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First Endeavor Paintball The Quest Reviews

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First Endeavor Paintball The Quest
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Number of Reviews: 43
Average Rating: 9.6 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $400

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
The Quest Paintball Marker comes fully stocked with a host of features. Designed with the player in mind, its’ sleek compact appearance is not only aesthetically appealing, but functional as well. The Slider Frame offers 2 positions for the player to choose from, a forward set of frame holes for the front player in mind or a further back set for all the back players out there. The trigger guard is enlarged to fit any sized hands on the triggers sweet spot. The Spot Trigger comes fully adjustable and equipped with bearings and a magnetic return. Both dually needed because at a blazing fast 23bps speed and with a 1500 rd capability (68/4500), The Quest will outshoot and outlast the competition.

For the tournament player at heart it comes cocker threaded, so no need to cart around another set of barrels, integrated snatch grip for the long walks from the pits to the field, and a trigger programmable board including NXL, PSP, and standard semi-auto modes. Together with a clamping feedneck and break beam anti-chop eyes The Quest is capable of fitting a variety of loaders and shooting paint break free.

With its simplistic 2-piece internal Bolt/Pin combo, maintenance and repair are a breeze. No more putting bolts back together backwards, or inserting a cup seal wrong. A quick wipe down and re-grease and your back on the field shootin fools all day long. Also included in the package is FEP’s 007 2-piece barrel boasting a 7” control bore.

With a combination of The Quest & 007 barrel, accuracy and consistency excel above all others!


Operation ~ Electro-Pneumatic
Power ~ 9V Battery
Length ~ 9.8” w/o Barrel - 21"" Overall
Height ~ 7.5”
Width ~ 1.2”
Weight ~ 1lb 14oz w/o Barrel - 2lb 3oz w/ Barrel
Max Rate of Fire ~ 23+ bps
Modes of Fire ~ Semi-Auto, PSP, NXL
Eye Sensor ~ Break-Beam Anti-Chop Eyes
Propellant ~ Compressed Air/Nitrogen Only
Operating Pressure ~ 220 psi
Cycling Pressure ~ 85 psi
Efficiency ~ 1500rds per 68/4500 Fill
Barrel Threads ~ Cocker
Barrel ~ 14” 0.691 2-Piece w/ 7” Control-Bore
Product Availability 
The First Endeavor Paintball The Quest is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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ghost271 Saturday, December 17th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month40 of 42 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
04 Immortal Viking - Quest is lighter, thinner, smaller, quieter and I can shoot faster with it for some reason.
DM4/5/C - The Quest has a smaller proflie and is MUCH lighter. I love the DM design and function as well as their lack of kick. Now if you can believe it, the Quest has even LESS kick !
Egos -The Quest is about the same height but lighter and has far less kick than the Ego.
Marker Setup: Blue Quest (in the pics)
CP On/Off
16" Stiffi Switch Kit and Freak
68/45 Legionnaire
Maybe a differant reg. The stock reg has the input nipple placed high on the reg.
Strengths: Light
NO kick !
Weaknesses: The reg (but thats miniscule. You don't notice it after awhile)
Review: I am going to basically 'cut-and-paste' the review I did on PBNation . If anyone has questions, feel free to ask them here or on the Nation.
I'm not going to expand on the finer points ovenmitt made already . He did a great review.

"Ok. I ended up getting the marker a day earlier than expected. I also brought two of my friends along to get their first impressions.

Opened the box and was amazed by the great anno job. Absolutely flawless.
Unfortunatley we changed our team jerseys next year to Blk/Red. But I digress.
The milling as well is flawless and even. Both inside and out. I handed it immediatley to my buddy Wayne and the first words out of his mouth were," Man this thing is light!" My buddy Dave and I both had to agree. Easiest the lightest I have personally felt, so it lives up to that 'hype'.

The first thing I didn't like and noticed right away was the high placement of the air input nipple on the HPR . It sits right where your thumb and index finger meet. It shouldn't be a problem cause I was thinking of putting a black 2Litre on it later to accent the gun. However after a few minutes of holding the gun, it didn't seem to bother me at all.
So when I got home the first thing I did was put my 68/45 Legionnaire tank on as well as my 16" Stiffi barrel. The thing balances on one finger just like in Ovenmitts pic. Amazing !
Next I turn on the air and marker and turn the eyes off. Sweet sassy molassy !!! This thing rips fast quick streams without me having a chance to get used to the trigger or do any adjustments. In all honesty I'm not the fastest on triggers, but this thing was really easy. I mean REALLY easy.

Another thing was that although I was only shooting air; there was no kick. None. Zilch, Nodda, Zip. Nothing !!!
If you couldn't hear the air coming out of the barrel, you would think that you were just playing around with the trigger without a tank hooked up. Even the Dms that I've shot you can feel some semblence of kick.
After I shot a 1000psi out of my tank I decided to take out the bolt. I had to laugh and my first thought was, " Thats it? " I looked inside to make sure....Yup. Thats it. 2 pieces. Stunning to say the least and no inner O-rings like the Dye guns. I just laughed and screwed the bolt back in. I would like to see Hybrid make a Bolt Guide as an add-on so you wouldn't need the allen key but thats a non-issue.

