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Dangerous Power Threshold Reviews

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Dangerous Power Threshold
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Number of Reviews: 18
Average Rating: 9.4 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $550

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
The Dangerous Power™ Threshold™ was never meant to be released to the public. Our engineers and design team had a bit of a clash when it came to the aesthetics of the new marker. Leaning towards ‘clean lines,’ where function is hailed above form, the chief engineers of the project commented that the milling was ‘too wild, and far too excessive.’ Cost was another prohibitive factor. 20 tools utilizing the latest 3D software, running 24 hours per day to produce only 7 bodies!"

"Weighing in at just 35.2oz (2.2lbs), which includes the full two piece barrel, feed neck, ASA, and battery, the Threshold consists of only 2 parts and 6 easily accessible O-rings in the entire operation. Based off of a ‘dump valve’ system and a custom, in-house designed 3-way solenoid, the Threshold boasts excellent efficiency numbers."
Product Availability 
The Dangerous Power Threshold is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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Megadestructo Saturday, September 22nd, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month15 of 15 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Shockers and DMs
Marker Setup: Dye Throttle 45/45
Stock barrel
VL Jr. w/ Blitz chip
Hybrid grips if you can find 'em - nice and thin.
Barrel kit (for more bore sizes)
Maybe a new board when they come out (just to make programming easier)
Strengths: Easy to maintain
DP customer service
no necessary upgrades needed
Weaknesses: Dip-switch board
Review: The Dangerous Power Threshold is a beast of a marker. It does everything a $1000 marker should, oftentimes better, but for only $550 MSRP. And included in the package is everything you need: macroline, RAPS on/off, barrel-bag, o-rings, and even a small ball-ended allen wrench set (small as in physical size, it actually has 10 different wrenches).

It uses a modified spool-valve system (called a dump valve) for an amazingly smooth and kick-less operation while remaining relatively simple to maintain. Unlike DMs and Shockers, there're only a small amount of o-rings present and its exceedingly simple design allows for extremely quick break down.

The Threshold is also very light and easy to maneuver. With my set up (45/45 Dye Throttle, VL Jr.), I had to constantly check the loader to make sure it was full.

And despite it's very low weight, the Threshold has very little kick. At high rates of fire, there still is a slight amount of barrel-rise, but this is easy to overcome (and it happens in nearly every marker anyway). I was very impressed with how little there was, especially considering its weight.

Trigger-feel is, of course, subjective. At first glance, the trigger looks odd and uncomfortable. But within minutes I could hit double-digit paint-per-second rates as I got accustomed to the feel. Yes, it is surprisingly easy to walk and has a very responsive, snappy feel. Despite everyone's claims that DP guns tend to bounce (much like Angels), I never ran into that problem.

Another big positive is Dangerous Power's excellent customer service. I'm glad I did not have to contact them for any problems with my Threshold, but I never expected them to contact *me* and ask me how it was! I've asked questions before and they've always responded quickly. If anything should go wrong, know that you're in good hands.

I only have two small issues with the Threshold. One is that the trigger-frame is a bit on the chunky size. With the stock grips, it felt thicker than my Cyborg - and I know that one is pretty thick as well. I was able to snag some Hybrid Fusion grips (as they work on either marker well) and those helped out quite a bit.

Also, I hate dip-switches on boards. It's lame to have to take off the grip to access the switches in order to program it. After using a Cyborg (trigger programming) and an A1 (thumb-wheel programming with screen and mini-USB for updates), I find this method a bit archaic. I tend to keep it in semi- anyway so it isn't a big problem for me. However, for those of you who switch modes often, I can tell it'll be a hassle.

Only 500 of these will be made as the aggressive and extensive milling limits their production to only 6 or 7 a day (or so I hear). That means finding one of them will be a search through used marker forums unless you're one of the few lucky enough to pre-order them.

Conclusion: The Dangerous Power Threshold is quite possibly the best marker you can get in its price-range. I can't think of any other $550 NIB product that could possibly compete. In fact, markers well above its price have a hard time keeping up.

It comes with basically everything you need in the box except paint and air. This is the best value in paintball right now. If you told someone to close their eyes and fire the Threshold, they'd think it cost at least $1000. I highly recommend it.
9 out of 10Last edited on Thursday, October 11th, 2007 at 2:59 pm PST
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Baralie Thursday, June 12th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
1 year11 of 13 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
Angel 1 - Angel 1 is a bit lighter and has a little less kick however the Threshold feels better to hold and shoot. The barrel kit that comes with the Angel 1 isn't all that great. Paying $1000 vs $550... I think I'll go with the $550.

Egos - An Ego 08 is a little bit lighter but I hate the trigger guard and how loud it is and also the stock barrel really isn't that good. The Threshold feels better to hold and shoot, the trigger guard is just perfect for walking the trigger or in this case running the trigger. The Threshold is also a bit more quiet and the stock barrel is better. Paying $1150 vs $550... I think I'll definitely go with the $550.

