGD Automag, the SP-8 gets a 4.
9 out of 10Last edited on Wednesday, January 10th, 2007 at 12:33 pm PST
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redleg_64 Friday, December 2nd, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested37 of 37 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Marker Setup: Warped Sportz Dark Angel iR3

System X NME

Smart Parts SP-8

Tippmann M98 Sniper

Winchester Diablo pump pistol (these are fun to mess around with)

Sniper forestock / barrel

Adjustable buttstock

Tactical rails

Remote line
Strengths: Authentic Look

It's an Ion
Weaknesses: A bit bulky
Review: After ordering one from Smart Parts and not getting it yet, I saw one at TC Paintball. I bought it on the spot as well as a Halo B w / rip drive. I only had time to test fire it at night before I flew out back to Iraq. The gun felt great in the hands. It was a bit bulky, but after being accustomed to military weapons, it felt nice. It shoots fast on semi-auto. To change the setting you have to remove the left hand grip and press a button and look at the light pattern LED's are emitting. You kind of have to keep track of where you are or you are going to put the SP-8 into a mode you don't want to be in.

After figuring out how to run it, I poured some paint into it and hooked it up to my CO2 bottle. I was easily able to shoot around 13 BPS in semi. I put the gun on auto and held it still while I fired at a target 50 feet away. The whole hopper landed in the area the size of a paper plate. Nice. Rebound mode is my favorite. It starts out shooting in semi, but when you sustain a trigger pull of 6 times per second the gun ramps its BPS up to 17. It was nice to see a nice rope of paint fly out the barrel.

Then I got the bright idea to empty 3 hoppers as fast as I could. That was a mistake. I ended up totally freezing the gun up. It was no longer capable of firing. I put the gun in the house and let it thaw out for a while. Later on in continued to fire like new.

If you get this gun, definately use HPA. If you have to use CO2, don't do what I did.

I really want to get the sniper attatchment for this as well as the stock. The SP-8 looks 1,000 times better with those on them, but at the time of writing this review, they aren't available for sale.
Conclusion: I love this thing. If you are a scenario player who wants firepower, get this. You will not be disappointed.
9 out of 10Last edited on Thursday, December 22nd, 2005 at 6:11 am PST
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themobpaintball Friday, October 28th, 2005
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested24 of 69 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Strengths: Its speedy, comfy, and cheap.
Weaknesses: Seems a bit tall, it has a side fed which may mean some off balance.
Review: I was checking this thing out at the proshop at All American Paintball Park. Basically its an Ion for the woods..... it shoots very very fast for a tactical marker..... 10bps full auto. It has a comfy trigger, and feels good. If you like the woods, or if your wierd and want it on the turf, this thing rocks.
Conclusion: Buy it! It simply beats any other tactical markers.
7 out of 10
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TerrorTrooper Thursday, May 4th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month23 of 23 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
Warsensor WS66
Tippman A5
ION (some might say)
Marker Setup: Eclipse Ego (Blue to Silver Fade)
JT Proteus Clear.
VL Evolution 2 (Y Board)
+ Zeus G2 as a backup.
PMI 5000 PSI 68 Cu
19" Shroud & Extended barrel.
Remote Line.
Gun Bag (if you get stock or barrel extension)
(Possibly a QEV)
(Possibly Blackheart Board)
Strengths: Weight.
Power Button.
(More Detail Below)
Weaknesses: Feedneck.
Battery Life.
Gas Hog.
Lack of special range increase barrel.
(More Detail Below)
Review: Ok, For those of you Familliar with my reviews, i try to keep them as impartial as i can.
i have owned 2 Ions and i wasnt overly impressed with them as it appears SP had some quality issues with the earlier ones, in fairness, my second Ion was relatively OK, but still suffered some design flaws..
As the SP8 is very closely related to the ION (ie. same internals) i will be comparing it to its tournament cousin..

First.. I Have to say this...
When the SP8 was first released.. i thought it was HIDEOUS!!! However, once the Stock and the Extended Front became available and i saw one with these in the Flesh.. it kind of grew on me.. and now i REALLY like it.. so much so i have bought one..