Final words for today are this -


Everything that this company has said is not blown out of proportion. The previous reviews have been completely true and honest. Everybody has their doubts, but after today I am a convert . So far it looks like my beloved Immortal will be spending a lot more time in my gear bag. Sorry to say but it's true. I will also be going down to get my business license so that I will be able to distribute this marker to my teammates and others in my area. I have NO DOUBT in my mind that once people see these guns for themselves, word is going to spread and FEP is going to have a hard time keeping up with production. "

*Edit* Second part of review.

I went to the field yesterday and the weather was clear but cold. Below freezing for sure. There was a thick frost covering everything and was perfect to put the gun through some tests that most people will never play in.
If I HAD to play in this weather, I'd use my pump gun. Not a semi, for the fear of major choppage at high speeds. Keep in mind, that there are not going to be any tournaments held outside in below freezing conditions. As I stated earlier there were some issues.

The 'issues' I had were really not the guns fault. Keep in mind that this is -1 to -3*C weather. I had eight or more people at the field dry fire a tanks worth of air ( 68/45 ), to the point where the barrel was frozen. When we aired it up again, the bolt wouldn't cycle. I figured that the cold had hardned the lube up, so I wiped the bolt down and improvised a bit. I used a few drops of AKA lube and a bit of Matrix lube to make a thinner lubricant for the O-rings. Put the bolt back in and she hummed. We walked to the chrono, did some tests, and then let everybody else fire. 840 shots later with semi auto as well as uncapped NXL ramping used, and not a barrel break.
I had to relube the bolt two more times because we fired another 4000 rounds through it.
The next 'problem' I encountered was not the guns fault either. My buddy had dropped a bag of paint and it wasn't until after the fact that we realized a broken ball had made it into the loader. The broken paint had blocked the eyes on the Halo, which led to a breech break. I actually changed the Halo batteries thinking they were dead, instead the eyes were blocked.
The final 'problem' was this. I had been keeping all the paint in the cab of the truck, however our last 500 I had forgotten on the ground at the chrono station for about 45 minutes. But regardless I put them in the hopper to test it.
The barrels (stock, ultralight, and stiffi) were not as big bore as I would have liked them to be ( 691, 692) in conditions like this and the barrel breaks were plenty with this batch of 'frozen' paint. Notice I said [B][I][U]barrel[/U][/I][/B] not breach. The only other breach break was when I had forgotten the Halo was almost empty and didn't have enough pressure on the stack in the feedneck.

The gun fired like a champ all day.

The chrono readings with the stock barrel were very good considering that the reg isn't broken in yet. Readings were 282,284,283,291,285,283,287, 284. The occasional jump of +7 to +9 were noticed, but thats to be expected with a new reg. So in all fairness the reg was very impressivley consistant for being brand new.

I had noticed that while shooting no paint that there is no kick.However after shooting paint through it, that it is comparable to that of my friends DM4. I imagine that once the regs are broken in, that you could lower the LPR and reduce that even further. A good sign.
The accuracy with the stock barrrel was ball on ball all day. Even with the barrel breaks, they seemed to clean themselves out after a few shots, then it was ball on ball once again.

Conclusion: I've been playing PB for 16 years now. I've shot almost every gun that has hit the market, and this is the best I have seen. FEP has essentially taken the best features of the high end tourney guns and put them into one Ultimate marker.
If you can buy only one gun; buy this.

The Quest gets a perfect 10.
FEP went on a quest to design the perfect marker, and they have done it.
If you have no money; sell the markers you have right now and buy this. You will not regrett it.
10 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, December 18th, 2005 at 12:00 pm PST
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ovenmitt Sunday, December 11th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month23 of 26 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Spool Valve guns
Marker Setup: Quest, 68/4500 and some bonebrake goodies inside, alot of gats, im a gun whore
barrel, stock one is a little small bore
Strengths: Everything, small, light, fast, efficient and accurate. cant ask for more.
Weaknesses: Nothing I can think of.
Review: The Quest Review

ok I got this machine gun yesterday and it is the best gun ive shot.

Dimensions of the Killer

Front to back, from lpr tip to back of bolt guide- 10 inchs
Height, from bottom cp reg to top of clamping feed neck-7 3/4 inch
Weight, with out cp reg or cp 2 piece barrel, cp rail and on/off- 1.3 pounds,
2.1 with everything

Shooting of the gun

When I got the gun I didn't beleave it would actually get 1500 shots out of box, So i aired it up at work, got a case of chronic 420, the brittlest paintball i could find, Note I live in Salem, OR and its 28 degrees out. I shoot 3 bags and a hopper from my case off one fill. And not a single break of paint

The Actual feel- the gun is so comfy that its just hard to describe, The shot of the gun is so nice, the kick is next to nothing, I have a dmc, dynasty shocker and a dark timmy and it blows em all out of the water for kick. The gun is so low profile that it just is hard not to want one, It has the same feel as a shocker, But is a half inch skinier. Very very ballanced gun when fully set up.