Karnivor - Feed neck sucks, the trigger guard I do not like, and I find the Threshold to be more accurate. Feed neck on the Threshold rules and looks good! $750 vs $550... I think I'll go with the $550 again.

Ion w/ virtue board and every possible upgrade you can imagine - This Ion is really fly, almost no kick and an extremely different weight reduction yet the Threshold is lighter still. The trigger on the Ion is too stiff for my taste while the Threshold with the magnetic mod is just perfect for me but this is just preference for people. Ion was $195 when I got my Threshold, virtue board $125, new clamping feed neck $30, new bolt $50, new QEV $40, On/Off $30, Drop $30, new body $110, new trigger frame $110, new grips $20, new reg $50, new trigger $35, etc. roughly around $800 vs $550... I think I'll still go with the $550.

Fusion - The Threshold beats it in every way however the F8 is a bit lighter and now has a virtue board out for it.

Autococker 05 - This autococker had almost every upgrade you can imagine including an electronic trigger to reach high rates of fire comparable to the Threshold. Threshold feels better in every way and is also quieter. You can get this Autococker from some one site for about $70 bucks all stock but they might've ran out already. These Autocockers use to be about $300 and with all the things to upgrade it was about $900 dollars so the owner told me... that vs $550. I think you guys know where I stand.

Spyders and Tippmans - Shouldn't even start on this one.
Marker Setup: -Threshold black w/ red
-VLocity w/ virtue chip
-Freak kit w/ All American Front
-CP reg
-Rendition Magnetic Trigger
-Virtue Eyes (green, totally just for looks and battery saving)
-LP Crossfire 70c/4500psi
-The stock Reg on the Threshold is really good when broken in, it's about 2-4+/- (I find CP to be 1-3+/- when broken in and is also definitely more efficient with air).

-Even though the Stock Barrel is not that bad I would definitely suggest a Barrel kit such as a Freak kit, it makes it quieter also.

-If/when Virtue makes a virtue board for this beast, I would pick it up right away. The stock board is really good but it's capped at 25 and on ramp with this gun you can easily hit 25 bps. Not like you need to shoot that fast.

-Magnetic Trigger mod from Rendition paintball on Ebay. $13 bucks.
Strengths: -Looks/Feel
-Little to no kick
-Easiest Maintenance
-Customer Service
Weaknesses: None, it's close to perfect all stock
Review: I've had many experiences with my Threshold, I've owned it for a little under a year.

I was training for a bit to be on this team under a shop. The Threshold was performing flawlessly the whole day and beating all efficiency numbers on the field (Angel 1s were present). I was playing mid field positon and always got at least 2-3 players out. On drills of running from one place to another while someone is shooting at us, I never got shoot... the gun just feels so good to run with. Unfortunately, I had to stop due to school/work/fiancee. Not enough time and money to paintball all the time.

-The CP reg, the CP reg boosted my efficiency numbers. Not even broken in yet the CP reg let me shoot 1500-1600 shoots from my 70c while only wasting 2900 psi. I've never seen that kind of efficiency even though they say the Cyborg 07 can do 2000 off of a whole 68/4500. Some people still don't believe me about the Threshold's efficiency but the people I've showed believe already. I'm betting I could shoot a whole case of paint before I run out of air... I would rather not waste paintball like that though so when I go paintball next time, I'll try it out.

-The Freak kit w/ AA front, this is definitely the best barrel set up I've ever used and seen, I've used ULs, Boomsticks, Angel 1 barrel kit, Freak jr. and Freak kit with Freak front while I've seen just about every other barrel set ups. This set up is just really hard to beat, you put paint where you want it from over 50 feet away. I've lost track of how many times I've gotten visor shots, head shots, hip shots, toe shots, hand shots and any other kind of parts from people that stick out from playing paintball. It's just that accurate.

-When dry firing the Threshold is really loud but nothing is as loud as an Ego heh, however when the Threshold is shooting paint... it gets really quiet. If you're just shooting slow shoots people won't even know where you're shooting from (Freak kit helps in this or makes it possible). Really good for flanking and 'sniping'.

-The Magnetic Trigger mod easily gave me 2-3 bps more in semi-auto. It's so easy to get in the double digits bps and it feels so smooth that every day you just want to hold your Threshold and practice walking your trigger.

-The Feedneck holds your hopper in place no matter how you place your hopper. It's also really low profile and easy to take apart for cleaning.

-In my opinion the RAPS On/Off on this gun is the best. It's magnetic and it gets really tough to un-air so you can get all down and dirty but at the same time it's easy to take off when you are wanting to un-air your gun. The rail the gun comes with is all the drop you need, it puts the tank in a perfect place for me.

-When I was breaking in the CP reg, I had accidently turned off my eyes without even knowing it and was going all out in semi auto. I got really surprised when I found out my eyes where off and was totally amazed at how I didn't break a single ball in those 14-15 secs of shooting out my hopper.

