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Worr Game Products Trilogy Tactical SF Autococker Reviews

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Worr Game Products Trilogy Tactical SF Autococker
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Number of Reviews: 9
Average Rating: 8.7 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $305

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
WGP Worr Frame Select Fire electronic grip frame
B Ramp 18 bps
TA Ramp 15 bps
Full Auto
Semi Auto
Auto off feature
Break beam eye on/off feature
Auto eye on/off feature
Manual eye on/off feature
Closed bolt accuracy
Authentic WGP light weight body
Threaded feedport for upgrades
Adjustable trigger
Push button manual safety
One year limited WGP warranty
Tactical shroud with rails
Vertical in-line regulator
Matte camo or matte black stealth finish available
Requires one 9 volt battery (Not Included)

Product Availability 
The Worr Game Products Trilogy Tactical SF Autococker is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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downrangecop Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month20 of 20 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Pre-2k Cockers (2)
Auto/Mini Mags (3)
Angel 1 (Borrowed)
Ion (modded to the extreme: Virtue board, Stiffi, DYE reg, QEV, HPA, DYE Bolt, etc.)
Spyder autos (2)
Tippman Pro-lite
Tippman 68 Carbine
Semi- Spyders (3)
Black Knight (remember?)
PMI Tracer (still have it)
GZ 2000 (Kudos if you remember that one!)
....I think that's all of them, but don't quote me on that.
Marker Setup: Trinity clamping feed neck
Freak barrel with 16" All american tip
AR-15 foregrip
Luepold 1-4x scope ( laugh if you want, you'll only walk away with paint in your mouth!)
Halo V35
Nitro Duck 70 ci/ 4500
Barrel, HP air, Halo, New feed
Strengths: Accuracy!
Good firepower (18bps)
It's a Cocker...
Weaknesses: Feedneck, Intimidating to newbies, Stock barrel
Review: This is my umpteen hundredth marker in my 13 years of paintballing. In all fairness, I took a 5 year hiatus, but I'm back, and more immersed in paint than ever!

I've started at the bottom and worked my way up. My first marker was a crossman wrist rocket ( I don't recommend it. The rate of fire sucks and above all, No velocity control!) and as you can see above, I've owned more than my fair share of markers. This was inteneded to be my Sniper marker. And, in all fairness, I should lay some background: I have a bit of training in that field. I am a police sniper with a Southern California Police agency that shall remain un-named.

You might say the tactics I learned sneaking around with a wrist rocket while my friends had VM-68's and Tracers is what led me to become a sniper. And those tactics remain true today. Obviously, this review is gonna be based solely on Woodsball. Speed freaks can learn from it too, but that is not my forte' by a long shot (pun intended).

I bought this marker with one thing in mind: accuracy with the ability to lay down some paint if things get too hairy. And let me say, mission accomplished! Out of the box it is pretty accurate.

Pre-game inspection led me to find quality control was good, although I had couple quirks. First thing first, replace the feed neck with an aftermarket clamp style. The stock feedneck won't fit a Halo, and besides, clamp feednecks are just a good idea anyway. Second, the grip panels require an allen wrench, but the only allen wrench provided is for the velocity adjuster. Granted I have my own, but not everyone does, and you can't play without it. Third, the 9v battery needs vasoline to fit into the battery compartment. Okay not quite, but it is a wedding night fit to say the least. And finally, the switches for changing firing modes are confusing, and not at all addresed in the manual.

Now for the likes: I like the fact that this bad boy came with a 3-way rail covering the guts for a couple reasons. 1. It protects your hoses 2. It gives you a place for a comfortable fore-grip and 3. I had a crazy idea in my head of a Soviet style scope mount on a paintball gun (I'll post pictures). The rail system is good, and the size reminds me of an MP-5 (While I prefer AR's, MP-5's are quite comfortable). The rails are a little wide for a Picatinny Rail. I took the old fore-grip form one of my AR-15's and placed it on the Cocker. It took a bit of coaxing to get it on, but it definitely won't come off on accident! it is quite comfy, and it helps with your ability to suck the gun in tight to take a well aimed shot. Then, the piece de resistance, the luepold 1-4x scope. All I can say is it is the coolest thing i've ever done to a marker! Because not only does it look scary as hell (trust me, people see it and a guy in a ghillie suit and get nervous) but it flat out performs! I have it dialed in for 25 yards. And with the Freak barrel (16" all american with .684 stainless insert) and Worrgames Annihilation paint, it is truly ball on ball into little (2-3") circles at 50 feet!

