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Wicked Air Sportz Equalizer Reviews

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Wicked Air Sportz Equalizer
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Number of Reviews: 2
Average Rating: 10.0 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $25

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Instructions for upgrading
Remove the electronic board from your Proto Matrix and send it in along with a copy of your invoice (which you will get after checking out of the shopping cart). That's it! We will reprogram the board and return it to you with our world famous Equalizer programming!

What is the Equalizer Coding?
Equalizer coding is tournament legal coding for the Proto Matrix. This upgrade increases the rate of fire and offers numerous other features (described below).

How difficult is it to setup and use the Equalizer programming?
To see for yourself how easy the usage is, download our complete usage manual (see Product Manuals in the Downloads menu).

How does it work?
The Equalizer coding uses highly sophisticated algorithms for calculating the optimal cycle timing. This technique makes the balls available to the marker quicker by not having the bolt in the way of the balls falling during a high rate of fire.

What other features does the Equalizer have?
All settings are stored internally. Settings such as the dwell, Debounce(tm), eye mode, BIP Delay(tm), rate of fire cap, eye power, and firing mode can be programmed using the trigger and LED.

Beside the performance features that are expected from the Equalizer technology, there are many features built into the Equalizer programming that will help diagnose problems with the marker, make marker setup easier, increase the battery life while in use.

There are no confusing and difficult to understand timing for "front pulse", "back pulse", or "ABS" settings. The code automatically adjusts the parameters based on how YOUR marker cycles and not some 'worst case' average. Every marker is different! O-rings wear at different rates depending on maintenance, temperature, humidity, etc. The computer will accurately determine exactly what your marker needs, making it cycle as fast as the pneumatics will allow. This is the EXACT same technology that has been proven time and time again by more than 60,000 customers over the last 3 years with the Intimidator, Viking, Excalibur, Pimp, NME, Impulse, and A5 Equalizers. Tracking the changes in bolt velocity as the rate of fire changes, allows the computer to determine the exact timings necessary AS you are shooting in real-time. No extra sensors are necessary! The eye system and complex code completely control the pneumatic cycling. This is why the performance of the Equalizer can not be beat!

SUPER LOW power consumption means longer battery life! Automatic power-off after 30 minutes, instant-on operation, and the rest of the features you come to expect from Wicked Air Sportz!

The Maintenance Mode(tm) is a great feature for determining if your Proto Matrix is leaking air when it shouldn't be! The Proto Matrix is a unique design in that it is physically impossible to shoot hot if the marker's dwell and LPR are set correctly. You could setup the marker so that the proper dwell is 18.0ms, and then set it to 500ms and the marker will not shoot any differently (except very slow). The reason for this is that the only air that can be expelled from the marker is trapped in the dump chamber and transferred through the bolt during the course of the bolt moving from the rear to the forward position. If the bolt is held in the forward position, no air escapes from the marker (unlike a pin-valve configuration where if the bolt is stuck forward, air blasts down the barrel until the pin-valve is released). The LPR just controls movement of the bolt and really has very little affect on velocity (other than if the LPR starves the pneumatic operation).

In Maintenance Mode, when you pull the trigger, the solenoid is engaged and when you release the trigger, the solenoid is disengaged. If you pull and hold the trigger, the bolt will move forward and stay in the forward position (effectively firing the marker in the process). If hold the trigger and you hear air leaking, you have at least one bad o-ring! It is VERY key with the Proto Matrix to seal the breech on every single shot. This means that if you do not want to experience a shoot down with the Proto Matrix, run the dwell a little higher than "what works". The factory default of 18.0ms works very well, even though markers will usually work fine as low as 14.0ms. The additional time insures that the bolt is fully forward, sealing the breech and exhausting the exact same volume of air down the barrel with each shot. If the bolt does not come fully forward, the air will partially exit through the vertical feed in the form of blowback. If the bolt doesn't come far enough forward the ball will not be expelled at all, and another ball will be double-chambered. Most people use a force-feed type of loader with the Proto Matrix, so they never even realize that blowback could be occurring. Tests conducted with a clear gravity feed type of loader shows exactly what happens with the breech does not seal every time.

Firing modes include semi-auto, PSP ramping, and NXL full auto.

Technical information about the Equalizer
Rate of fire: limited only by the pneumatics. Approximately 35+bps
Product Availability 
The Wicked Air Sportz Equalizer is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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freddiemercury1 Monday, March 19th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month
4 years
Products Used:
Stock Proto Board
Marker Setup: Proto M6
Hybrid Lady Grip
Wicked Air Sports Equailizer Board
Strengths: Look Below
Weaknesses: Look Below
Review: I just got the board in today. I ran about 500 ball through it on differnet settings with little problems(see below). About the company i can not say enough good about them. they got my board in a spent about 3 days fixing some problems with the board. Aperrently there was a plastic on the board that they had to take off, flash the board, then reapply the plastic. I was starting to get a little worried. W.A.S. was very quick to respond to questions and concerns, normally within about 30 minutes.

Easy to install
Easy to set up
More modes
Better eye logic
longer battery life
Maitainence Mode
the Manual is really easy to read
No manual comes with the board when they send it back
Tricky to get the gun to shoot
you will have a unuseable marker for about 2 weeks
Conclusion: This would probibly be the best board for the money(even though its technically your stock board). I can not see spending $100-$150 on a board that does pretty much the same thing as my current board. As for the problems as the board boots up you have to pull the trigger or else it will go into the programming mode. the manual isnt that much of a problem. just go on the site and print it off. I would read it through once or twice before you actually get your board in. Makes for alot easier programming sequence. One thing that i hold above all else is that their is no cheat modes. I do not understand is why anyone would want to have cheat modes. The PSP ,NXL, and NPPL modes seem to work just fine for me. I will update this after i play some speed ball next weekend.

overall 10/10 because this has to be the best upgrade for the money for the PM6
10 out of 10
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sam teague Thursday, October 12th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
3 months
3 years
Products Used:
tadoa musashi and ultralite frame
Marker Setup: proto matrix was board ultralite barrel empire reloader b 68/45 air america
Strengths: $32 (cheaper than other boards)
Has psp nxl and semi
Matience mode
Weaknesses: No illegal modes(guess this is a weakness)
Review: I was looking for a board that had psp mode, so i go this board. it cost me$32 to get it flashed. the board has psp nxl and semi modes. its easy to use. matience mode is a great feature that allows you to check if any of your orings are bad. it shoots the bolt forward and keeps it forward as long as you hold the trigger to let you hear if their are any leaks. i like this board as well as my friends protos that have musashi, tadoa, and ultraltie frames.
Conclusion: Buy this product if you are looking for a inexpensive board that has all the legal modes and works great
10 out of 10
I found this review  
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.
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