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Dangerous Power Rev-I Reviews

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Dangerous Power Rev-I
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Number of Reviews: 6
Average Rating: 8.0 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $850

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
After more than three years in the making, the REV-i is DP Engineering’s most anticipated creation to date. Designed to fulfill the paintball enthusiast’s dream, the REV-i showcases incredibly innovative features that are sure to make it one of the most sought after markers in recent memory.

With sleek race car inspired lines and design, the REV-i’s polished body features an innovative 'window' option to view its powerful engine, the flawless internal bolt system. With just five o-rings and one moving part, this patented operation has earned the approval of the most demanding paintballers and techs worldwide. A newly designed pressure gauge fits snugly in the rear, where all it takes is a quick glance to check operating pressure, and DP's ingenious new 'Switchblade Trigger' gives users the option to experience two different types of triggers with a simple twist.
The REV-i also combines its incredible appearance with ingenious circuitry, providing the user with intuitive and dynamic options. Showcased by a rear mounted OLED display and a multi-colored backlit acrylic panel, the REV-i circuit board contains an astonishing number of customizable settings, Including the revolutionary ‘Tune Assist’ and creative ‘break out’ modes, among many others.

Designed and built with passion and pride, the DP REV-i takes competitive paintball to a whole new level. Get your hands on one, and prepare to blow the competition away.
Product Availability 
The Dangerous Power Rev-I is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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meMYSELFnI Friday, May 22nd, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month17 of 17 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Marker Setup: Rev-i
68/45 hp assult reg
Strengths: Impressive Board
Rear Gauge
Barrel Kit

Weaknesses: Have to use long Allen wrench to remove bolt.
Dent, dent spring size (small)
Review: I've only had it for about a month so I haven't had a chance to put it through every situation, but from opening the box, I was excited. Included was 3 very large stickers with DP emblem. Which was cool but they're so large I don't know what to put them on. :( Although, I did put one on the side of my brothers boat. :)

The Marker comes in it's own custom leather case with a place for everything to fit securely. It's got a gloss finish that is flawless, and the anodizing looks like it's heavy. No milling or machine marks on it at all. Looks like a very durable finish.

Case Includes:

Barrel Condom
DP-40 Lube
DP's mini Ball Hex Allen Wrench Set (Standard) All the Allen Wrenches you need for the marker.
O-rings for the bolt and back cap
Full Color Manual with pictures for maintenance, disassembly, and programming board.
Key chain
Metal Insert in case you don't want the clear window
2 Larger Allen Wrenches. 1 for taking out the bolt, 1 for removing rear screw that holds frame
14" and 16" Fronts
.685, .689, and .693 Barrel Backs

I've been using my Threshold for about a year and a half. The Rev-i shot the same at first. Once I did the Auto Tune function on the board it shot like a Threshold on steroids. It went from feeling like the marker was using force to shoot the balls to speed to feeling like the marker was barely trying and effortlessly throwing the paintballs to speed. The Auto Tune made it feel SO much smoother and it took only a couple minutes to do. It made it feel like I thought the Rev-I should feel in my minds eye before I got it.

The weight, size, and balance really impressed me. It's feels light, but solid. Not cramped at all and is probably one of the most comfortable markers that I've held.
The milling design on the reg and body make for a very natural feel for my forehand. Plenty of space for walking the trigger even if you're the type that uses 3 fingers like my friend. The reversible trigger was a great touch and makes we wonder why it hasn't been thought of before.

The trigger has 3 screws that adjust the settings. One for the travel before it trips the micro switch, one for after it trips the micro switch, and then a screw for to adjust the strength for the magnetic return. I haven't messed to much with it since it's felt great out of box. Makes me believe they test and tune them before they are shipped out.
It's also got very, very, little side to side play. Not really even noticeable.

The RAPS (rapid air pressurizing system) ASA has a better lever design than what I've seen before. The finish makes it super smooth to open and close and the lever has a similar design like what is on the G3. The difference is where it pivots on the delrin on the internal pin. The lever has a more distinct flat for when it's fully engaged. Once you start to lift the lever, about 3/4" off the RAPS body, it'll just flip open. The original design was great, but this one is refined. I've heard of the gauge on Myth air regs hitting the lever, but since I use the guerrilla assault reg so no problem here.