-Whenever I'm done playing paintball, I get home lay out a towel and start cleaning/lubing my gun, 2-4mins later, depending on what needs to be done, it's already put away and I'm getting ready for a shower. The Threshold has almost no after market support but it isn't even close to needing it.

-I feel special because of how rare it is and how much Threshold's they made.

-The board's dip switches do not really bother since I'm usually on Semi-auto and do not mode change a lot but when virtue comes out with a virtue board for this gun, there is no competition for the Threshold.
Conclusion: I really do not understand why people would pay $1250 and then buy further upgrades such as a barrel kit and a new feed neck because the $1250 gun doesn't have those good parts. However, a $550 has good parts already but you just want to make them better with the $600 you just saved you can buy those upgrades or heck buy another Threshold and still save $50.

This gun is by far the best gun I've ever used or seen. It's not perfect yet close to it but with all the money I've saved I can make it perfect while still having cash in my pocket. Shame on anyone who only gave it a 9 and the weak part about the 9s are that people only used it for less than a month. Smartest buy and best gun.
10 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, August 5th, 2008 at 5:44 pm PST
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jcijr Saturday, February 9th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
6 months7 of 7 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Marker Setup: Stock
Tank - DXS 68/45
Hopper - Reloader B
None. It comes with everything you need out of the box. This is one of the things that make this marker such a great buy. (although it would be nice if one day they came out with a board that would allow changing modes and settings very trigger pulls or via and LCD screen/scroll wheel)
Strengths: Reliability, consistency, accuracy, board comes with plenty of modes.
Weaknesses: It would've been nice to set board modes with trigger pulls.
Review: I have used this marker for several months and have been very pleased overall.

To sum it up, it's the little things with this product that make it great. The design is extremely simple and, as an engineer myself, I appreciate that it is very well thought-out. Most people don't seem to care about the simplicity of their marker because they feel that they can learn to maintain anything (which may be the case for most). However, in the case of the Threshold, I believe that the very few number of parts it contains is what causes it to be a very reliable marker. It has not broken on me once, and I believe that is because there really isn't much to break.

Maintenance of this gun consists of unscrewing the back-cap, sliding the bolt out, and lubing 3 o-rings. Period. I have very little time on my hands, and I like knowing that I can clean out my gun after a day of paintball in no time flat.

The feedneck is great. I put the hopper on there, clamp it, and never have to worry.

The marker has great consistency. At first it would shoot +/-20, but after 3000+ rounds, it now shoots +/- 3. I did have a problem with first shot drop off at times, but using DOW 33 instead of the DOW 55 recommended by Dangerous Power helped that out.

The gun is precise. That is, I can land my 2nd, 3rd, and nth shot very close to the first. Also, I have never had a barrel break. I use Diablo Zen practice paint.

There are only two things that I would change in this marker. First, I would have liked to be able to set my firing mode (i.e. PSP, CFOA, NXL, etc.) via trigger pulls instead of having to open the grip and setting the dipswitches. Second, I have seen a video of someone firing their marker while using the stock barrel and then switching to a Dye UL barrel, and it is obvious that the Threshold is significantly quieter when using the Dye UL. This leads me to conclude that DP could have done a better job with the porting, although I feel that the quietness is fine the way it is, but some people may feel different.
Conclusion: Performance-wise, this is the Corvette C6 of paintball markers. It costs half or less of "top-of-the-line" markers but gives you equal performance. It feels really good spending $550 on something, letting strangers with their DMs and Egos shoot it, and get compliments on it all day.

