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Planet Eclipse EGO 2006 Reviews

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Planet Eclipse EGO 2006
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Number of Reviews: 111
Average Rating: 9.7 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $1250

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
Mechanical enhancements:

- Lower pressure operation. Larger volume of stored air in the valve chamber and in-line regulator allow operating pressure to be lowered by up to 50 psi

- Shorter Bolt. Smaller bolt = less reciprocating mass, and therefore higher cycle speeds.

- Improved trigger design. New trigger loses 20% of its thickness and mass. Improved reaction and quicker return. Centrally mounted prong improves resistance to trigger sensor contamination by light and debris.

- Trigger contoured for easier, faster-for-longer string shooting.

- Larger Trigger Guard gives more room for those with fingers of the larger variety. Or even for those nimble enough to utilize the 3-Finger technique.

- Multiple trigger return options. All markers come with spring and magnetic return options. Simply adjust in magnetic, or spring return mechanism. For smoothest pull, use both.

- Integrated snatch grip. Longer frame allows easier carrying and more pleasing aesthetical design.

- Integrated Dovetail Rail. On/Off mounts directly to the frame. No need for extra rail.

- Rubberised Moulded Ergonomic Button Covers. Adds extra element of protection from water ingress as well as comfort and ease of button pressing.

- 06 Detents. Larger Detent base eliminates pull-thru and adds durability to the detent system.

- New Range of Eclipse Colours: Jet Black, Gun Metal Grey, Navy Blue, Scarlet Red, British Racing Green.

- New 06 Instruction Manual. More Detail, more pictures, more maintenance features.

- New Body Profile. Sleeker design, lower weight, and more style. The Ego6 carries on the legendary Ego mantra of form and function combined.

- New In-Line Regulator. Longer and thinner, the new reg offers greater shooting comfort, added style and a larger internal stored volume. It's new dimensions also allow tighter hose configuration that utilizes easier-to-use push fittings and shorter hose length.

Electronic enhancements:

- New improved circuit board for the new trigger system. New mounting location (not interchangeable with 05 board) and new Optical trigger sensors. New sensors are more powerful, yet use less power than 05 Optical trigger system.

- Advanced Microprocessor; new microprocessor has more power, more memory and greater power saving features than those of previous models.

- More Powerful Eyes; the new Breech Sensor hardware means that the eyes will work in virtually direct sunlight yet use only 20% of the power of the '05 BBSS.

- Improved Battery Life; battery life extended by as much as 63%, depending upon battery type and usage. Continuous tests at 10bps resulted in a 46% improvement over previous models using the factory fitted battery.

- Improved Battery Terminals; new "gripper" battery terminal design is more durable and provides better electrical contact than on previous models.

- Thicker waterproof coating on the circuit board provides even more resistance to water than before.

Software enhancements:

- Improved Breech Sensor Logic; breech sensor is even more responsive than on previous models, which means that the Ego6 is able to react much quicker to paintballs entering the breech.

- Multiple Factory Debounce Settings. Trigger debounce can be set on a simple scale of 1 to 5. Alternatively, users can adjust their own debounce settings. The TT Filter is still available yet can also be switched off completely if required, making this the easiest Ego yet to debounce.

- Adjustable Trigger Hysteresis. Along with the traditional trigger stops, it is now possible to set the trigger activation and release points within the software, providing a level of adjustability far superior to any micro-switch.

- Peak Rate-Of-Fire Indicator; giving two ROF indicators to choose from. Full one second sampling to give "True" number of Balls-Per-Second (same as 05 Ego), or Peak Rate-Of-Fire that gives the rate-of-fire between both the last two consecutive shots AND the fastest two shots achieved in a string. Peak ROF is stored after use for true "bragging rights".

- Improved Training Mode. Breech Sensor can be switched on and off in Training Mode and all parameters are "live" for a true simulation without the bangs.

