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WarGear Paintball WarGear Soft Flexi Paddles Reviews

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WarGear Paintball WarGear Soft Flexi Paddles
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Number of Reviews: 3
Average Rating: 9.7 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $19

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WarGear Soft Flexi Paddles are the first Cyclone Soft Paddle to feature the Exclusive Interlocking design that helps eliminate the paddles from becoming out of alignment which is a common problem on other soft paddles.

They also fit more snug on the cyclone shaft which is another advantage to keeping them in place during rapid fire. WarGear paddles include a Nylon washer to help reduce friction between the cyclone feed and the soft paddles which reduces friction and wear and helps extend the life of the paddle.

Made specifically to help eliminate ball breaks and improve performance in all Tippmann cyclone markers.
Product Availability 
The WarGear Paintball WarGear Soft Flexi Paddles are newer, so they should be commonly available, both new and used.
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Invictus Saturday, April 26th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested16 of 16 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
TechT Squishy Paddles
Marker Setup: Tippmann A-5
Crossfire 92/4500
Strengths: Flexible
Weaknesses: None noted at this time.
Review: I was asked to review this product, so here is my initial review and comparison of them to the TechT Squishy Paddles:

Softness: Same/Similar
Cut/Molding: The TechT edges are rounded off and the Wargear are clean cut. Considering the material, I don't see either style presenting any issues.

The Wargear Flexi Paddles offer several key features that the TechT Squishy paddles don't:

-Interlocking paddles
-Nylon Washer
-Tapered center

Some will ask what the purpose of such features are for, and I offer the following explanation:

Interlocking paddles help to ensure paddles remain as a one piece system due to the softness of the material used. By creating a tapered center in which the axle goes into helps to ensure that the paddles fit nice and tight so as to help prevent slipping of either paddle. This makes for a killer combo!

The nylon washer is intended to be placed in between the cyclone housing and the paddles to prevent the rubber on plastic drag that would otherwise be created.... a drag that can cause excessive wear, slippage, and skipping. By creating a barrier between these two rotational points by use of a nylon washer it helps correct these possible issues. Btw, nylon is known to have self lubricating properties.

Update on the testing:

I was able to test these paddles at 15bps (I've got an old school A-5 egrip) and found no issues present. I went through around 600-700 paintballs and emptied the hopper each time. I refilled my hopper and repeated until I ran out of paint. I found that both the softness and stiffness was sufficient enough to be gentle on the paint while at the same time ensure no axle slippage occurred.

I will be picking up an X7 egrip the next few days so I can further test the potential of these paddles and a few other combinations at a high bps.
Conclusion: Some folks have called this a "knock off" product, some have called it both cheap and junk..... I understand why they said those things, they are scared and damn well should be because just from my initial review of the Wargear Flexi Paddles they far surpass any paddles currently on the market.
9 out of 10Last edited on Saturday, April 26th, 2008 at 6:53 pm PST
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fourthsyde Sunday, July 6th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
3 months7 of 7 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Tech-T Squishy paddles
Marker Setup: X7
JCS redhot power tube
16"J&J Ceramic
Commando Air Thru Stock
TechT Ratchet
TechT Lightening Rod
88/4500 Pure Energy HPA
Strengths: Interlocking design
Weaknesses: Some flashing left from manufacturing (no performance effects)
Review: Initial Observations –
From my first look at the Wargear Flexi-Paddles I noticed the jointing that allows the 2 paddles to stay in the same position. One major downside that I have found with other branded aftermarket paddles was the fact that if one paddle were to jam it would spin separately from the second paddle. The other major thing that was evident with the Wargear paddles was the fact that they had decided not to round the edges of the paddles. Further tests will prove whether such actions were necessary.

Construction – 9/10
I wouldn’t call them soft per say, but the paddles do offer a fair amount of flexibility, this should allow enough give to not crush paintballs while spinning, but still be tough enough to keep a full hopper moving. Again the points are highlighted from my initial observations the Wargear paddles have several small pins in the lower paddle that allow the two pieces to interlock. Like mentioned above, this will force both parts to operate together in case they do manage to spin freely on the ratchet rod. Other than the two points mentioned, the Wargear paddles seem very similar in construction to the stock cyclone paddles. There were some small sprue marks on them (leftover from casting) that had to be trimmed off. A little more care from the factory would solve this problem, but all it takes is an exacto and two seconds to fix it.

