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NoX Bushmaster Board Reviews

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NoX Bushmaster Board
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Number of Reviews: 4
Average Rating: 7.0 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $90

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
Seven Firing Modes:
Semi Unlimited (NPPL legal)
Capped Semi
PSP 3 Ball Burst: three semi, then three shots per pull, after one second idle, return to three semi
NXL STYLE: three semi, then full auto, after one second idle, return to three semi
Millenium: three semi, ramp to rof, after one second idle, return to three
Programmable Ramp: semi until adjustable ramp starting point is reached,
then rof scaled by adjustable ramp rate until rof is reached.

Three EyeModes:
Delay Shot

Other Adjustable FEATURES:
Adaptive Trigger Debounce
Eye Delay
Mechanical Debounce
FSDO (first shot drop)
Ramp Starting Point
Ramp Rate
Fine ROF
Bypass ROF

Tournament Lock Toggle Switch
Can program board without opening grip
Energy Efficient
Low battery indicator
Smooth chop free operation even at extreme rates of fire

**NOX is not responsible for settings that the user sets to make their guns illegal for certain tournaments (NPPL or PSP). It’s the users responsibility to insure the filter settings are set to specific tournament standards. Also NOX is not responsible for dirty, worn or user setup “TO BOUNCY” switches. Specifications for products may change without notice.
Product Availability 
The NoX Bushmaster Board is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.
Paintba113r)aS( Thursday, May 18th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
3 months4 of 5 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
stock board
Marker Setup: black B2K4 with PDS
CP short reg
NoX board
halo Boost trix with 911 mod and rip
cp ASA
14" ultralight
Strengths: Fastest board out
Programing (part)
Easy to install
Great modes
Tourney lock
Training mode
Weaknesses: Manual
Programing(other part)
Setting the modes
Review: Ok, well the manual that NoX ofers on the site for the bushy board is what you get. It is NOT the best manual, but it does give you the BASIC of basic.It lacks telling you what the modes and ajustments do, so until you mess with it for a while your half clueless. Also the programming is less than easy , but it is done without opening up the grip or hooking it up ot a PC to do it. Once you get into the menu, you will do alot of counting, or you will mess everything up. lots of light trigger pulls and 2 second ones, but that my freinds is all that is bad with it.

It is the fastest board for the bushy, that i have seen yet. It is hard to get used to, but after you do, its a breeze and you will be hapy when you can reprogam it in less than 20 seconds from one mode to another.It has many ramping modes and 2 semi modes and alot of those modes are customizable to a extent. the PSP,NXL are not too ajustable except for the ramp level. But the lineir ramp, semi, capped semi are very ajustable and fun too mess with when board. There is one more mode called training mode and man, its a fun mode ot play in...hard, but fun.If you are looking for a board not only is NoX one of the cheapest, but the customer service is nice, and it is in my and my freinds opinion the best board out( one freind has a chaos and likes my board more).

Now DO NOT say that this review is not helpful becuase my opinion is that the NoX is better if you are a die hard chaos or pred. lover...they are good boards, but pred. is like more expensive an dht echaos doesnt have as many firing modes for ramp and the NoX ramp is customizable and the chaos is NOT.
Conclusion: If you want a board (witch even if you don't, you do, you just dont know it yet) get this one, its fast, programable on the fly(with practice its easy as pie), cheap, and a great way to show off ot eh shocker owners that dont have PSP 3 ball mode (witch i dare say is loved by many as they dont have it)
10 out of 10
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Spitlebug Tuesday, November 14th, 2006
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month1 of 3 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
Stock 9300 board, Stock 8200 board, Chaos Blue Chipped 8200 board.
Marker Setup: Black/Blue 2K4 Bushmaster w/PDS, Dye 03 Stickies, MacDev 300 PSI Micro Gauge, CP Twistlock Feedneck, Blue Halo B no Rip, Pure Energy 47/3000 Tank, Dye Rhino tank cover.
Strengths: Good for tourneys, many options and features. Decent price.
Weaknesses: Trigger programming is terrible. Poor manual. No firmware updates. Few firing modes.
Review: To start off, I won my NoX board in a raffle at Having said that, I only paid $10 for the tickets, therefore I didn't have to pay the full retail value. Had I paid the full retail value I would have been even more dissapointed with this board. Don't get me wrong the board worked flawlessly (as it was intended to, but I will get into that later).

Specialty: This board was designed with the Tournament Player in mind. Having said that, the board has all the features you would want for the serious tournament player. Rec. Ballers and Woods Ball players were completely overlooked. The board has a lot of features. Most features you will never need, but are certainly nice if you do need them. The board however lacks some of the basic firing modes that are common with most other boards (i.e. no burst, fully auto, or response modes to name a few).

