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Alien Independence Reviews

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Alien Independence
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Number of Reviews: 3
Average Rating: 10.0 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $899

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
Cost - will range from $799 with a single Invasion barrel (gun-drilled) and stock

Hyperdrive board to $899 with an enhanced Hyperdrive and a 3-piece barrel kit with carbon fiber front.

Weight - The marker's weight with barrel, regs and battery is 1 lb 14 oz

Electronics - Wicked Air Sportz' Equalizer board will no longer be used- the new Alien Hyper Drive board will come with Millenium code and custom ramping capabilities, enhanced battery life with the MAC solenoid (enhanced reliability and speed with the MAC at slightly less battery life), and resolves the rare issue of the eyes sensing the bolt as a paintball (as seen in the WAS Equalizer boards)

Cam-lock feedneck - in addition to the height of the clamping neck a hopper’s neck sinks into the gun for a total ¾” tall feed neck - more than is visible on the outside.

2008 Sweep Bolt - Alien Introduces the "SofTouch Bolt" Sweep Bolt. The bolt has a rubber tip and, this tip extends up via a little tab to the upper lip of the bolt. This makes the bolt not only softer on the ball being shot, but its also softer on the next ball stacked up in the feedneck.

Frames – the marker will ship with two frames – a 45 and an 85!!!

Rail – integrated rail

ASA – marker will ship with a bottom-line on/off

LPR – Bigger lpr than what is found on the Remains – a bigger piston for more consistent pressure. The air chamber behind the LPR is twice as big as what was found on the remains

Grips – Lexan (art to be determined) - no more aluminum grips - custom rubber grips to be available after the marker launches

Screws – 3 screws keep the frame and body together (as opposed to the previous 5). The body interlocks with the frame - technicaly, only one screw holds the body to the frame.

Rammer – piston has two bumpers one on each side of the hammer - this is the "SofTouch Hammer". All holes/air passages have been redone, o-ring-related issues have been addressed. In addition to the body interlocking with the trigger frame screws attach Alien's modular designed "Independent Ram" housing to both the Trigger frame and gun body - these screws the rammer to the body now go all the way through the body (that’s what eliminated 2 screws) and provides additional strength/stability. Ram cap seals better than before (note: the ram cap on Alien's is different than what is commonly found on timmies/ego/NME, etc - and does not perform the same function).

Eyes – green "lazer" eyes, eye harness has a connector in the middle to aid in disassembly of the marker

Trigger – Critical Paintball Dual-bearing. Pin that holds the trigger in is a screw-in pin, not the friction pin of old.

Barrel – 1 barrel for the lower price, and for around a $100 more you get a 3-piece barrel kit with a 7" carbon fiber front with 7" aluminum backs at .686, .689, and .692 bores.

Cool distinctive packaging

Colors – Red, Green, Blue, Gold, Black, with accents in all colors - first accents will be in
black and gold.

HPR – Alien Reg - design utilizes a spring pack. Tentatively titled the "Alien Air Force".

Product Availability 
The Alien Independence is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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pepsi4all Saturday, January 17th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
3 months19 of 19 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
Vice, cyborg, ego, promaster, timmy, aka, angel and all poppets marker.
Marker Setup: I have to many to list.
nothing so far.
Strengths: Accuracy, light, trigger, efficiency technology.
Weaknesses: The back has a squarish frame. but still good.
Review: As I have use this product each and everyday, I grew to love this marker. It seems the ALIEN INDEPENDENCE has a leap of improvement and great engineering has put on this marker. The marker does not give its full credit how great it performs. Maybe this is due to lack of commercial.

The body is very sleek looking, with a spike on the end of the bolt, similar to my traded ego 07, with a slightly bigger ram housing because it is detachable. It can be better on out side machining also.