If they would charge $1000 for this gun (and it would allow for trigger pull mode changes), it would be worth it. It is efficient and extremely reliable. Nothing will ever leak to ruin your day, and maintenance is fast. I really don't understand why anyone would buy anything else. Really, the only reason to buy anything else in my opinion is if you want that feeling of having something very highly regarded like a Dye or Planet Eclipse. But when it comes to the things that you can measure objectively, the DP Threshold won't let you down.
10 out of 10
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jtpro28 Sunday, September 7th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
3 months6 of 6 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
Nothing is really similar to this gun.
Marker Setup: I am gunless right now.
Not one thing!
Strengths: Maintence
Customer Service
Weaknesses: None!
Review: I picked up my Threshold almost one year ago. Didn't know much about the gun at the time and I was itching for a new gun so I tried it out. Bought the sucker for $500 (got a deal off of someone) and it came right to my doorstep.
My first thoughts when I opened the box to the Threshold was, wow this gun is a heck of a lot smaller in real life then in pictures online. The milling was very precise, I loved it. I picked the gun up and wow it was light! The gun stuck right into my hands. The grip felt really good. The I procedded to open the box further to find that the gun came with a barrel condom, a set of ball allen keys, a keychain, and a spare set of o-rings. After I had looked all of that over I picked up the barrel and dang, that thing is so light too! The .690 bore is great! Great looking gun that definatly catches eyes.
Lets talk about the board on this beast. I had owned a 06 ego before this with a virtue board in it and was used to that. The DP board is similar as it uses leds. I opened the grips and saw the little dip switches on the board and opened my manual to see what modes I can set it too. You can set the dwell to either 18ms, 16ms, 14ms (recomended) and 12ms. Then the marker has plenty of modes on it. Everything you would want. Ramping that activates at 5bps. ramping that activates at 3 bps. NXL mode, PSP mode, every mode you would ever need for the game of paintball is on the gun. This board is excellent and you won't ever need a replacement.
Lets talk about the guts of the gun, or what guts it has! The gun has a neat little bolt out the back deal. Unscrew the backcap with a allen, and bam, there is your bolt. Just slide it out. Takes under 20 seconds to get it out. Very fast. The bolt is light too, just like everything else.
Here is the BEST way to lube this gun. I have heard people complaining of bolt stick and swelled o-rings and such and such. For the time that I had this gun I didn't have one single itsy bitsy problem. For lubing the bolt remember this! Lube on the o-rings, oil on the bolt! Use dow33 on the o-rings because dow55 with cause them to swell! Leading to bolt stick! Now out of the box the gun comes with dow55 on the bolt. When you take the bolt out rub all the dow55 off the bolt and replace the o-rings on the bolt. After that, get some dow33 and lightly spread it around the o-rings including the back cap. Then get oil and put it on the bolt and spread it around. There you go! You are done with the bolt and that takes 1 minute to do. For the reg use dow33 on the shim stack and the o-rings. Very simple.

Lets talk about the small but good things on the gun! The feedneck=amazing. You can tighten it, loosen it, everything. It will hold every hopper out there (that is worthy of being put on this gun). The barrel is very very accurate. Just about all paint works in it. I was having ball on ball all day no if's, an's, or but's. The asa is very good too! It uses a lever instead of the traditional spinning knob. Screw your tank into it, flip the switch and bam air is in your gun. Flip the switch again and it de-airs the gun. Very easy to use and will never fail you. The trigger on the gun is very nice but just like any gun you will have to set it up to your liking. Some people like a stiffer trigger, some like a lighter trigger feel. I like a lighter feel, and if you are one of those guys here is a little trick you can to do the trigger to achieve that feel. The trigger tension is controlled by a spring inside the frame. You pull the trigger and the spring compresses. Well take the body off the frame (read manual first) and take that spring out. Very easy to do. Cut the LAST COIL OFF of the spring for a lighter feel. It feels really good, trust me. And that's how I got my trigger to feel the best out of any trigger I have used.
The reg on the gun is just amazing too. It swivels on the bottom so you can set it up how you like it. It is super easy to take apart and never got so tight on me that I couldn't get it apart. Very consistant reg too. You will always get at the MOST +5 -5 if you lube it and maintain it correctly.

The first day I brought the gun to the field I was so excited to use it, and well, show it off! I bring it out and a guy comes up to me and say's," Hey what kind of Shocker is that?" I said,"It's not a Shocker, it's a Threshold." The guy looked at me weird like I was a idiot and said,"Yeah okay man, whatever." It made me happy that he had no idea what gun I was shooting. I had tons of people come up to me and ask to hold it and shoot it. Of course I was cautious. But I hit the field and right off the start of the game I could tell this gun was a keeper. Shot my lane great, ball on ball, and shot really fast too. There was hardly any kick at all. It felt very different then my ego. The lightness of the gun allowed me to move quicker then when I had my ego too. Overall, my day at the field was the best I have had in a long time. Gun shot great all day with no chops or barrel breaks either. ( I was shooting xball bronze)

I'm going to say with honesty, this is by far my most favorite gun in paintball. It simply is a masterpiece my Dangerous Power. If you have the chance to get one, do it.
Conclusion: I recomend this gun to anyone. It is a beast.
10 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, September 7th, 2008 at 2:49 pm PST
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Jeebis Wednesday, March 5th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month5 of 5 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
Quest - shoots nice. frame and trigger > threshold's. but the threshy shoots way better.
remains - more efficient, lighter, feels slightly better, but while shooting, threshy feels smoother.
mini - not a chance.
fusion - heavier, frame feels meh. faster, more efficient. threshold shoots and feels alot better.
pm6 - smoother, less efficient, heavier. worse frame
ego6 - heavier, frame feels worse, but trigger is better. threshold feels a whole lot better shooting.

and a whole lot more
Marker Setup: Dangerous Power Threshold
- Lucky Un1tec
- Rendition Magnet Trigger Kit
Vlocity Jr
- Hyperdrive Chip
- Speedfeed
DXS 68/45
- myth reg
Lurker lube (feels better while shooting threshy then anything else)
barrel kit (only if you absolutely need one. the stock barrel is very nice)
Rendition Magnet Kit (the stock trigger is nice, but with this kit, it is absolutely frictionless.)
Strengths: performance. weight. CS. stock features. board. looks. price. limited production makes me feel important.
Weaknesses: Aftermarket Support, but the threshold doesn't really need it.
Review: Ok. Ever since I first heard about this marker (before it's release), I've wanted one, yet never had the cash. but i found someone willing to do my quest + a few dollars for a lnib ocean blue threshold. I jumped on it.

