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Umarex Usa Walther P99 RAM pistol Reviews

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Umarex Usa Walther P99 RAM pistol
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Number of Reviews: 1
Average Rating: 8.0 / 10
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The Walther P99 RAM pistol that is a .43 caliber marker which shoots a .43 caliber rubberball or paintball. RAM takes realistic scenario gaming to the next level by being almost exact in weight, function, and appearance to a real firearm. Military and law enforcement are currently using RAM for close quarter combat training all over the world.

Please check out the YOUTUBE video link below!
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The Umarex Usa Walther P99 RAM pistol is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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Stan_the_HitMan Monday, June 22nd, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
2 years16 of 16 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Other umarex .43 cal
Strengths: Realistic
Weaknesses: Smaller caliber ball.
Review: **Disclaimer**(serious part, but please read)

DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT take this marker out anywhere other than at a legal paintball field, shooting range, or proshop. Transport it in a carrying case or gear bag.

This is actually the Second P99 Ive had in my possession. I used to own one a few years back but sold it before I could really use it much. This time however I will take the time to get to know the marker a bit better before I oust it.

-<Video Section >-


The P99 like all Umarex handguns is phenomenal cosmetically. Iíve had some problems with the rear sight falling out so I got 2 this time. Curiously one falls out easily and one doesnít.

The 12 gram goes in just a bit further than on other RAMís , adding to realism

The Walther logo appears 4 times on this marker. Twice on the slide and twice on the handgrip. I LOVE IT.

The only real blemish on this marker is the added push safety on the trigger; Umarex also added this to newer P226ís. its ugly, gets pushed in easily rendering you temporarily useless on occasion when retrieving it from a holster in a game, and if you take it out your trigger is left with a big eyesore of a hole.


The biggest selling point for the p99 is ergonomics. It is built for comfortable shooting and is 100% Ambidextrous, so far it is the only RAM that is left handed shooter friendly.

Out of the box it comes with two sizes of palm inserts to cater to people with different sized hands. These inserts can be swapped on the fly by just removing a pin and pulling them out.

The magazines have a very distinct base and makes it almost impossible to insert them backwards like with other handguns.

Just like on a real P99, when cocked a red indicator at the back of the slide in a peep hole will appear to tell you the hammer is cocked. This is a great feature since the P99 uses an internal hammer.

On top of the slide is a De-cock button, a great safety feature which makes the stupid push button safety they tacked on for whatever reason obsolete.

Slide and mag release are on both sides as mentioned, and the de-cock can be reached from both sides with your thumb

There is also a bottom rail for mounting flashlights. It is not a true weaver rail but works.


The P99 is SUPER short and compact. Because of the handgrips shape (with the correct insert for your hand, trigger placement, and clear iron sights it is just pleasant to shoot. It feels like it was made with your (the shooterís) comfort in mind. Which it was

When I first put a 12 gram into it the velocities were spiking and fluctuating for the first 5 or so shots. I attribute this to the fact my 12 grams had been sitting in the sun. After said shots it stabilized SIGNIFICANTLY.

On the Chrono (after stabilizing out) it read:
251, 255, 254, 251, 251,

My old p99 was NOWHERE near this consistent. Also the hiss heard when airing it up was gone. I assume the P99 has some form of updated internals. At this point I was enthusiastically itching to try a consistency test

If the desert eagle blew me away with its efficiency, the P99 picked me back up, slapped me in the face, and dropped me on my ass again.
Doing the same experiment as with the desert eagle in room temperature, I took 1 shot every 5 seconds in volleys of 5 and then gave it a 20 second rest in between.

92 shots before the slide stopped going back!
On shot 90 I was skeptical, and chronoed shot 91 and got 212 FPS. Shot 92 was 207 and decocked. I was still able to empty my magazine by cocking before each shot.

After opening it up, I think the internals are the same as the upgraded Deagle ones, I think the reason it gets more shots per 12 gram is the slide is lighter and the barrel is shorter. Expect to get at least 4-5 mags when shooting quickly.

-< Accuracy >-

For my accuracy test I used a 1.5 by 2 feet plywood square as a target and marked off various increments of distance to shoot from. 1 magazine was used for each distance

Sunny conditions (minimal wind) Video recorded here:

Range / Shots on Target
30 feet: 9/9
40 feet: 9/9
50 feet: 9/9
60 feet: 6/9
70 feet: 3/9 (2 bounced)
100 feet: 3/9 (1 bounced)

When comparing the p99 to my desert eagle, the p99 was noticeably less accurate when shooting them side by side, but because of how comfortable it was to shoot, it was easier to hit targets and actually out-scored the desert eagle which was bulky and awkward to shoot and had much higher recoil.

Also on shooting the p99, the slide would not always lock back, and I would have to take 1-3 dry shots to get it to lock back. Not a big issue.

One thing I DID have an issue was the magazines spring. Out of the box the tension is far too high, every minute you have the tension on the balls in the mag is another minute they warp. My desert eagle did not have this problem, as it only has 8 per magazine, AND a lighter spring. I will be doing some experiments later to reduce the tension. Out of the box if you have your p99 holstered for any time over 20 min, donít expect to hit anything less than 30 feet away without emptying your mag.


The P99 unfortunately cannot be field stripped tool free. A punch and screw driver are required to remove the slide to get at the internals.

The upper components and Trigger are metal, but the grip frame is plastic, but it is not a cheap or weak plastic. It feels sturdy in your hands and could probably withstand being dropped even in cold weather. I canít say Iíve ever heard of someone breaking one.

General upkeep is pretty standard, a drop of oil on the asa oring with every new 12 gram and it should never dry out. Greasing the core once a year couldnít hurt (it comes greased out of the box, but if you disassemble it you will void your 1 year warranty, after that its your call).

Conclusion: Conclusion:

The P99 is a small, light, comfortable, high performance handgun. I can see why it is by far the most popular in the RAM line. It has a few minor issues to fix (magazine spring, safety button, rear sight) but none that majorly take away from the overall experience.

Personally I like my Desert Eagle more. With single controlled shots the Desert Eagle IS more accurate, but because the P99 is so much more comfortable to shoot you will likely get better accuracy in the heat of combat. Plus it holds one more round than the Deagle does.
The Desert Eagle is a manlier more intimidating gun to shoot, the p99 more practical.


Accuracy: 3/5 (Relative to handguns)
Efficiency: 5/5 (above and beyond average)
Consistency: 5/5 (+ - 4 )
Durability: 4/5 ( has a good mix of metal/plastic to balance off the weight)
Reliability: 4/5 ( The one I owned prior to this had leaking problems, and many other people I know with P99 had similar leaks)
Ease of maintenance: 3/10 (No Tool field Stripping)
Value: 4/5 (As much as .43 cal is not for everyone, I believe ANYONE could appreciate this gun from any walk of paintball)
Lasting Appeal: 5/5 (The Highest in demand .43 cal gun out there at this time.)
Special Category - Maneuverability: 5/5 (Engineered with the shooters comfort in mind)

Over all = 4/5

PBR = 8.5/10
8 out of 10Last edited on Monday, June 22nd, 2009 at 2:03 pm PST
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