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Real Action Paintball T68 Gen 5 Reviews

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Real Action Paintball T68 Gen 5
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Number of Reviews: 2
Average Rating: 5.0 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $400

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Real Action Paintball is proud to announce the release of the T68 Gen5, the only paintball marker in the world that uses both a detachable magazine and a hopper. The T68 Gen5 can use either the magazine alone, or hopper alone, or both at the same time to give you force-feed and bulk-loader options without lugging extra gear. The T68 Gen5 does not require any modification to switch from hopper to magazine, either - all you need to do is plug-and-play. Sport use:
T68 Gen5 has been redesigned with an all-new body and greatly enhanced internals. This new design makes the .68 caliber T68 Gen5 both durable and reliable: it can go through thousands of rounds before any maintenance is needed. The new design also drastically improves its power, easily achieving a maximum range of 300 feet with an effective range of 200 feet. You can
use the hopper for games that need more firepower, and quickly switch to using the magazine when it comes time to play sniper. You can remove the carrying handle to mount a scope to the weaver rail, or add a scope adapter to the carry handle to put the power of sniper optics atop this amazing machine. With this power, accuracy, sighting options, and distance, the T68 Gen5 is the leading sniper rifle in paintball.

For law enforcement and the military:
T68 Gen5 is the ultimate training weapon for the law enforcement and the military. The new magazine feature of the T68 Gen5 allows training like never before. The T68 Gen5 uses regular, widely available .68 caliber paintballs - like the RAP AG1 paintball! This helps agencies have ready access to the ammunition they need to train. Also, the T68 Gen5 is adaptable
to all types of CO2 and compressed air, and it is able to accept all air cylinder sizes - even disposable cylinders. With the T68 Gen5, agencies in remote areas will never have problems getting air to operate their training weapons. The ammunition cost for the T68 Gen5 training program is less than 3 cents per round, way less than other interactive training munitions. With the low operation cost, now agencies of all budget sizes can train like never before!

For riot control and security:
T68 Gen5 is able to accept non-lethal and less-lethal munitions. Capable of velocities over 350 feet per second, the T68 can deliver OC Balls and Powder Balls fast enough that they shattered upon impact. The T68 Gen5 provides the tool for officers and security guards to contain or subdue individuals and groups when non-lethal force is appropriate.

Key features:
- Semi-automatic operation
- 18 rounds detachable magazine
- 200 round hopper adaptor
- .68 caliber
- Removable carry handle
- M4 Style front sight
- M4 Style hand guard
- M4 Style butt stock
- Works on CO2/HPA of all sizes
- Maximum range: 300 feet
- Effective range: 200 feet
- Velocity 250-370 fps (adjustable)
Product Availability 
The Real Action Paintball T68 Gen 5 is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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Stan_the_HitMan Tuesday, February 20th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested43 of 48 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Tippmann clones, other blowbacks
New barrel if your picky, A5 Upgrades
Strengths: .68 cal and Magazine fed
Solid construction
EXTREAMLY Upgradeable
Weaknesses: Frame screws a bit annoying.
Review: The T68 Generation 5, this time the internals are based off of a more reliable single tube blow back Tippmann type engine instead of a stack tube blow back Spyder engine (Like previous T68's), this makes for lower profile and less maintenance.

With this in mind forget what you have heard about the T68 Series because this one is on a different page altogether.

*Note* The T68 Gen 5 and Trinity MG4 are Identical internally and use the same magazine kit technology.

I will break this review down into 5 categories (Looks and cosmetics, Features/special attributes, Shooting and related, Air and related, and Durability and maintenance), each with a potential of two points to be given or taken away. I will finish up with a “What I liked” and “What I would have changed” section.


The T68 Gen 5 Looks solid and feels solid, it has a sturdy metal construction and a flat non-reflective black power coat finish that is anti scratch and rustproof.


This is all Much like a Tippmann A5, which it largely resembles both externally and internally, in fact I would say about 80% of the parts are interchangeable between the two markers. This opens a wide horizon of upgrades and possibilities for different looks for this marker




_T68 Generation 5 / Tippmann A5 Part Swapping Guide_

**Here is a chart to see what you can switch over from a Tippmann A5 to a T68 Gen 5**

Part | Tippmann A5 | T68 Gen 5

Barrel | Yes | Yes
Thread adap.| No | No
Grip Frame | No | No
Egrip | Yes | No (Not yet)
Flatline |Yes | No
Response Tr. | Yes | No
Body Pins | Yes |Yes
Back Plate | Yes | Yes
Stocks | Yes | Yes
Detent | No | No
PowerTube | No | No
TombStone |No | No
Bolt | No | Yes, with a small amount of modification
Side RIS | No | Yes
Mag Kit | No | Yes
Hopper Kit | No | Yes
Hammer | Yes | Yes
Cyclone | Yes | No (Not without major mods)
Int/ Springs | Yes | Yes
Velocity Pin | Yes | Yes
ASA | Yes |Yes

IF you find anything inaccurate or I have missed something that isn’t generic to all markers or isn’t a given just let me know


The key Feature that sets this marker apart is its magazine and hopper fed abilities. While the Tiberious T-9 can also be fed by both a Hopper and magazine the T68 generation 5 can be fed by both at the same time, and holds 18 balls in a magazine instead of just 8 like the T9, and to top it all off the Gen5 is almost half the price of a T9.

Another Cool little feature worth noting is the cocking handle was able to be replaced with a left or right side cocking handle depending on which hand you shoot with, this was refreshing after having to flip my a5 on it side to cock in the past (I shoot left handed).


