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Evil EVIL "Igniter" VLocity chip Reviews

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Number of Reviews: 1
Average Rating: 10.0 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $40

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
Fits all Vlocity loaders
Increase feed speed
Increase battery life
Provides custom setting
12 tension modes
4 turbo modes
3 auto reverse modes
Product Availability 
The Evil EVIL "Igniter" VLocity chip is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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Mr Virus Thursday, July 19th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month6 of 6 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Marker Setup: 07 Invert MINI
Evil Pipe Kit
Stiffi Mamba Stiff Tip
Kila Detents
PE 68/4500 LP
VLocity Jr.
Strengths: Increases the speed of your VLocity loader.
Extends the useable life of 9 volt batteries.
Weaknesses: No weaknesses that Ive come across yet.
Review: Since Ive got my hands on my stock VLocity Jr.loader, I cant say Ive been very excited about its OVERALL performance.
Yeah! feeds pretty fast.
Mine can hold 190 paintballs, with room to rattle, and can dump that load in just 7 seconds during free-fall tests.
Thats roughly 27 balls per second.
Not too shabby for a stock loader!

But when it comes down to battery life?...this loader is like a fat guy at an "all you can eat" buffet!!!
I could barely hammer out 3/4's of a case of paint through it, without having to change the 2 required 9-volt batteries as well.
It got worse during those long spans of time between shootouts, when the loader is just idling away...draining the batteries.
I experimented with rechargeable 9.6 volts, with NO desirable results, and the rechargeable 8.4 volt variety didnt seem to last any longer than the throw-aways.
Since the loader didnt cost me anything, I was quickly considering it a liability, and was planning on replacing it.

I had mentioned my mild disgust concerning this matter, on another forum, and received a couple different recommendations towards the Evil "Igniter" Chip.
I decided,since these guys have never steered me wrong in the past...and I really wanted to breath NEW LIFE into this loader, Id give the Evil Chip a try.

One quick visit to an on-line store that Im not allowed to mention, and roughly 48 hours later, I was ready to Rock & Roll !

Installation of the Evil Chip was fairly easy...requiring just over one hour of concentration.
The Evil chip comes complete with a comprehensive instruction sheet, but I recommend that you have the VLocity manual handy during disassembly, just in case you run into difficulties.
GO SLOW, and take your time.
After removing the stock chip from its base, I discovered that the 14 prongs on the Evil chip needed to be pushed inward a bit towards vertical in order to fit into the base.
If necessary, be careful with this proceedure...TAKE YOUR TIME...use the stock chip as a reference, and use gentle force to manipulate the prongs.
Once properly aligned, the Evil chip seated into the base, and a final firm push downward snapped it into place.
NOTE that the bottom of the chip must be in contact with the top of the visible space between the two components.

With reassembly of the VLocity complete...and 2 fresh 9 volt Duracells installed...I was ready to do some initial bench tests.

For the initial tests, I set the TENSION mode on "low" with a TENSION run time mode of "2 seconds"...and the remainder of the modes were left at default.
*** I figured that this would be the best setting for the anticipated increase in battery longevity, and being the most gentle on the paintballs.
Changing the modes and settings is very tools, and no degree in rocket science needed here.
Again, the information sheet provided with the Igniter chip is very easy to understand.
Once programed, the Igniter Chip will retain all of your personal settings, even after the batteries have been removed, saving you the hassles of reprogramming each time.

Keeping with the original 190 count for the paintballs, I loaded the VLocity Jr.and readied it for its first "reborn" free-fall test.
After multiple trials, I was pleased to see that the Evil Igniter chip shaved ONE SECOND off the original stock loader dump time.
Thats roughly 31.6 BPS free-fall rate achieved, with the Evil Igniter chip programed on its LOWEST intended settings.
At this point, its obvious that increased feed speeds are possible with an increase in TENSION modes.
Ill leave the speed tweeking to the more inquisitive mad scientists amoung us...just let us know the results when the smoke clears!!!

Now, simply for the sake of curiosity...and as a service to all you SPEED JUNKIES that may still be paying attention...I checked out the TURBO mode.
I set the TURBO TENSION mode to "medium", with a TURBO run time mode of "20 seconds".
*** TURBO mode is intended for short bursts of extra power...specifically for break-outs, caffeine overloaded run-throughs, or the occasional bunkering of the less than willing recipient!
Once again, after multiple trials, the VLocity Jr. was now belching out 190 paintballs in an average 5 seconds during free-fall tests!
Thats an even 38 BPS, for those of you without a calculator handy!

In the process of conducting these bench tests, I cycled through a series of 25 loads of 190 paintballs each load.
Thats a total of 4750 paintballs...or more than THREE TIMES the amount of paintballs that the stock VLocity Jr. chip could process through without a battery replacement.
So far, the Evil Igniter chip is living up to its advertised "Evilness".

Please take note here, that my tests werent even remotely scientific.
Your actual mileage may vary.
But for someone who accidently stays current with all the latest and fastest in Paintball technology, I am definitely impressed with the Evil Igniter chip up to this point.


FIELD TESTING: August 4th 2007

BATTERIES USED: Duracell 9 volt batteries..."Best By Date" of 2009.

The batteries were installed 24 hours prior to game day, and voltage tested in series resulting in 18.32 volts.
Weather was sunny, and 85 degrees...62% humidity.
The testing / game day lasted 7 hours, and the loader was left on aprox. 6 hours and 40 minutes of that time.
Had a "good samaritan" not turned the loader off, during a break, the loader would have remained on the entire day.

I purposely shot more paint than I usually would have during a normal day...and the final count was roughly 2300 rounds cycled through the VLocity Jr.
I did not experience any ball breaks related to the loader, or the gun, and the VLocity Jr. functioned without a problem the entire day.

When I got home, and removed the batteries from the VLocity Jr., I was quite surprised when I checked the voltage again.
Once again, with the batteries in series, the volt meter showed 16.83 volts remaining.
Thats a spent voltage of ONLY 1.49 volts!!

I have to admit that I didnt expect that kind of performance boost with just a simple chip upgrade, but the Evil IGNITER chip has shown to not only increase the VLocity's performance,
but it also softens the VLocity's NASTY reputation for severe battery drainage.

Im sold on the overall benefits of the Evil IGNITER VLocity upgrade chip.

Conclusion: Based upon my experience, Id highly recommend the Evil Upgrade chip, even if ONLY to prolong the life of those EXPENSIVE 9 volt batteries.
10 out of 10Last edited on Saturday, August 4th, 2007 at 7:38 pm PST
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