- Improved LCD Readability. A new display font and larger BBSS icon improve readability. The dynamic battery level indicator is updated much more frequently than on previous models.
Product Availability 
The Planet Eclipse EGO 2006 is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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need4spd Saturday, August 12th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
1 year39 of 43 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
2004 WGP Vertical Feed Mini Orr-acle (Blue Matte), 14" .693 CF Stiffi Barrel, CP Rail, CP On/Off Valve w/ Purge (Chrome), WGP 70cu 4500psi Worrgas, Pure Energy 45cu 4500psi Compressed Air, Empire Reloader B (Smoke), PlanetEclipse E-Blade 2 (Chrome), Nexus Complete Upgrade Kit, Dye Rhino Cover (Blue)
Marker Setup: 2006 PlanetEclipse Ego (Red w/ Black), 2006 STAR Frame w/ Maniac Board (Red), 14" .693 CF Stiffi Barrel, CP On/Off w/ Purge (Black), CP Sling Blade Trigger (Black), AKA 2-Liter Plus Regulator (Black), PBWarehouse Titanium Rammer, Kila Products Instinct Magnetic Detents (Black), Pure Energy 45cu 4500psi Compressed Air, Empire Reloader B (Black), Dye Rhino Cover (Red)
Necessary Upgrades:

Electronic Loader: Empire Reloader B, Empire B2, Odyssey Halo B, ViewLoader Velocity Select Force, ViewLoader Evolution II
Compressed Air Tank: PMI Pure Energy, MacDev LegionAir, Crossfire, Ignition, Evil Scion, Dye Throttle

Optional Upgrades:

Regulator: Eclipse STAR In-Line, CP Long Bottom, AKA Sidewinder / 2-Liter, MacDev Gladiator, Evil Detonator, Dye Hyper2 In-Line
Trigger: Ego Eclipse STAR, CP Ego Sling Blade, Critical Alter Ego
Barrel: SITE Stiffi / Switch Kit, Smart Parts the Freak, Dye Ultralight / Titanium Boomstick, Evil Pipe
Electronics: PlanetEclipse Maniac Board, Virtue Ego Board, Tadao M7 Ego Board
ASA: Critical "Diet" Direct Mount, CP 2k5 On/Off w/ Purge, CP Direct Mount On/Off, Eclipse On/Off Mini Rail w/ Purge
Feed Neck: Eclipse Ego C-Lever, CP Ego Twistlock w/ Collet Sleeve,
Frame: Ego 2006 STAR Frame
Cosmetics: Eclipse 2006 Ego CCU Upgrade Kit

**These upgrades are the specific products that I would recommend. I know that there are other brands that I did not list**
Strengths: Weight, Accuracy, Speed, Efficient, Reliable, Electronics, Adjustability, Tech. Support

**See Below For Elaboration**
Weaknesses: Loud, some people have Regulator problems

**See Below under Reliability**
Review: Out of the Box:
PlanetEclipse is a company that pays attention to detail. The detail is even present in the case that the marker gets shipped in. The marker comes in a custom foam case that has a metal "Ego" engraved lid across the top. The foam has cut-outs for the Ego Marker Body, PlanetEclipse 14" .693 Shaft Solo Barrel , and a compartment for parts. The case comes with a barrel sock, parts kit, and a detailed manual. The manual is in color and it extremely detailed with all the functions of the marker, taking apart / reassembling the marker, and adjusting features (both mechanical and electrical).

The PlanetEclipse 2006 Ego:
The 2006 PlanetEclipse Ego is one of the best all around markers out on the paintball field. It is also one of the top markers over at Eclipse only surpassed by the Nexus, XSV, and SL66 Ego's. The Ego is a marker that has the perfect balance of style, performance, accuracy, reliability, and weight or lack there of.

The Ego only weighs 966 grams (2.12 lbs) with the Eclipse On/Off and Ego Regulator attached. It weighs only 1,108 grams (2.44 lbs) with the 14" Shaft Solo Barrel attached. This makes it one of the lightest markers out there period. The Sup-Tol machining (milling) of the marker is phenomenal. PlanetEclipse milled the marker down to it "bare essentials" to achieve a low weight and to also achieve a fast rate of fire. The weight savings enables a player to break off the start to lay down a lane of paint faster than the opponents. It also decreases player fatigue in a game.
I just recently purchased a SITE 14" .693 Carbon Fiber Stiffi Barrel for the Ego. The Stiffi barrel is one of, if not, the lightest barrels on the market, weighing in at 53 grams. When attached to the Ego this package weighs in at only 1019 grams (2.24 lbs), EXTREMELY light.

Very accurate marker. It takes one to two shots to line up the marker then is extremely easy to consistently hit a specific target. The LP mixed with the near non-existant blow back is what enables this. The Eclipse Shaft Solo barrel is one of the most consistent "stock" (if you can call it that) barrels that comes on a marker.