Installation – 10/10
Fairly straight forward, simply undo the screw at the top of the ratchet and remove the stock parts. Then place in the small white plastic washer at the bottom, after that place the small paddle in with the locking points facing up. Next add the larger paddle with the holes for the locking points facing down.

Performance – 9/10
I started the test with the premium paint as I new it would be stable and I would be able to dump a lot of paint through without having to worry much. I wasn’t let down by this section of the test. I put the greater part of the first 500 rounds through on full auto (~12BPS on R/T) without one problem; I did not have one barrel or cyclone break. When it came to my White Box paint I experienced very similar results. Again, I tested the cyclone at full automatic to test the quality of the parts under high speed (where the cyclone is best known for making the ‘blender’. I did have one chop with my White Box paint, but it was a barrel break. Upon closer inspection, it seems that the ball had a huge dent in it (that’s what I get for buying the cheap stuff). The overall performance showed fantastic results on both kinds of paint, making it usable for all levels of users.

Advantages –
Over stock paddles, the Wargear Flexi-Paddles offer superior protection against the infamous “blender” that the cyclones are known to cause. Small design features like the interlocking two-piece design allow for superior fitment and stability under extreme usage. As far as the cyclone feeder goes, the Flexi-Paddles should be anyone’s first upgrade. Coming in at just under twenty bucks its money that will save itself in no time.

Disadvantages –
The only real complaint I have is that there were small sprue marks that were not trimmed off, though I don’t know whether they would have made a difference for actual performance, they just didn’t look good (I’m picky like that). Otherwise, there are no other complaints to report.

Conclusion: Conclusion –
I wouldn’t say that the Wargear Flexi-Paddles surprised me with their performance; the concept for a softer paddle is an ideal replacement for Tippman’s rock hard paddles that come stock with a Tippmann cyclone feeder. The paddles performed incredibly well under a higher rate of fire with no failure under my tests. At a price tag just under 20 dollars, these are a very economical fix for the ‘blender’ issue that all cyclone users should add to their kit.

Construction – 9/10
Installation – 10/10
Performance – 9/10

10 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, July 6th, 2008 at 8:00 pm PST
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El tormento Friday, March 20th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
1 year3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
The stock Cyclone Feed Paddles(hard plastic)
Marker Setup: Tippmann 98C
polished internals
14" J&J Ceramic Barrel
E-Trigger with WAS
Pen Mod(for trigger spring- lightens the pull)
Red velocity spring
RAP4 Aluminum power tube
TechT fang trigger
PHAT performance, 4 stage expansion chamber(black custom paint job)
WPG on/off ASA
Cyclone feed system with upgraded parts:
1. QEPH exhaust
2. Hot Rod Connecting rod
3. Cyclone Ratchet mod
4. worr games squishy paddles
LP(low profile) hopper
20oz tank
Strengths: durable
interlocking with a washer to reduce friction
reduced popcorning at high BPS/Velocity
Weaknesses: None so far.
installation might be a bit tricky(been a while, sorry)
Review: I purchased the War Gear paddles a while ago, but havent been able to write a review. But after extensive shooting and playing with the fully upgraded cyclone feed system(see upgrades), I found that it greatly reduced my popcorn effect and i was also able to up my BPS and Velocity without the fear of breaking too many balls when shooting full auto.

The installation was a little tricky.. (if i remember correctly)

i just had to take out the old paddles and the bottom paddle give yous trouble(the stock one) and then you follow installation guide(white nylon washer(to reduce friction on the bottom between the paddles) then the interlocking paddles and then screw the paddles in.) and voila, new paddles!

Although i attribute being able to shoot faster at higher bps in my cyclone as well to the all metal internal upgrades and the QEPH system. so also for just about 40-60$ i would recommend upgrading the entire system to metal internals(faster BPS and longer life of your Cyclone feed System) -> this is just a side note, not part of my initial review.
Conclusion: I highly recommend this product to anyone with the cyclone feed system. 20$ is a fair price for a solid upgrade like this.

For the construction of the product, its durability and purpose, i give it a solid 10.
10 out of 10
I found this review  
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