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Scenario Dreams P90 Paintball Marker Reviews

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Scenario Dreams P90 Paintball Marker
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Number of Reviews: 2
Average Rating: 7.5 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $349

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
The P90 paintball marker is a field legal .68 cal paintball marker custom built for each customer. They can be built for left or right handed customers and comes with the following features:
P90 Specs:

Only commercial P90 marker avail.
Uncapped* firing rate (Semi and RT firing modes)

Modes: Semi, RT, Burst, Full Auto, CFOA (capped semi), PSP, NXL, and Nitro

Durable Airsoft shells with internal polymer re-enforcement
Clamping feedneck
QEV for high ROF
Offset hopper neck
Internal regulator
Colored eyes
Incredibly quiet
Remote line included
All the features of the Universal T-board

Red Dot
Tac Light

Product Availability 
The Scenario Dreams P90 Paintball Marker is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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joestricklett Wednesday, November 19th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
3 months22 of 25 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Tippmann A-5 with Response trigger
and J&J ceramic barrel
Tippmann 98 custom
Stone Cold 21" 3 piece barrel
Marker Setup: Scenario Dreams P90, remote line, Draxxus 68 x 4500 tank, NCStar reflex holo red/green dot site, Ion stock barrel, CMI tru-flight rifled quiet 16" barrel(unbelievably quiet), VL Eye Force Loader

Stock barrel is really accurate and quiet, Barrel upgrade not totally necessary. Hopper is important really important, not just for speed but for balance. I cheaped out and bought the VL Eye Force loader, when I should have gone for the Velocity Jr. The only other upgrade would be Some sort of sight or reflex site or red dot scope with an offset rail because the hopper obstructs your view and finally (if it is an upgrade) Tactical Sling.
Strengths: Low profile, Intimidation factor, accuracy, quiet, compact, original design
Weaknesses: P90 body is weak ABS plastic, no field strip ability, Velocity adjustment is annoying
Review: When I first heard about this marker, I began scouring the internet in search of it's very existence. I found mine on ebay, the seller was Scenario Dreams. I was totally psyched. Before I continue there is something you should know about these markers. To start they are airsoft guns modified with smart parts ion paintball innards. This process takes a while and is fully custom. No one mass markets these. They are all made by hand. The airsoft body is hollowed out and the trigger is modified so the ion body parts/ electronics can fit inside. The shell is then reinforced with resin/ hot glue to help the body resist impact. (keyword resist) do not drop, toss, kick or step on this gun it will break.

Four things that I had a tough time with, with this gun. 1. This gun needs an electro hopper, that however is not the problem, the balance is the problem, once the hopper is on and filled with paint it throws the balance off and over long periods of use my wrist began to feel strained. Why does this happen? the hopper sits off to the side of the gun behind the wrist which puts more strain on the forearm muscles 2. You can't field strip this gun. If you decide to field strip be very, very careful. Furthermore every time you disassemble the gun it brings you closer and closer to the gun not going back together tightly. What holds this thing together are screws not bolts so it will eventually wear out the female receiver and not hold. Field strip as little as possible. 3. The velocity adjusting left a little to be desired. The nipple that attaches to your remote line spins left or right to adjust velocity so you need a small crescent wrench. 4. Aiming. Because of the hoppers position I found it tough to aim with my mask on. The hopper also ends up right in you peripheral view on one side making it tougher to see opponents sneaking up on your flank. You will have to adjust or get a q loader. Also the trigger needed further modification to accept different barrels.
Other than that this is a fun marker. The looks are a huge plus and I was happy with the overall performance. I shot well and the profile was incredibly low. Scenario dreams has great customer service. They answered all my emails and questions. They were very helpful. One of the best features on this gun is the battery change out. The Battery is located in the butt stock of the gun. Slide a little button down and an access door flaps open. It is super easy. The gun also comes with an integrated tri rail for mounting whatever your heart desires, scopes, lights, lasers, anti aircraft missiles.
Conclusion: If you are into scenario play and love the idea of the P90 marker this gun is for you. If you want a gun that fires well right out of the box and needs little adjusting this gun is for you. If this is your first marker this gun might not be for you.If you consider yourself handy and enjoy modifying things this gun might be for you. Overall it is a great gun.
8 out of 10
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nav201 Tuesday, November 4th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
1 year11 of 11 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
i dont think i've ever seen another marker like this let alone used one.
Marker Setup: sd p90, q-loader, remote, tasco red dot
q-loader is a must
Strengths: Super low profile, unique, light, quiet
Weaknesses: Maintience, cramped(p90's are realy small)
Review: I got one of these last march, sent out an old ion and it came back as this sexy little thing. the best things about the sd p90 are,
1. your never, ever gunna see another player running around your local field with one of these. from what i understand each one is made by hand, so there'll never be many out there.
2. lowest profile ever. for those of you who play with tourny guns, grab your smallest marker,and take off the hopper, and the barrel, and your still gunna present a larger target than this thing(assuming you set up your p90 like mine).
3. this is about the quietest marker i've ever shot. you could compaire the sound of dry fireing most other markers into a pillow(i've actualy made a side by side comparison on that one)
4. super convenient battery access
5. the look of envy i get from all the mil-simmers who spent a grand on an a-5 that looks just like the one next to it :P

now for the weaknesses/flaws(there are alot of these)
1.this marker is constructed useing alot of parts that were not origonaly ment for the paintball gun that gets put in.this means that usualy simple tasks like cleaning your barrel cant turn into a 15 min disasembly/cleaning/re-assembly.(to clarify, the barrel partialy holds the trigger in place, so when you take out the barrel you need to be very carefull or the trigger assem will fly apart)
2.the airsoft body used is a little on the fragile side. havent broke mine yet,
but a few spots along the body are showing stress lines
3. the regulator is held in place by a metal strap around the top. on one occasion this acoualy let to it flying out of my marker while i was chronoing, because i unscrewed it without noticing(dumb i know, but i thought i should mention it)
4.this might not happen to all of them, but the conversion job on mine was kinda sloppy.
the body needs to be cut in several places to alow for the ion inside. as far as i can tell the cuts were done with a box cutter for the most part. except for the one which was burned out? this was easy enuff to clean up, but still annoying
Conclusion: Despite all the draw backs, i've made this my primary marker(for the woods at least) as long as your willing to deal with some slightly annoying cleanig requirements and you dont intend to smash it off a tree or something, this thing is a realy good marker. Small quick , and soooo pritty. It'll need a bit more love off the field than most markers, but it'll make up for it on the field. I think a seven is fair
7 out of 10
I found this review  
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