When i recieved my SP8, i thought the Box was of a rather poor design compared to the ION, it was flimsyer, contained vacuum formed plastic inside rather than Foam, whitch is brittle, and doesnt provide complete protection for its content, Also, as most people buy a stock for their SP8, you cant adjust the box to handle it like you would a foam box.

The marker however, is a good looking gun.. i was instantly impressed at how good the SP8's composite shell and rubber fore grip looked and felt.

I Bought the 19" Barrel and front extension and the stock with mine, so i will include it in the review.

When fitting the barrel extension and Stock, i noticed the O-Ringed push pins and holes didnt quite match up making them incredible hard to fit, Also, due to this fact i dont want to regulary dissasemble this marker as i get the impression that the holes will wear and/or the O-Rings on the Pins will break, So, Resultantly, i only strip it when i absolutely have to.

Stripping the SP8 is a little more tricky than stripping the Ion, but much of it is the same, and after you have done it once or twice, you should have no trouble doing this in future.
The SP8 is a relatively simple gun to mainain.

The SP8's Trigger also seems a little more sturdy than the ION's definately less side play than its tournament cousin.. Although, i may be wrong, but it has a lot more space behind it than the ION's so when i turned the grub screw in to make a tight trigger, it went pretty far back, so far in fact im worried about losing it..

Once Assembled with Stock Ect, the SP8 really feels good when you hold it in a firing position, and the stock is sturdy..


Power Button :-
One of the issues with the ION was its on/off button being a little awkward due to its thick and unresponsive membrane, the SP8 has a physical button that you push that lights up making it easy to turn on and off or switching eye modes.

Looks :-
The SP8 looks great, even though its composite, it still feels Quality,
With the stock and extended barrel & front shroud, it really does look impressive...
im actually half tempted to get a Red Dot sight just to finish it off looks wise..
and ive never been one for gimmicks..

Elbow :-
The Elbow that comes with the SP8 is by far the finest elbow i have ever come across... its a Smoke Texture, so it doesnt stick out like the usual white or clear elbows, but you can still see your balls, and it is quite sturdy, you can really crank it up tight without damaging it, unlike the brittle Armotech ones, or the non adjustable white push elbows. I am well impressed in the stock elbow, and plan to buy several of them if there available to buy...


My first observation is that if you have a stock, you really need to use this marker with a Remote Line, otherwise you wont be able to screw a bottle on it, (unless its very small)
Also, the SP8 has the same terrible duckbill ASA as the Ion, although its not such a major issue as most remote lines have on/off so you can degass and unscrew it without wearing the ASA threads due to pressure, The 45 Grips on the SP8 seem to be joined at the bottom covering half the ASA making it neccessary to cut part of the rubber away if you want to put another ASA on, as decent Duckbill types arnt that common.
This too however, isnt a major issue.

After gassing it up, putting my Z-Boarded Egg on it, i dry fired it a few times..
All seemed well, i didnt get the usual teething problems that i had with my Ions.
The first thing i noticed when firing it was the lack of kick.. this marker has practically
no kick to it at all!! whitch i mainly put down to its low opperating pressure. (lets face it, you have to respect any marker that can fire on less than 180 PSI)
The SP8 was also quite quiet, Even more so with the extended barrel and shroud..
To be honest, apart from reduced noise, the supposed increase in Range and Accuracy with the extended front & Barrel was barely percievable, but i still think its worth
buying for your SP8 purely on a cosmetic level as it does look the muttz nutz!!
The Extended barrel doesnt really give you any more range than a standard barrel..

The SP8 handles just like an Ion, with or without Eyes, (although i recomend leaving them on as the elbow can rarely slow a ball down enough to make it chop.)
On Semi you can walk it as fast as most tournament markers, but on ramping, the SP8 is extreamly easy to ramp! (something i always liked about the Ion, even moreso than my Ego) the SP8 is a doodle to ramp with even one finger!!
This Marker truely was a pleasure to shoot, and so far, i havent had any issues with drop off at high rates of fire i had with my Ions..
I havent had the chance to chrono it yet, so i cant comment on consistency, but when i fired the gun holding it level and steady, generally, all my balls were landing in pretty much the same area leading me to believe consistence is pretty decent.