The Accuracy- With the 007 barrel that it comes with it is great, only if ur using a ball say the size of .685 but i through my 16 inch cp 2 piece on it and I did some testing, at 30 feet it would shoot a target 10 out of 10 times, the target was a 1 ft by 1 ft square, and 50 feet it hit 8 out of 10,
75 feet 7 out of 10. not to bad

The efficiency- Right out of box, greased it with slick honey- around 1640 shots with paintballs- me hard in pants about that

Style- The actual milling in the gun is so basic, but i love it because im not a huge fan of guns with flames and fireworks on my gun. The anno is tought as nails, its a type two anno that comes in red, blue or black. Or if you have connections, comes in custom anno

Out of box upgrades- Out of the box the gun comes standard with everthing good that you would buy in the industry.

1. Comes with Magnetic roller bearing trigger that has the same style as the critical for a dm
2. 5mm timmy style break beam eyes
3. CCM style clamping midrise
4. LPR integrated in the reg adapter
5. Snatch grip milled into frame
6. DM5/C ball detents
7. WDP skin grips, so comfy
8. Cocker Threaded barrel
9. DM style 14 way noid, reliable and very very fast
10. The board is smaller then a dm board and it uses dm chips boner, the chip it comes with it a Tadao M5 style chip, every blinky light out there bright enough to land a plane, but comes with PSP full Auto, PSP Ramp, Nppl Semi capped, Nppl Semi uncapped, CFOA, uncapped ramp and more.
11. Trigger gaurd is huge, If you had summer sausages for fingers you could still shoot.

Price- The MSRP for the Quest is between 950-1000 depending on where you snag one from. I suggest getting one.

The over all points I give this gun on a 1-10 scale is deffinatly a 10, the gun is retard proof to use, The design is fool proof, The feel of is better then all, Ive owned 82 guns in 2 years, And this tops em all. If anyone needs questions answers, ill be in this threads full filling the needs. Hope this helps out people. Ill do some more tests and some HE mods for it here soon

and for all you folks out there who keep hearing about the myth of "its design is capped at 19", Its bull *****, even the 23 is bull, this gun is fast, very fast.
Conclusion: Perfect 10
10 out of 10
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nbossi1 Thursday, October 26th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month12 of 12 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Shockers, intimidators, DM's, and more. No ego's, strangely enough... This gun is comparable to them all, and cheaper than most, so far one of the best bang-for-the-buck guns out there, got mine for $700 basically brand new from a good friend of Chris Cole (the designer of the gun)
Marker Setup: Gold 2003 Shocker w/ Vision (aka the "Golden Gun")
Main barrel - 14" Stiffi
Backup barrel - Black Freak barrel system with gold AA front (14")
Black CCM clamping feedneck
Black CP drop and on/off with air bleed (haha, sounds like a BOV)
Black CP Reg
Black NDZ 15* ASA with SP 300 psi gauge
Stock trigger with a nice light, crisp pull (takes some time to set up, but worth it...)
Black NDZ Stinger v3 bolt kit
Black custom anno'd bolt guide (from Punisher's PB)
Virtue Board (HOLY CRAP, it's SWEEEET)
PMI Pure Energy 88/4500 HPA tank
Halo B with v35 board, 12v Boost hot pack (disposable), and Zenitram delrin drive cone
Maybe a new reg if desired, or a barrel. A fast hopper is a must, in order to squeeze out this marker's full potential.
Strengths: Many, but see review
Weaknesses: Few, so see review
Review: So saving you the intimate details of how I got acquainted with this gun, long story short I bought it off a friend who is good friends with Chris Cole, the man behind the design and concept of this remarkable marker. He has never steered me wrong in the past, and I always turn to him for valuable advice. So as follows is my impression of this great new addition to the market:



As you can see from my current setup, I have a shocker (which I love very much, and you are more than welcome to read my review of it), and what attracted me to the Quest is similar to what originally attracted me to my current marker. It is sleek, lightweight, and just feels good in your hands. The frame has a slight clam-shell feel to it, but not as much as others, which I like. The anodizing (black dust) was absolutely flawless, and looked military spec.

I think my favorite thing about the gun is the trigger. It is your standard magnetic return bearing trigger at first glance, but when you touch it, and mess around with it, you will find it to be so much more. It has TONS of room in the guard (at least compared to what I am used to with the stock shocker frame), and it is that "scythe" style that has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. It just feels GOOD when you pull it, my first thought was "wow, you can't hardly feel the microswitch," which is nice because I can't miss it in my shocker :-/. At any rate, yeah, the trigger is f-ing sweet, and you WILL like it if set up properly.


Yes, this marker is very fast. Is it faster than every other gun out there? No, but it is more than fast enough for 99% of the people who will use it. It will shoot as fast as your hopper will load, so the faster the hopper you use, the more happy you will be with the speed of this gun. In ramping mode, I was hitting 20 bps (verified by the X-Radar handheld chrono I have, which measures fps, and bps, a handy little device) with little difficulty (Halo B with v35 board and 12v Boost disposable hot pack, holy moley!). It's fast, and I don't think I need to spend any more time discussing this...


With the 007 barrel it comes with, it is sufficiently accurate to hit an 8" tree 100% of the time from around 35-40 feet. I DO feel, however, that my shocker/stiffi combination is a little more accurate, but for a stock barrel it is VERY good. I like how the control bore is considerably longer than pretty much any other barrel kit (like 7 or so inches, I can't remember exactly), and the autococker threaded body is a good thing if you have other barrels sitting around with that thread (I don't, so it's not particularly useful to me...).


