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Lucky Paintball Stage 5.1 Ion Body Kit Reviews

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Lucky Paintball Stage 5.1 Ion Body Kit
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Number of Reviews: 6
Average Rating: 5.7 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $100

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
All Stage 5's come with:
Cocker breach (uses cocker barrels)
Feedneck (Ion/Imp threads)
Rear Cap
Laser Eyes
Ball Detents
Eye Cover
Stage 1 V3 bolt (all aluminum)
Stage 2 Firing Can (not removable)
Stage 3 Donut (not removable)

Available in Black, Silver, Red, Blue, and Unanodized.

Available in Basic, Classic, Milled, LE Skeleton, and LE Twister.
Product Availability 
The Lucky Paintball Stage 5.1 Ion Body Kit is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.
maloneoni Sunday, April 8th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
3 months4 of 4 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Stock body
foehn body kit
Marker Setup: SP Ion
Clippard QEV
Blackheart board
CP regulator
Q-lock feedneck
Lucky 5.1 Body kit
New Designz Roller Bearing Trigger
Dye 70ci 4500 Stubbie
32 degrees drop
Hybrid grips
Freak kit with St!f tip
Empire ASA
Lucky Stage 3 bolt
Halo reloader B
Strengths: BOB, DM detents, laser eyes, comes with bolt, cocker threads, eye covers.
Weaknesses: It is expensive for extra milling. o-ring issues.
Review: This is a great body kit. It replaces the breech-firing can assembly from the stock body kit. It changes the impulse threads to cocker threads.

I bought the cheapest stage 5.1 from lucky for 100 dollars. It does not come with any milling, which was fine with me. The two or three cheapest bodies come with the stage the stage 3 bolt and the more expensive ones come with the stage four bolt. Dont hold me to that, but I know that I have their lesser bolt. The body also comes with a feed neck that is only marginally better than the stock because it does not make your hopper stick up as high. The Lucky also changed the stock Ion detents to DM detents. I personally like the DM detents better. Lucky also sent me two extra sets with the body kit. The stage 5.1 comes with laser eyes which can be easily accessed through the eye covers that are right infront of the feedneck. Lucky gives you red laser eyes with the 5.1. The detents are accessed in the same fashion.

The main thing I was looking for when I was shopping for body kits was bolt-out-back (BOB). The back cap is removed with a 3/8 allen, but I only screw mine on finger tight so it is easy to take off. One thing to look out for when you take out your bolt is that you make sure that you put the firing can piece, the donut, and the bolt back in in the correct order. If you dont do it right, the gun leaks. If you can find a forum to get the directions off of, the are really easy to follow.

The only weakness with this body kit is that as far as I can tell, you can only use lucky bolts with it. I would like to put my warrior bolt in, but lucky changed the design of the bolt to put the o-rings on the back of the bolt on the rear cap. I think that if it take the small o-rings off the back of the warrior bolt, it will work with the 5.1. I will put an edit or something up when I get the time to figure it out. It is not a big deal to me because lucky sends you a bolt with the body kit.

The installation of the 5.1 is simple. It installs the same way as you would put the stock body on. Once the 5.1 is on, the only reason to take it off is to get to the trigger or the board.

I saw that some other people had issues with the cocker threads on the 5.1. Both my freak kit and my friend's revolver kit work flawlessly with the 5.1.

A note to anyone wanting to buy a 5.1:
Something happened with lucky and they do not have a US branch right now, probably never again. The best bet to get one would be through e-bay or a shop. Beware of the 5.1s on ebay, because there was a batch with bad cocker threads. I guess they came out right before they went UK only, so people have not been able to get ahold of Lucky.

EDIT: I tried to use my warrior bolt in the lucky body kit, but it still leaked, even after I played with the o-rings. The stock ion bolt also did not work. I am not lowering the score on my review because lucky sends a bolt with the body kit. The Lucky bolt is a pretty good bolt and I am still really satisfied with the stage 5.1.

EDIT 2: I had a problem with the lucky bolt getting stuck in the back cap. The end of the bolt would get caught on one of the two o-rings on the inside of the backcap. I tried some different o-rings, but it calls for a 12-70 viton or something. I had trouble finding the same o-ring. I replaced the lucky bolt with a techt L7 bolt. Incidently, the L7 is a really awesome bolt. The L7 fixed the problem because it comes with a plug for the backcap which makes the o-ring catching moot. The lucky bolt is a piece of crap.
Conclusion: I think that this is the best body kit available for the ion. It gives the ion all the features that higher end guns come with, such as eye covers and BOB. The body kit is a cosmetic upgrade as well as a functional one.