Other features were:

Comes with a Side mounted rail that also holds the detent in, a top weaver rail, m16 style grips that are comfortable, A5 threads, and very strange velocity adjustment.

To adjust the velocity you need to use a special velocity adjustment rod that comes with the marker, stick it down the barrel, and twist a valve screw at the head of the power tube. I found it awkward compared to the A5’s side adjustment, but nothing to get to worked up over.

I did however find the body screws very annoying. To remove them you have to hold the nut on one side of the marker and turn the other side with a screwdriver. Much more hassle than my A5’s striping pins. However, you could replace these annoying body screws with A5 Stripping Pins.




The T68 generation5 Utilizes the same single tube blow back design the as its Tippmann counterparts and in turn shoots very, very similar to them recoil, volume, and consistency wise.

Minus the Magazine / Hopper capabilities it shot identical to an A5/98/BT4/ect, however I found it was worth noting that the M16 style grip frame was more comfortable than any of the above noted, unfortunately this leaves you with the option of only semi automatic until an electronic frame comes out because the Tippmann A5 E-grip was not compatible.

Shooting stock this made it comfortable and balanced with a stock and hand guard. Add Carbine style Iron sights and you have a nice marker to shoot out of the box.


The stock barrel was very decent and would put the balls where I wanted them at 50-70 feet and had a threaded tip so it could accept a mock silencer or different muzzle break style. It is worth keeping if you don’t mind its short length and medium bore size.




The Efficiency i found was a tad bit better than a my Tippmann A5, a 60 gram c02 in the flexi butt stock would power 70-100 paintballs (depending on ambient temperature), which is roughly 5 magazines, if you are a player that shoots more than 5 magazines a game or is using the hopper option you could use either the stock asa connecting to the gun via a steel braided remote line, or get a flexi butt stock to have an air-thru stock option.


At low rates of fire (1-10 balls per second, all I could do with the stock single trigger) it was very accurate and consistent, and since the Magazine was force fed I did not experience any chopping in the test, however if one were to use this marker with the hopper adapter they might have. If you are getting this marker for the purpose of using the magazines, which I imagine most people who buy it are, you wont have problems with chopping unless you are using very poor quality paintballs or are playing in extreme temperature conditions.




The external of this marker was aluminium with an impact proof polymer grip frame as the A5 has, even the end cap for when it did not have a stock installed was Aluminium. All of the Aluminium was matte-black powder coated giving it a sharp, sturdy look.


As advertised this marker can go through 1000’s of rounds before requiring any kind of maintenance, usually being a drop of oil in the asa and on the O-rings. This was the major benefit of making this marker a Tippmann clone, I know I must have beaten this to death by now but for an affordable blow back you simply cant beat this design in reliability and durability.



Conclusion: What I liked:

-This Marker Came stock with two Weaver rails, one on top and one on the side, this in my opinion was an advantage to the usual pre X7 Tippmann dovetail.
-The fact that this marker could use Both a magazine, hopper, or both at the same time added a new dimension to the application of this marker on the field.
-Tippmann A5 threads, I could take all of my old a5 barrels and put them on my gen 5.
-Ambidextrous cocking handle, a small but courteous thing to do for us left handed shooters.
-Detents were held in by the side RIS rail, so worn out detents could be replaced without taking the gun apart.

Things I would have changed:

-More interchangeable A5 parts, like power tube, Egrip, etc.
-Easier Velocity Adjustment
-Metal magazines *NOTE* I would have subtracted a point for this if it weren’t for one thing; the magazines being made of polymer cut the price in half or more, I know id rather have enough magazines to last me than have one very strong one, not to say you should take quantity over quality , the magazines are still very sturdy.
-Body screws should have been strip pins like the Tippmann A5

All and all the T68 Gen 5 makes a very good marker for anyone into scenario play who wants a magazine fed marker but cant afford the T9 or want larger magazine capacities. I do not recommend it in its current state of not having any electronic trigger mechanisms to people who like to be trigger happy. If you can be trigger happy in semi automatic than slap the hopper adapter on and have fun, I am referring to people who want ramp, auto, burst, etc.

Based on my criteria I rate it a 9/10, I could have been allot more critical than I was with some of the features like the poor velocity adjustment or body screws compared to the Tippmann A5, but this was not a comparison, it was a review, and I believe I reviewed it fairly and reasonably.

If you find any problems or think something should be changed in this review Email and I will get back to you ASAP.


Stanley Travis
9 out of 10Last edited on Wednesday, February 21st, 2007 at 11:04 am PST
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98customman Thursday, June 14th, 2007
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month5 of 33 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
tippman a5 view loader high voltage
Marker Setup: stock t68 gen 5
Strengths: Looks cool lot of upgrades
Weaknesses: Gen5 does not shoot as far as advertised, way to expensive,
Review: My brother bought a hundred view loader high voltage from wal mart and it out shot my four hundred dollar Gen5 that was suppose to be on point at 200 feet don't waste your money on a Gen5 simply not enough bang for your buck, Butt stock felt really sloppy ,Magazine was also very loose fitting i feel those are going to be problems down the line because you are going to have to spend more money to replace them after they brake
Conclusion: i had high hopes for the gen 5 it totally failed, it did not feel like it was built properly, gen 5 is a four hundred dollar POS invest in a tippman A5, i had the gen 5 for a 1 hour before i shipped it back
1 out of 10
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