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Planet Eclipse Planet Eclipse Ego Ten Reviews

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Planet Eclipse Planet Eclipse Ego Ten
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Number of Reviews: 3
Average Rating: 9.7 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $1250

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
The Eclipse Ego10. This 6th Generation Ego is the start of a new direction for Planet Eclipse and the focus of the engineering behind the marker. For the first time since the inception of the Ego model, the Ego10's main design brief and focus has been placed on smoothness of shot and even finer resolved paint handling. Every previous Ego has been developed with the express intent of maximizing the cycle speed of the Ego design, speeding up rammer and bolt movement and minimizing pneumatic and electronic delays wherever possible. Whist this has produced arguably the fastest under-and-over poppet paintball marker on the planet, it can equally be argued that the Ego has not been one of the smoothest shooting.

Well that is all about to change. Paintball is changing. No longer is the perfect marker the one that will shoot and cycle the fastest. Today, more than ever, players want and need to be able to shoot the most fragile paint, with the smoothest shot. And this is the direction that the Ego10 will start taking us in.

Using some of the very latest Ultra High Speed Video recording facilities, as well as micron-accurate, 50,000hz sampling speed, laser displacement sensing equipment, the Ego10 has been developed to produce bolt speeds that are more gentle on the fore-stoke so that paint is handled in a much more gentle manner when being loaded, and that opens the poppet valve in a way that helps reduce sound signature, and then returns in a way to help minimize the recoil imparted into the body by the rearward motion of the bolt and rammer and reduce rear-stop rebound.

Yet even though the cycle has been significantly slowed down, due to the unique design of the direct-mounted solenoid, the Ego10 still has extraordinary pneumatic responses that mean no time from switching on the solenoid to the bolt starting to move is wasted. The result: Still 28+bps fire rates, but smoother, quieter, better-handling feel.

With a smoother cycle, come other benefits. Wear and tear are significantly reduced. Bumpers, valves, and all other dynamic components suffer less brutal forces on every cycle hence longevity is added to each of those components.

Mechanically the Ego10 incorporates some of the technology of last season's SL94. The Zick2, which is an intrinsic part of the pneumatic drive system, is designed to both have a softer initial kick-off on the forward stroke, which helps load the ball more gently and helps minimize bolt-strike breakage of the paintball, but also cushion the system on the return stroke into its rear-stop position. Both these attributes are key to helping achieve the fundamental goals of the Ego10.

Sitting above the Zick2 kit there is now a body-cut contoured Cure3+ bolt. The main body of the bolt carries the same upper profiling and cupping as the standard Cure3 bolt, which massively reduces both bolt-strike impact on the ball being fired, but also ensures that the bolts leading upper edge has the least amount of impact possible on the second ball in the stack. Impact fractures from the bolt on the second ball are common place when using force-feed loaders, and the Cure3 ensures those fractures are kept to an absolute minimum. But what is new on the Cure3+ bolt is a new 2-piece design. The new second piece sits inside the main body, is held in place with the bolt pin, and is removable and interchangeable without the need of any tools. The standard Cure3+ found in the Ego10 comes with a ramped insert that gives the air path from the valve to the face of the bolt a nice smooth transition through its 90 degree turn. But the real beauty of the design means that the insert can be quickly and easily removed and replaced for any future upgrades that may be developed for this bolt design.

Up at the front of the Ego10, below the lightened LPR cap, there is now an additional vent in the main body. This little vent hole is further testament of the desire to make the Ego10 the most reliable high-end marker out there. The little hole is nothing more than a vent, but its simplicity is its beauty, in that it makes it impossible for any kind of HP air from the valve chamber to bypass the internal LPR body seals and contaminate the LP air that feeds the Solenoid and Rammer. This added protection for the solenoid further enhances the durability and reliability of the whole marker.

Electronically the Ego10 has also had a complete overhaul. Of course the key features that have kept the Ego at the top of its game, such as Opto and Micro switch trigger actuation, are still there. But the heads-up display, GUI, microprocessor, solenoid drive circuit and expansion socket have all seen some major changes.

The four layer circuit board is home for a 16-bit, 16mips PIC microprocessor, running at 3V and with advanced power saving features. The increased number-crunching power of the processor allows for much more sophisticated control algorithms, leading to a smooth and seamless operation of the marker, and the 64K of internal program memory provides ample space for future firmware expansion.

