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Tippmann TPX Reviews

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Tippmann TPX
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Number of Reviews: 38
Average Rating: 7.9 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $230

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
The new TPX™ .68 Caliber Paintball Pistol boasts an innovative, compact design, specially engineered to be lightweight, easy to maintain, customizable, and best of all, dependable. Check out more exciting features below, or click on the pistol features above and watch for the official launch planned in mid-April.

• Metal Trigger Punctures C02 On First Pull
• 2 Self-Locking 8-Ball Magazine Clips
• Quick Release Magazine Feed System
• Under Barrel 12 Gram C02 Air System
• Easy To Load 1/4 Turn C02 Cap
• External Velocity Adjuster
• Internal Regulator
• Ability to Add Remote Line
• Ergonomically Designed Grip
• Covered Ammo Windows
• Removable Barrel with X7 Threads
• Maintenance kit is included
• Deluxe carrying case is included
Product Availability 
The Tippmann TPX is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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Ziie Saturday, April 18th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested64 of 67 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Marker Setup: Right out of the box TPX
Hammerhead Barrel
Strengths: Extremely Light
Easy to hold
Dead Accurate
Easy to reload both Mags and 12grams
Weaknesses: Needs good paint (if you call that a weakness)
kinda loud
Review: -First a side story-
While playing paintball at my local field, my SP-8 stopped working during a game. I called up at the pro-shop and asked if they would take a look at it. Turns out the board was fried but the owner asked if i wanted to play for the rest of the day. He pulled out the TPX and said "we just got this in yesterday and we need someone to field test it.. you want to?" Needless to say, i said yes.

So, for the rest of the day i main'd the TPX with only two mags but i couldnt have been happier. The pistol is extremely well made and dead accurate. I had a blast using it in both 'city ball' and woods ball.


The main thing i was worried about with the TPX was how accurate was it going to be. I was impressed. The first mag I put in it didnt have the greatest of paint in it but the first three shots were right on top of each other. However, you need good paint to put in it to keep it consistent. If you have good paint, where ever you aim, the paint is going straight there.

The magazines are easy to load and release from the marker. When you push the mag release, the magazine pops out just like the Tac-8 and your ready to pop another one in. Nice and Quick. The magazine itself doesnt feel flimsy or could break easy. They're not as solid as the pistol, but i had no worries that they were going to break if i dropped them.

You can get about 25-30 shots off one 12gram Co2, depending on the velocity. I was having no problems putting three mags through before changing the Co2. Changing the Co2 isnt hard or time consuming at all. The 1/4 screw is easy to do, just push down on the cap and twist and it pops off and then you pull the 12gram out, pop another one in, put the cap back on and ready to go. The first trigger pull punctures the Co2 (which you can actually kinda feel it do) and the next pull you sending paint down the field. Beautiful system. Quick and Easy to do.

One of the cool features of this gun that i used a lot more than i thought i would was the little "ammo windows". There are three on the side and one on top. I used the top one most often because i only fire one ball at a time usually. It was just really helpful just to look down and see a ball in the chamber.

The pistol itself is a well made and solid peace of engineering. I was impressed with it. From just holding it to using it in the field it felt and performed great. After the first game i felt like i knew the gun back and forth and have been playing with it for months. I was automatically popping on the safety after the game was over, loading the mags, and putting new 12grams in. Just a well made gun overall.

The case is nice too. Just like the Tac-8's, it is a hard plastic black case with padding in it. Basic maintenance tools, extra mag, and instruction booklet.


If you want nice consistently accurate shots, you need good paint in this marker. The first magazine had decent paint in it but was 'winging' paint every other shot. The second magazine had a lot better paint in it and all 8 shots were right on top of each other. This may or may not be a weakness but you need good paint.

The pistol is a LOT louder than i expected. Its not much louder than a Tac-8 but you can easily tell the difference. Im not for sure if the hammerhead barrel will make any difference, but when i get mine, ill come edit this and give you an update.


To finish up my story. At the end of the day, I brought it back and and pre-ordered one with 4 extra mags and the hammerhead barrel.
Conclusion: This is a Great paintball pistol. All my worries about this marker have vanished and cant wait to get mine when the pro-shop gets them in. If you want a great pistol to main or have a really good side arm. The TPX is for you. Its extremely well crafted and dead accurate pistol.

Im giving it a 9(.3) because no marker is perfect so i wont give it a 10 but its close. I knocked off a tad bit because of how loud it was. Everything else about this marker is solid. From how accurate it is to how well it was crafted. I am extremely impressed with this marker and it has surpassed my expectations. If you are wanting a pistol, the TPX is one of the top paintball pistols out (or coming out) right now. You wont be disappointed.
9 out of 10
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Pr0freestyler Tuesday, August 11th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
3 months29 of 29 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Marker Setup: Pistol: TPX pistol, 5 mags, remote line adapter(not on yet), tippmann sniper barrel

Rifle: Tippmann a5, Full freak kit with All American Apex tip, car stock, 3-point-sling, ricochet hopper, a few homemade mods, remote line, Lapco 45 degree offset sight rail with a dye izon sight, green laser attachment, and a HPA tank
Definitely a barrel, the [OLD] tippmann sniper barrels work amazing, haven't tried the new model yet.

A few extra mags too so you don't have to reload them during a game.

Must use marbalizer or equivalent paint (read below)
Strengths: Small
Easy to Hold
Feels durable
3 Solid Magazines before shots start to drop
Weaknesses: Puncturing sometimes
inaccurate stock barrel
NEED to use hard shell paint
Review: Okay, so I'm gonna try to talk about a lot of issues everyone else seems to have and how to correct them but first a general review.