I really like the eyes on this gun, breakbeam eyes I think will always outperform relfective ones, and this gun is no exception. I had ZERO chops or breaks in the case of paint (PMI Premium, my personal favorite for all-around play) I put through this marker.


I didn't specifically measure this, but I shot about 500 rounds on around 1000 psi on an 88/4500 tank. Over a case of paint on a fill? Not bad in my book. With the Goldmember bolt (yes, another sweet James Bond reference), look to get around 1600-1700 shots from your average 68/45. Definitely better than the stock bolt I HAD in my shocker, but only slightly better than the Stinger V3 I have now (I get just under a case on a fill with my tank).


This gun is pretty quiet, not silent by any means with the stock barrel, but I'm sure a stiffi (what I have on the ol' shockeroo) would get it a heck of a lot closer. Again, not really worth spending a lot of time on this...


I WILL say that this gun has the LEAST kick of any marker I have shot. Less (even though only slightly) than my shocker, and less than most other guns out there right now. You really might forget it is firing, the barrel doesn't push up when shooting a stream of paint, and stays DEAD STILL. Definitely a strength here...


I didn't use the gun long enough to get a fair estimate of this, but what I saw I did like. It worked great for me!


This gun is absolutely cake to care for and tune. One moving piece, and only 2 pieces in the firing assembly. Far fewer o-rings than my shocker, and therefore uses less lube. DO, however, keep it WELL LUBED, this gun likes it sloppy ;-). The regs are easy to take care of, and the manual does a great job of showing you what to do and when.

As far as tuning/tweaking, the WAS board that all of the newest ones have is a piece of cake to adjust as well. It uses the colored LED system that most aftermarket boards use, with different lights indicating different menu options, and all programming is done through the trigger. It you want to lock it for tournaments, you have to do something with shorting two connections, but I didn't mess with this so you are on your own there...


I put my CP reg from my shocker on the Quest, so I am not sure how the stock reg is. I have heard it is good, so if you don't have a different reg that you prefer, you should probably be fine leaving the stock one on there. On mine, the macroline fitting hit the palm of my hand when gripping the reg; I didn't like that, so I took it off and put my CP on, which has the fitting on the bottom, out of the way :-).

With the CP reg, and a good paint match, I was getting +/- 5 or so fps. Keep in mind that the marker was not broken in, and after a few cases you should be able to expect even better numbers than that...


Ok, so above I listed few/none for the weaknesses, and for the most part, there really aren't any. The only gripes I have deal with things that may not affect ANYONE else, but I figure it is only fair to point them out...

1) The skin/webbing between my left thumb and index finger somehow manages (regularly) to hit the power button just right, and I can turn my gun on or off without taking my hand off the trigger. Could be bad in a game, know what I mean?

2) The grip panels, while definitely sexy and neat looking, are not the most comfortable. I would have liked to have the edges smoothed so that there are not "sharp" edges along the perimeter. It would just make them more comfortable when not wearing gloves... I like my Dye Sticky 3's on my shocker, they are soft and mold to my hand, but again, this is just personal preference. There is also a slight gap between the frame and the grips, makes me a little nervous that stuff could get in there...

3) As mentioned in the consistency section, the reg fitting can poke into your hand depending on the alignment.

4) You have to either take off the frame or remove the macroline fitting from the reg to completely unscrew the reg from the gun. The large trigger guard keeps the reg from being allowed to spin all the way around. This was annoying for me, but I can see how someone might look at it as a way to keep from losing your reg somehow (I guess...). I am not sure if you can service the reg with it still screwed into the gun, if so then I guess this might not be a problem, but it irritated me a little.

5) There is no gauge to say what the pressure coming out of the vertical reg is. Again, not a big deal, just something I would have liked, as I have a gauge on my shocker. It DOES have an LPR pressure gauge, just no HPR one. This is just something that would make tuning quicker/easier, not serious, but would be nice to see (yes, I am aware that CP, as well as perhaps other manufacturers have regs with gauge ports on them, but I would like one ON the gun)...

6) The only other thing I can think of that bothers me for now is the lack of upgradeable parts, which I'm sure will change soon, but for the time being I consider it a minor drawback. There is a bolt kit, a bolt guide, and a different clamping feedneck, but that's about it (no trigger, frame, eye cover, etc. that I know of).

I guess that pretty much covers my experience with the gun. I think it is also fair to note that I have recently sold the gun on ebay because I couldn't convince myself that it was overall better than my shocker. I used it for about a month, and just wasn't as impressed as I was hoping to be. If I had gone straight from a spyder or Ion, I think I would probably swear by this gun, and never regret it, but I really wasn't blown away. It is absolutely great, don't get me wrong, but so is my shocker, and I have already invested a lot of time and money into it...
Conclusion: This gun, on its own merit, is absolutely great. Not perfect, but definitely close. It is fast, reliable, accurate, easy to tune and maintain.

Since it was not better than my shocker, I decided to sell it, and stick with the gun that has kept me happy for the last 2+ years.

I call it one of the best values for a high-end tournament ready gun (defined as not NEEDING anything besides a tank and hopper to mow faces), and if you buy it you will not be disappointed - provided you don't have a parent-like attachment to your current gun like I do, haha...