speed - this marker is FAST. easily meets my needs and keeps up with my chipped vlocity junior. a friend of mine has a video floating around of it on ramp with a stock vlocity (i think) and it was goldwaved at 24 BPS. wow.

weight - 2.2 pounds with stock barrel, fully assemballed, reg, batter, grips, asa, etc. feels PERFECTLY balanced with my vlocity junior with paint, bottle, and un1tec

Looks - this thing is absolutely beautiful. Usually, i'm the person who you see with an ugly marker that shoots amazing (take my quest and remains for example. they shot really well, but many people thaught they were ugly as sin). But I have gotten MANY compliments on the looks of this marker. the milling is beautiful. the anno is flawless. and the colors look amazingin person. Plus, it performs as well as it looks.

Customer Service - OK. for the record, I HAVE NOT NEEDED TO USE DP FOR MY THRESHOLD THIS COMES FROM MY PRIOR FUSION. i had a problem with my fusion. i emailed DP and got a phonecall 15 minutes later. no exaggeration, just sheer excellence. fixed it right then and there on the phone. I also had a problem with my fusion's reg. i emailed them, got a phonecall the next day (i emailed them on a sunday). they sent me a new reg USPS priority. got it on wednesday, problem solved. brilliance.

stock barrel - the stock barrel is nce. a tad heavy. but it is a good 13 inch barrel with a .690 bore. it shoots really well, but i didnt like the weight or the length, so i bought a un1tec. much lighter and about an inch longer. i love it. both shoot REALLY well.

stock trigger - the adjustments on this thing are very nice. i have it set perfectly. also, i personally do not mind the opti switch. trigger shape is very nice too, easily hit double digit pps. I did upgrade to a magnet trigger (trigger kit available from Rendition paintball on Ebay). the trigger is literally frictionless and super fast. i love it. and for 13 dollars, you can't go wrong.

ease of maintenence - unscrew bolt cap. take out bolt. lube 4 orings that need it. put bolt back in. screw in cap. mow faces. that easy.

frame - the frame feels very nice. some people dont like the thickness with the grips on, but it feels very nice to me. very comfortable.

kick - what kick? i have found none when lubed with Lurker Lube.

smoothness (performance)- this thing is VERY smooth. little kick and feels gentle on paint. efficiency, i'm not sure of the numbers. deffinately getting over half a case on a 68/45 though. very impressed when shooting

price - 550 brand new. you can get them for cheaper barely used. shoots better then every marker i've owned, and damn near every marker i have shot. except a viking. but come on. its a damn viking.
Conclusion: this product is amazing. if you have the chance, buy it. for the price, it CAN NOT BE BEAT!!!
10 out of 10Last edited on Wednesday, March 5th, 2008 at 10:50 am PST
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kikitup Sunday, March 30th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month4 of 4 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Timmys from classic to Alias
DM 4,5,6,7
EGO 05,06,07
Marker Setup: DP Threshold, Stiffi Switch kit, 68/4500 W/Myth reg, Reloader B2
Barrel kit as with all
Strengths: Price and ease of use.
Weaknesses: Havn't found one yet
Review: I have shot allot of markers, as I run a paintball store, and have played everything from woods ball to Xball, 10 man, 7 man, etc.

The Threshold feels great in the hand, shoots great out of the box, and is a very simple marker to use and maintain. The beginner player, stepping up to the higher end marker line will find it easy to use. The experienced player will also love the ease of use.
I rate it at a 10/10 because of its bag for the buck. It comes with a nice ASA, a nice clamping feed neck, and a decent barrel.
I think it would be nice to include a small container of lube for the newer player who might not already have some
Conclusion: I let my 11 year old son play with this for a day, and he decided to sell his 07 ego, and buy one of these. When an 11 year old, who knows his way around a field and store, wants to give up a high end marker for one 1/2 the price, that says allot
10 out of 10
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Chronic788 Friday, March 21st, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
6 months4 of 4 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Shocker, ION, Nerve
Pm 7, Rail , SLG
Marker Setup: Dark Earth Dangerous Power Threshold
Hard Coprs Torque
Barrel if youre picky about bore size
Grips and Virtue lazer eyes for Aesthetics
Strengths: Accuracy
Ease of Maitenance
Weaknesses: Barrel bore size (.690)
Review: First things first. Price. Paintball can get a little expensive, especially for those of us who pay
for it ourselves. At a standard pice of $550.00 USD the Threshold is a steal in terms of Value.
You can get two of these for the price of a new Ego and get the same (in my opinion better) performance.