Lets face it, Every silver lining has a cloud, and the SP8 is no exception..

Feedneck :-
hmm.. this is a bit of a downer.. Although the Elbow seems to be Top Notch, the Feedneck is another story, it appears to be quite brittle, and i cant imagine it would take too much effort to break it, its creaked unhealthily a few times when ive oppened the pull back style lid on my egg, id seriously recomend a top loading flip lid hopper rather than an Egg on an SP8. i have seen Feednecks break on other SP8's and feel this is a design flaw to go on top of its other design flaws it inherited from the ION. Also, the feedneck is un-neccessarily long, and im not certain if cutting it down a bit to reduce profile and stess on it would invalidate my warrenty or not, and on a smart parts marker, a warrenty is a handy thing to have..
Fortunately, the feedneck isnt directly attached to the composite shell so id imagine replacements arnt going to be mega bucks... just darn inconvienient...

Battery Life :-
OK, Perhaps i have been spoiled with my Ego too long, but the battery life on the SP8 leaves a lot to be desired, you can usually tell when it needs replacing as your marker misbehaves.. you get drop off, incomplete cycles, and a host of other problems when it runs down.. and it runs down pretty quick compared to some markers..
just like the Ion...

Im half tempted to get a blackheart board to ellinimate 2 things...
1:- It Beeps when the battery is low..
2:- should eliminate any problems im sure i will one day get with drop off.

Efficiency :-
Damn!! this gun eats Air!!! If i had to guess, i would say that perhaps the longer barrel is responsible for the ammount of Air used...
i think youd be extremely lucky to get 1000 shots from a 68/4500 fill!!
This could be a problem for people with battle vests who sometimes carry in excess of 1300 paint out with them on the field,
i dont believe for one second what it says in the manual...
if your a scenario player, chances are you will have an 88Cu bottle, i think youl need it...
Also, a QEV would go a long way to bringing the efficiancy to a decent level, but again, as far as im awere, this would invalidate the warrenty..

Barrel :-
Hmm. the barrels i had with it are fine.. But the SP8 is lacking in one major area..
Extended Range.. Tippmann have the Flatline Barrel, Warsensor/Armotech & now Miltec have the Hop-Up barrel, and most other markers can mount a BT Apex,
They all add backspin to allow the ball to travel further.. the SP8 has no such option as even with the stock front foregrip shroud, you cannot mount an Apex simply because the Apex Barrel is too short.. i hope smart parts do something to rectify this, as this is the SP8's major downfall compared to other woodland markers..

Apart from the other minor issues of the push pins being awkward, and that you really need a bag to transport this marker, and the ASA, i really am hard pressed to find any serious flaws in it..

As an Added Bonus, if my Ego ever goes down at a tourny or Sup Air Walkon.
The SP8 with its stock barrel, and Butt plate instead of the stock isnt much bigger than an Ion, (although it is somewhat heavier), you can then screw the bottle direct to the ASA, and due to its Ion Speed and light trigger it makes a passable back up for your primary tourney marker.. (although you look kind of out of place)
Conclusion: If your a Scenario/Dedicated Rec baller, then this marker would be a fine addition to anyones kit bag!! its not a cheap piece of kit with the Extras, but they are well worth the money!!
The SP8 eliminates the age old problem where at big games Scenario markers are seriously outgunned at close range by tourny guns as it will keep up with anything..

Despite me being Dubious of it being a "Woodland ION" i am well impressed with my purchase and dont regret it one bit..

I would have to give this an 8.5 if i could, as it is an awesome piece of kit, but i dont feel it quite deserves a 9 due to the problems it does have.... so im going to be generous and give it a 9..

