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Radical Plastic Tac-Ops A5FG Reviews

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Radical Plastic Tac-Ops A5FG
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Number of Reviews: 3
Average Rating: 9.0 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $40

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Tactical Operations A5 Foregrip.

The Tac-Ops A5FG gives players a solid hold of their A5 while also allowing low ground or close quarters engagement. The longer hand position gives more leverage, stability and better aim. An ergonomically tested and textured grip prevents fatigue and allows for left or right handed players.

-anti-fatigue and anti-slip ergonomic design
-high impact solid poly construction
-low profile for tactical ground engagement
-forward bias for excellent balance
-symmetrical design for left or right hand ops
-single point attachment for quick install or removal

Uses existing A5 front bolt and attachment point.

Designed and manufactured in Canada.
(MSRP includes free shipping to Canada and USA.)
Product Availability 
The Radical Plastic Tac-Ops A5FG is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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greggorievich Thursday, December 3rd, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
6 months2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
Stock A5 Grip
Wide variety of "Real Steel" foregrips.
Marker Setup: Tippmann A5, Polished Internals, Opsgear G36 Stock, Varying barrels as need dictates.
Strengths: Comfortable
Improves ergonomics/shooting (for me)
Weaknesses: Can be slightly heavy
Smallish for goon hands
Doesn't "Look Milsim"
Review: Review: Radical Plastic Tactical Operations Tippmann A5 Foregrip
Recently I received a Tactical Operations A5 Foregrip from Jeff (AKA Frosty) at Radical Plastic ( ), and I thought Iíd post up a review for it. Forgive me if things jump around a bit, as this is my first official review. Alright, so letís get started.

I was looking into the A5FG because I was unhappy with the stock foregrip, and didnít feel like doing a pile of modding to mount a rail and get a better one, or get a shroud. I had developed a habit of not using the stock grip, as for my style of play I prefer a horizontal grip, more like a conventional rifle. I saw Frostyís signature from A5OG advertising his blog for the A5FG, so I sent off an email, and I was hooked up with a grip.

Shipping was pleasantly speedy, arriving in under a week (your mileage may vary, I was relatively close to him geographically, and in the same country), and he kept in email contact to make sure it arrived. As I excitedly destroyed the packaging, I opened it up to find the grip, and a pleasant thank you letter with more information about the installation and use.

I had a few expectations of the grip when I received it, having made a few things out of various plastics in high school shop class, and had seen pictures of it online prior to receiving it. There were a few things to note here. It was a bit smaller than I expected, then again not everyone has goon hands like me. ;) I had thought it would be hollow, however I was pleased to see that it seemed to be solid plastic. This of course meant that it was slightly heavier than I had expected, but it really isnít much difference, since an A5 is already on the heavy side, and the difference is negligible.

Attachment to my A5 was easy stuff; you just remove the old foregrip, move the nut in the A5 frame as far forward as it will go, remove the washer from the bolt that was in the old foregrip, and slap the A5FG on and bolt it in. It sits solidly on the A5, and doesnít move anywhere at all. About ĺ though my first day of testing it developed a very slight wobble, but half a second with an allen wrench fixed that up, and it hasnít wiggled in the three games since. I assume it just needed to wiggle a little deeper in its notch. This is a vast improvement on the stock foregrip, which wigggles loose and falls off if you look at it funny.

The ergonomics of this grip, for me, are fantastic. Itís comfortable to hold, put my hand in a perfect position, steadied my aim, and (though I havenít scientifically tested this yet) it enhances my accuracy and hit count. Once I combine this with a nicer barrel, I will be able to determine with more sureness what its effects are on accuracy. From having used it, though, Iím positive that it gives me a more stable shooting platform, and I shoot better. This may be different from you, if youíre used to shooting a speedball marker, it might not work as well. For me, though, itís fantastic. Iíve used it in every shooting position possible, and it works remarkably well for me. The lower profile is also fantastic, as I like to low-crawl, lay prone, and sneak up on people. :)

Having been told that this grip was tough, Iíd decided to test this theory. I beat it up pretty good, within the limits of paintball use. It stood up fantastically for regular play.
Then came phase 2 of the toughness testing: hard use. I laid a smackdown on this grip, and, like the A5, took the punishment and was no worse for wear. A few details of what I didÖ this is of course abuse of the product, but in the spirit of testing I decided to be unnecessarialy mean. My grip has been smacked on trees, covered and scrubbed with sand, dropped several times, and skidded over gravel. I was going to run it over with a truck, but my buddy wouldnít let me drive his truck. The grip withstood the beating well, with only some scuffs and scratches on the finish, which were very much diminished when I cleaned it.

Actually, now that I think about it, I should talk about the finish a bit. Itís best described as ďstickyĒ, whilst being made of hard plastic. Itís hard to describe, but the plastic is roughened up a bit, and doesnít slip on your hand, especially if you have a glove. It works wonderfully in play.