**Durability 10 out of 10
As with all Tippmann products you can expect the TPX to be just as durable as any of the other markers. The frame is plastic, but I trust that Tippmann used a very durable type.

The magazine aren't as strong a material as the pistol itself but at the same time, those are generally in the gun or in a pouch so I don't see any need to make those out of titanium. Plus they are very inexpensive and if it breaks tippmann is good about replacing parts free of charge. For the games I've used it for which have incorporated a lot of diving and rolling the TPX holds up great.

**Functionality 9 out of 10
The quick turn cap for the c02 is amazing, it is very easy to replace the cartridge when you need to. And the spring loaded magazine eject is amazing. The magazines literally shoots out from the bottom making it very easy to quickly change out mags. Loading the mags is fairly easy. However, you have to make sure that the balls sit offset left then right the entire way up the magazine and the ball at the bottom needs to be at the lowest point in the magazine. If you don't load them properly you may have the balls jam in the magazine causing breaks in the chamber and on the mag itself. I give functionality a 9 out of 10 just because you have to be conscious of how the balls load into the mags.

**Style 10 out of 10
Just look at a picture of the pistol. Enough said.

**Skill building 10 out of 10
This pistol really forces you to work on being a better and more aggressive player. Since you don't have many rounds per mag, you will have to make more runs on people hiding behind cover to get them out and you will have to learn how to conserve your rounds and take only the shots that count. Plus it makes you feel like a hero when you come around a bunker and get all three guys hiding behind it with your pistol.

**Rate of fire: 10 out of 10
As fast as you can pull the trigger (with good paint, [read below])

**Accuracy: 7 out of 10.
You can't expect much from a 6 inch barrel. So for 6 inches I guess its good. I HIGHLY recommend getting an upgraded barrel. However, I have a gut feeling against the tpx hammerhead simply because it is still a very short barrel. I believe you need at least 8 to 12 inches of barrel to get maximum range, but I'm not positive. If you happen to know the exact lengths leave a comment of the length needed. I haven't used the hammerhead though, just a personal thing. And I do understand that it is a pistol, not meant for long ranges, but I've played over 15 games with the pistol and have needed the extra range that I couldn't get with the stock barrel more often than I thought I would.

**Cleaning: 4 out of 10.
Best bet would probably be to stick a squeegee through the grip and pull it out the barrel to make sure nothing gets in the grip, or worse, on the rest of the internals. I'd highly recommend taking it apart if you have a break in the chamber and cleaning it after the game even if you have to sit one out to do it. The reason for this is so that you don't accidentally get some paint on the next magazine. This will cause the balls not to load fully into the chamber then get chopped making your problems worse. If it just breaks in the barrel though, just take it off, clean it, put it back on and you are good to go.

**Upgradeability: Hoping for 10 out of 10
I'm sure Tippmann has a few things coming that are gonna be pretty awesome, hopefully a rifle conversion like the T9.

Fact or Fiction?

*The TPX breaks almost every ball it fires*
-BOTH Fact and Fiction.

It all comes down to paint. One of the cons of this pistol is that you MUST and I repeat MUST use paint with a hard shell in order for the magazines to load the gun properly. Which is evident because almost every negative review you see has to do with balls breaking and jamming. I used to think the same way till I tried a different type of paint. In my experience the best paint was Marbalizer. It has a hard shell and its a smaller ball so it fits better in the magazine with minimal pressure on the other balls. If you want to know WHY you need a harder shell, read on, if not, skip to the next paragraph.

So the purpose to the hard shell is this, when you put the 8 balls in the magazine they press up close against each other and can put dimples on the paintballs. If the balls "dimple" too much, it may cause them to not feed all the way into the chamber before firing. This will cause the bolt to hit just the top half of the ball causing a break. You'll know that this happened if you take out your magazine after a break and there is paint and shell covering the top of the magazine.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is temperature. You MUST keep your spare magazines in a place where they will not heat up too much, and that includes the time between games when you have your equipment sitting on the table. Make sure the extra mags are in the shade. The reason for this is that as the paintballs heat up they become sticky and more malleable (they squish into different shapes easier) So, when the magazine spring engages you don't just get dimples, you get very warped, sticky paintballs. This will stop the ball from loading fully into the chamber and you'll get paint all over the magazine just like before. If for some reason you're still not sure why this happens or what I mean, the next hot day take a few paintballs and put them out in the sun for a few minutes. Then press them together and watch how they stick together. Now imagine that happening inside your magazine; There is no way those balls are going to feed into the chamber sticking like that.

My advice, spend the extra cash and get the marbalizers. If you are using them in just your pistol, 500 rounds will last a long time.

*There are defective internals. ie: the oring on the bolt keeps breaking, the co2 doesnt always puncture, various orings are breaking*

It's true, SOMETIMES there are defective parts inside the TPX. However, just call Tppmann and tell them what your problem is, they will send you whatever part needs to be replaced for no charge. I know this first hand. After about 7 years my a-5 finally needed a new linkage arm. I called tippmann and they sent one free of charge. I did the same with a TPX magazine and a few o-rings for the TPX. They are very hospitable at Tippmann and stand behind their products 100% Treat them well on the phone and they'll treat you better.

On some specifics now, the first thing is be honest with yourself. Is there a possibility that you might be putting something in wrong, did you change anything or scrape anything on accident? Even if you did, Tippmann will help you out.