EDIT :- i have lowered my rating to an 8 as the SP8 has one major disadvantage over other woodland guns. There is a lot of "long balling" in woodland Scenario games.
For this reason, Tippman have the Flatline, Warsensor/Armotech & now Miltec have the Hop-Up barrel, and most other markers can mount the BT Apex barrel.
The SP8 does not have any range advantage, as an Apex wont fit it, even with the standard front foregrip shroud.. i have added this in weaknesses.
8 out of 10Last edited on Thursday, May 4th, 2006 at 6:35 pm PST
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fivestring Friday, February 3rd, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
3 months22 of 24 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
ICD B2k4 is the closest thing.
Marker Setup: SP-8, lucky stages 2,3 , powerlyte scepter kit
Reloader I
Stock this marker is fine, however I bought the lucky stages 1,2,3 for it, bah to stage 1, I went back to the stock bolt (see my review there).
Strengths: Well Balanced, Light, great design, right feed, weaver rails
Weaknesses: No 3/8" rails standard, not too easy to get at the internals.
Review: First, let me start by saying I really really like this marker. I sold my b2k4 to buy the SP8 because I wanted something that would work better for woodsball and scenario games. Boy did the SP8 deliver. I was about to purchase an A5 with the lp and rt kit when I found the SP8. I always like the electronic features of my b2k but did not like the flashy design.

The SP8 delivers from all sides. The actual marker shap is extremely well balanced. I run it on a remote set up with a sling and its great. The stock barrel isn't bad however I did replace it with a scepter kit. The SP8 has all the features and electronic capabilities of an ion and they are easy to customize. Out of the box it was ready to shoot with no issues. Infact after about 1.5 cases I have had zero issues. My issues are actually with the lucky bolt but thats for another place.

The ability to adjust dwell time, firing rate and firing function are quite nice. If I want to use a 3 round burst in the woods I have that ability and it makes for a much more "military" feel. I mostly use the "rebound" mode which is great for pin point shots and putting out cover fire.

Internally the SP8 is the same as the ion and in my opinion is very simple and easy to work with. It can be intimidating the first time you disassemble, but if you read the manual it is fine.

The only thing I find cumbersome is removing the body halves when you want to get at the internals. The akwardness of this has faded after doing it a few times though.
Conclusion: I am pleased with the SP8 and will probably not sell it for another marker. I have gone through about 10 markers to finally end up with the SP8. It satisfies all my need in a woodsball marker and works flawlessly. I would recomend this marker to anyone who is looking at getting something like an egrip A5 as a very viable alternative. Smart Parts I give you a 10 for throwing somthing new in the mix for the dedicated woodsballers. Thank you.
10 out of 10
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Valaska Monday, March 24th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
2 years20 of 20 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
Sim-4 Comped as a Milsim Marker
A5 AK-47 comparing as a Milsim Marker
Marker Setup: SP-8
Orange Nano Unicorn Bolt
14" .689 Stiffi Barrel
Adjustable Stock
Laser+ Tac Rails
Aimpoint RedDot Scope
Remote Line
360 QEV
Red Dot
Orange Unicorn Bolt
Remote Line
14" Carbon Fiber Barrel, or Lapco
Strengths: Tough
Good Weight
Change the look in Seconds
Weaknesses: Inefficient if not tuned
Heavier for smaller people
Awkward Disassembly
Review: Ok, I've been using this gun for a LONG time, I've took her through 24 hour Scenario's, Regular Woods ball, a couple speed ball -ish- situations (Fox Holes), Rain, winter, fog, dry almost forest fire conditions, the top of a mountain believe it or not lol, and it's remained my primary marker through this entire time.. Nough said? Nope!

This is an Ion in side, I understand that, I won't argue it, and I don't care. Ion, great gun, ergo, SP-8, better gun due to looks! But Looks is no way to review something, it varies person to person, so lets get down to the review;

Pro's/Con's Rundown:

Tough - The body can withstand punishment of hard play easily
Quiet - The shroud makes it VERY quiet, the stealth shroud makes this quiet as a PUMP, and even QUIETER if you have a good bolt.
Efficient - Set right this thing is great of air, with a bolt upgrade for 60 bucks, this thing is very great on air.
Upgrades - All your Ion internal upgrades are upgrades for this.. Plain and simple, boards, eyes, QEV, etc, this thing is very upgradeable!
Realistic - I love the M8, plain and simple, and this thing looks very similar to one, I can notice the differences I've managed one up close, but its very close.
Good Weight - It's lighter with adjustable stock and barrel shroud than an A5 with Stock and Shroud, so comparatively, it's a light gun.
Change the look in Seconds - Stealth Barrel can be swapped on quick, butt cap for CQC with shorter shroud, etc, might not be too many choices like an X7, but you can change it.
COST - 275 bucks, it's cheap, it's worth it, it looks and acts and fits the part, plain and simple.