Board Programming: Overly complicated, slow and counter-intuitive. I think that's the short and sweet of it. I have discussed with the programmer of the NoX boards on the subject of the boards trigger programming system. The programming interface was intentionally implemented as such to bypass patent infringement. I would have to say that this really ruined the whole NoX experience for me and is the root of my beef with this board. Had the programming been implemented better I could endorse this product.

Documentation: What documentation? I didn't get any with my board, did you? The manual that I found online is two pages long and has a brief blurb about programming the board and a list of the modes. Some of the modes are self explanitory, others are not. Why is there no description of what PSP and NXL or Millennium modes are? What settings affect each of those modes? Granted, if you play tournaments that info should be common place, but I don't play in tourneys. There is no explanation of what dwell is or what the settings for it are, no mention of what trigger bounce and mechanical bounce is. No mention of what the drop off adjustment is, ramp point or ramp level... I could go on and on about the manual. This sort of stuff should be in any well written manual. I noticed the manual isn't even on thier website anymore....
Conclusion: A nice board if you are in the Tourney scene. If you are a Rec. Baller or Woods Baller I would steer well away from this board. I found programming the modes to be tedious and cumbersome. The manual is poor, really poor. I would like to give this board a 6.5/10 because it works and has a lot of features, but no amount of features could make me go through the irritation of using the trigger programming interface.

In the end I gave my NoX board away for FREE and switched back to my stock 9300 board.
6 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, November 14th, 2006 at 1:30 am PST
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twinki Saturday, April 7th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
3 months
More than 5 years
Products Used:
stock 9300, techpro blastermaxx, 2k4 chaos
Strengths: CHEAP! adjustable rof, dwell, ramp, debounce and more. its developed by rocky knueth of ND
Weaknesses: Hard if u dont know what dwell, fsdo, and debounce is.
Review: I love this board, i have it in both my b2k4s. you can adjust the ROF from 14 - 20 (unlimited if ur gun has eyes). the modes this board has is semi, capped semi (15bps for touneis), 3 shot burst, full auto, millennum (ramp point), liner ramp (ramp level and point) and training (1-2 bps then a 1 sec wait before you can shoot again). the dwell is adjustable so u can find the perfect setting for ur b2k with whatever ups u have. the ramp point is how many bps u need to shoot before the ramp starts kicking. ramp point is adjustable from 2 bps to 12bps. there is also a nice feature which is bypass rof, that just means if your has eyes and during a game ur eyes go bad the board automatically switched whatever ur rof is to the bypass rof. so for example your setting for rof is unlimited in the middle of a game u chop and ur eyes stop working or ur eyes jsut dont wanna work, the board changes rof to the bypass rof. bypass rof is adjustable from 8-14 bps. you can also adjust the fdso so ur first ball will shoot like when you are shooting ropes. i choose this board over the previous boards i have owned because everything is adjustable and you can tourney lock whatever settings your are in. for example you can tourney lock in full auto. that is something you couldnt do wtih the 2k4 chaos. with the tourney lock on the 2k4 chaos, its automatically set as max rof in semi and highest debounce. its better over stock well, i just thought the stock was fine for a stock. on the older b2ks the stock boards had multiple modes (semi, full, 3 shot and i think 6 shot too). the b2k3's and 4's only come with a semi board. i personally thought the nox makes your b2k much faster than the stock board would ever make it. one cool thing i did realize is the nox board makes your led brighter than the stock board. the nox was better than the blastermax because there is multiple modes instead of one (semi) and the nox is fully adjustable.
Conclusion: This is a really good board because you can adjust basically everything. some may say the instruction are hard to comprehend but once you figure it out, the nox is the best board out there. now with a price cut there's no excuse why not to buy one. was 90 when it first came out, got cut down to 80, now its a easily affordable $50 shipped! go buy it
10 out of 10Last edited on Saturday, April 7th, 2007 at 8:08 pm PST
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Bushmaster56 Saturday, June 2nd, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month0 of 5 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
Marker Setup: B2K4 PDS, CP shorty reg, 12 volt Revolution, Dye excell drop, shocktech superfly bolt,REDZ clamping feedneck
Strengths: FAST
other then that none
Weaknesses: See review body.
Review: This board was pretty good, in the beggining, but changing the modes is so hard, and it takes an extremely long time, and Semi capped, and PSP ramp are the only modes that work, all the others, simply put, dont work, after the first shot is fired, it will not fire anymore, and NOX doesn't have a phone number on their website, they took it off! now they have only an email address, and ive left over 15 different emails, they have YET to respond, i actually just sent it out to whoever wanted it for 5 bucks, on pbnation. so, i just put in the stock board and stayed with that, feel free to flame away, i dont care, you cant say my expirience was WRONG. you may have had a better one, but that doesnt affect me, what matters to me is what I expirienced. not YOU, so, buy it since other reviews are good, but im pretty shure i just got a lemon, but their custromer service is HORRIBLE.
Conclusion: Buty it if you want to take a risk
2 out of 10
I found this review  
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.
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