Speed: This little devil is a monster in terms of speed. IVe hit Sixteen BPS in Semi with it with no bounce.
It is extremely easy to walk, so easy in fact thats its hard to shoot it slow. Ramping, predictably, is very speedy.
Get a good loader and your wallet will hate you, you'll use so much paint. The board has a total cap of 25 BPS,
but it doesnt really matter while playing with the universal cap of 15.

Accuracy: The Threshold comes with a very good Stock barrel. The bore is a bit big for most paint (.690) but nonetheless
Its great. With Diablo Heat, it was ball on ball at 50 feet. With Xball Gold I was hitting a 1 inch pole 9 out of 10 times.
Its just hard to miss with. Consistancy plays a big part in accuracy, and the Threshold leaves nothing to be desired.
It had a break in period of about 2 cases where it was a bit erratic but after 2 cases it was +-3 FPS. Honestly the most
accurate gun Electronic gun ive ever shot.

Board, Trigger, and Modes:
CFOA mode - semi capped at 15
NPPL mode - semi capped at 25
PSP mode - capped at 15 (ramp at 5 BPS)
Ramping mode - capped at 25 (ramp at 5 BPS)
Millenium mode - capped at 15 (ramp at 8 BPS)
NXL mode - capped at 15 (full auto at 5 BPS)
Ramping mode capped at 15 (ramp at 3 BPS)
Ramping mode capped at 25 (ramp at 3 BPS)

As you can see, there are plenty of modes. My only complaint is that it is a dip-switch board. Opening up the grips every time I want to
change the mode gets a bit tedious. There are 6 Dip-switches (4 controlling firing modes, 2 controlling Dwell). Firing mode is changed
using different combinations of 4 of the dip-switch's positions, which makes it somewhat hard to remeber which combination is what mode.
O well. Thats what the manual is for. Personally I love the trigger. Being Optical, there is really no resistance and is very responsive
and comfortable. Really easy to walk.

Efficieny: I dont really have any really hard numbers but i get around 1000 off one fill of my 45/45. Great for a single tube marker.

The Threshold is the height of simplicity. A trained monkey could lube it. There are a total of ONLY 6 functional O-rings in the entire gun.
Only three of those are in the firing assembly. To do a routine lube, simpy unscrew the back-cap with an allen wrench, and pull it out along
with the bolt. Wipe off all old lubrication, lube the sail O-ring, the tip O-ring, and the back-cap O-ring. Replace and your good to go.

After a few cases its good to lubricate the regulator to reatain peak performance. Some regulators are tricky to take apart, with hidden srews
and special tools needed like in an ION reg, and miniscule O-rings in the DYE Hyper regs, which sometimes discourages the less technically
inclined of paintballers from maintaining their regs, which, in turn, leads to a lot of problems. The regulator of the Threshold is
about the easiest reg to take apart that ive experienced. You dont even need an allen wrench. Simply unscrew the reg from the gun
and disconnect the Macroline, Unscrew the top part of the reg, turn it upside down, and out falls the piston and the shim stack.
Remove the shims, clean them, clean the piston, relube the two O-rings on the piston, and replace it all in reverse order.
No special tools, no tiny O-rings, and extremely simple.

Note: The above maintence procedures are for overview and explanation only. Do not use them as a guide. For that, refer to the Manual.
I am in no way responsible if you mess up your reg. (Sorry about that. Liability these days...).

Hard Parts:

ASA: DP really outdid themselves here. The RAPS ASA uses a flip-lever system to control the on-off function. No more accidentally
not srewing in On off anymore: just flip and play.

Feed Neck: The feedneck is a clamp style feedneck. To me the feednack on a gun isnt a huge deal as long as it grips well.
This one does: end of story.

Comfort: To me, an uncomfortable gun is a bad gun. Put simply: Uncomfortable = inaccurate ; comfortable = accurate.
This is rooted in a subject called ergonomics, or "ease of use, which I believe is a major factor in paintball.
In terms of guns ergonimics translates to how easily you can point your gun at the target. Guns with overly tall or short profiles,
weird hand placement, or poor balance can make it harder to do this. For me a clear sight-line down the barrel
is another factor.

The Threshold holds to all these standards; it has great balance, medium profile, and comfortable hand placement,
and a perfect sight-line down the barrel, making it extremely easy to hit what I want without too much adjustment. Of course comfort and
preferences play major parts in this and it all comes down to what you like best. Point is that the Threshold is easy to shoot.
Just my two cents.

Kick: ZERO! Ive balanced it with the snatch-grip on a metal rod and shot it using a straw (with paint) and it didnt move at all.

Uniqueness and looks: This gun is as much a collectors item as a marker. I dont know anyone who has even seen another one of these guns.
People are always asking me about it and asking to shoot it, which is partly a downside but i dont mind. It really is a work of art as well.
Previously i wasn't a fan of excessive milling but the Threshold's looks great.