- The ram is detachable for ease of maintenance.
- Comparing to any other guns, this has the biggest air inlet to the Solenoid, than any marker I have seen, which even to ego 09 striving as hard to make the flow of air to solenoid as much, with no contest by far alien has the most.
- The regulator is same stack shims as the cp reg. I weigh the reg. it is light and also very consistent. Need a little break in, approximately 50 balls only- as I have experience on my marker.
- The bolt is made out of delrin, and a black rubber blocks more than half part where the air exhaust. theorizing that ball will spin backwards for a flatter shot, shooting from the bottom. This is mostly what alien commercializes. I use to play table tennis, its true a back spins gives the ball a straighter ball. I have yet to test this on my alien.
- Also the bolt rubber prevents the paintball from rolling backwards, same as the cure bolts. I have first seen this long time ago from deadlywind that had made the bolts for the ions preventing it to move backwards to avoid stack chopping paintballs.
- The marker is very accurate, the fact that I would eliminate the whole entire walk ons with my 50 paintball hopper.
- The signature sound of the marker is quieter than any ego I have used, similar sound signature to a vice.
- The trigger, I am not fan of a critical trigger, but this trigger is amazing. I promised you that you will love this trigger better than the A1 fly or my 09 ego I have both.
- The detents have it advantages and disadvantage. Detents would be replace faster that the normal round detents. The alien detents have two spikes from each side. The advantage I can see is that, it is more reball friendly than rounds detents. You just have to replace it a lot more.
- Eyes, it works perfect, same as any high end markers, I still have to break a ball in it. NO Breaks so far.
- Speed, it can cycle as faster than any finger pull out there..
- Chrono - When airing the marker as manual stated to push the bolt forward to prevent spikes, which may damage solenoid. This needs to be done to have space for air to move in.
- When first airing the marker, I found that it tends to spike, but after 10 shot, it will stabilize it self. So when you first come in to chrono, make sure you shoot ten shots and then chrono.
- chrono register 275 274 276 275 273, 275 depending also how good is your paintballs is. I was using a in house crap paintballs when this registered, still good.
- I have the stock frame that came in when you buy the cheapest package, it nice to hold, but it could be much better. Comparing with ego 09 frame again, ego has it by far better ergonomics. However, I found that they are making the back of the marker frame rounder for alien 09. This is good news. Hopefully, they make it like UL frame, which is the best of all time.
- You got to know, the alien frame is still much better to hold than my karni, shocker, etek and others.
- The shooting controls are user friendly, so even for dummies can be easily fine tuned. turn on, hold to turn off, green there is ball registered, red no ball on barrel. psp, ramp, semi, uncapped. pressonce button, turn off eyes. only one button outside the frame.
- Weight, very light marker. About 2 ounces heavier than ego 09, put a cp shorty and they will wiegh the same. Put a stiffi barrel and it will weigh less.
- Efficiency, I was hoping it will be same efficient on air as vice or aka, but who am I kidding. Efficiency is about same efficient as any ego. About 1700+ full 68/4500 after break in.
- I have seen no drop shots.
- KICK.. kicks are...
Alien = Ego 09,
Alien > A1 fly
Alien > droid, dms, spooly
Alien = Vice, Alien = Cyborg.
> means greater kick.
= means equal, same
Conclusion: Conclusions:
The marker is very outstanding. My entire marker now stays on my closet, with the exceptions of phantom pump. I see ego 09 and I see alien, I will pick alien. Why? Quieter, seems more accurate, far way better trigger pull, no drop shot and personal preference. Do not get me wrong. 09 Ego is really outstanding marker, and better outside machining, better ergonomics frame but My ego 09 stays in the bag. I am still amaze why alien marker is not more recognized. I should have even compared this to ego 08 but I do not have it.
The great thing about this marker, it is cheap. Buy a dm, ego, cyborg, and droid, you get what you pay for. Buy an alien, vice or a closer, you get more what you pay for.
10 out of 10Last edited on Saturday, January 17th, 2009 at 9:33 am PST
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justin_osborne9 Thursday, July 16th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
3 months6 of 7 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
ego 7,ego 8, cyborg, legend
Marker Setup: alien indy w/ cp reg, 09 internals mayday kit/halo b/empire fuel 45/45
its a great stock gun but if i were to get any upgrades it would be the regulator(they are the first thing to go on this marker)
Strengths: The speed,low wieght, maintnence, and accuracy
Weaknesses: The regulater is kinda scetchy!
Review: I've owned this gun for 3 months or so and im usually a gun whore but this marker is too good to get rid of, its never givin probems other than the reg, its easy to maintane and over all its a great gun. It out performs my ego 7, my nxt shocker, my etek 2 and my evil minion!
Conclusion: Get this gun, its better than any ego or any cyborg, do i even have to mention the legend?
10 out of 10
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godd1000 Wednesday, October 14th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
1 year
4 years
Products Used:
SL66 Ego
07 Ego
Marker Setup: 08 Alien Independence, 68 Cross Fire tank, Dye Rotor, and Mayday Barrel kit
Dye rotor because the sweep bolt doesn't like a pulsing stack.
Strengths: Accuracy, Weight
Weaknesses: Programming. NO MANUAL PROVIDED
Review: Not much to say but awesome. This gun really surprised me when I got it. I can't believe how accurate it is. Out of a full loader at 100 feet the grouping was amazing. I meen ball on ball.

The marker is extremely light and comes 2 grip frames so if you don't like the standard 45 you can use the 85 degree frame instead.

Once I got the Manual for the board it was a little hard to program but worth it. It has alot features like the tadeo and virtue boards have.
Conclusion: Get on the internet, find a manual, download it, and buy this gun. You won't be disappointed
10 out of 10
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.
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