As for the co2 not puncturing, I've experienced this a few times and realized that the reason was because the tank was being punctured off to the side for some reason. To fix this either, try pulling the trigger very hard once (if you can), or take the co2 out and rotate it about 90 degrees, reinsert and try again, or lastly, there is a mod you can do by simply placing a piece of tinfoil or some other material behind the piece that engages the co2. For more detailed instruction on that just google it and you are bound to find it.

I personally haven't experienced the bolt breaking the o-ring, but just make sure that when you put the pistol back together that the oring sits in the pocket made for it on the back of the silver piece where the balls load into. If that doesn't work, call the friendly people at Tippmann and they'll definitely help you out.

Lastly, I want to start a running tally of paint that works great in the TPX so just add a comment when you find one that works great for your TPX and we'll just keep it going.

-Get a better and longer barrel
-MUST have Marbalizer or equivalently hard shelled paint
-Keep your spare magazines somewhere cool. NOT in your front or back pockets or anything that will keep the magazine close to your own body heat. At least try a cargo pocket if you must. Once those paintballs get too warm you wont be able to use the magazine. Period. I keep mine in a mod I made in my pod pack. So I just wear that with no pods, just the magazines.
-When loading the magazines, make sure that the bottom ball sits as far to the bottom as possible, then each ball after needs to be offset from the previous. So left, right, left, right all the way up or vice versa depending on how you are holding the mag.
Conclusion: If you want the challenge of using a pistol as your main, or want a fun sidearm and have the cash, this pistol is great. I've had a ton of fun with it, especially with the upgraded barrel. My recommendation is get this pistol and a better barrel to go with it, preferably a longer barrel (longer than 8 inches) and MAKE SURE you get marbalizer or equivalent paintballs to use or you won't be happy. I give the TPX a 9 out of 10 because an upgraded barrel and marbalizer or equivalent paint are a must. Other than that, I love using this pistol.

And one more thing, if you disagree with something in this review, don't dispute it, just leave a comment on what needs to be fixed and I'll fix it. Thanks and I hope this helped you guys. If anyone wants me to add anything just comment and I'll do my best.
9 out of 10Last edited on Wednesday, August 12th, 2009 at 4:56 pm PST
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SLO Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
6 months16 of 19 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
Overlord- which also is a great gun
-less moving parts

-its a bigger handgun
-sight rail catches holster on quick draw
Marker Setup: -TPX w/ Hammerhead Barrel
-Hammerhead barrel
-Dont know about the rest yet,
I assume the springs would be a nice upgrade
Strengths: Look in Review body
Weaknesses: Co2 cap freezes
This is the ONLY TRUE problem

Review: -Accurate
-Paintball view window is great
-Light weight
-Co2 in the barrel
-Handle fed clip
-Looks great
-Feels great
-Easy take apartand put back together(inbetween games)

I love this gun
-The problems i listed are NOT problems with the gun with the exception of the Co2 Cap freezing but..., come on, when i play with it im shootin rounds off fast so its expected to have some freezing issues

-I would like to see Tippmann make some sort of insulated Co2 Cap to keep the
pins in the cap from freezing so i can get the cap off when I need to change Co2
in the middle of a fire fight


- For everybody that is having problems with the paintballs breaking,
its cause youre using low end or old paint
- I have the hammerhead barrel,
1.Take your barrel off the gun
2.Drop a paintball down the barrel,
-If the paintball drops all the way through, then the paintball isnt going to work.
-If tthe paintball gets stuck then you have some good paintballs
3. The rifling does no good if the paintball is not a tight fit
-The shot will be wild because the paintball is bouncing around in the barrel


- I believe its the same if you have the stock barrel.
********X-Ball paintballs seem to do well****************

- And finally it seems the BIGGEST PROBLEM people are having is the Co2 is not puncturing.
**************PEOPLE PLEASE OIL YOUR GUN**************************************

- The oil lubricates your guns working parts and PUNCTURING PIN

-Its easy drop 2-3 drops of oil on the puncturing pin before you put a Co2 in
-You will need to do this about every 6 clips to keep your
puncturing pin working properly.
-This means you need to carry oil out on the field with you. You
should put the oil in a ziplock bag so it won't leak on you.

-As long as your gun is oiled well you can pop off as many rounds as fast as you
want with NO PROBLEMS.

- The rest of the gun will oil its self as you shoot

-Dont put any object into the Co2 compartment to get a better puncture,
it has nothing to do with it, Tippmann knows what they are doing , theyre not going to make a mistake that big. Doing this could cause damage to your gun, which could in return HURT YOU. We are dealing with compressed gas, which is nothing you want to get on you. So dont put things in your TPX's Co2 chamber to try and get a better puncture.

AND if your not oiling your main gun then you need to
-Just drop acouple of drops in where you attach your air supply
Conclusion: I hope i helped a few of you out with the problems that youre having with this great gun. If you are haveing problems with your TPX that I didn't help you with then please call Tippmann's tech dept. They've always been very helpful to me.

I love this gun.
The hand gun makes the head shot all that much better.

all of the problems ive had and heard about are human error
oil your gun and get good paint

this gun was everything i was hoping it would be

its fun playin woods ball with nothing but duel TPX's, alot of extra mags, and some grenades.

tpx is a great buy

i honestly give it a 10
See ya on the field
10 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, October 6th, 2009 at 2:55 pm PST
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PistolPete93 Friday, July 3rd, 2009
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month13 of 25 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Other Tippmanns
Sheridan PGP
Sheridan PGP 2K
Marker Setup: Golden Tippmann X7 AK47 RT Red Dot Sight
Pump Traccer with Silencer
Worry about getting it working before upgrading. Tippmann has no right to release aftermarkets until they make the pistol work.
Strengths: Uh.. looks
Weaknesses: Jams
Squeaks loud
breaks orings
cant puncture the co2
trigger problems.
Review: The accuracy of this review is not bias, and shall not be disputed.