EDIT 2 RESCORE: I am changing my score of 10 of 10 to an 8 of 10 because I had to spend more another 55 bucks to get my body kit to work. If you are going to get a 5.1, plan on getting a L7 bolt. It makes the marker quieter and operate at a lower pressure.
8 out of 10Last edited on Monday, April 30th, 2007 at 1:13 am PST
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Beast555 Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
6 months4 of 5 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
none compare
Marker Setup: sp ion
olive stage 5.1 with black accents
olive un1tec barrel with black back
black sp q-lock
black V2 frame
yellow hybrid lady grips
stage 4 with mac noid
techt L7
prostar sycthe trigger
aka 2-liter plus
black sp rail
black hybrid push button
clippard qev
lucky tophat mod
lucky wired eyes
Strengths: Ease of cleaning
Weaknesses: lucky is not in the U.S.
problems with leaking out of the back cap
Review: i love my stage 5.1. it is the second one that i have gotten (my first one was leaking out of the back). the U.S. lucky paintball company has the best customers service i have ever incountered. It saddens me that they are no longer in business and are now given a bad rap, but oh well.

Conclusion: I would reccomend this to anyone that wants to improve the performance of your ion as well as make it easier to clean. i am going to give it a 9 (mine is a 10 lol) only because some had some problems and the company is no longer in business in the U.S.
9 out of 10
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pbfanatic01 Monday, April 2nd, 2007
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month4 of 6 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Doesn't matter
Marker Setup: Smart Parts ION
FBM Kage
FBM Firece Frame
FBM Snatch
Hybrid Contract Killer Grips
Hybrid HEDLOC Neck
Detonator Inline Reg.
Shocktech #5 Drop Forward
Bob Long 0-600psi Guage
Macro Line
eVLution 3 Loader
PE 72x3000 Alu. Tank
Strengths: Looks great, works awesome (EXCEPT FOR THE DEFECT)
Weaknesses: There was a batch of Stage 5.1's that were milled wrong....
Review: The breech will not accept ANY cocker barrels. It is made well, except for this major blunder. I have tried to get in contact with lucky for over 2 weeks now, but they have closed their US operation, disconnected their phone line, and have not responded to my rentless e-mails pleading for help!
Conclusion: BEWARE! If you get a good one, then happy days to you! If you are like me, and get SCREWED OVER, then have fun trying to get in contact with an irresponsible company.
1 out of 10
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3 Comments - Add Comment Thursday, May 3rd, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month3 of 5 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
None as of yet but I plan on buing a new body kit
Marker Setup: Smart Parts Ion
Fire Bolt
Evil Detonator
CP Trigger
Shock Tech clamp
Evlution II view loader
Contract Killer Gun Grip
Virtue easy-on button
CP Flame drop forward
Smart Parts Progressive Barrel 14"
Smart Parts QEV
Strengths: Lots of cool parts for little money
Weaknesses: Did not work at all, barrel would not thread and yes I bought a autococker
Review: I purchased body kit and it took 4 weeks to arrive (bad). I Installed and barrel would not thread hardly at all (bad). Balls would not fire out of gun (bad). Received and RA on Tuesday sent out called on Monday and company no longer existed (very bad). The customer service I received over the phone and online before I shipped out was terrible. They made me feel like I never played paintball before or have ever shot a gun. The craftsmanship and quality control from lucky is the worst I have ever encountered in my life. I sent my gun out and I now know I will never get it back and I am out 150.00. I will never buy any thing with the lucky name on it and I am going to make sure everyone I know does not use it either. The new owners of it will also take no responsibility of this matter. I hope the company goes under.
Conclusion: I will never buy a lucky product again, I will tell everyone I know the same story and I dont care who owns them now I know I am out 150.00.
1 out of 10
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heff213 Saturday, April 14th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
3 months2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
stock shells, most after market bodies, no bolt out back or eye access.
Shocktech body, BoB but no eye access.
Marker Setup: 2k4 eclipse cocker, fully upgraded. Zero B, Cp reg, CCM neckpump arm, 3ds back block & pin. Cp onoff, full Nexus kit (ram,springs,valve,rex dialer), samurai trigger
Lucky S5 olive milled body, stock frame, CP reg, CP onoff, CCM neck, RPM trigger, hybrid grips, Clippard qev, Lucky top hat mod ring.
Strengths: Real BoB, no screws to remove. Eye access. Cocker threads.
Weaknesses: Eats O rings. Non clamping feed neck.
Review: I got the body back in January to build a gun for my oldest son.
When it came, we noticed a few imperfections with the milling around the eyes and small swirly tool marks on the milled sections. The body was not symmetrical, now I didn't bust out the calipers and micrometer but they are noticeable to the naked eye. The anodizing is a little hazy in some spots.
Installation was easy, if you can strip an ion you can install this body. My 12 year old son did most of the work. The bolt assembly is easy to remove for cleaning. The bolt, bolt stop, can and end cap all snap together, the front sleeve stays in the body but can be removed. the eyes and detents are accessible by means of a .05" screw on top (like a proto), the cover is tough to get off. The detents are dm type but they need little spacers to hold them in place. The feed neck is a non locking design using o rings to grip the loader. None of my loaders fit on it properly so it was swapped for a ccm no pro neck. Don't use the 360 qev, it will leak unless you mill out the frame since the 360 is taller. There will be gap between the body and frame. Put everything together lubed up the
bolt, gassed it up, and no leaks. Dry fired it a few hundred times, so far no problems. Go to the garage, add hopper and paint, shoot a few hundred more times, no problems.