Inefficient if not tuned - If you don't set your dwell which can be a little hectic, it's going to eat your gas.
Heavier for smaller people - If you are a smaller built person you are better off with an SP-1, no offense but it's just size, SP-1 will fit a smaller person like a glove.
Awkward Disassembly - It can be tricky until you learn to take the 9V out of the grip before you take it apart! Took me awhile honestly.
Feedneck/Profile - The Hopper is VERY high, but you buy a new feedneck just in case, and cut down the one you have mounted, it shaves it down by a lot, especially using a 100 round hopper like me.


The body is very tough plastic, my friend has his drop from his tailgate going 120 KPH, the feet neck broke and it was scratched.. So people telling horror stories about it smashing, shattering etc or splitting or cracking, they're special.. Very Special people.
Now there is a way to compromise the bodies integrity, and thats to split the 2 halves of the body, most people don't know this, but a quick fix is locktite and then milliput or other epoxies and it will restrengthen the body, and usually these are hairline cracks that appear in places that just don't matter.
There is one area the gun can tend to crack thats akward, the feed neck, again easily fixable, but some people just don't have patience etc to do this.. But those people shouldn't be splitting the body in two anyways! There is a way to dismantle the Internals without splitting the halves, simply take out the banjo fittings, remove the vision cable.. Pull the internals out by the barrel.. Simple, insanely simple.

The body is Fairly light, but I do have upper body strength to heft something like it around, so for younger less robust players it will be a tad heavy not to mention it's going to be big, but its basically the same weight, a less, than an A5 with a barrel kit and a stock, not to mention out performs in my opinion but thats not here yet. It's comfortable, especially when you get an adjustable stock.. And if you get a fore-grip with this and the adjustable stock oh gosh it's a comfy gun, and sights are very well mounted you mask has PLENTY of room to fit in to aim, one of the weaknesses of the gun is no manual sights so red dots and reflex's really help.

To me, it just looks good, but this is just my opinion I stress, if you don't like it but want an Ion milsim, grab an ion and put a tac body on them, they look great too, or a blackcell, really great but freakin expensive. Some people say the SP-8 is a toy gun, but I've taken this thing through more punishment then it should have had, and I've seen Tippmanns break, my SP-8 is still running after 2 years, cases vary, you just gotta treat the SP-8 proper, more maintenance compared to an A5 of course, that thing will last without you opening it once for a year lol.


This thing is a high class woman, she's smooth, she's efficient, and she works great. But, she doooes take a bit of maintenance, you have to treat this gun proper, I don't know how many times I've told this to people who've bought this gun, treat it good and it's going to be your primary for YEARS, literally, 2 years for me.
I've Owned A5's, SIM-4's, BT's (I usually don't list it because it's virtually an A5 lol), I've used X7's which operated slightly different than an A5, Pirhana's, Sheridan's, Tiberius TAC-9, SIM-5.. Been there, done that.. Bought an SP-8, stock, it out performs them all comparing stock to stock... And under prices them!!
People will argue flame and dispute me because I said that, honestly I don't care, I've actually used it, and owned other guns, and this gun for a very long time, and time and time again this gun has taken me the extra mile over others.
Due to its cost, to make this a high end marker, it takes less money, and you still out perform even other upgraded to hell markers! And now that Apex have Impulse/Freak Adapters you can flat line if you want lol. My Nano Orange Bolt cost me 60 bucks, QEV was 23, and it already out did my friends A5 with Howitzer, Expansion, Dye Ultralite, etc.. Then I got a Stiffi Barrel, and now he's trying to mock me even more, and as he mocks people more you know he's just trying to compensate lol. I'd get Virtue Board or Rampage but honestly this gun doesn't need to shoot any faster, but it has so many options. I also bought an L7 bolt, but I honestly haven't used it yet, I am planning on it though, apparently it makes it even.. Quieter, more accurate and more efficient.. Which I am sure would somehow destroy the world in a sheer tidal wave of Awesome.