The PlanetEclipse Ego is also one of the fastest markers on the market. It is very capable of firing the 15 bps that tournament (NPPL, PSP, NXL, Millennium Series, Etc.) allot markers to fire at on SEMI 2. SEMI 1 is the "uncapped" firing mode. The marker will fire at fast as the trigger can be pulled, limited to how fast the Loader can feed the balls.
**Note This next setting is NOT practical, just for fun**
I was capable of achieving 45bps (no paint / air, just the solenoid).
To achieved this:
With a setting I found on PBNation(dot)com (do a search for E2 Speed Settings)
Adjusted the trigger to its most sensitive setting (the trigger would bounce just touching the marker),
Placed a Electric Tooth Brush on the trigger. The ultra-sonic vibrations enabled it to get up to 45bps on the ROF setting.

With a 68ci 4500psi tank you can get around 1,650 shots (Taken from PlanetEclipse(dot)com).
With a 45ci 4500psi tank I am able to obtain around 1,100 shots. My Ego is equipped with a AKA 2-Liter Plus Regulator so that could play into it.

The Ego is a very reliable marker 98% of the time. The Ego rarely chops a ball, one every couple thousand balls. I did however have a problem with my marker firing over 300fps at a tournament that I played at. I was unable to get it under 300fps, so I decided to take apart the regulator. I found that the seal was damaged. Since I installed the AKA 2-Liter Plus Regulator the Ego has been extremely reliable. If you have this problem just replace the Inline Regulator Piston from PlanetEclipse.

The Ego electronics are very easy to navigate through. If has a up, down, and select button located on the grip, that controls the LCD display. The buttons allow you to turn on/off any feature of the marker. It also has ROF and Training modes. If you are looking for more speed out of your Ego you might want to purchase a Tadao M7 Ego Board. This was allow you a faster ROF.
**Do note that if a Tadao board is installed the LCD screen will be replaced with LED lights.**
There is a new board out for the Ego. It is from PlaentEclipse and is called the Maniac Board. This board has all the speed of a Tadao with the ease of the LCD display that comes in a stock Ego. It has 9 de-bounce levels, ramping, can achieve 25bps, unlimited ramping (limited to how fast the loader is), and has every tournament setting available. It is a very limited production upgrade. PlanetEclipse is only making 2000 of them.
**The Maniac board is ONLY sold with the 2006 STAR frame.**

With the settings that you can adjust with the Electronics combined with the settings of the trigger, the Ego can be dialed in to any players "style" of play. The trigger has 4-points (both electronic and magnetic) of adjustment to enable any player to "dial-in" the trigger.

Tech. Support
PlanetEclipse is one of the best companies for customer support. I had issues with my E2 board in my 2004 WGP Mini Orr-acle with saving features. I contacted PlanetEclipse and the immediately sent me a new board. I have also contacted them for some custom anodized parts and they were willing to work with me to get them done (haven't done it yet though). Every time that I have e-mailed their customer support they have contacted me within a days time.
Conclusion: If you are serious into tournament paintball and are looking into upgrading to a "better" marker, then get a 2006 PlanetEclipse Ego. With a mixture of speed, weight (non-existant), accuracy, consistency, and great customer support, the Ego wins hands down. If you are one of the people that says the $1,125 price tag is a weakness then you are wrong. The Ego is worth ever dollar.
10 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, February 13th, 2007 at 6:16 pm PST
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CMunster80 Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
3 months20 of 24 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
ICD B2k (obviously no comparison)
Freestyle FS7
Dark Ion
Some spyders
Marker Setup: Platinum Planet Eclipse Ego6
Crossfire HP 68/4500
Halo B w/ Rip drive
maybe barrel if that is your thing, I like the stock barrel though
Strengths: Very Fast
Very Light
Very Efficient
Very Accurate
Weaknesses: Little loud
Got a bad detent
Review: I bought this marker recently after much extensive research about my first truly high-end marker. I found that the Ego was way above average in every category I wanted. It had great efficeincy, came stock with everything you need, very light, and very fast.