The solenoid drive circuitry has been optimised with a focus upon the consistent and repeatable operation of the solenoid and multi-level prioritised interrupts within the control firmware ensure that timing fluctuations are virtually non-existent.

Standards have traditionally been a problem within paintball's manufacturing community and so the Ego10 expansion connector supports UART, SPI and IIC interfaces, providing flexible upgrade capabilities. Planned expansion boards from Eclipse include USB and RF interfaces.

The liquid crystal display module (LCM) has been completely redesigned from scratch. This is not a commercial display, made to fit into a paintball marker but a custom unit

engineered specifically to withstand the rigours of the modern game. The chip-on-glass design is completely sealed against the ingress of paint, water and aggressive lubricants and is further protected by a plastic surround which also serves as a rigid mounting system. Transflective LCD technology means that the display doesn't wash out in strong sunlight, contrast actually improves in brighter conditions whilst using significantly less power than OLED technology. When light levels are lower, a tru-colour RGB backlight can be configured to the user's colour of choice via software.

The viewing area of the LCM has been increased by 92% over the previous model, improving the resolution while maintaining dot pitch and the Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been overhauled in order to take advantage of this larger viewing area. Readability has been improved with increased font sizes; Windows pop-up with useful status information; Range bars indicate the adjustability of parameters; Smart Menus reduce clutter by removing parameters when not required. Usability has been improved in a number of subtle, but important ways. It is now possible to scroll through the run screens with a single button press, allowing the user to quickly access all of the available information; The tournament lock can be quickly toggled with the press of an internal pushbutton; All of the user adjustable control parameters have been grouped into a single menu and can be easily viewed regardless of the state of the tournament lock. Along with the instant and peak ROFs the two Rate of Fire screens display historical data in the form of histograms allowing the user to monitor rate of fire consistency and thus analyse the way in which the trigger is being pulled. The Shot Counter screen features an adjustable and selectable Shots Remaining Gauge which allows the user to quickly estimate how much paint they have remaining.

All together, the changes made to the Ego10 have been entirely player-focused. It's been designed to be easier to shoot, smoother to shoot, more reliable, more consistent, require less day-to-day maintenance, easier to adjust and just generally nicer to live with. What you won't find different with the new Ego10 is our industry-leading levels of customer support, our commitment to support the players in the locations they use Eclipse products, and our commitment to educating and training technicians and service centres the world over.

An Eclipse Marker is more than just a collection of metal and wires. It is the Complete Package.


* Weight - 903g/1.98lb Including 14" Shaft3 Barrel, Battery, Feed Tube, OOPS
* Length - 531mm Including 14" Shaft3 Barrel
* Height - 208mm
* Width - 26mm
Product Availability 
The Planet Eclipse Planet Eclipse Ego Ten is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.
ProtoFan Monday, February 15th, 2010
Period of
Product Use:
3 months17 of 17 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Angel Fly
Ego 9
Marker Setup: Ego 10
Deathstiks Carbon Fibre 14" Edmonton Impact
Empire Prophecy
Guerrilla Air 45/68 with Myth Reg
Barrel (like every stock marker)
Strengths: Ego = AK-47 of Paintball
Easy Maintenance
Sweet Spot Tuning
Weaknesses: Loud
Typical "Ego Lob Shooting"
Review: I can't believe no-one has done a review of this amazing gun yet! I purchased this gun on Nov 20th and I believe I have shot enough rounds through it to do a proper review.

::Out of the Box::
A great box always makes a nice gun seem nicer, and Planet Eclipse has done it again. As soon as you unzip the foam lined, plastic casing the Ego Ten is waiting for your drool. Amazing packaging. Comes with Spare Parts (o-rings and detents), Eclipse Oil, Manual, Shaft III 2 Piece Barrel .692 14", and a Barrel Bag.

A quick glance over of the gorgeous color manual and I was ready to turn it on. Planet Eclipse put out a 100% awesome booklet containing everything that you need to know about the Ten. Tech support is almost not needed! Have a problem? Flip the booklet to the back and Bam! Answer is right there.

::First Impressions::
The LED Screen is a god-sent! You can change the background color to whatever you are thinking. Not just plain red, blue, or green; but Orange, Purple, Yellow, White, Teal! I spent almost an hour just playing with the colors.