I have owned my X7 and loved it for years. I have owned a pcs pistol and a pgp and pgp2k for just as long.

I have never been so disappointed with a tippmann, or any marker for that fact. So Im going to get straight to why this is.

*A month ago* I got this tpx. Awesome. I take it outside, air it up, but wait, I pulled the trigger and nothing happened, so maybe its the cartridge, Ill try a new one. NOPE. This thing had trouble puncturing cartidges, so when the slight chance it did happened, I would pull the trigger and nothing happened. WTF? so I take it apart and nothing seems wrong. Sometimes when I fired it would, and other times it wouldnt. The trigger was having problems reseting.

So I went about all the forums as to why this was happening. So there is a mod where you take a little foil and put it under the cap where the trigger moves the peircing pin. So I did that and now it punctured the co2 better. KEY WORD BETTER! So now, it keeps breaking the oring on the bolt! so whats up with that. (on a side note, I origanally planned to get the holster with it, but couldnt because my store sent them back because they were recalled.)

So I changed this oring on the bolt and when i fired it, it still broke, shattered and flew out the barrel. And top it off it made this horrible squeak when I released the trigger, as loud as the shot was. mmmmmmmmeeeeeeeep. a loud as squeak, that doesnt sound good.
so because of all this I took it back to the store, and here it is.

ME: I bought this a few days ago and have had nothing but problems. it sqeuaks real loud, it keeps breaking the bolt oring

CASHIER: alright, these are pretty new and we havent even taken one apart yet, so im just gonna give you a new one.

He opens a tpx box and says "Ill put a cartridge in to make sure it works." Puts a cartridge in , pulls the trigger, nothing. "Maybe its the cartridge." Gets another 12 gram. still nothing. now he goes to his coworker in back "hey, any tricks for the tpx to puncture cartridges?" so he goes and opens another new tpx. puts air in and it finally fires"ther we go"
and I get a new tpx and leave.

So i dont touch it at all because I know im gonna use it paintballing (which was 2 days ago) So Im with friends at the field and start using it. I noticed during games that when I pulled the trigger sometimes it was delayed, or did not fire until I released the trigger, or after the trigger had been released from the initial pull. So whats up with that. 2 days later. (today) I used it alot at the field. So The first mag I put in, i pulled the trigger, and nothing came out. I dropped the mag and noticed all the balled were stuck and/or jammed together in the zig zag pattern that they are in the magazine. I also expereinced the same trigger problems and puncturing problems.

AND...jamming. a ball breaks and the bolt jams foreward. the bolt stays there until you can pop it back with a squegee.
Because of the small puncture in cartridge, when you try to fire fast, your velocity drops until more air can enter through the regulator.

I truly do not know what to do with this thing. I emailed tippmann when I had the first one, and they told me to send that one in because there was a recall and theywere replacing all the puncture pins with longer ones. Maybe this might solve the problems.

so how about the pros! Yaaaaaah. It looks cool....
it uses magazines...
as for acuracy and shots per 12 gram....

I am not impressed at all. accuracy is not any better than ant other piistol, so whats the hype about that?. and for gas consumption, I only get about 18 shots. 2 times less than a pgp(obviously) but it is still less than my usp which uses a cocking bolt.(I can get 25)

Truthfully this pistol doesnt perform much better than any other. until tippmann fixes these flukes, itll stay that way. I know I am not alone with these problems either. Much talk on the internet about the cartridge thing. along with the squeaking.

I sent in my tpx on july 27 and it was signed at the factory on the 28. i live near chicago and the factory is in fort wayne in. Its aug 8th and I havent recieved it back...

Update aug 22 09
I recieved my TPX back 2 weeks after it was recieved by tippmann. It came back with a new adjustable co2 cap. It still squeaks loud, and i was told this would go awa with normal use. We'll see. I only put 2 cartridges through it, and most of the stuff was solved, except for the squeaking and it wanted to break a lot of paint.
Conclusion: Im sorry. This doesnt perform better than any other pistol. Accuracy, 12 gram capacity, and reliability have all been taken into account. I much earned 3. And I understand how some of you are thinking :"well you cnt judge the many TPXs by the one bad one you had" well, it wasnt one it was 2 .
3 out of 10Last edited on Saturday, August 22nd, 2009 at 9:31 am PST
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BAGELZ Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month11 of 11 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
None; this is my first pistol ever used.
Marker Setup: Tippmann A-5 w/ Commando Air-Thru Solid Stock + Foregrip, 18" Stiffi Barrel, Remote Line
Leg Holster, obviously... (no way this thing is fitting into your back pocket) Possibly an upgraded barrel, or a TechT Low Pressure Spring Set, but i haven't bought either of these items, so i wouldn't really know...
Strengths: Looks
Nickel-Plated Trigger
Weaknesses: Mag-Eject Button
Ammo Windows
C02 Ejection
Review: Well, after approximately 6 years of playing paintball, I finally decided to get a pistol. During that career i had used a 98 custom for 3 years and switched to an A-5 for the other 3 years and counting. Both of these guns worked fine during their use and the A-5 is still working (98 broke down about a year ago, 5 years of hard use is pretty good seeing as I NEVER CLEANED IT ONCE, just didn't really know how and didn't care enough back then, though now I clean my A-5 all the time).
Anyways my whole career the #1 thing that bothered me about paintball was the vertical hopper that sits on almost every paintball gun. Eventually I got used to it and it didn't bother me very much, but one day i found an A-5 hopper that i just had to have. Why? Because it was pretty much non-existant! Within a week i had my hands on the Opsgear 30-round Tac-Cap, which basically made my A-5 hopper-less and i could see everything. I absolutely loved it... but there was a catch.... My friends and i play a lot of speedball as well as a lot of fast-paced woodsball, therefore a 30-round hopper wasn't ideal. I loved the low profile and the alertness that was needed with a tiny hopper, but it was outweighed by a lack of sheer firepower. So i switched it out for the typical 200-round hopper and now it is used as an ammo scoop to put balls in my big hopper.
Then I saw the TPX in my local paintball store. At first I had no intention of buying it, as i figured the 7-round magazine capacity would be impractical and definitely not realistic for the whopping price tag. However, I had been thinking about buying a new gun for a little while, and at the same time i didn't wanted to give up my A-5 in place for a new one, as it still worked great and i had already dropped 300+ bucks into it. So my mind kept wandering back to the TPX. Eventually I gave in and bought it, and i have to say I'm liking it a lot...!