Hope this helped.
Conclusion: Get one while you can. You wont regret it.
10 out of 10
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THRESHYMASTA Thursday, June 4th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
3 months2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
Nothing I have used even compares
This is my first quality marker
Marker Setup: Dangerous Power Threshold
PMI 45/45
Black Pinokio Hopper
Drop from a Tippmann Custom Pro
A new board; but if you aren't a little complainer about the dips, the stock board is just fine
Strengths: Light
No Breaks
Great Design
Eye Catching
Sweet ASA
Allen Key Set
Weaknesses: Dip Switches (Not a huge problem)
Leaky Macroline (Easily Fixable)
Review: Design - I don't have enough room to describe the design of this gun. The RAPS is one of the greatest inventions ever. The feed neck has a very low profile while still gripping the hopper tightly. The reg is consistant and easy to maintain. The simple design allows for fast cleaning and the bolt-out-back design helps for quick field strips. The eyes work like a dream and can be set to only allow you to shoot when there is a ball in the sensor area. This gun throws paint at a ridiculously fast rate and I just love hitting some guy with 25 balls right in the mask is a matter of one second. I haven't chopped a ball yet and don't plan on it with this superb marker.

Looks - This gun looks amazing. Every time I go to the field people just ooh and aah over this gun. WARNING: If you don't want people admiring and staring at your sweet gun, do not buy this thing.

Feel - This gun seems to look big but it really isn't. Once you actually hold the marker in your hands, you can really feel that it is a good fit. The grips look bulky but are just right even if you have small hands. My friend has the smallest hands I have ever seen on a guy and he still handles this gun with ease.

Quality - The quality is amazing. This a high-end marker for the cost of a mid-range entry level marker. This gun just shoots ropes, never chops, has great consistancy, and just looks freaking amazing.

Rarity - I haven't seen a single other person with this gun and I know for a fact that there were only 500 made and most have been sold so act quickly.

One problem that I have is that I cut my macroline to fit a little shorter. DON'T BOTHER CUTTING THE MACRO. It looks fine uncut and you will have to just buy a new line because it is going to leak. Better to have a little slack than a serious leak.

Don't mess with the dip switches that don't control the firing modes. Just leave them the way they come.

Pretty much, this gun is ready to fire straight out of the box. Just connect some lines and play!
Conclusion: I haven't used every marker under the sun but I can say that from my experience and from playing with some of the other guys on the field who own $1000 plus guns, the threshold holds its own and then some. This gun can and will compete with shockers, egos, and other high-end, well-known markers. IF YOU ARE ON THE FENCE, TRUST ME...BUY IT, BUY IT, BUY IT, BUY IT, BUY IT. DON'T THINK, JUST BUY.
10 out of 10Last edited on Thursday, June 4th, 2009 at 10:12 pm PST
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Fuquero Tuesday, December 18th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
PM6, Shocker, DM
Marker Setup: Bob Long Closer, 06 EGO, Vlocity XSV hopper, Crossfire 70ci Peanut
Barrel kit, grips, maybe a slightly taller feedneck, new board
Strengths: Fast, accurate, light, simple to maintain, excellent price
Weaknesses: Barrel, dip switches.
Review: I bought this marker for my son for Christmas. This marker shoots straight, is fast, light, and very nice looking. Some say it looks like a shocker, I would have to agree.
We shot the marker at the paintball store with crappy paint and one of those new 12volt revvys. The Threshold shot very well and accurate. I was impressed. I'd have to say it was right on with a Quest.
Anyways, went to the field the next day. It was a bit cold at 35 degrees. We had paint problems all day, no matter what marker. Anyways, field stripping the Threshold was a breeze. Eyes are easy to clean, and removing the bolt only took seconds.

There was one thing that I didn't care for and that is the feed neck, which seemed a little odd to say. Putting a Vlocity on there, the feed tube doesn't sit in the feed neck as much, meaning it wiggles and gives you the feeling that it's loose. It would seem that you can pop your hopper off during a dive. It just didn't feel snug.
Conclusion: Excellent marker with an excellent price. Heard this is a limited run, not sure if that's a good or bad thing.
9 out of 10
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Riddler Tuesday, July 7th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
3 months1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Just about everything on the market for the last 15 years.
Marker Setup: My Threshold is pretty much stock. I just use a barrel kit with it.
A good barrel kit.
Strengths: Well-made, simple, reliable, fast and smooth. DP has good CS as well.
Weaknesses: Small product run; not much aftermarket support.
Review: Even though I was taking a bit of a break from the sport at the time, I remember the launch of the Threshold. I very nearly pre-ordered one. The design, appearance and early feedback on the performance were very appealing, particularly at the $550 level. At the time, DP was a relative unknown, one of many companies competing in the stacked-tube poppet bracket. They hadn't yet made a name for themselves.

I came back to paintball this year after a little hiatus. I had sold off most of my equipment, so I decided to pick up a new marker or two. The Threshold had stuck in the back of my mind from late 2007, and though it was a limited run marker that had already been discontinued, I decided that I still wanted to try one, and the price was right, so I picked one up gently used.