Okay, if you aren't a woodsballer, you should be. Just kidding. To each his own, right? But you'll probably be better of with a different marker. There are the Competition series SF's if you want to long ball, but if you are up front and in the suck, you will probably want a shocker or the like. But to you woodsballers, you sicko's who love putting on camo's and shudder at the idea of a jersey and a pink gun (yeah you say it's red, It looks pink to me!), start putting your pennies in a jar to save for this gun! It is the perfect all around marker! I was making long ball shots over 60 yards! I took beautiful sniper shots (Yup, that means 1 and only 1 shot kills) at up to 25 yards and didn't give away my position. I got in a pretty hairy firefight at medium range and took out my angel 1 wielding maniac partner. He couldn't keep his head up long enough to aim and shoot me! It was a matter of time before I timed him right and gave him a beautiful paint facial ( I love white paint! HAHAHAH). All because I had the ability to put precision shots downrange. That is what makes this marker heads above the rest!

I don't have any long term info. After all, I've only had it a little while. But I'll update it down the road.

I took some pictures I will post of the gun prior to me ghillie-ing it out to show you how it looks. Cause once I'm done, you'll never see it again!
Conclusion: This gun is a must have for any serious woodsballer. A great balance and a great deal at $250 (zepher's).
10 out of 10
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PistolPete93 Monday, July 20th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month4 of 4 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Prostock cocker '05
Marker Setup: Trilogy tactical cocker camo sf
doesnt need any
maybe grip
Strengths: Accuracy
its a cocker
quietest gun i have ever heard!
Weaknesses: Grip feels wierd
Thats it
Review: I have been wanting to get a cocker for a while. Im a woodsball milsim player, and Im pretty new to cocker but i do know quite a bit about them, due to my friend having a mech prostock 05(or maybe 04).

So Of Coure I wanted the tactical version, because I play woods and I wantied this gun to stalk like i had been the past few times out (hard to with a golden ak47 tipp. x7, or a maverick pump which gets old) So I looked up on ebay. There are very few little of these anywhere! The ones on the ebay stores where new and 205 dollas! for the mech! The sf's went for 300! So I found a new one in box with all the stuff for 125 dollars! I got an sf.

So I love this thing now. It's super quiet, quietest ive ever heard. its accurate and its great for someone who is new to cockers. The only thing is the grip feels a little funny. My qloader hooked up great and i got a nice package to do some stalking with. I couldnt be more pleased with a gun like this.
Conclusion: If you can find one grab it because theyre becoming extinct. Don't listen to the people who say the trilogy's are crap
10 out of 10
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Stan_the_HitMan Sunday, April 5th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
3 months4 of 4 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Strengths: Cheap, E cocker
Weaknesses: Inadequate frame
Review: **Note** This is not just a review of said marker, it is also a post k2 review of wgp, and i have included many pictures and a video in this version of the review, as before I purchased a trilogy marker it seemed detailed pictures of the marker and grip frame internals were as hard to find as hidden Nazi gold. With that in mind I thought these pictures may help others in a similar situation as I was in get the information they were looking for.

Pre script:

*NOTE* Through this write-up I will use words like “easily” and other synonyms to describe that the said features can not be achieved / fit / seat / ect without little to major modification, so don’t grab for your keyboard to tell me about how you mounted your Eblade solenoid on your Trilogy with a fancy mounting bracket. Anything is possible with the will and means to perform a mod. */NOTE*

The WGP autococker line had a sharp fall when it was bought out by K2 not only in workmanship but also in customer service. The Trilogy series was a sub generation (and I don’t say the next generation because the next generation would be Half block autocockers, at least in my opinion) of autocockers released that tried a few new things to improve the design and make it more user friendly.