There is now even, the Epiphany mod for the SP-8, this way you can replace your Ion's firing chamber and hoses etc with the Epiphany, and get a black heart Board, for 130 bucks. In turn she fires faster, uses less air, no drop off when going over 16 PBS, this way you can get people to stop going "Oh it's juust an ion in there".. Even right now I go "Just an Ion? Lemmie show you what this is going to do to JUST your A5". I sorta have a tough neck towards A5's now, but you need to when you run Smart Parts lol.

Consistency is another HUGE thing I love about this gun, mine is set 290's because it only ever has spiked to 300 FPS, and thats exactly legal around here hehe. Getting a stiffi barrel bring accuracy up high, even though the stock barrel (Mine is the original stock barrel) has good accuracy, that works to 80 Feet, not kidding, doubt me? I have pictures to prove it.


Is more difficult than it should be, honestly, setting the dwell etc is baffling at first unless you have Black Heart or Virtue, which are cheap when you consider how much the gun costs.. Once you get the hang of it it's simple to no end, but it does take some "Is.. it doing anything?" till you figure it out.

Once you get the Dwell etc set, like I said, it's a dream. It doesn't use the same amount of air each shot and just uses a resistor pin, it runs at pretty low pressure already, velocity is pretty easy to set, and she stays consistent.


Affordable, plain and simple. You can have this top of the line for cheaper than it takes to get virtually any other marker top of the line. Some people say just go out buy a Shocker or a full up X7 etc, but this costs less to get virtue etc.
Conclusion: I've compared it to the A5 quite a bit, thats because it's the only gun that its really in competition with. A5's are great guns.. But I will NEVER drop my SP-8 if tippmann even came and offered me a fully upgraded 1000+ X7 or A5... The SP-8 is my gun, plain simple, it's the gun I run, the only other thing I use is my SP-1 and my Ariakon Overlord RX.

Conclusion, buy it, at least test it out. There are all sorts of nifty things you can do with it... And there is a little trick with the body shroud you can do to make this thing soundless.. But I can't post it here =P.

9.5 rounds up to 10, there are a FEW short comings that can be overcame, but some people just don't like that.. So 9.5 is the proper rating, but 10 is my personal rating to it, and she matches up to it for me.
10 out of 10
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pewee1297 Monday, November 14th, 2005
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested12 of 88 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
Ion, impulse, shocker, all spyders a few others...
Marker Setup: Ion, drop forward w/ on off, sythe trigger, powerlyte scepter 5 piece, egg 2 w/ z board
none, you cant really upgraid it
Strengths: Its got a great trigger its an ion
Weaknesses: Ugly and way to expensive
Review: ok....theres only a few things you can say about this gun

its an ion with an ugly body kit and the hopper goes off to the side. the only other thing thats different is the trigger... its not plastic but not the best

Get an ion this thing looks like crap and your paying $150 more for a body kit and a trigger on an ion! theres no point in paying for all of that. it shots just like an ion and you can get the same barrels for both guns becasue they are both impulse threaded!

the sp-8 looks stupid, but hey thats just my opinion...and if you like the look and have the extra money GET THIS GUN...but other whys get an ion! if you dont like the look but want a gun like the ion that has about the same price as this sp-8 get a promaster or autococker virtical feed...or omen 2.0!
Conclusion: GET AN ION!!! UNLESS YOU LIKE THE LOOK!!! it gets an 8 becasue its an awsome gun but just has a crappy look!
8 out of 10
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kevjo24 Saturday, April 29th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month11 of 16 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
A-5, 98 Custom
Marker Setup: Smart Parts Sp-8, Remote Coil, 20 oz. Co2, Adjustable Stock, Evolution electric loader, and stock barrel
The adjustable stock. The Suppressor barrel didn't work as well for me as the stock barrel (accuracy wise...suppressor is more quiet)
Strengths: Accurate and quiet. Reliable, never chops no matter how fast i shoot. Easy trigger
Weaknesses: Don't know how to change firing mode. everyone says too big. its perfect
Review: this is my favorite marker i've ever used. i cant believe its so cheap. A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ I WOULD RATE IT 100 IF THEY LET ME
Conclusion: Don't buy it. I want to be the only person with it
10 out of 10
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Scenario newb Sunday, December 10th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
3 months9 of 9 people found this review helpful.

