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Warped Sportz Dark SL74 Ego Reviews

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Warped Sportz Dark SL74 Ego
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Number of Reviews: 2
Average Rating: 9.5 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $1995

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Planet Eclipse and Warped Sportz are proud to present the Dark SL74. More than just a milling job like most other “custom” markers out there, the SL74 incorporates new technology, advancements and optioning that cannot be found on other EGO 7 markers. With an even fuller list of features, lighter weight, less kick, lower pressure (or higher shot count), faster operation, increased consistency and even gentler on paint the SL74 is ready to take its place at the pinnacle of this sport. Free t-shirt and stickers included with every order.

SL OOPS Assembly
SL In-Line Regulator
SL Valve Guide Kit
SL Trigger Frame
SL Trigger
SL Zick Kit Rammer Cap
SL Zick Kit Rammer Shaft
SL LPR Torpedo
SL LPR Piston
SL Cure Bolt
SL Contour Eye Covers
SL PCB Board
Dual Swivel Hi-Flo QEVs
5-Piece SL Shaft Barrel Kit
Viz-Eyes Red BBSS System
Expansion Port on PCB
Product Availability 
The Warped Sportz Dark SL74 Ego is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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satyn7 Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month4 of 4 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
various intimidators, ICD bushmasters
Marker Setup: Dark SL 74, shaft kit, magna loader and PE 68/4500 tank
Lucky 15 barrel kit (personal preference)
Strengths: LightweightVery air efficientViturally NO KICKReliableEZ maintenance (with manual)Barrel kit included
Weaknesses: Noisy
Review: I got my Dark SL 74 from Warped Sportz south in MS.  When I first got it I was shocked at its looks.  The pix on any site does it NO justcie at all!!!  I sat down and read the manual to find out how to put it into operation.  The manual is very user friendly and also gives some troubleshooting issues you may come across down the line.  Ok now for the good stuff:This gun is by far the lightest gun I have ever owned/held/played with!  According to the specs on the PE site...weighing a mere 1.87 LBS is nuts.  Even with a full hopper and 68/45 tank...its still very light!  This is a big factor for those ballers that play the 24 hour scenario games or the new SPPL formats.  When you need to play long periods...this one will not leave you tired out from luggin around a lot of weight.  Speaking of long games...after about 3 cases of paint...I played a SPPL format (2x25 min halfs)!  I filled my tank up to 4000 before game time and went out to play.  When the game was done...I had 2 pods left from 1000 rounds of paint.  I looked at my had about 1000-1200 left to play with!  That is very good in my book...I am used to playing with matrices...and they are not even close to that.  Great guns...but cant compare in air efficiency!!!  After breaking in the Dark SL 74, I was able to lower my dwell to 12 and took all the kick it had right out.  It has virturally NO KICK at all!  No kick...means more paint on target!  I have shot over 5 cases thru it already and have yet to have any issues and not one ball break period!  The manual tells you everything you need to know about the maintenance, programming and operating this gun.  I highly recommend that anyone who gets the manual first.  Its nice to pay a little extra and get more with it...the Shaft kit is a great barrel kit!  The only thing I would recommend for upgrades is the Lucky 15 kit...but that is because I have been shooting them for years...the Shaft kit is jsut as good...I just prefer the one piece!
Conclusion: In conclusion...the EGO family are great guns!  However, with the Dark SL 74 you get the EGO MAXED!!!  If you can afford the extra cash, get the SL 74 (Dark, Avalanche, Standard, etc) as there will be nothing else you will need to buy to upgrade it!
10 out of 10
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seriouslysilly Friday, September 10th, 2010
Period of
Product Use:
3 months
3 years
Products Used:
Dangerous Power Fusion F7
System X NME
Ego 2005
Ego 2008
Ego SL8R
Ego 2009
Ego SL94
Marker Setup: Ego SL74
Halo B with rip drive/Rotor
68/3000 Crossfire
Lucky 15 barrel kit
Lucky 15 barrel kit
Strengths: Reliability
Shooting experience
Weaknesses: Cost
Review: I was drawn into the Planet Eclipse world by first acquiring an Ego 2005. I was coming from a Dangerous Power F7 and System X NME markers. I was totally impressed with the Ego 05 from the first time I used it on the woodsball field. I found it to be much more accurate and reliable. Maintenance (disassembling/tuning) was much easier the the previous markers.

Anyway, I decided to splurge for the SL74 to see for myself the improvements (if any) the newer Egos would have over the 05.

First the obvious, it comes with the SL barrel kit so you have the ability to match the paint for better accuracy. This is definitely a plus for those who do not have a barrel kit. I already had a Lucky 15 barrel kit as well as some TI longbow barrels which I prefer (will talk about those later).

The size and weight was also very obvious. It is much slimmer and lighter than the 05. I was impressed by the extensive milling the SL74 had. Operation is very similar to the 05 minus some of the extra customizations (configurations, more modes).

The SL74 has been very reliable and a joy to disassemble/maintain (yeah, I know I'm weird). I'm also the OCD type that likes to keep possessions clean and scratch/nick-free as long as possible. Getting access to the LPR/HPR, ram, bolt is very easy that I don't mind cleaning and relubing it after every day of play.

I've had the pleasure of firing a LNIB XSV SL74 and LNIB Dark SL74. Now one would thing they should sound/perform the same given same settings/condition. One slight but noticeable thing I noticed from firing and observing them side by side is that the Dark SL74 had less kick and less of a "pop" noise - albeit slight difference (again the OCD in me). The HPR/LPR & dwell were set the same, same barrel/paint. I would even say that the XSV was more "broken in" as it had 1,000 more shots in it.

In any event, I have found a "keeper" with the SL74. So much so that my promise to never sell the Ego 05 has been broken. I enjoy using the SL74 and has continued to meet and exceed my expectations.

Now on to the barrels. I have also compared barrels. I have used a .685 SL barrel, .687 TI longbow, and .686 Lucky 15 barrel. I used APX Aggro basic paint for these informal tests. I have found that the SL barrels performed on the bottom for both accuracy and sound signature. It was more evident with the sound signature as each shot had the distinctive Ego "pop". Accuracy was very good when shooting at a target ~30 ft away.
The TI longbow and Lucky 15 performed similarly with accuracy. Both were slightly better than the SL kit even though the SL was a .685.
The biggest difference was with the sound signature. Both TI longbow and Lucky 15 had a significant and easily observable reduction in the "pop". The "pop" was heard to be more of a "Pfff" sound.
The Lucky 15 came out on top for my results because it took more of the "pop" sound than the TI longbow (slight difference).

Conclusion: I would recommend the SL74 to anyone who is willing to search/bargain/pay for a marker of this caliber.
If it has been well maintained/kept all these years by the previous owner, you will not be disappointed in what it can offer you. It will definitely last you a number of years and definitely keep pace with the newer markers out there.
9 out of 10
I found this review  
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.
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