The board is amazing. APE did a great job on it and you really have to play with the thing to really appreciate the versatility. 6 profiles that you can store custom settings, a main menu that you can customize. You can reprogram what PSP, NXL, etc.. to comply with the organization's rule changes. Custom and preset breakout modes.. Tourney lock.. The list goes on. You would have to check out the manual on to semi appreciate the board and shoot the marker to fully appreciate the board. I seriously doubt that there will be an aftermarket board for this marker since any company would have to pull something out of their hat, to one up this board!
They only thing that it didn't have is the ability to refine the dwell. You can only program in 1ms increments which isn't a big deal. You can however refine the shots per second in 0.1 increments, so you can set it to 13.3bps.

Some of the other DP markers have had bounce issues. The board is versatile enough to have bounce if your settings are off, but I haven't experienced any. I believe the adjustability of how the trigger moves, the 2 in 1 trigger design, and the board, would customize to anyone's shooting style.

Mine has been getting approx 1500-1600 on my 68/45 shooting 280fps. I haven't refined the settings so you might be able to squeeze a bit more out of it, but I don't think much. It just really depends on how you set up the marker.

It also comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Conclusion: The Rev-I is $850 and I think it's a great price. The case, board, barrel kit, allen wrenches, and the quality of the marker.. Any other company would have set the price well over a grand!!

2 things I would change.
I would like to see and would improve the design to make it a tool less stripping design.
The spring dents work great, but I would like to see a design that would be less likely to loose.

Nothing is perfect, but this marker is close. That's why I rated it 9/10

Overall, I am extremely impressed with the complete package!
Highly recommend buying one.
9 out of 10Last edited on Friday, May 22nd, 2009 at 6:58 pm PST
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fofist05 Saturday, May 23rd, 2009
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month3 of 9 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
DP G3 SE and '09 Proto Rail
Marker Setup: Im running a Rev-i with a Dye UL 14" barrel, Dye Rotor Loader, GA 68/45 tank. No upgrades to gun
Strengths: Looks
Awesome Board
Easy to walk the trigger
Awesome shooting perfomance
Weaknesses: Air hog like the g3.
Review: I've only tested the new DP Rev-i and so far I am very impressed with it, the board is awesome and any player would find that the tune assisst is amazing!!! All in all a super solid gun I honestly think it is a little on the pricey side, I could have gotten a Bob Long Vice for the same price but Im a big DP fan. The gun will hang with any gun out there but it always depends on the player, no problems with the HPR or HPR elbows, it feels great, looks great, and shoots great. Another great gun from DP.
Conclusion: My final its a great gun go get one!!! and people always hate on DP, its because they have never even shot or owned one!!! But its no DM9 or TIMI
8 out of 10
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richied-94 Tuesday, March 16th, 2010
Period of
Product Use:
3 months2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
DP Threshold
DLX Luxe
Planet Eclipse Etek 3
Planet Eclipse geo
Marker Setup: Blue ocean Rev-i:
- 70ci 4500psi dye throttle carbon fiber tank
- Blue Dye rotor
Dark Earth Threshold:
- 50ci 4500psi carbon fiber pure energy stubby tank
- Black Dye rotor
Strengths: - Milling
- RAPS flip asa
- ONE moving part!
- OLED board
- 2.1 lbs
- Accuracy
- Sexy
Weaknesses: - When you scratch it...... you will cry.
- Steep learning curve to the OLED board.
Review: - Milling: The milling on the rev-i is absolutely beautiful! The tri-tone color scheme looks great on this gun! The eye covers flow with the rest of the gun and make the gun look like it's worth well over $900.
- RAPS flip asa: DP's patented RAPS flip asa is one of the best and simplest asa's on the market today. The Rev-i does hold some air in the regulator after you remove the air source, but the rev-i will automatically release all the left over gas after about 10 seconds of non-use.
- ONE moving part: The rev-i uses a dump-valve system which they actually patented. The system only uses 4 o-rings and ONE moving part!! The maintenance of the rev-i is practically idiot proof.
- OLED board: The APE OLED board in the Rev-i is the most customizable board on the market today. It does have a steep learning curve but does compete with virtue and any high-end boards. You can customize different profiles and change everything from dwell and trigger return to the color of the board LED.
- 2.1 lbs: This weight includes the gun with the 16 in barrel and battery. The gun is ridiculously light!!
- Accuracy/ Consistency: The gun comes stock with a barrel kit. The kit includes 3 barrel backs (.693, .689, .685) and two barrel fronts (14 in, 16 in). With this kit, you can just pick a bore that best fits your paint and shoot extremely far and straight. With the stock regulator broken in, your gun will shoot a consistent +/- 5 and run efficiently on a 68ci tank by shooting around 1500 shots at 288fps.
- Switch-Blade trigger: The trigger on the rev-i is a magnetic switch blade trigger. It can be sithe shaped or flipped to become a curved shape.
- Back Gauge: This ingenious design helps you see the EXACT pressure inside of your gun and acts as a safety precaution by depicting the pressure and visually showing you if there is too much pressure in your gun.
Conclusion: I would recommend this gun to someone who is looking for a solid marker in the sub $900 that needs no upgrading what-so-ever! The OLED board will take some time to master because of it's steep learning curve but once you learn and use the gun to it's full capacity.... you will have one kick-a*s marker!!!
10 out of 10
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paintballing93 Friday, May 29th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
3 months2 of 7 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
Geo Egos Dms all that jazz ya know
Marker Setup: All stock Revi Halo loader and 68/45
All stock 08 ego Halo loader and 68/45
Strengths: OLED board
Maintaining it is easy
i love the little window, it distracts me