I am going to give it a 9 because I bought it and liked it a lot, but not going to give it a 10 because the Shocker ended up kicking it out of bed...

If you have any questions or comments, I am certainly open to hearing them :-).
9 out of 10Last edited on Thursday, October 26th, 2006 at 10:49 am PST
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VSportsGuy Wednesday, July 26th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month10 of 10 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
Shockers, DMs, PMs, Egos
Marker Setup: Blue FEP Quest
CP Reg
Blue Halo
PE 45/4500
All personal: new reg or trigger if you don't like the feel of the stock ones
New Chip if you have the stock board (Virtue whenever it comes out.)
007 barrel kit (whenever it comes out.)
Strengths: Weight
007 Barrel
Customer Service
Weaknesses: BOUNCE
Macro fitting
Shoots through lube FAST
Break in time
Stock Grips
Review: Ok well I picked up my FEP Quest without ever having shot one before and I never looked back. I open it up and I immediately feel how light and how comfortable it is to hold. I like the looks and the way that the colors flow as well. Especially the black back to the 007 barrel and black trigger. It flows really nicely with the gun. I will be comparing the Quest to the other 3 high-ends that I have either shot or owned at one point in my life. The Ego, Matrices, and Shockers.

The Strengths:

The weight and balancing are flawless. I believe it weighs 1.3 lbs and it balances perfectly. Some people say that it feels lighter than an ego because of the balancing, I personally can't tell the difference. Another big plus is the size and profile of the marker. The only gun on the market that has a smaller profile is the shocker; they look very similar but I believe the shocker has the quest beat in length although the quest wins in width.

The overall feel of the Quest is perfect as well. It has four holes on the bottom of the frame so you can adjust your bottomline setup. It also has two holes in the body of the marker so you can adjust whether you prefer the trigger frame to be close to the regulator or a little farther (I like it farther, it's a little to cramped when it's in tight, feels like a defiant 2.) The trigger frame is plenty big and there is no need to change the stock trigger.

Now on to the performance... The speed of the Quest is questioned by the other owners. Their guns are capped higher than the Quest which is capped at 26 bps. I guarantee you, the Quest will not be outshot by any Ego or Matrix in terms of speed. It will hang in there with all of the other big boys and will go as fast as your fingers will just like any other legal high-end.

The accuracy and the way the quest shoots is very similar to that of a Matrix. It has an operating pressure of 200-220 psi and an lpr pressure of 80-100 psi which when broken in can be dropped to as low as 40 psi. This means relatively no kick. You will experience some as with any marker. But the kick is definitely a strength of the Quest. This also means NO CHOPS. Some people have gotten or said they had faulty eye logic on the stock board, I've never had any such problem. I haven't had a single chop and only one barrel break within the first couple weeks I've been using it. The accuracy with the stock 007 barrel shoots ball on ball. I wont be upgrading the barrel, it's already 14" and it is comparable to a Ultralight, plus it's anno'd to match the gun. FEP is coming out with a barrel kit for the 007's as well.

Consistency and Efficiency on the Quest is really what separates it from other spool-valve markers. The Matrices and Shockers both have the smoothness and no kick of a spool-valve, but they lack the efficiency that the Quest has. My Quest is not entirely broken in and I get about 1000 shots off my 45/45. That means 1500 off a 68/45 without even being broken in yet. The claim from FEP was 1500 off a 68/45. As far as the Matrices and Shockers, you'd be lucky to get 1000 from a 68/45 although there are some mods you can do for the Matrix and several bolt kits for the Shocker. The consistency is just the same as most other high-end, +/- 7 out of the box, +/- 3 when broken in with hater sauce.

FEP is known for having great customer service. I called them up and they gave me an oring kit because I bought my Quest used and didn't have one. They also include Hater Sauce in the new Quests, which is the best lube in paintball. They have turned several big teams (so I heard) to shoot the Quest because they weren't ready to offer the best service possible. Enough said.

The maintenance on the Quest couldn't be easier. Take out the two-piece bolt. There are a total of like 8 orings that need to be relubed. A big difference between the fuse bolt in the matrix. Occasionally you will need to relube a piston in the lpr, and a piston in the hpr, that's it. The only marker with simpler maintenance is an Ego.

The programming on the stock board is simple, I don't know much about the WAS. All new generation Quests are being sent out with the WAS board. The stock board has a fast response and instant on/off, so no more waiting for your gun to turn on. There are a couple of chips coming out for the stock board such as the Virtue, the NOX is already out.

I bought my Quest for $650 lnib(only shot over the chrono once) off pbnation, which I consider to be a steal. The MSRP is $925, but I believe they sell in the around the $800-850s now. It is definitely worth the money. If you think about all the money you'll be saving when you don't need to purchase any upgrades. A Shocker is $599 right now, and it'll cost over $700 just to get it shooting and possibly more for performance upgrades and preferances. An upped shocker wont shoot anything close to as nice as a Quest. As far as Matrices, they have similar performance but cost much more than Quests. In particular the PM6 and the Quest are constantly debated, yet I have been offered PM6s w/ Ultralight frames for my Quest. The Matrices are very similar to the Quest, yet they lack the efficiency and profile of the Quest. And Egos have a completely different style, I prefer the spool-valves, but again Egos cost well over what Quests do.