While they exceeded in simplifying the design for a more user friendly cocker experience, they also removed some of the elements that make cockers worth buying for tinkerers and people who have Egyptian tombs full of spare cocker parts. This in tern made the trilogy autocockers lack upgradeability and part availability compared to your standard pre/post 2kautococker.

Most prominent of the removed features were;
-A built in 3 way: A cocker newbies best friend, a fine tuners worst nightmare.
-A non generic LPR that lacks the ability to easily accept thumb adjustment
-A Tightly packed in Ram, while the stock STO Ram is fine, and I have personally tested it to 23 ball per second on my E-Orracle, some people just want more, and by more I mean a duel Qev ram. Not enough space is left to easily mount a duel QEV Ram
-Lack of ability to use an Eblade because of Said built in 3 way (without a mounting bracket)

Now, with those in mind I wanted nothing to do with the Electronic Trilogy autococker. The first run came out with a select fire trigger frame and a bounce beam eye. Basically an expensive low end E-cocker with non the added fun of upgrading the pneumatics.

However recently I heard WGP was trying to pull their game together again and Jeff Orr (the original mind behind the Karnivor) was designing guns again. Since then we have seen the Mid block Black Magic (Which is a true cocker, not a trilogy), Jeff Orr signature series (Private label Black Magic), Mid Block Karnivor, and SR autococker (which I have heard nothing but good feedback about…for a change)

I purchased an 06 Black Magic and was very impressed in the quality of the design, you can find my review on it here:

And it is only since I was impressed with the 06 Black magic that I even humored the Idea of buying a Trilogy Auto cocker.
When I heard the design had been improved and the rumors of possible break beam eyes *gasp* when the price of a brand new trilogy select fire hit $150 USD I couldn’t resist any longer and picked one up for Woodsball / Speedball backup

And now it sits at my feet and I will review it from opening the box to chronoing it and update my review later when I Field test it.


The Trilogy Tacticle Came neatly Packed in a colorfull box with a Velcro side panel. At first impression I said to myself “great, WGP is spending more on making the box look pretty than marketing” But what was inside I was yet to see.

I was impressed to see that the marker came with tool kit with extra Orings and 3 way hose, Barrel Condom, A generic Trilogy instruction Manual, an Egrip specific instruction Manual, and an autococker tuning DVD. WGP Spared no expense to make sure the information was available to you even if your excuse was you were to lazy to use the search button on online forums, thus making it impossible to plead ignorance (but possibly lazy) on the working of autocockers. This earned them some brownie points in my books.

The marker itself looked solid out of the box, and the Anno looked better than in pics and the milling was smooth, at first glance I was very impressed, so now it was time for a closer look to see if my attitude stayed that way.

Now, Firstly in the description of the original trilogy tactical SF it advertised these features:

Select Fire trigger frame
Nickle Aluminum bolt
Ball bearing detents

What I got was none of these features. I got completely superior features and more that made the previous obsolete.


No heavy outdated Aluminum and nickel bolt any more, Mine came with a black Delrin bolt with 2 Orings which were greased out of the box. Furthermore the feed neck was threaded so a clamping one could simply be screwed on. NICE!

Bounce beam reflective eyes like every other E-cocker WGP has ever made?
NOT THIS TIME! My most anticipated upgrade to the design turned out to be reality making this the first out of the box break beam autococker I have ever owned. And if that wasn’t enough the eye plate on the detent side of the body had been combined into a one piece plate that held the detent in, and instead of a steel ball bearing spyder detent as seen on most cockers I got a Delrin spring detent. So far, the Trilogy Tactical was doing pretty well, so I decided it was time to prod and pick at its guts.

The part I had been fearing, the Pneumatics, and rightfully so.
After I removed the tactical Shroud I got a mess of 3 way hose and a new hose spawning from a T fitting above the 3 way and retreating into the grip frame. This was used to actuate the 3 way itself. One may call it recycling air. I thought a much cooler word was cannibalistic as the 3 way was essentially feeding itself with…itself…

Now, I through about WGP’s idea to go from a an electronic (“E-way”) 3 way valve to this solenoid driven 3 way pin and realized it was actually the same thing in a more mechanical and larger way and actually cheaper to produce while retaining a lower profile. Im not sure if it performs on the same level as an E-way yet, but I will find out on my field test.