Weaknesses: Cant find any
Review: Well i must say i always loved DP and i must say i LOVE this gun its my back up on my ego 08 and i must say i use my Ego and my Revi interchangeibly because some times i dont even know whats better. Greeatt job Dangerous Power you guys are doing something spectacular to the future of paintball.
Conclusion: I would definitly recomend this gun no matter what u play.
10 out of 10
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yamaharider29 Saturday, May 1st, 2010
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month0 of 1 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
dangerous power g3 se
dye dm7
Marker Setup: marker is perfect out of the box
Strengths: light, fast, APE OLED board, trigger,looks, gage.
Weaknesses: Loud, has some kick
Review: Overall this is a great gun for the money but it is not the best gun ive ever shot. In my opinion the way to go is the g3 and just put a tech t bolt in that and it shoots amazing. The nice thing with this gun is that is comes with a full barrel kit 3 backs 2 fronts. Comes with a nice color manual. The board is amazing. the gun its self if it didnt have that board i wouldnt pay over 250 for. Its not all that great if you want a good gun and ur already spending 800 dollars just save ur money and get a geo or ego or a dm way more worth it for something like that.
Conclusion: I would probably not reccomend this gun just because u can get a g3 for 300 and it shoots way better than the rev-i
7 out of 10
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Firefly074 Wednesday, July 7th, 2010
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested0 of 38 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Marker Setup: MacDev Droid
Strengths: Fast
Weaknesses: cleaning
Review: when reading up on this gun, i really liked it and wanted one. my buddy got one and let me test it, i took it as my back up gun to a tournament, and was very glad i didnt have to use it. the frame is nice, it shoots well, but i cant justify going out and buying one of my own. while it is a nice gun, the price is way too high. this is a gun more on the performance level of a PMR or Etek, but still at the price of a Geo+ or a used DM9. it needs a new reg right out of the box, before 2010 DP regs were shim stacks, and just horrible to clean, would spike velocity, and be really inconsistent. after 2010, they turned to a spring reg when they released the G4 and the FX. not sure if plans to rerelease the rev-i as an upgraded gun are in the works, but for now, this gun is just not worth the money. it would be a great $600 gun, but a terrible $850.

its hard to clean, to get the bolt out you have to stick a tool down the front of the gun, the tool is hard to replace too if you lose it. the board, while nice only lets you shoot in whole number speeds, like 12 or 14 bps, not 12.33 or 14.5. there is no LPR, not many spool valve guns besides a matrix has a LPR, but its a great thing to have on any gun. the trigger is hard to adjust. and very poor efficiency. 1000 shots on a 68/4500 tank
Conclusion: If you can find one in good shape and dont have to pay over 500 for it, go for it, but there are much better guns out there.
4 out of 10
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