The Weaknesses:

Well the first weakness of my marker was the bounce that I had when I adjusted my trigger. I heard many stock boards have this bouncing problem, and mine was only compounded by the fact that I was missing my magnetic tension screw. I had to back out the trigger because of the insane amounts of bounce I was getting. It's not a big deal I can still rip on my trigger just like before. Just lengthen the pull a little bit and turn up your trigger sensitivity and anti-mechanical bounce on the board and that should take care of it.

Another problem that is in my mind is annoying at best is the placement of the macro fitting in the stock reg. It is really high on the reg which means there is two problems. First of all it is annoying to hold, obviously. And second, you have to take off the frame or take off the macro fitting every time you want to remove the regulator. I recommend taking off the frame, but it becomes a hassle. If you don't like it, get a new reg. Some people don't like how the stock reg over pressurizes, but it doesn't make a difference.

The upgradability has an up side and a down side to it. The gun doesn't need any upgrades so I guess you can call that an upside. But most upgrades are all about preference and if you don't like something about the Quest, it's pretty hard to change it. For example there are no aftermarket triggers whatsoever, but most people don't want to change it so that's ok. Otherwise there is a gold bolt out that supposedly gets you an extra pod or two of efficiency and a bolt guide or bolt pin to go along with it I think. That's about all I can think of.

Next is the break in time and how fast this thing goes through lube. You should keep your lpr pressure around 90 psi and bring it down about 5 psi a month until it becomes stable. It can take a hella long time to break this thing in. But at 90 psi it still performs outstanding. You should also relube the bolt every 1000 shots once you first get it. I've even heard stories of people who have to relube their bolts every other game, so lube it up cause it goes through it pretty quick. Slowly as the gun breaks in you will start to see you don't need to relube it until every 1200, then 1500, then 2000 and so on.

And last is the stock grips, they weren't comfortable to me at all. They were pretty hard but they do look cool although all new Quests are coming with new grips which FEP even offered to replace the old grips with the new ones on pbnation for a buck if you have a warranty (I don't; bought it used like I said before.) Nothing too big though.

Overall I love my Quest and I will probably never sell this gun. I've only ran into one problem which I fixed relatively fast, and it shoots just as nice if not nicer than 99% of the competition.
Conclusion: The weight, speed, and simplicity of an Ego, the accuracy and kick of a Matrix, and the size of a Shocker. It's also kind of nice being the only one at the field with a Quest. What are you waiting for? You get my full recommendation to buy this marker, you won't be disappointed and if you are, well then you can sell it to someone else cause the resale value is great! The Quest gets a 10.
10 out of 10Last edited on Thursday, August 17th, 2006 at 11:22 am PST
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dem1se Sunday, March 19th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month6 of 6 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Angels (C&C and iR3)
Cockers (Orracle, Karnivor)
Dye Matrix's (DM5)
Marker Setup: FEP Quest
Dye Throttle 71/4500
Empire Reloader B
CP On/Off & Lightning Drop Forward
Freak barrel is the only thing you could even remotely put here...but you can put that for every marker on this website. The stock barrel, however, is extremely straight and shoots awesome.
Strengths: -LIGHT
-No kick
-Fast trigger
-The bolt is two, yep, 2 pieces
-Easy programming
Weaknesses: None. Placement of the input nipple being high on the reg is not bothersome whatsoever.
Review: Lightest marker I have ever held. Your exact words will be "Wow" when you pick one up. There is virtually no kick whatsoever. It was allready said in another review, but I had a DM5 which has very little kick, and this marker will make you notice the DM5's kick. The trigger is absolutely awesome. It's extremely comfortable and there is no sideplay whatsoever. The trigger adjustments are extremely easy to use and put other trigger adjustments (especially the DM5's) to shame. The stock barrel shoots straight, so there is no reason to put a new one on unless you want to use a barrel kit like the Freak. The marker is very comfortable to hold, which is also largely due to how light it is. When you open the bolt you'll think you're missing something when you see it's only two pieces, well, you aren't. The board is very easy to program using trigger pulls and different colored lights. It even has a tournament lock. Am I allowed to say how light it is again?
Conclusion: If you ever get the chance to hold or fire one of these babies, I guarantee it will be your next marker. It outclasses anything I've ever shot, I had a hard time writing a review because it's more of a "you have to shoot it" type of thing to understand how great this marker really is.
10 out of 10
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bummerangs7 Sunday, May 7th, 2006
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested6 of 18 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
I've owned quite a few guns, and have tested even more
Marker Setup: Shocker
-Freak 12' SS kit
-Empire Reloader B
-Hybrid On/Off ASA
-68/45 Tank
Strengths: -Light
-cool grips
-a lil' thinner than shocker
Weaknesses: -won't shoot bad paint (at ALL)
-kinda cheap feeling
Review: For your money, this is a pretty decent gun... would i buy one? probably not. The reason is, when compared to guns in it's price range... this one is a lil' rinky dink. One thing that is a definate minus on this gun, is it's cheap feeling. Each gun has a different feel, and any player will tell you that theirs is the best (be it shocker, DM6, k-vor, etc.) Anyway, what i was getting at was that the feel of this gun is just strange... it feels cheap, and if i'm spending that much money on something, i want to be satisfied not only with it's performance, but by how much i actually enjoy it. Another big problem is the bolt system, the way it's set up, it has to be at a pressure where fragile paint, cheap pant, etc etc... will chop so bad it'll bleed out the eyes