I could talk about the packaging, allen wrenches, key chain, etc., that DP includes, but I honestly don't find any of that stuff all that important. It's fluff.

On to the gun itself. As you all well know, the marker has some pretty intricate milling. It's an organic design, probably one of those 'love it or hate it' type things, but I dig it. The milling itself is well done. There are very few tool marks, less than expected in something so intricate. It is quality work. Performance is most important, and I'll get to that soon enough, but style is important too. The gun gets an A in the aesthetics department.

The Threshold is designed on an electropneumatic, unbalanced spool valve platform. I won't go too deep into the specifics; the basic overview is that it works a lot like a blowforward such as an automag. A constant supply of air is fed to the rear cap of the marker, behind the bolt. This pressure wants to push the bolt forward and fire the marker. A small supply of air provided by a solenoid holds the bolt back until you pull the trigger, at which point the board tells the solenoid to switch the air off for a few milliseconds, which allows the pressure behind the bolt to push it forward, chamber a ball, and fire the marker. The solenoid switching the air back on resets the bolt. A couple other markers built on this firing platform are the Ion and Freestyle.

For a little gun, the Threshold is surprisingly well-balanced. It's very comfortable to hold and shoot, both stationary and on the run. The 45 frame is plenty large enough for my big hands, and the stock grips are quality stuff. Other than the solenoid switching, the marker only has one moving part the bolt. Combining a well-balanced marker with very little reciprocating mass means that it has virtually no kick when fired, which helps put paint on paint during rapid fire.

People talk about markers being accurate. This term is somewhat misleading, because it usually refers to single shots. By that definition, any paintball marker can be accurate. That sort of accuracy is dependent upon user familiarity with the marker and some small amount of velocity consistency.

Consistent shooting, however, the ball-on-ball stuff we demand from performance markers, requires a stable shooting platform and excellent consistency. I've already mentioned the marker's excellent balance and low kick. It also has a tremendous stock regulator, which makes it very consistent. At a recent scenario game, even with some inconsistently-sized paint (which messes with your paint-barrel match and therefore your velocity consistency), I was averaging +/- 2fps over the chrono. The reg's consistent airflow and fast recharge rate allowed me to dump large amounts of paint during rapid fire with pinpoint accuracy. My only gripe about the regulator is how sensitive the adjustment is. Just a quarter-turn can swing the velocity 20 or 30 fps.

Most spoolers get pretty poor efficiency. The Threshold actually isn't too bad. In my couple days out with the marker, my average is in the neighborhood of 1000-1100 shots from a 45/45 bottle.

Efficiency is a quality of varying importance to different people. It is really important to people playing renegade ball, for example, who have to last all day on one fill; but it matters a bit less to those who go to fields and can get fills between games. I've been both player types, so I do value efficiency pretty highly, even though right now I'm pretty much just playing scenario ball and can get fills when I need them.

The importance of efficiency to me is this: If I can comfortably shoot all the paint I carry onto the field without worrying about running out of air, I'm happy. It does that.

The stock board is the weak point of the marker, in my opinion. Let me clarify that. It doesn't have any real flaws. It's just.... average.

One external button controls the power and the anti-chop eyes. Holding it down powers the marker on and off, and tapping it toggles the eyes. Adjustments are made via dip-switches, which feels a bit dated. The board has a bunch of modes to choose from, including semi and several ramping, full auto and tourney modes, and has adjustable dwell and ROF. There is no debounce setting, but I haven't had any bounce issues, so I suspect that the factory debounce setting is high enough to prevent all bounce in a property-tuned marker. The only thing that I see this board lacking is the ability to edit, or create new modes, such as for tourney formats that are always changing their rules. There's no option for updating the board's firmware (such as via a mini USB). I typically play in 25bps semi, and it's fast as hell for me, so I cannot complain too much about the board, but I do feel it's the weakest point of the marker.

The stock trigger is a blade variety. It's nice enough, and is a bit adjustable. The stock board uses an optical sensor to detect trigger pulls. It's totally personal preference, but I'm usually a microswitch man. After a few days of play, I'm starting to like it a lot better than I did at first, and can make it sing pretty well.

The Threshy comes with a decent stock barrel. I'd still recommend a barrel kit to ensure a good paint/barrel match, but you can safely put away the kit when paint fits the stock barrel. It's rather nice. The marker's standard features also include the signature DP locking feedneck and RAPS, which are pure awesomeness.
Conclusion: All in all, the Threshold is an enormous bang for your buck. As I mentioned above, the board is the weakest point of a great gun, and that's only because it's a bit basic. Design and construction are excellent, performance is top-notch, and the Threshy has a slew of great stock features. DP hit the nail squarely on the head when it released this marker, and I honestly think this gun is what catapulted the company to success. For this price bracket, it's that good.
9 out of 10
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