When I recieved this I pulled it out of the box and was immediatly amazed at how truly light it is. Yes I have use other light markers and I am not saying this thing is the lightest but for it looks (which to me made me think it might be kind of heavy) it was extremely light. Also while touching on the looks, none of the internet pics do this thing justice. It is a wonderfully designed and beautiful marker.

So I went and got some air from my local store and shot a few hoppers through just to gauge the speed. Well needless to say I was impressed, no chops no anything wrong and it ripped even without messing with the settings. Once I did some fine tuning it was absolutly unbelieveable. The fact that I was using some older paint and got no chops also made me happy after I had heard some rumors of egos not liking old and brittle paint.

So first day on the feild comes. I chrono'd all over the place, needless to say I expected as much considering it was brand new. Despite the horrible chrono effort, I shot on target all day long laying ball on ball with the stock barrel and at fast ROF. I got several compliment on how sexy this thing looked and was very pleased with my purchase.

So after my first weekend of playing I decided I would make a video of my new marker for my team website. I grabbed up some paint shot off two hoppers, reloaded for a third and next thing I know I had a paint blender. I cleaned it out and looked it over and everything appeared fine. So I was puzzled but no overly discouraged.

This last weekend I went back out and was just playing some rec-ball games. I got out there and for a whole damn case I chopped about 1 out of every 4 balls. So now I was starting to get mad. I took the thing apart with a quick feild strip and found the problem the left side detent was gone. It probably happened while I was in my backyard but it was an easy fix because PE ships a rebuild kit, that includes 2 detents. Not a problem. Also the chrono thing on my second weekend was dead on after putting about 4 cases through it +/-2 no problem.

Conclusion: I would recommend this marker to anyone looking to buy an out of the box tournament marker. It is without a doubt the best marker I have ever shot. I would give a 9.5 because of the detent but since such a rating does not exist I will give it a 10 because it doesn't deserve a 9.
10 out of 10
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PharaohSamir Monday, February 27th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
3 months13 of 15 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
DMC=Heavier, Not as fast
ION=Nothing like an Ego, just had to share that lol
Marker Setup: EGO 06 Stock
Tank=PMI 68/4500
Hopper=Halo b rip/vic/delrin cone
Stock barrel is fine but if you must I would upgrade that
Strengths: Very Fast
Very Light
Very Efficient
Very Accurate
Very Reliable
Weaknesses: Bit loud who cares, you should be using this for speed ball, loud doesnt matter
Review: I have been using Planet Eclipse for their Egos for sometime. I have always been happy with their service and quality. You get what you pay for. People complain about the price but understand you can go out and buy another gun but to add on to compare to what the ego offers you will spend about the same. The gun is great, you can see the picture of it, mine are the two (2) that are green/black and vise versa. I love the gun so much that I bought two. There is a reason though why, the gun is so great that I am getting my team a set of custom Ego 06 with engraved team logo, that’s how much we love these guns. The guns are consistent and very air efficient. The speed of the gun rips, I was mowing the field, and the accuracy with the stock barrel was awesome, I mean it can be better but that is just to show you that the stock parts are great already. Ok now I want to clear something up because I always hear this from other people “The Ego kicks like hell” rebuttal “NO IT DOESNT” everyone on my team (14 players) tested it and have said no kick what so ever, their ages range from 12-28 so even the youngest didn’t have a problem shooting the gun. I put 2000 paint through it so far and not one break and I am using Stingers. THE LCD IS A BUETY I MEAN ITS SO EASY TO READ Ahhhhhhhhhh. The Egos manual is very helpful, and the gun is easy to take apart, so if you are scared about cleaning the gun because of parts, don’t worry, every tip on how to clean it is in the manual. SUPER low to maintain. The trigger is amazing, magnetic and spring action make this an easy to shoot. NO BOUNCE WHAT SO EVER! Plain and simple, if you got the money get this gun, you won’t regret it trust me. Planet Eclipse rocks with everything they make and service is great.
Conclusion: BUY BUY BUY BUY, you will not regret this gun, it is worth ever penny.
10 out of 10Last edited on Monday, February 27th, 2006 at 2:01 pm PST
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KAESO Thursday, March 9th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month12 of 17 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
2006 Proto Matrix with Tadao Musashi 5. Little heavier, kinda of a gas hog.
Marker Setup: 2006 Planet Eclipse Ego - Jet Black
HALO B w/ Rip Drive - Black
70/4500 Crossfire Stubby HP
Tadao M7 if you want higher MROF in the ramping modes.
Strengths: Efficiency and Weight. Shoots lasers. :D
Weaknesses: None really, but some may want higher MROF in the ramping mode.
Review: I picked up a new 2006 Ego after playing with my 2006 Proto for a few months. I was kinda tired of the lower efficiency I was getting from the spool valve, so I wanted a gun that would get more shots per fill.