The TPX is a great sidearm, but there's a lot of others out why the TPX?

As far as .68 caliber paintball pistols go, this one is probably the best looking pistols out there. Although looks are highly opinionated and it usually comes down to personal preference on what looks good and what doesn't, this one, in my opinion, looks awesome. Of course, it ain't no Desert Eagle, but it does look surprisingly similar to the Halo magnum. I'll take it.

Out of the box, this gun feels incredibly sturdy. When I first held the showcase gun at the store before I purchased my own, the first thing I noticed was how sturdy it was. It almost felt like one big piece, and i wasn't worried that it would break if I dropped it or smashed it into something. Trust me, this thing is SOLID. Enough said.

When I first got this marker I was extremely nervous about its performance. Being my first pistol, I didn't really know what to expect from a 6" barrel. Well, after quickly unloading two clips through it at a water bottle forty feet away, my fears were put to rest. Pretty much every shot hit the target. As long as you don't try to snipe people with it, I think it works pretty well.

Well, through my 6 years of using Tippmann guns, I've learned a lot about them and their potential. By far the one thing that makes Tippmann unique from other brands is how much paint, junk, grime, dirt and debris you can put through your gun before it jams up/breaks completely. As I said before, if my 98 custom lasted 5 years without ever being taken apart and cleaned, I have great expectations for the durability/reliability of the TPX. Come on, it's a Tippmann! Jam your barrel into the ground, dump some water and dirt into it, break a ball in the barrel and still watch it somehow hit a guy sixty+ feet away. HAAHAA!

I don't even what's so cool about this feature- it just works with the overall gun. It just kinda stands out, and it feels much more sturdy than a generic plastic trigger. Just makes you feel a little more Rambo-ish, like you could somehow take out eight guys with a seven-round clip. Only thing better would been to have made it gold-plated... i so would have loved to take people out gangsta- style!

Sure, no gun's perfect, so the TPX is bound to have some sort of minor issues. These are the only features I seem to have a little problem with...

A little awkward to push at first... I either have to (1) use my index finger to push it, which eventually starts to leave a blister in my finger after multiple reloads because of the extra pressure needed to push it in since your finger is already wrapped around the slightly-oversized grip, or (2) slighty rotate my hand on the grip when ready to reload so my thumb can reach the button with enough leverage to fully push it in. Sure, this is actually a very small issue, but i would have liked it to be in a position where I didn't have to adjust my handgrip every time I needed to reload. Also, if you are Big-Handed (...?) then this will probably not be an issue at all.

Again, a very small problem, and it ONLY pertains to people using the newer Tru-Feed 7-round Mags for the TPX. The issue is simple- if using the Tru-Feed Mags, the ammo windows on the grip pretty much become useless. It is impossible to see if there are balls still left in the two lower windows, and the 3rd window only allows you to see half the ball. When Tippmann designed the new mag, it seems they did a good job in designing a mag that reduced ball chops/jams, but the open cut where you can see the balls in the mags is misaligned with the ammo windows. By upgrading one feature of the gun they completed negated another. Anyways, I never use those ammo windows anyways, just the one on the top of the gun, but I could see that becoming annoying for someone that used them.

Sure, a lot of people say how easy it is to change the Co2 on the TPX- and it is, just as long as it is loading it or ejecting it when it is completely out of Co2. IF THE 12 GRAM STILL HAS "ANY" CO2 IN IT, YOU AIN'T GETTING THAT CO2 OFF! This is a big pain in the heat of battle when you have to shoot 5-10 extra blank shots before being able to put in more co2. The 12 gram usually gets about 2-3 mags before losing pressure. Once your gun loses pressure, it'll be another twenty seconds before it fires again. When it loses pressures, it'll make a "pffft" popping noise and the ball velocity will drop drasticaly. Then you have to make sure ALL the Co2 is gone by repeatedly pulling the trigger until the "pffft" noise is gone and nothing happens when you pull the trigger. This is pretty much the only big problem, but there's nothing Tippmann really could have done better because if they didnt make the CO2 chamber that tight then the gun would have air leaks galore.