The grip also got covered in paint and cleaned up rather well. Mine has some silly blue stains from our field paint, but thatís because the field paint is awful for stains and I didnít wash it right away. Any other paint I used though cleaned off flawlessly, itís just that crappy local field paint that got baked on in my car. All I did to wash it was a scrub with a stiff brush and some dish soap and hot water, then rinse it. The Radical Plastic website recommends applying a bit of oil or something to that effect, but I found it unnecessary.

More than a few times did I get a second look or comment on the field about my ďSniper ForegripĒ so I guess one could say it has a somewhat unique look about it, itís definitely not a common thing on fields just yet. I like the way it complements the look of my A5, however anyone wanting their marker to look like something in particular would probably not like this, as itís not ďM4 ForegripĒ, or anything of the like.

All in all, the Tac-Ops A5 Foregrip is an incredible piece of equipment, and I would definitely recommend it. If you have any questions I can be reached at and pbrewview as greggorievich, and I'm sure Frosty at Radical Plastic would love to help.
Conclusion: If you like a solid grip with excellent ergonomics to the point of not noticing it's there, and a unique look, the A5FG is definitely worth picking up.
10 out of 10
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ZuluBeatShow Monday, January 26th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month
More than 5 years
Products Used:
Stock A5 grip, umpteen pumps
Marker Setup: A5, polished guts, low-profile hopper, smart parts progressive 14 inch barrel.
Strengths: Easy to install
Great customer service/response
Solid construction
Weaknesses: Won't work with a Flatline
Cost is a bit high (only a bit)
Review: I'm pretty old-school, and I don't often buy mods for my plain-and-simple A5. When I do, I like the mod to be cost effective, functional and do more than pretty my gun.

More than anything, I like the mod to have an impact on game-play, and I get this from the A5FG, which lets me lay down more comfortably and switch hands more comfortably than the stock vertical foregrip that comes on the A5.

The A5FG is simple, well shaped for either hand and solid. It bolts on easily, minus the little washer the stock foregrip uses. It looks good (hey, I said I wanted mods to do MORE than just pretty my gun, not that I dislike aesthetics), and as soon as I started using it I forgot about it, which means its doing exactly what its suppose to do.

To be clear, the spirit of Chuck Norris did not inhabit my body, turning me into a lethal paint-dealing messenger of fury. For that I'd apparently need to buy a Bob Long gun. This is a forty dollar foregrip, and its not going to radically change your game. The impact on game-play that this mod does allow is in comfort.

About the only thing I don't like is that I can't use this with the Flatline barrel I'm about to test out...maybe I'll hate the Flatline and end up back with a normal sized barrel that will allow me to use my A5FG, but if not I'll have to pick one and leave the other.

The cost on the A5FG is a bit high, but for a comfy dual-handed grip that looks good and is a solid improvement from the stock vertical grip I'm happy...and remember, I'm cheap.
Conclusion: I do recommend this for someone who wants a simple and undoubtedly durable foregrip. It looks good and performs well.

Bolt it on, go play, forget its there until some asks "where did you get that?"
8 out of 10Last edited on Monday, January 26th, 2009 at 8:45 pm PST
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kospauste Wednesday, October 29th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month
3 years
Products Used:
Various shrouds, folding grips, Lapco aluminum foregrip replacement.
Marker Setup: Rhythm Innovation A5 w/ APE board, Palmer's HP reg., JCS folding combat stock with RVA, 8 inch Lapco BigShot, Tac-Ops A5FG, full TechT Cyclone upgrades, stainless steel fittings. Light and tight, just the way it ought to be.
Strengths: Size
Grip posture
Weaknesses: Size (see review)
Review: I'm a tinkerer by nature, so I've modded my A5 to death, to the point where the only original parts are the cast body halves and the valve. The one thing I've always hated is the foregrip of the A5, especially if you run a ex. chamber or reg. from the vertical air tombstone; it's always been too tight and cramped. I always wanted a rifle or cradled grip much like on the old Pro Carbines, so I tried shrouds and undermounts, but they were always too bulky or made the marker front heavy.

I found this fellow Canadian by accident one day and loved the shape of the grip he was offering. It gave the same low profile and nice rifle grip that I've been looking for. I ordered one and was a little apprehensive about the materials or the construction (I thought it might be hollow and brittle). Boy was I surprised; a very nice solid block of slightly pliable 'resin' (rather than the brittle feeling composite material) with a nice non-slip texture. It was a perfect fit for my A5 and I took it out two nights in a row to break it in. My only criticisms of it are minor. Installation is a bit hard, since you need the original grip screw and you have to push into the material in order for the screw to bite into the nut. The other small comment (and the maker of this grip has been super friendly and receptive) is it's relatively small depth. If you are left-handed (like me), you might feel your hand bumping up against the bottom of the Cyclone feed. I think if it were to be extended by another 3/4" or so, this will solve the problem. This is only a slight annoyance and doesn't affect the excellent performance of the grip.
Conclusion: This is the finest foregrip I've ever had the pleasure of using. I highly recommend buying one insteading of wasting money on 'Milsim' shrouds and grips. Performance and weight are the most important things, and it doesn't hurt that it looks badass too. The score reflects the fact that it is almost ideal, buy hey, nothing's perfect.
9 out of 10
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.
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