After searching around through my options, I decided on the Ego because all of my friends that have one, have little to no problems. I looked around for a deal, and finally found one at my local shop. They sold me a brand new, barely off the UPS truck Ego for $1000.

My first impressions of this marker were excellent. PE boxes it up in a very nice metal case! Only downside to the packaging was the smell! :P It kind of smells like Old Navy sandals. BUT WHO CARES?? The manual that comes along with the marker is very high quality and quite informative. If you can't fix a problem with the included Ego manual, pick up a Tippmann instead. The LCD is very awesome. Very clear, and actualy words are alot easier to use during programming compared to LEDs.

The anno and milling on the marker is very clean. Much closer to true black than what was on my Proto. The tooth milling above the bolt is sexy! I did notice that it's just a tad bit heavier than the 05 Ego though.

At the field:
I finally had a chance to take this baby to the field for it's first use a few days after the purchase. Over the chrono I was shooting 280 -/+ 5. Worked well enough for me considering it wasn't even broken in yet. Ball on freakin' ball accuracy. I don't really see what all the fuss about kick and Egos is. I was hardly getting much kick - and that's coming from someone who moved from a PM6 to an Ego. Sound is quite louder than my PM6, but once the balls start flying, who cares? It didn't stop me from mowing muppets all day.

Time to sell my 70/4500 and pick up a 45/4500! I won't be needing that much air from now on!
Conclusion: Great product coupled with great customer service! PE takes care of their consumers! The sheer uberness of this marker made it well worth every penny I spent on it.
9 out of 10Last edited on Thursday, March 9th, 2006 at 5:52 pm PST
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hkarmy89 Monday, June 19th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
3 months6 of 9 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
The matrix family (dm4/5/6, pm5/6)
- Matrixes have very little kick but nothing much better than an ego's kick.

Alott of Intimidators-
- timmys are good guns but are much heavy and less accurate than egos

All kinds of everything
Marker Setup: Limited Edition Gloss blue 06 ego
the ego is a very very solid marker even when stock.
there is no need for a new board becasue the ego already comes with different modes but if i had to list an upgrade, it would be a barrel beacuse everyone can do better than a stock barrel. but its really not neccesary
Strengths: The ego is a VERY solid marker.
Great eyes/vision system
Weaknesses: It annoys me that the rail is built in to the bottom of the gripframe
Review: I'm just going to elaborate on the strengths and weaknesses listed above.

How solid the marker is : The ego feels very natural when you hold it and once you get a string of paint shooting out of this thing, youll know what im talking about. Matrixes have a very clumsy feel to them. Maybe its the lack of kick or the "puff" noise they have to them but i think the ego feels much more solid in your hands.

The ego is a very light marker. This makes it easy for the user to switch hands, run, dive etc. much easier than before.

This is a big issue with many people. Alot of kids say "oh yeah i should get an ego because it can shoot 30 bps in ramp mode!" This is untrue. The ego is a fast marker in semi-auto mode, but in reality, everyone will be shooting 15.4 bps (psp mode) in most tournaments and games so speed really dosent matter here.

This is why i LOVE my ego. NOTHING ever goes wrong with egos, and if it does, its 95% of the time the users fault. You can play in the rain, snow, mud and your ego will still shoot like a champ.

With the 6 cases ive shot through my gun so far, i havent chopped once. NOT ONCE. the egos eyes are excellent.

The accuracy of the ego is almost identical to the matrix. VERY GOOD!