3 months
Products Used:
I have used brass eagles, tippmanns, spyder mr2 (sp-8 owns it), spyder fenix, smart parts ion.
Marker Setup: Smart Parts SP-8 stock not even an agitating hopper (not enough money but im getting one)
Electric hopper that feeds at least 20bps. shoulder stock, remote setup (this thing is heavy enough, regulator (same as ion)
Strengths: Vey durable, easy to walk trigger, offset feedneck, super quiet! Fore grip
Weaknesses: Feedneck's fragile, Size, can't fit some barrels, can't fit some regs.
Review: Okay this is my first gun, I'm a woodsballer but Im not new to paintball I've studied it for over a year, guns, games, everything, played with friends, using their guns, just us though. I went to a field twice with this gun already and im very impressed.


This gun is big but it's worth it. I have no fear if i drop this gun except for the feedneck breaking off but that can be easily replaced and its still hard to do that much. The gun does have balls break on it because of its shape and size but it really isn't that much bigger. The shape is a lot more comfortable than many guns i've used. I'm tired of people who've never even touched the gun say its plastic! The only real plastic is the foregrip which is a VERY durable plastic and the mag which is a very thick hard plastic. The body and grip frame is all metal coated in a light plastic layer. The foregrip also protect your barrel if your afraid of doing damage.


This gun is SUPER QUIET, it is about half as loud as any tippmann. This guns shots sound muffled and the sound doesn't travel very far. If you want to be a sniper this is for you. The low pressure and shroud makes it so this gun is hard to hear especially over a firefight. with an upgraded barrel like the stealth kit and some upgrades for even lower pressure operation it can go even quieter.


For the price you can't beat it. The SP-8 is way cheaper than a tippman upgraded to similar specs. Tippmanns can't use eyes either. This gun should really be worth more like $600-$700 for all you get. Eyes, electro-pneumatic, double trigger, electric firing modes, it's just a great gun for the money with a LOT of potential.


Not much to say here this gun comes fairly accurate stock. You need a new reg but the stock barrel is actually pretty good, you don't need a new barrel but i'd be nice to have a kit. Plus the foregrip and offset feedneck really makes it easier to aim with. The barrel bore is standard .689 in.

Mod ability:

Well this gun's an ion I looked at the internals and compared them. It can take anything an ion can except for some larger regs and wider based barrels. I recommend a cp shorty reg, it fits perfectly. I don't Know about barrel though, anything under 14 in. will be stuck in the shroud, but it should still work.


17 bps is fine really you don't need to go any faster if your playing woods ball.To change firing modes and speed you have to open the hand grip which is intimidating at first but you eventually get used to it. This acts as a tournament lock. The trigger isn't very hard to walk so i've shot ropes before. The electro-pneumatic operation eliminates a lot of kick so its easier to keep aim while shooting fast.


This gun will not let you down Iv'e shot a lot of balls through it practicing at home. I have not had one chop, not one! The eyes on this are amazing, I never chop and my hopper cant keep up with the gun so it automatically lowers the rate of fire so you don't waste any air or give away your position too easily. I've had one barrel break but the paint size was wrong. I would pay $100 to get these eyes if it didn't come with the gun.
Conclusion: Overall I love my gun, and the fact that I can keep upgrading makes me happy. This gun is no better than an ion but an ion is certainly not better than the sp-8. The difference is they're for two different types of play and both have advantages and disadvantages. The SP-8 is low pressure operation about 160 psi, electro pneumatic, has eyes, shoots 17 bps with and electric trigger. It's just a great gun. I give it a good solid 9 because its awesome for woods ball and scenario play, also really good for CQB, and can be used in speed ball. There is room for upgrades though, and with the right ones i think this gun could be as good as a timmy, shocker, or any other top of the line gun for less money.
9 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, December 12th, 2006 at 2:24 pm PST
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