As far as performance goes, it more or less keeps up with the big boys (shocker, dm, k-vor, etc) but seems lacking. I honestly only played with the gun for a couple hours, and so, cannot really verify different specs of it. The only thing i can tell you is that compared the big ones, this gun lacks that extra little oomph that seperates the high-ends from the mid-levels
Conclusion: besides it's feel, and the paint issue this is a very sturdy gun... I'm not bashing the gun, I'm just comparing it to guns in a similar price range
7 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, May 14th, 2006 at 6:47 am PST
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P. Dolla Monday, January 9th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month4 of 7 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
Shocker is heavier less air efficient and has more kick
DM/3/4/5/C is bigger hevier has more kick and cost more
Marker Setup: FEP's The Quest stock barrel and reg a 68-45 Crossfire tank, CPon/off, CP rail, HaloB w/ rip drive with a Zenitram drive cone
nothing that isn't just personal preferance
Strengths: Small
Light weight
Shoots accurate ropes with ease
Decent air efficiency for a spool valve
Weaknesses: I'm thinking real hard...
Review: I just bought this gun and have only used it two days. So so far so GREAT. I am happy with my purchase
on Sat. I took this sick gat to the field just itching to shoot it for the first time. First you need to set the lpr and inline reg pressure then chrono and adjust. after fallowing the basic instructions in the Manuel for how to set the reg's I was ready.
I got out a bag of very brittle evil paint that I had got just to test this gun. At first it shot it no problem then I ripped on it for a little still no breaks. I went to go play walk on's and it was cool for a second but when i got on the trigger balls started breaking. I don't know what my bps was but if I got on it with the really brittle paint it wasn't happening. I believe that if you know what your doing that you could probably set this gun up so that it could handle really brittle paint. You Know setting dwell and lpr and stuff like that maybe some slick honey to bring down the lpr too. I'm going to try all that later. I cleaned the gun and shot some regular midnight paint and didn't break one ball all day. at the end of the day I finished off the brittle paint too just shooting a little slower not one break in the gun.

As for air efficiency, I have a 68-45 cross fire tank and it was filled to 3,000psi and it shot 6 pods. That's not bad for a stock spool valve in the hands of the mechanically dumb, just goin by the manual. I was at 1,200psi before I shot my last two pods and after my tank dipped a little below 1,000psi that was it.

As far as upgrades go the stock barrel is great, very accurate a real value. The stock trigger is totally nice too. It comes with a CCM style like feed neck and torpedo reg. I personally prefer a twisting lock feed neck, which would probably be heavier. I might end up getting a CP reg just because I would probably prefer the air hose to come out the bottom of the reg, but as is I still found every thing about the gun to be very comfortable. The stock board allows you to set your Dwell, trigger bounce, D bounce, delay time for the break beam eye, first shot dwell boost and bps cap 14bps-23bps. the board comes with a PSP mode, NXL, some ramp settings, and of course semi auto. All of these adjustments can be done on the field through the trigger, it also has tournament lock.

Cleaning and greasing this gun was quick and easy

Playing with this gat is so fun. It is so light and compact in size it is a great gun for the snake and snapping in general. the accuracy is so fun I shot faces all day. Runners get ripped in the ropes. Wrapping your bunker can be done quickly and with the deadly accuracy of a sniper. This gun has NO KICK and is totally quiet. I love my Quest

this is based on two days of play time will tell more. So far so GREAT!