*The ego can run on air forever also.*


The ego has a built in rail. For some, this can be annoying because they might have or want a rail of their choice. But me personally, it dosent bother me one bit.
Conclusion: The ego is my favorite marker out right now. Hopefully after reading my review, you will decide to go out and buy your ego! Ive spent months looking for the perfect marker. When it comes down to it, deciding on a marker is ALL personal preference. so for me, i give the ego a 10/10
10 out of 10
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Raydee Saturday, March 12th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
2 years6 of 17 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
Evil Pimp
Piranha Evo
Spyder E99 Avant
05 Eclipse Ego
Marker Setup: 06 Eclipse Ego with Dart bolt
Strengths: Fast
Very Efficient on air
Weaknesses: Lack of nice Fade colors.
A bit loud.
Review: After seeing some vids online of the Ego shooting I decided I had to try one. When my Ego arrived I was disappointed to find that the older software version (.17) had been updated to the new version (.18) which meant that all the ramping and full auto settings had been taken out of the software. The new software does allow the board to be reset to factory options and will save your settings where the older software had a glitch and didn't. At first I was going to send the board back but I decided to keep it...besides full auto isn't safe in my opinion. My ego came with the new style ball detents and bolt that was designed to prevent the chopping that the earlier version's had.

Out of the box the only adjustment I made was to the ROF which comes factory at 13bps so I bumped that up to the max of 30bps so I could dry fire it and see what it could do. I set the trigger that way I like it which was very short pull and release and to my dismay I could only shoot 14bps. After seeing video after video of the Ego shooting over 20 I was puzzled as to why i was having the problem. After a quick search I found that since the trigger isn't activated by a microswitch that it needs to be adjust a bit differently. I physically adjusted the trigger with a longer activation and and post travel length and my ROF increased dramatically. On legal settings I can easily hit 17bps and in the 20's with some illegal settings. SO far the only problem I have had was a board glitch once which occurred when i turned the Ego on and the screen stayed blank. I turned the Ego off and then back on and it was fine. I also had the eyes turn off one time by themselves which resulted in some chopping and could not figure out why that happened. Besides those two incidents the Ego has shot great and has been real easy to maintain. Once Planet Eclipse releases the new software to comply with the new league rules the Ego will be the all around gun to beat in my opinion.

Edited Nov 2005
I recently recieved my new 06 Ego and I love it. I ended up selling all my backup guns after I bought the 05 simply because I NEVER had a single problem with the Ego. The 06 is basically the 05 with some improvements. The new frame allows the trigger to have a spring and a magnet which makes the trigger feel awesome and so much better than the 05. The new software now has debounce setting's in case you want to disable the TT filters which in my opinion is one of the best things Eclipse could do. The new inline reg and the new milling got some bad reviews from people until they see one in person, I think the 06 is better looking than the 05 even though I said the opposite whe the 06 first came out. Pictures do the 06 NO justice. The new reg is longer with more internal space so the operating pressure is a bit lower than the 05 and to me it seems a bit quieter than the 05 also. Just like the 05 the air efficiency continues to amaze me and for my money the Ego is the best gun on the market.
Conclusion: The 06 Ego is hands down the best gun I have ever shot and owned and I will be real surprised if any company comes out with something I like better in the future. I am changing my rating from a 9 to a 10!
10 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, November 27th, 2005 at 6:48 am PST
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HurleyHero67 Tuesday, June 13th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month5 of 6 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
I've shot pretty much every high-end marker that's worth noting.
Marker Setup: The following is what I used right before I wrote this review:
- Black/Red Accents Ego6
- 68/45 HP Preset Crossfire
- 14" Redz Pepperstick, .690 bore
Besides a nasty trigger job and a cut bolt, everything is stock.
A Virtue or Tadao board if you want the extra firing modes, but other than that, absolutely nothing. Perhaps a new barrel, but the stock one really isn't all that bad.
Strengths: FAST
Weaknesses: More kick than a Dm6. That's it.
Review: When I first took this baby out of the box I was stunned at the weight. Even with my fully loaded Halo and tank strapped on, I ran around shooting with this like I was holding a BB gun.

The stock ASA/rail is quite nice, I aired up and twisted the on/off with not a hint of protest. I kicked it into Ramping mode and went to town. The grouping I got was astonishing. The extremely light weight and size naturally makes for some kick, but I only felt it after I had been ramping at 15bps for a solid 3 seconds, and I still held my grouping. I have shot several Dm6s, and I believe the kick on them is a tad easier for those of you who are picky about it at high ROFs.

The feel of the trigger and frame is awesome. I hit the stock cap (semi-1) of 15bps with absolute ease. With effort, I can hit 18 uncapped, straight semi no bounce; and I don't have extremely fast fingers.