Conclusion: Overall, if you're looking for an awesome paintball pistol, this is the one to get. My big decision was between the TPX and the Tiberius Arm T8.1. However, since I own all Tippmanns and am familiar with their performance, I knew this gun wasn't going to let me down. Not to mention the mags for the TPX are only $15 each, whereas theT8 mags are a whopping $40 each. Basically it all comes down to those two pistols, preference, and moneybags (which I have don't have, and TPX is cheaper). Anyways, this gun is awesome, I'd give it a 10 but it took a hit for the Co2 removal. Just a sweet, fun, good- looking gun. I wouldn't be surprised if I see more and more people and their mothers buying this gun in the future. The best part is running around pretending its a magnum making gun noises with your mouth and quoting lines from Dirty Harry. Did I mention it was fun?
9 out of 10
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SenarioPlayer09 Friday, July 10th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month11 of 13 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
T8, T9, PGP
Marker Setup: Stock out of the Box
Nothing i can see right now, a barrel may help
Strengths: Weight
Weaknesses: Pickyness of paint
Review: Ok, so i purchased this gun despite some bad reviews from other users. Before i started i called and asked Tippmann if there is anything special i should know with using this gun.

Their responce was - Make sure your using good paint. Also make sure the paint is not sitting out in the heat for extentend periods of time. I asked about the co2 cartridges and they said the only brand they have seen an issue with is Copper head.

So i did what they said, i got draxxus blaze paint, used a diffrent brand of cartridge than copper head. The gun shot Amazing i had no issues with it at all. it shot better than any other pistol i have ever used. This gun is accuarte. Still a little loud, but nothing to be alarmed about.

I will mention this and i had this issue with both my T8 and T9 and i tested it out on the Tpx. If you leave paint sitting in your clips for a period of time when its very humid, the paint gets rubbery and wont feed. So i only took out as much paint as i knew i was going to use.
Conclusion: Great Gun, Shoots awsome, Weight , Look, Feel, A+. I will say if your using any pistol you need to have good paint and know that if the humitiy out side is too high the paint will swell and wont shoot threw any Pistol

i would like to see more accesories for this gun, so i am giving it a 9 out of 10 because of that.

If your looking for a pistol buy the Tpx
9 out of 10
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Capt'n Morgan Monday, July 6th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month10 of 10 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Tac 8
Marker Setup: Red/Black Dangerous Power F8
- 14" Smart Parts Freak Kit
- Black VLocity
- 68/4500 high Pressure Crossfire

Custom Painted Tippmann A-5
- 14" Freak Jr
- Palmer's Male Stabilizer
- Vortex Mod
- Polished Internals
- Urban/Winter Camo Paint Job
- 20oz CO2 Anti-Syphoned

Tippmann TPX
- 3 mags
- Tippmann Holster
New barrel (if you can get your hands on a stock A-5 barrel it adds 2" of length over the stock TPX barrel.
Strengths: - Balanced
- Size
- Weight
- Efficiency
- Appearance
- Simplicity
- Feel
- Grip size
Weaknesses: - Some seams don't meet up tightly
- Reg wobbles a bit
- Sometimes jams
Review: I got my tpx last week after waiting on it since it's release date. I only waited so long because of a screw up on the part of Action Village and one of my friends who I ordered it through. I still figure I have gotten it much faster than most others in the Toronto Area as I've only seen one other person with a tpx other than my friend.

Here through Badlands (ughhhh) it is being sold for 284$ CDN which is about 320$ with tax (280 USD as of today). They are selling single mags to my understanding for about 40$. Their prices are a bit high, hence why I bough from the states. Enough about Badlands and on to the product!

I payed roughly 300$ US for the tpx, a extra mag (so I have three total) and the leg holster form Tippmann. That stuff here would have easily cost me 370$ here (the states is wicked for buying cheaper stuff compared to buying in Canada).

So without babbling on anymore lets get to the review.

The tpx is a well balanced (although slightly front heavy) marker with a very very nice feel to it. It's grip is small compared to the grip of a Tac-8 and fits very comfortably in your hand. The trigger has a very good build quality to it and looks fantastic being made of milled aluminum.

Although the two receiver half's are made of a plastic, it is very durable and tough. It is what allows this pistol to have a comfortable weight to it (pick up the knew Kingman .43 caliber pistol and it weighs a ton more). The only metal portion showing other than the trigger is the barrel housing (where the words tpx are on) which is a solid block of aluminum. The only issue I have with the exterior construction of the tpx is that where the two receiver half's meet in some places the edges are roughish, and bellow where you make regulator adjustments the two half's do not meet up 100%. The regulator also jiggles around but not by much.

Other than minor things, the tpx inspires confidence in it's exterior design and I think most will agree, it looks bad ass. I have no doubt in the strength of the plastics used by Tippmann to build this pistol.

The interior is another strong point, being very simple and straight forward. It's operation is not complex and is easy to understand. It is easy to assemble and dis-assemble without having to resort to the manual (at least in my case). Just don't loose the mag eject spring located in the grip under the trigger. The interior is highly compartmentalized, allowing for the gun to be easily repaired if needed.

Tippmann made a very wise choice in using A-5/X-7 threading for the tpx. This is a strong point as there are many barrels that will work with the gun, they just need to be "thin" barrels to fit in the barrel housing of the tpx. Tippmann milled the end of the stock barrel to give your fingers some grip while unscrewing the barrel; it also adds to it's appearance somewhat.

As for the performance of the tpx, I'm very happy. Accuracy wise it performs much like a tac 8 (also having a similar sound profile), but a aftermarket barrel would add to the tpx's abilities. The consistency I can not complain about, being a +/- 5 fps on the first mag and most of the second. As the CO2 runs low, consistency decreases but its not visually noticeable until the last few rounds of the 4th mag.

The efficiency of this gun is nothing to complain about, getting 40 shots (maybe a couple more) to one 12 gram when it is about 75-85F out. As the temperature is lower the number of shots will decrease. If the temperature rises the number of shots will increase. This is the nature of CO2 and has nothing to do with the gun. It can not be avoided.