Next came the grip frame.
I cringed when I though of my Black magic’s jumper plug that if lost (and it is scarcely bigger than a common north American tick) leaves you in a perpetual semi auto mode until you send away for a new one or fashion your own out of human hair and paper clips.

TO my surprise the Trilogy Tactical has a new electronic Frame, with switches instead of a jumper plug.
If all you had ever known was jumper plugs you would be leaping up and down in excitement, but unfortunately Eclipse had Spoiled me with the E2 and Zero-B board and the most I was able to cough out was a “Meh”.

Modes were changed by flicking on switch 1 and switch 2 in random orders, and were indicated by 3 colors of LED lights that flashed in different combination. I started to day dream about my Zero B board and slapped myself for thinking of the good old days.

I have heard rumours about a T-board becoming available sometime in the near future, but I don’t know if its true. If it is I will be one of their first customers.

Time to get out the air.
Since it didn’t have a gauge or anywhere where a gauge could be placed I had to use an adapter to see what pressure it was running at out of the box, which was 200.

After hooking it up to the marker I noticed the ASA was angled and had a Co2 Screen in it. This is much like the SP1 from smart parts and greatly reduces liquid co2 from entering your marker. Not great for Airflow with HPA, but meh, I will change the ASA and reg later anyway.

wanted to do an out of the box test for consistency, so I tested it with the stock barrel and stock reg without breaking it in. Keep in mind that the co2 screen is in there as well. I did not expect miracles without a little fine tuning.

Here is the test video:


Smooth and quiet, the way I like my cockers. Now on to the chrono

During the filming my camera ran out of space so you only get to see the first two chronoed shots, in case the quality is to poor for you to see them here are the results: 259, 255, 289, 251, 266

Pretty good considering the factors it had working against it, but I want better, and I knew that would not come without a little bit of TLC (same with the trigger which came so poorly adjusted out of the box it was almost criminal).

Then I Rummaged around my tool box looking for nice shiny parts I could add to it. Unfortunately because of that Dadgum Tactical rail (which also protects the pneumatics and lets you mount needless add ons that make you feel more manly so I shouldn’t curse it) I couldn’t add my Nexus ram (which I didn’t really care to add as the STO ram it comes stock with is fine) with its QEV’s attached (and who wants orphaned qev’s laying around really?), and I couldn’t add my ANS Jackhammer 2 adjustable LPR which made me curse the heavens, but I can live with it.

I had a qualm with not knowing the operating pressure of my marker, so I added on a palmers Stabilizer with gauge. That coupled with the fact the stock reg is really just a Prostock reg in disguise meaning you have to disassemble it to adjust the pressure. I’m sure I wont regret using the Stab.

I wont know for sure how it will hold up on the field until I get to test it. I will post a field Review at such time.
My First Impressions are it Is a very nice Ram Driven stack tube marker that operates at a low pressure and in turn is quiet, efficient, has little kick, a delrin bolt, and break beam eyes with 18 bps ramp and uncapped semi. Plus it comes with a tac shroud and awesome anno.

Post field review

On the field the WGP Trilogy tactical with the upgrades I added preformed as follows:

Accuracy, consistency, quiet operation, low recoil, and efficiency were all that of the classic autococker and what you would expect from an autococker. In these departments the Trilogy tactical delivered.

Weight was a bit lighter than the classic autococker.

Ramping modes coupled with a light bolt (which it will come with out of the box now) had just as little if not less kick than most mid-high ends.

HOWEVER The Trilogy Tactical suffered greatly in semi automatic mode for a speedball style player. The Trigger had only Post trigger and trigger tension adjustment. This combined with an E-spyder weighted micro switch and a trigger guard with cramped space made walking the trilogy tactical very difficult. Just hitting 12 bps was a feat in semi auto while walking, I found I could fan the trigger much faster.
For a woodsballer looking to take single shots or use advanced fire modes it was great, for a speedballer Ramping would be a necessity. If you are a speedballer who refuses to ramp this markers frame is not for you.