For those that care about it (I find it to be a silly thing to fret over) the Ego is extremely efficient. Nothing really complicated about it; it has an extremely good stock regulator and runs at a very low PSI. You get a lot of shots out of your tank, that's all there is to it.

Some people find the trigger to be uncomfortable, I find those people either to be extremely picky or Dye fanboys who are obssesed with their UL frame.

Even on straight up Semi mode, ANYBODY can hit at least 12bps. Anybody. The average paintballer (yes, including woodsballers) will have no trouble hitting 15 on this baby.
Conclusion: The best way to put all this is that the Ego is one of those markers that does all the work for you. It's the best in the business, as good as they come. If you have the money for this type of marker, this is what you should do.


Everyone is different. Shoot a Dm6. Shoot an 06 Borg. Shoot an 06 Dynasty. Find out what suits you the best. In reality, you can't go wrong. Sure, an Ego might not have self-cleaning eyes. Sure, everybody and their mother may have a Matrix. Sure, a Dynasty may be the ugliest marker ever. They all have minor flaws, but hey, guess what, they're minor. Buy the high-end marker that you like the best; they're all going to perform the same; amazing.

9 out of 10
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dillwack Wednesday, May 10th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
3 months5 of 11 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Dye Dm6
Dye Dmc
Bob Long Infamous
Bob Long NaughtyDogs
Evil Pimp
Smartparts Ion
Angel G7
Marker Setup: Red 06 Ego
- Red Ndz On/Off
- Scarlet Red Reloader B
- Empire Fuel 71-4500
To be quite honest there is really no upgrades you need for this, however if you want to pimp it, you will need:
- Virtue 06 Ego Board
- Considerably New Reg
- Considerably New Barrel
- Considerably Colour Accents Kit
- Considerably New Trigger
- Considerably New On.Off
- Considerably D.A.R.T. Bolt
Strengths: -Light
-Snatch Grip
-LCD Display
Weaknesses: -Cost Maybe If You Are Cheap Or Not
Review: The 06 Stock is a really great gun for who ever the player!

- Eclipse open bolt electro pneumatic marker.
- Break Beam low profile breech Sensor System (BBSS).
- PCB features: LCD, optical trigger, rear function buttons with rubberized Navigation Console, Menu-
Driven operating system, BBSS indicator, clip-in 9 volt battery operated.
- Ego 6 Trigger. Choice of magnetic or spring return, or both! 4-point trigger adjustment.
- Pat. Pending, TT Filter Software, as first seen on the infamous E2 frame kits.
- Fully adjustable trigger hysteresis.
- 5 Debounce settings as standard.
- Improved breech sensor logic enabling Ego 6 to react even faster to paintballs entering the breech.
- Peak ROF indicator as well as Average ROF indicator.
- Integrated adjustable LPR with dedicated HP inlet.
- Ego 6 Inline Reg. high flow, accurate, consistent output in a streamlined package.
- Eclipse 'Rammer' one-piece hammer/ram mechanism. Highly durable Stainless construction. Strips in
- Integrated Eclipse QEVs for the fastest possible cycle times.
- Sub miniature solenoid and integrated minifold
- Body-Integrated feed stub.
- Offset 'Def-Tek' feed system for "No-Bounce" ball feed.
- Clamping low-rise feed tube
- Low pressure, high flow Supercharger valve system.
- Brass bushed valve guide. No valve pin wear, no friction.
- Ego 6 open faced, high flow Delrin bolt.
- Pop-n-Slide bolt pin. Super large pin/rammer contact area for minimal wear.
- Eclipse Shaft Solo 14" barrel .693.
- Cocker barrel thread.
- Larger trigger guard for improved comfort and increased space for finger movement.
- Integrated slide rail on base of frame.
- Eclipse On/Off System and Hose.
- Integrated “snatch” grip.
- Dual rubber finger Ego 6 detents; larger base further eliminates “pull-thru”.
- Ego 6 Duo-Tech rubber Grips
- Eclipse Sup-Tol Machining
- Compatible in all major paintball leagues worldwide
- Unlimited ROF with BBSS enabled. Speed is limited by loader only.
- Fully adjustable ROF with BBSS Disabled.
- Ego 6 Operator Manual, spares and barrel condom included.
- Tech friendly.
- User friendly.