One of the biggest strengths of this marker is that the mags are cost effective. I've seen two mags on sale for 30$ in the states online, and that price undercuts the price of just one mag for a tac 8. I think in my opinion cost effectiveness in the initial purchase and the cost of mags is the biggest advantage of the tpx over the tac 8. The mags are also easy to clean as you can just run them in water. The mag eject is spring loaded and is very smooth. The Co2 cartridges are easy to insert, and remove (unlike the ones in tac 8's)

I see in the future extended mags coming that are able to hold more that just 8 rounds.

The tpx doesn't seem to friendly to some paint although in MY case Formula 13 works well (although my friends tpx chewed it up). I'd recommend a thicker shell paint to be used with the tpx. Pistols can not shoot tournament paint very well if at all.

Another huge benefit of the tpx is it has a built in remote line adapter. I'll never use the feature but for the tac 8 I know you need to buy a adapter. For some this may be a feature that will be the deciding factor in buying this pistol.

The case the gun comes in is typical, being a hard plastic with foam padding inside. It comes with everything you will need for general maintenance and most repairs. You also get a typical Tippmann manual shoved full of information. I like the fact tippmann included the serial number on the case, a nice touch to a already great package.

The only problem I've had with my tpx seems to related to the magazines. I've noted that some paints that have a thin shell with more give, will jam up (maybe even break) while being fed into the gun; typically the top 3 paintballs in the mag is where the problem is. This is a paint issue I think and also a heat issue as the warmer it is, the more "mushy" paint will become.

The other problem is that the seams below the reg do not meet up and leave a small gap. This allows the reg to jiggle a bit. I put a tank o-ring on the reg to create a snug fit that stops the reg from wobbling but it has increased the gab between the receiver halfs slightly. Its not much of a concern but is annoying.

I'll be updating this review in the future as I use my tpx more and more. For anyone who is interested, my tpx's serial number is 001857. I will be posting a cost comparison between the tpx and the tac 8 in the near future. The tpx certainly has the cost advantage over the tac 8 though.

Conclusion: I would recommend this to anyone looking for a pistol. It is for sure worth a look and imo is the best pistol money can buy out there right now.

It has a lot going for it, and I see a lot of after market stuff coming out for it in the future. It is a very good product.
10 out of 10
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TerribleTom Monday, June 1st, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested8 of 9 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
RAP4 - Walther P99 Replica .43 caliber
Marker Setup: Primary Marker: Tippmann 98 Custom, Pro Team Commando F/X kit (14 inch barrel, adjustable stock), Dark Horizon Titanium Lite Hammer, custom trigger sear spring, Cyclone Feed hopper, BossMan M16 mag kit - I've never had a ball chop in my Tippy.
Strengths: Well built, easy to use, adjustable velocity, light weight, .68 cal ammunition, MADE IN USA!
Weaknesses: So far, only noticed that its slightly nose (tip) heavy, due to 12g chamber
Review: After my lousy experience with the RAP P99 .43 pistol, I was very leery of buying another pistol of any brand. The desire still lingered however and when I saw the TPX reveal - I knew I had to give it a try. I've had nothing but great experiences with my Tippys in the past and had confidence they would make a great pistol.

After waiting for the preorders to fill, my TPX arrived today (6/1/09). Easy load, easy gas-up with the 12 grams, easy operation. I had not even fired a round and I was impressed.

I set up a paper target in front of a sheet of plywood in my garage. At about 35 feet, one round at a time, while aiming was very accurate. I watched at least two rounds go through holes made in the paper target from the proceeding round. Granted you could call that luck, but I was attempting to aim as accurate as possible, not rapid fire.

Under rapid fire use, the grouping at 35 feet is excellent. I plan to do more in depth testing this coming weekend, at targets greater than 35 feet. But I already suspect that the results will be good. I will post updates as I test it in greater depth. Keep in mind however, that a pistol will never have the range and accuracy of a well set up traditional marker. Simple physics (length of barrel) will determine that. Don't take a pistol, compare its accuracy to that of a traditional marker, and expect them both to perform the same.

Using cheap Walmart Copperhead 12 grams, I was able to consistently empty three clips. The fourth clip would get off anywhere from 2-5 more rounds before giving out. I had hoped for a little better performance than that. But I'm not giving the TPX any poor marks for it.

The TPX has a pressure valve designed to bleed off any excess pressure. I noticed that the marker did just that. Its good to know it does what its designed to. Pressure spikes can damage internals and cause chopping. Kudos to Tippmann for that thoughtful feature. I did notice velocity changes when firing rapid VS slower one-at-a-time. After a three shot burst, velocity dropped. I waited a moment for the liquid CO2 to warm up and expand, and velocity was back up again. Nothing new to most users of CO2.

I doubt paint quality will make all THAT much difference in accuracy, simply because it IS a pistol. But always recommend a good paint if only to reduce the chance of chopping.

Conclusion: I am VERY glad I bought it, can't wait to try it in woodsball scenario play! I highly recommend this marker. It is cheaper in cost than some of its competition, but not in its quality and performance. The TPX is better served as a back up marker, or for those who prefer to move light and stealthy and go for the one shot kill method. I feel confidant that I could use the TPX as my primary marker in a game and perform quite well.
10 out of 10Last edited on Friday, June 12th, 2009 at 6:05 pm PST
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Amras86 Thursday, June 24th, 2010
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month7 of 7 people found this review helpful.