The ramp modes were so superior in board logic and ease that they were almost contradicting to the semi auto mode.

The Eyes preformed well with over 1000 rounds put through it and not one chop.

Conclusion: In closing I recommend this marker to woodsball players as it will outperform the standard woodsball norms such as blow back platforms in almost every aspect including afford ability as It cost less than basic Tippmann 98. As a speedball marker I recommend it only if you are prepared to use only the ramp modes, so it may do best as a backup as some tournaments don’t allow ramping
7 out of 10
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wildbill2783 Monday, April 9th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month3 of 19 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
smart parts ion
Tippmann pro carbine
Tippmann A5 and RT
Marker Setup: Ricochet Apache loader
88/3000 tank
drop forward
new reg(see review)
macro line kit.
Strengths: Cool look, Tactical shroud protects front block, Delrin bolt, Manual safety
Weaknesses: Heavy, Grip(see review), Ramp modes are useless, Loud,
Review: first thing i noticed when i got it is that it in much heavier than the Ion and other guns. it dose not come with a wrench to open the grip were the battery goes.with a battery in the grip cover will not close all the way leaving a small gap. (were paint got all over the circuit board first round of play) went out to put some paint thought it but I had to sand down my loader to get it to fit in the feed neck. i got it gassed up and full of paint (diablo scorch). the marker came pre-set to the B ramp mode (18BPS) i started shooting and everything seamed good until the 4th ball when ramp kicked in. it turned in to a blender chopped every ball and gummed it up pretty good. it was easy to clean just turn it upside down pull out the bolt and put a squeegee through it.
next day at the field i put in on the chrono and was shocked at a +/-50 fps consistency. not what i would expect from WGP. tested with several types of paint same results. over the day i put about 4000 balls through it. the consistency improved to +/-40fps. needless to say the regulator will be the first thing i change if i keep the marker. even on semi auto mode this thing chopes paint. i was bunkered several times with a speed mop in the barrel. the accuracy of the marker is not much better than any other marker i have used and with it chopping all the time its worse.
Conclusion: Maybe i got a lemon but from my experience with this marker i would not recommend it to anyone.
4 out of 10Last edited on Monday, April 9th, 2007 at 2:19 am PST
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CoreLokt Thursday, January 13th, 2011
Period of
Product Use:
1 year
4 years
Products Used:
Viewloader Triton II
WGP Synergy
Marker Setup: WGP Trilogy Tactical
Invert Halo Too
Guerilla Air 62/3000
32 Degrees Flame Drop Forward
Python Barrel System
Stock Barrel (as of right now)
If your barrel doesn't match your paint then a barrel kit of some sort. (will cover in review)
Clamping Feedneck
Strengths: It's a cocker.
Not too expensive.
Weaknesses: Trigger guard is fairly cramped making it difficult to walk.
Company went out of business.
Review: I bought this gun on ebay for $100, and I must say I am very pleased. I get very good accuracy even with the stock barrel. It is pretty fast and the only chops I have ever had were a result of the hopper jamming. It does everything I need it to do and some. It works with CO2 but I recommend HPA, and so does WGP.

It doesn't eat batteries, and it's not very heavy either. It has a matte finish whether you get the black or the camo, so it's great in the woods (except for the screw heads and macro line). You can use any of it's four firing modes. The ramps are good but I usually use the semi-auto. That's all Paintball Charleston in South Carolina allows. The full auto is good too. I use it occasionally when I play woodsball with my friends and family. If you want to use this for speedball, make sure you are going to be allowed to ramp.

The tactical rail serves two great purposes: one, it protects your hoses from getting snagged on branches while you are in the woods, and two, you can put attachments on it. (Foregrip, sights, flashlights, bipods, etc. It is extremely reliable, I have never had any problems with it.