Weight: 966g; Ego 6, Eclipse On/off and regulators.
1108g Inc. Shaft Solo Barrel

Length: 265mm; Ego 6, Eclipse On/off and regulators.
538mm Inc. Barrel

Height: 180mm Body And Frame
230mm Inc. Feed and On/Off/Purge System

Width: 25.3mm Body
27.3mm Inc. Eye Covers

Shots: Bench Test fired 1687 Paintballs from a 4500psi fill in a 68ci tank. Results can vary dependant on Paint, Barrel Length, Bore Size and Velocity.

Conclusion: This gun is a truly amazing gun, i have shot over 10000 rounds through this machine and i have not had one ball break using Xball Silver. This gun is really accurate, really easy maintainence, really fast, and really light. If you are looking to become a serious baller i would consider you take a chance to buy one of these today seeing how they are truly amazing
10 out of 10
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Reepers Sunday, May 14th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
3 months4 of 5 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
EGO 05



05 SHOCKER BLACK W/ SILVER PARTS, dynasty board, he bolt, silver dynasty trigger


Strengths: Everything
Weaknesses: Are you serious!!!!!!
Review: how i got it- recently our team appllied for a sponsorship form PE. luckily we got it and they became our major gun sponsor. Everyone one the team has one.

1ST IMPRESSION- i took the gun out of the metal and was amazed!! excelent milling i mean it is drop dead sexy! i heard about how good it actually was and got my tank and hopper and set of to my backyard. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! super fast, light, no kick, efficency

speed- This is one of the fastst guns i have ever shot. I tweaked the settings and this gun is a god from OLYMPUS**.

accuracy- This also a very accurate gun. If you one ball a target you will hit the target if you can see correctly. You can hit a pole too (go to, go to videos (under LTL, go to the bottom). Very accurate too at high speeds (if you saw the vid).

efficency- this is a very efficent gun. just out of the box i was able to get an amazing amt. of paint slingin'. can your gun go 2 hoppers and 5 pod? probably not right out of the box on a 68/45.

weight- this has to be lightest gun i have ever held w/ hopper and tank. While playing you wont know you're holding it. wink wink. Lightest gun i have ever held that simple!

1ST PRACTICE- got to field and my team was amazed. everyone wanted to touch it. that got kinda annoying. off to the field!! 1st game i lane the guy going to the snake and mak a quick bump to center 30 laydown. i knew how light the gun was just by carrying it but with adreniline it is feather light. next i shoot out the guy in the dorritos and bum to the X. bunker the center 30 laydown. team finishes off the 2 last players crossing it up.

i had practices like this all day.

CLEAN UP TIME- i take apart the gun. this was my first ego and it was simple. maunal is very helpful.

POSSIBLE UPGRADES- virtue, m7, A+ annodizzing bolt, NDz pro delrin bolt and pin, exhaust valve kit, grip

Conclusion: Buy this gun!! It is amazing, well worth the money and wait. If you don't have the money i would recommend the dynasty shocker( russian legion or naughty dog when they come out)
10 out of 10Last edited on Monday, May 22nd, 2006 at 4:18 pm PST
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brawlinzach Saturday, November 12th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month4 of 14 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
The older EGO'S
Marker Setup: 2005 Spyder Pilot ACS
eVLution II Hopper (Clear)
DYE E-Sticky 3 Grips
Check It Super Speedy Drop Forward
14 in. DYE Ultralite Barrel
Pure Energy 48 ci. 3000 psi. Nitro
Strengths: Ummm.....everything
Weaknesses:, zilch, cero, nada, nothing
Review: This machine is unbeleivable. I put a test to see which gun is actually the best when I was out at the PSP World Cup in October. The guns I chose to do a test on were the DYE DM6, Proto 06, 05 Shocker, Angel Speed 06, and the EGO 06. I tested them on accuracy, velocity consistancy, (using crossfire 68/4500 nitro) how many shots they get from a full crossfire 68/4500 nitro tank, and which one is capable of the shortest trigger pull. Out of 2 hours of testing all of the above guns, the EGO 2006 beat all of the leading competitors. So anyways, it was a great gun, performed well enough to be in the number 1 spot of the paintball gun bracket, and certainly amazed me!
Conclusion: Get it.........because it's the best gun out right now!!!!!
10 out of 10Last edited on Saturday, November 12th, 2005 at 9:26 pm PST
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