So Jr. runs around with it for a couple of weeks. Still no problems. I had been reading about the problems others had been having with O rings, detents and the bolt. But I hadn't had any , yet. After about 3-4 weeks It started blowing the end cap o rings after 1000 or so shots. Then the middle o ring on the bolt started to blow every other shot. I have tried using different sizes and types, none work. At this point I am waiting on a techt l7 bolt. This seems to be the cure for the stage 5.1 blues.

I will update when it arrives.
L7 came, now it works.
Now it works killer!

It's ben a few months now and it works perfectly.
Conclusion: At this point I am a little upset with Lucky for not testing the design longer. The problems would have been recognized and corrected. The design is innovative and basic design is well thought out. But the design flaws are too severe to overlook. I know of only a hand full of people who's worked out of the box and currently work. Everyone else either bought the spare back caps ( works with regular bolts) or uses the L7. I didn't want to slam Lucky (RIP) but I look at a $150 body on my workbench and cant help getting pissed. Lucky was a great company who could have done great things.
I bestow upon the Lucky 5.1 body a rating of 7. Due to design flaws and milling imperfections.
8 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, August 12th, 2007 at 6:58 pm PST
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BAZOOKA_Boy Thursday, April 5th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
3 months2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
stock body, ANS razor body
Marker Setup: Halfed Psycho Ballistics Lightning
Mq valve
CP long reg.
Xonik frame
Zero B board/T board (I use both)
.44 mag ram
Custom Eye cover
JCM halfblock parts
Evil Pipe kit to match
CP Micro drop
CP detent

Psycho Ballistics Lightning
ANS 90* swing frame
ANS ram
ANS qev's
ANS Jackhammer II
ANS 3 Way
ANS actuating rod
ANS pumparm
ANS beavertail
ANS front block
FBM clamping feed
FBM backblock
FBM asa
Shocktech drop
Black Magic reg
Evip pipe kit to match

Ion with stuff...
Strengths: One solid piece
Bolt out back
Weaknesses: Looks...
Barrel problems
QEV clearance
Review: Well, I got my Lucky ion body a while ago, and it seems to shoot fine, took a bit to get everything adjusted just right, afterall, my ion is built from parts that were given to me...

The first thing I noticed when I took it out of its box was the milling, this is why I have milling twice, the milling job SUCKS, mine was jagged, and unfinished, kinda frustrating, but I really didn't care what it looked like, as long as it shot

So I get ti together, and then try to screw in my cocker threaded pipe back, it didn't fit, so I tried all of the other backs in the kit, the only back taht fit was the largest .695 barrel back, good enough I guess, once I change the board, I could care less how accurate it is

as for the QEV, the area where it goes is very recesed in, and in order to get a QEV into and seal in the body took some time, but I figured out a way by usinga small washer, and an oring to seal the QEV, this will only work if you have a rubber gasket at the base of your threads for the washer to seal to.

My stock eyes did not work, I used 3 different sets of eye wires, and 3 different boards, and nothing worked, I ended up buying lucky wired eyes, I think they were for a DM or something, but they seemed to fit, and work fine now.

I like the fact that the body is one solid piece, instead of a sleave, I hate that method, it works, but looks horrible.

The bolt out back works great, very easy to use, and unscrew...

I like the DM tophat mods to increase efficentcy, helps a ton expecially for an ion.

the feed it comes with may not be clamping, but it fits around my unsanded pulse perfectly!
Conclusion: I recomend this body, though look out as said in other reviews, there was a bad batch, and most cocerbarrels do not fit! I will give it a 7 because it is the best value around to get a full internals, and body for cheap, but took into account the problems I had...
7 out of 10
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