The only thing I don't like about this gun is that the paint will roll out of the end of the barrel if you don't have a good paint to barrel match. It doesn't have ball detents except for the ones to prevent double feeding. That is why got the Python Barrel System. The customer support was very helpful when I was having this problem, I don't know how helpful they are now because JT USA is now part of KEE Action Sports with Empire and BT. From what I have heard they can still support you but I don't know because I haven't had to do that yet. This gun is awesome!
Conclusion: The Trilogy Tactical SF has been very good to me so I have to give it a 10. I highly recommend this gun to anyone, beginner to intermediate. If you find this gun for $160 or less, buy it! You won't be disappointed. If you get the chance buy one! The gun isn't made anymore and is becoming hard to find. I recommend ebay or to find one for a good deal.
10 out of 10Last edited on Thursday, January 13th, 2011 at 1:28 pm PST
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Pumba_27 Saturday, November 1st, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month
1 year
Products Used:
Tippmann 98 Custom
CCI Phantom Stock Class
Marker Setup: Worr Game Products Trilogy Tactical SF Autococker - Stock everything
3000psi HPA tank
Plastic cheapo hopper
None. I'm poor. I spend all my money on paint.
Strengths: Price
Electronic Trigger
Good Looks
Weaknesses: 3 way valve leak
Barrel threads
Feed Neck
Review: Price - Got mine from Action Village for $85.
Electronics - Trigger pull is much lighter than the Custom98.
Looks - It just looks mean.

Leak - There is a leak in the 3 way valve. When I poke the receiving line, there is a noticeable loud hiss. This was a reman. gun, so I don't expect it to be perfect. I'll throw a little Teflon tape and heat shrink at it and see if that fixes it.
Barrel threads - The barrel threads are nicked and look like they were cross threaded. Barrel will still go on, but I'm wary of damaging the threads. Again it's a Reman. gun, so my expectations weren't too high.
Feed Neck - The stock feed neck is useless if you have an agitated hopper like the Halo. Autococker Clamp feed necks are cheap, $32 online, but it's one more thing you have to buy.

Good gun for Woods/Rec Ball. The electronics can handle rec speed ball, though I wouldn't take this into a tourney with Proto Rails or Angels. I'm a fan of the tactical rails, although I have no idea what I'd put on it. A fore grip? Laser sight? The rails are aluminum and functional. Not plastic as it might seem in the pictures. They protect the 3 way valve hoses which leak right out of the box. It's an annoyance but doesn't affect the performance of the gun. Soon my OCD will kick in and I'll be tearing the gun apart to fix it. For the price, it can't be beat. A year ago, this gun listed for 300 dollars. I saw it online for 85, I just had to get one.
Conclusion: Yes-Recommended.
9 out of 10
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truWoodsBaller Monday, June 30th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month
More than 5 years
Products Used:
spyder w/all upgrades possible on comparison
Marker Setup: spyder 2-n-1 compact;
j&j elite barrel mil .688
shocktech LPC
java expansion chamber w/palmers pursuit adpater
micro line kit
Alamo City paintball low blow derlin bolt
ACP fatty spyder striker
kingman 2007 e-trigger
field strip screws
dye sight rail
remote line kit

stock for right now
barrel set w/different cals.
a eletronic hopper that will put out a least 20bps
claiming feed need
Strengths: Electronic
and its an autococker
Weaknesses: Slightly heavey
Review: Been trying this gun out and it's great. It has a good feel to it and looks intimdating as all hell. Has a little recoil when fired but nothing that lighter internels couldn't take out. The package says it can fire up to 18bps. But I think it's probably a little lower than that due to it's cycling rate. But it's a great gun to fire and to have in the arsenal and with a few upgrades it will be a hell of a weapon.
Conclusion: this is a great gun and now you can pick this thing up for little to nothing at all. As an example of price I bought mind off of ebay for $81 brand new. So if your running an older gun like I was than this would be a great upgrade for you if your looking not to spend a whole lot of cash. Espeically since the cost of living is getting if your still trying to stay in the game without paying a lot then pick this gun you wont be disappointed with it.
10 out of 10
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fcatman Friday, February 8th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month
More than 5 years
Products Used:
Autococker Trilogy Tactical (Non-Select fire). Good, just not as fast and no feedneck ups.
Autococker Trilolgy Pro SF. Not quite as ergonomic as the Tactical series for me.
Spyder Fenix ACS. Nowhere near as elegantly put together as the 'Cocker, but still electro.
Marker Setup: Autococker Trilogy Tactical SF Camo
Shocktech lever clamping feedneck
Shocktech bolt pin
VL Eye Force loader
Palmer Pursuit Shop vented brass barrel