Conclusion: From what I have seen of this marker it is great, and I would thus far highly recommend purchase of this fine gat. I am very picky about guns and have played with all the 04 and 05 electric high end gats this one is my favorite among the few that I like. If you are considering getting this gun I say get it. Aside from dependability It is all personal preference. If this gun sounds like it has what your looking for in a gat then get it you will be very pleased. A rateing of 10 is perfection I do not believe that this guns is perfect but it is Great so I come up with a 9.
9 out of 10Last edited on Monday, January 9th, 2006 at 12:13 am PST
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awesomlyschweet Thursday, July 10th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
3 months3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
07 Minion=quest
Marker Setup: 06 quest w/ cp on/off, goldmember bolt, snatchgrip, lucky ace board, pure energy 48/3000 tank, halo v35 hopper.
goldmember give more effiencency little more kick
snatch grip for tooless removal
Strengths: Size
Barrel if you have small bore
Point and shoot feel
Weaknesses: Barrel if you get larger bore
Grips not to comfy
Not clamping feedneck
Review: GOOD
Ok i got this gun as an upgrade for my pmr and found out that this was a huge upgrade. This has really no bad points unless you get picky. The trigger is a nice s curve and a light and smooth. It is easily adjustible and you can easily get 15bps. The boards all are good since the quest came with so many differnt types. But all have the settings you need like anti stick bolt, dwell, bps, good shooting modes, etc... The gun feel incredible when you hold it. You can move the trigger frame foward if you are front and back for a back player. It is a tight gun and is short and balanced. It is a light gun and doesn't feel cheesy. The barrel is also an excellent 007 if you get a small bore like .689, i got a .696 but it still shoots better than all stock barrels i have had. So basically you get the whole shabang and you can find them for like $300 on ebay. Performance wise this is the best i have ever used. If you want 15 shots in a 12in square you got it in 1 second. This gun is fast(shoots ball on ball i literally found paintbalss wrapped in 2 or 3 other paintballs, accurate, consistant and whatever else you want it to be. What more can you ask for.
I most admit there are some bad parts to this gun. Even thogh the reg and trigger are close the gun is long. The feedneck can be a pain if you take the hopper off a lot. Also stock back cap can be a pain to take off. The worst thing i found would have to be the connectors. I was out playing at a field one day and got shot where the trigger frame and body come together, so i think this is an easy clean. So i go home and take them apart and figure it would be easier to work with the macro line off so i pull it off and the trigger comes with it. So intead of the eye wire connecter unplugging from the port on the board it rips the whole god damn port right off the board. So now i think i screwed because not a lot of people carry new new boards, but i ended up getting one off critical paintball. Get it in take all the plugs off old board and it is looking good. Then i get to the eyes. Then the god damn eye harness doesnt fit into the new port on the board. The harness has four holes and the port has three connecting sticks. well guess what three doesn't work with four. So called up and they sent the right eyes for ten bucks!! But now to eliminate this problem they jacked the price up on the board ten bucks but throw in the eyes so now everyone is good. And that is my story, no real big deal.
Conclusion: If you are looking for a gun to compete with the big boys this is it. It is fast and small and can get you the win(if you are any good). So now you can get them pretty cheap so the are an even better deal. gave it a 9 because nothing is perfect. will update next week
9 out of 10Last edited on Friday, July 25th, 2008 at 5:36 am PST
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pbfreak555 Monday, June 4th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
6 months3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
Ion- Quest wins
VS2- Quest wins
Blowback spyders- Quest wins
Tippmann 98c- Quest wins
Marker Setup: 2007 Fep Kevelara Quest
Silver, Brown and Blue color
007 barrel
WAS board
Goldmember bolt
Snatch Pin
DXS Pulse Loader
PMI Pure Energy CF Tank 68/4500 w/Dye Cover
Get the Goldmember bolt
new reg if not comfortable
snatch pin
Strengths: FAST
Extremely accurate
"Zero" Kick
Quiet (quietest i've ever shot)
Pretty good price
Weaknesses: Input nipple high on reg. some find it annoying.
Gun needs TONS of lube
Review: Wow where to start. The Quest fits good in your hands and I think it's very comfortable. it has absolutely NO kick. The stock trigger is amazing. It has one of the lightest trigger pulls ever. The accuracy of this marker with the 007 barrel is almost perfection. It is the quietest barrel i've ever used. You can barely hear anything when you fire the gun because it is so quiet. I put a target on the side of a mountain, the target was about maybe 8' by 6', from about 150-200 feet away. Every single paintball hit the board. Not one ball missed. This is no joke people. this gun will beat any marker you put up against it. Any Dm, Pm, Timmy, shocker, angel, ego etc.... So instead of buying a gun that's well over a grand, buy the quest. They are under a thousand. To me, the quest could be a $2000 marker. Get the quest people.
Conclusion: The Quest is the best marker out there period. Nothing compares to it. Get the quest and be proud.
10 out of 10Last edited on Saturday, June 9th, 2007 at 7:19 pm PST
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chopper22 Friday, November 24th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
3 months3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
Ion, Angel, Alias Intimidator, Ego (tested)
Marker Setup: GEN 3 FEP Quest
Gold Member Bolt
Bionic Headlock
Snatch Pin
Sly Pro Carbon Barrel
Dye Throttle 68ci. 4500psi
The stock barrel is great but if your looking for precision accuracy try a barrel kit.
Strengths: Light, Fast, Easy to Walk and hold Consistant, Very Efficient.
Weaknesses: I can't think of a one.
Review: With my experience with the FEP Quest I have have never played let alone shot a better marker. The trigger set-up is beautiful. When i first shot the marker I checked for bounce, and yes it did have a slight bounce, but easy to fix and still legal if i hadn't.

Walking this thing was easier than riding a bike, I was able to hold a constant 17bps over the chronograph (assuming it was accurate).

Once the regulator broke in and the addition of Gold Member Bolt I was able to shoot 2056 paintballs of a 68ci 4500 psi tank. 1897 shots dry firing. (NXL mode at 15bps, timed, and a calculator to do the math).

The weight is very similar to an Ego, some say is lighter, some say heavier, to me it does'nt matter because once you get in to the high end electronic markers it's all personal preference.

The programming of te board is so simple to do a baby could do it. The eyes tell you EVERYTHING. If the marker is not functioning properly all you need to do is a factory reset, with literally only takes 10 seconds.
Conclusion: Myself and my teammates own 6 Quests. We feel that they are the best markers we have ever shot, and I'm not going to tell you that you have to buy one because they're the best, because it's personal preference. But if your looking for a different marker definetly give it a look. I myself have no desire to buy another marker for a very long time because the Quest has everything that I could possibly want in a paintball marker.

If I could I would give it a rating of 15 because to me this marker have up and beyond limitaions.
10 out of 10Last edited on Friday, November 24th, 2006 at 11:51 pm PST
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