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Paintball Assassin Deathstix Barrel System Reviews

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Paintball Assassin Deathstix Barrel System
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Number of Reviews: 1
Average Rating: 9.0 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $159

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A high performance carbon fibre barrel kit that comes with 3 backs and a durable hardcase. It comes in 12", 14", 16" and 24" lengths in multiple colors and threads. Very accurate and sexy!
Product Availability 
The Paintball Assassin Deathstix Barrel System is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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Mime Tuesday, October 7th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
6 months7 of 8 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
J&J 12'' ceramic two peice barrel ( for comparisons)
Marker Setup: Airgun Designs Tac- One
16'' Deathstix barrel kit
Halo Reloader B
My experiance goes as far as Stinger tournament grade.
Strengths: Lightwieght
Well crafted
Weaknesses: A rough inside ( carbon fiber is more rough then any other barrel)
Only four backs.
Review: Notice: This is the series Two Deathstixs.

I am testing out my Deathstix barrel kit. I have used it for just over three months now and I am quite pleased with the barrel itself. I found That using my go to Stinger paintballs ( I know, stop laughing now :p ) that it was quite a surprise. Many people had told me that the deathstixs barrels are weak and break paint so often its easyer to throw the paintballs at your opponents. after using another players for one game I decided that these were all untrue myths based on looks or marker performance rather then barrel. Another thing I have been told is that the deathstixs has a very loud pop at every shot. I still have not noticed this over three months. asking other players also I have found that they have not heard a loud pop when sitting beside me. The barrel itself is your desired lenth of carbon fiber coloured just the way you purchused it. I own a 16'' Kakoda barrel kit and I like the look of it alot, although the red would look nice also. the 16'' Barrel has about 7'' of non ported barrel and then the rest is ported, four rows of porting and in the final inch of the barrel the porting is almost doubled.

The back potion of the barrel is a metal peice ( aluminim) with the threading into the back. this threading is lefty loosy. while the threading on the back into your marker is lefty tighty. this means that if your using a shroud or a barrel shroud you cannot lose the back. simply tighten the barrel into the back untill the back unscrews out of your marker.
Although If you do have a shroud of some sort or a extended mainbody ( such as the Tac One mainbody on a Automag) then you have to be carefull not to just keep tightening the barrel becuase once the barrel is 100% tightend the back starts to unscrew. resulting in unscrewing the back. ( still attachted to barrel of course)
this is so minor that it can be fixed with half a cloke wise turn and then slowly turning counter clockwise untill the back and barrel at tight again.

The kit comes with four backs. 6.95 6.92. 689. 686. I have yet to use the 6.95 but i'll end up trying it for fun sometime soon.

As far as accuracy and barrel breaks go. When I did have a barrel break ( every barrel has them.) although never have I had a barrel chop ( thanks level 10) when I did have a barrel break the paintball shot through the break within two or three shots and I was shooting quite on target, surprised by how a barrel break did almost nothing to my overall performace. At the end of the day I decided to mush 5 paintballs into my barrel. The paintballs shot through within ten shots and I was shooting reletivly straight. ( within 35 -50 feet)
For accuracy I wish to add that 90% of accuracy is the user him/herself. If you cant hit a person within a reasonable amount of paintballs then its you, not the barrel. remember your firing circles not bullets. any barrel that says you will be Goging people at the break are lying to your face. you could do it, but it will take practise. ( first game I played with this barrel I was always aiming to far to the left..second day of playing I aimed to far to the right. lol. )

One thing I joked about on the feild with a couple buddies: deathstixs has a sticker
( unfortunatly) thats says " Kill >>>" on the barrel tip. one of my freinds was kind enough to point out. "Every game I was getting shot point blank. Every game my team mates yelled at me and swore I was the worst player ever.. I was always the last in line. Always massive welts on the shoulder. I shot straight.. but never at my opponent. I was ready to give up paintball

Thanks for putting directions on your barrel paintball assasin. Now I know which way to point my barrel"

Edit: After another three months of use I would love to put this at a 8.5 or a 9. The Canadian winter wasnt to bad but hey, after some paintball in the snow I can say im really happy with this barrel kit. The colder tempuratures were a great time to play in, and the backs worked wonderfully. I thik becuase it was a little cold everything might have shrunk just a tad bit, but thats normal science. As stated in the original post I havnt tryed the 6.95, well now I have. sure it was overbored by insane amounts, but It was funny to screw around with for a game. the stickers ( or at least what I think are stickers) that say "kill>>>" and such are still there, and I beleive they are going to stay there, the Kakoda camo is still intact, no scratches or anything to beleive that it is going to come off. Just as an update, after becoming used to the barrel Im much more on target then what I started, ( thats obivous) and my first shot is always on the mark now (not always hit on first shot but, in the area were im shooting) The O-rings are still in one peice, I had to switch the O-ring from the 6.89 back to the 6.95 back becuase it was starting to flake a little bit, Im thinking it got caught on something. I still use the original J&J barrel for comparisons every so often ( it is a nice barrel. for stock its one of the best out there) and I always end up going back to the deathsticks. ( although the 6" back on the J&J is fun to use with no front.)

Oh, And there still is no noticeable pop at every shot, dispite what everyone is constantly telling me. I got me and my field that say no pop. just a more of a "shlump" sound. which is cool
Conclusion: My final conclusion: Battle ready barrel with much more durability then you might think. this barrel is very nicly created with no visual imperfections. This barrel is a huge step up from the series one deathstixs and has a positive outlook. Now if only they would find a way to make those stickers of "carbon fiber technology" and "kill >>>" more perminant rather then sticker It would be a huge step forward. this barrel recieves a 8/10 becuase it still has a little bit to go and im still a very hard marker.
9 out of 10Last edited on Wednesday, December 31st, 2008 at 9:37 am PST
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