Spyder Fenix ACS
T-Board Version C
Stock clamping feedneck
VLocity JR loader
J&J Edge barrel kit
Bandit Bolts high flow valve
Alamo City Paintball Supply delrin valve cup seal
SPPS Snapdragon Magno-trigger
SPPS 50 g micro switch (splice type)
HPA and CO2
32 degrees spring kit

Spyder Rodeo
J & J Edge barrel kit
Zap / Archon Hopper gravity fed
32 Degrees spring kit
Evil Delrin Bolt / Stock bolt with venturi removed
Bandit high flow valve

Autococker Trilogy Pro SF (sold it)
ACI Griffin (sold it)
Syndicate Paradox ELE (sold it)
Barrel - Stock really is accurate and not too loud but is so long and heavy.
Clamping feedneck - quit messing around with sanding loader necks!
HPA or Anti-Siphon CO2.
Fast loader (preferably force fed type)
Strengths: Low recoil.
Cold weather compatible.
Weaknesses: Slightly heavy.
No upgrade grips available.
Review: This is my third Autococker Trilogy series marker. I didn't like the ergonomics of the Pro / SF (the slanted grip made for a really long setup). I really like my Tactical, and decided to get a Tactical SF in order to gain some speed. One shot, one elimination is great but sometimes you need to lay down paint too. And the accessory rails mean I can mount my red dot.

I believed I would find this marker good because I could stop caring for two "primary" markers, one electro for the rec fields and one mechanical for woods play. I think it will suit this purpose well. December and January are sort of "off play" months where I live, so true field play will come later with updates.

Things to consider about this marker are that you can use CO2 in it (anti-siphoned), and in cold weather you will not end up with bolt stick like most EP markers. So you will get some playing condition flexibility with this marker over some of the other similarly priced electo trigger markers.

The stock barrel is pretty good, I can easily shoot ball on ball at 75 feet with Visible Impact paint. It is about 14 inches long though and fairly heavy. Not too loud. The PPS brass barrel (single spiral vented) is about as loud but WAY more efficient (approximately 50 fps faster at any velocity setting). The 11 inch PPS barrel also adds manuverability to the marker, but it is slightly heavier.

When properly set up (paint, loader, HPA or Anti-siphoned CO2) This thing rocks. The trigger is not too easy to walk, but it will shoot ball on ball ropes even with one-finger pulling. There is perceptible recoil, but it seems to be very linear and doesn't lift the barrel or cause you to wander off target. I don't really shoot in the ramping or full auto modes. I might try full auto or ramping next time I play in the woods, but ramping is pretty much illegal at all of the fields I play.

Conclusion: For rec ball it is an all around good marker. Equally useful in the woods and at the hyperball / airball fields means you don't have to own two separate "primary" markers. Appears to suit my needs exactly, but has a few quirks / drawbacks so I rate it a 9.
9 out of 10Last edited on Monday, February 18th, 2008 at 10:34 am PST
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Wisconsinballer Sunday, September 9th, 2007
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
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2 years
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Nothing similar all guns I have owned were electronic.
Marker Setup: Triliogy: Stock -Mechanical
Strengths: All aluminium
cool looking
Weaknesses: Heavy
a little loud
Review: This is my first mechanical marker I have ever owned and I have not played with it yet. I have only test fired this marker in my yard and so far for a mechanical I may need an agitated loader b/c I can still shoot pretty quick with this thing. It has an awesome look to it if your a woodsballer and You don't want to be seen. It is a little heavy but I use a remote line and carry my CO2 tank on my pack, so weight for me is not an issue. It is accurate but, I may still get another barrel.
Conclusion: Great product for anyone and Are very cheap, get one now!
9 out of 10
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