6 months
Products Used:
Marker Setup: Tippmann 98 Custom Basic
Flatline Barrel w/ Tactical Rails
GTA Expansion Chamber
Double Trigger
TechT Hair Pin Trigger Kit
Cyclone Feed System (Votex Mod, Lightning Rod, Squishy Paddles, QEPH)
Low Profile Hopper
Collapsible Stock
Red Hot Power Tube w/ Derlin Bolt
TechT Zero Kick Hammer
Response Trigger
Remote Line
Adjustable M16 Sight Rail

Tippmann Bravo One
G36 Barrel
Cyclone Feed System
Aluminum Power Tube w/ Derlin Bolt
NcStar MARSH Front Hand Grip

Tippmann TPX
Remote Line Adapter
TechT Low Pressure Spring Kit

JT Tac5 Camouflage (Completely Stock)
Low Pressure Spring Kit
Strengths: Accurate
Great Backup Marker
Weaknesses: Cleaning Broken Balls
Review: I bought this marker to add to my collection and use a side arm when I run out of paint in my primary. Usually when I run out of paint I get rushed by one or two guys and usually end up getting eliminated from the game, but now I have a last resort. This marker works beautifully out of the box. I noticed the last review done on this marker was in April or '09 and I hear Tippmann has worked out all of the bugs since then. I am seeing a lot of negative comments that simply aren't true with this marker anymore.

First of all this marker is light and compact compared to your typical marker. It shoots very straight, I have yet to use a Hammerhead barrel so I am not sure how much better it could be. The clip loading is both awesome and a bit tedious. Overall its just a basic paintball marker, but in pistol size. Its great. I strongly recommend the TechT TPX Low Pressure Spring Kt. Before I installed it, I was getting at most 2 full clips per 12g CO2 cartridge. If I adjusted the velocity to get more shots, the balls didn't go as straight. If I adjusted for more power, the balls would break very easily and I'd maybe get 13-14 shots. With the spring kit, I am easily getting 3 full clips and I am shooting and roughly 280 fps(not confirmed). Not one ball has broken in my TPX since the spring kit.

The number one problem for me is when you do actually break a ball in the gun(very rare), you need to take it apart to get the paint out. Typically when you break a ball in your marker, the paint usually just comes out as a blob. Not the case here. In my experience the paint just stays in the gun. Disassembling this marker is not very hard at all, I find all of Tippmann's markers very easy to clean and maintain.
Conclusion: I am sure if you read the reviews you'll learn to be cautious with this marker, but I can assure you that whatever those guys are complaining about, Tippmann has fixed it since the last post made in April 2009. It worked beautifully out of the box and even better with the lower pressure spring kit by TechT.

Score: 8/10

It gets an 8 because cleaning it can be a huge pain in the ass. Once you break a ball you can either sit out of a game for about 20 minutes and clean it, or you can continue to use it and risk breaking more balls. This can render the marker useless once you break a ball. If you dial the velocity just right that you are getting good accuracy and no breakages, you will love this marker when you run out of paint and your enemy is closing in on you.
8 out of 10Last edited on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 at 7:38 pm PST
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Delux247 Wednesday, June 10th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested7 of 8 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Tac 8
PT Enforcer
Marker Setup: CCI Phantom

Strengths: Light
Comes with two mags
Grip fits hand a little better than other pistols
Weaknesses: Hard to take C02 out
Review: One of my buddies bought this pistol as soon as they came out. At first glance they look very nice. I like the look and the weight of the pistol. I am usually more of a fan of metal paintball markers, but for a side arms I don't mind. The TPX is as accurate as any other pistol I have used. These are made for close-range shooting, so as long as you shoot up close you'll hit whatever you aim at. This comes with two mags which is awesome, however, they aren't metal so you need to be careful with them while playing. If you drop one on the ground make sure you don't accidentally step on it, they look like they might break easy. I watched a review on you tube about these guns and I heard that the mags don't release balls if you remove the mag with paint still in the mag. If you don't shoot any paintballs the mag comes out with paint intact, but say if you shoot a couple of rounds and then you want to take the mag out, be prepared for a couple of balls to drop out. Having the C02 in the front of the gun does make the grip more comfortable, I like this, but it is a pain to take the C02 out of the gun. You have to shoot ALL the C02 out before you can easily replace a new cartridge. Sometimes my buddy had to shoot the pistol until there was no more pressure left, then wait for 5 seconds, and shoot again because there's still pressure inside the pistol building up inside. It's time consuming, especially while playing in a game or during a battle. If you are a player that plays with C02's a lot with your markers, you know that it's wise to replace the C02 after 25 shots or so because anything after that the FPS will begin to drop. So if you try to replace the C02 on this pistol early be prepared to fight with it. If you break a ball inside be prepared strip the gun apart to clean it out all the way. The barrel doesn't take very long to clean (unscrew the barrel), but if you are like me and take great care of your gear and clean everything inside and out, you'll be cleaning for awhile.
Conclusion: Cool pistol. It has it's pluses and minuses. If you were to compare all the pistols and choose which one is the best, it all depends on the user. All of the older pistols work fine, but they aren't mag fed. The TPX and Tac 8 are the best overall, but they both have issues. Do your research and find out which issues you don't mind on both pistols. I give this rating an 8 mostly because of the C02 replacement issues. All of the other issues to this pistol would give it a 9, but the C02 issue tops it off. Perhaps all of your TPX's have no issues with replacing the C02's, good for you, but for me being a player that uses C02's all the time with my pump it's a big deal.
8 out of 10Last edited on Monday, June 15th, 2009 at 9:20 am PST
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