Flipping through modes is very, very straight forward. My 5 year old nephew could do it. Even better is you can save 2 User Modes so that you can create a great semi mode and load up a crazy ramp that you designed. Also comes with the standard NPPL, Millenium, and PSP (10/12 bps).

Gorgeous milling on the Ten. I have the Champange/Silver Ten and absolutely love the way it looks. 100% better looking than the Luxe (personal opinion).

::Shooting the Ten::
Holding the Ten is very comfortable, although it feels a little heavy compared to a Luxe with the same HPA and Rotor. The height of the bolt is very high compared to "sleeker" guns like Dye's & Luxe's.

Important! If you are a tall player (5'9" to 6'1") then the placing of the Ten to your shoulder snaps on very quickly; the bolt just seems to land center of nose every time. When shorter people hold the Ten, they almost have to slide the HPA lower past the armpit to center it. A pain, but it can be worked around.

Shooting the Ten in a tiny room over a chronograph: Bring Ear-Plugs! Loud! Wow it's almost crazy how loud it was in the room. Personally I blame the fact that the stock barrel is over-bored and a lot of excess air was being wasted. A barrel kit should solve this.

Loaded up with Marbs and shooting over an indoor chronograph the Ten was averaging +/-15 fps. Not great, but the Reg needs to break in.

::After 3 Months::
In the final break in period, I was able to get a hold of a Edmonton Impact series Carbon Fiber Deathstiks 14" set. This took off so much weight of the Ten it is literally like holding a toy. Scary.

Orginally i was using a Vlocity Jr to feed the Ten, but I had to get a Rotor just to keep up with this beast. Again, scary.

The Ego started jumping only +/-4fps after 4 cases and a better matching barrel size. Huge increase from when i first started playing with it.

Just pull out the Cure 3+ bolt and lube the O-rings, then pull out the Zick 2 Rammer and apply quick oil lube. That's it. I have gone through roughly 30 cases of paint with my Ten (a lot of off-season practices) and that is all that needs maintaining.

Ego's are literally the AK-47's of paintball, you can do whatever you want to them and they will keep on humming like a dream.

::Update April 16/10 - Tuning the LPR::
With the purchase of a Empire Prophecy and some tweaking on the trigger, it seemed to fire faster. Maybe just me getting used to it and finding that sweet spot? Also with the Prophecy settings I have it on the lowest Sound Activation setting and it still turns. You can literally slam the lid and it will not turn without you pulling the trigger.

Now for Tuning the Ego Ten. I left the dwell at the stock setting for a long time, just adjusting the trigger to better suit me. After 15 cases of paint I turned the HPR to get me within my 300fps range. I took the stock setting of the screw on the LPR and turned it in (IN, not OUT) 2 complete turns. Then firing it over the chrono again I re-adjusted the HPR to get back into my 300fps.

After I was happy with the HPR setting I went into the Dwell menu and dropped the Dwell down 1/2 ms at a time and re-shot over the chrono to make sure there was no drop. Be sure to shoot 8 paintball's or so to get a good average reading. If there was no drop in fps, then drop it down another 1/2ms. As soon as there was a drop i turned it back up another 1/2 ms.

Currently my Ego Ten shoots with a +/-4fps and with a 11.5ms Dwell and shoots amazingly well. For anyone who owns or has shot an Ego 8, it feels exactly like it. Still loud, but smooth shooting with little kick.

::Final Thoughts::
If you have ever shot a Ego before, you know exactly how it will shoot: with that funny arc that no other marker can match. Kind of neat though, cause a player with and Ego playing Doritio's can lob balls right on top of the opponent. Maybe not that bad but almost. If you are new to Ego's then be prepared to learn to shoot one. After a case you will pick up on it quickly.

The Ten is still a little loud, but I really don't see it as an issue. In the height of the game who really cares?

As for the Ten having kick? It is an Ego. Deal with it. It is not a spool valve and when you compare the 2 the Ten does have more kick. In reality the kick is Negligible! I never wander off target when shooting ropes as the kick comes straight back towards the shooter, not up. After tuning it the kick is almost; almost gone...
Conclusion: It's a top of the line Ego. If they made an 11 or 12, I really don't see how they could make it better. The Cure 3+ & Zick 2 combo works great and shooting the Ten is satisfying. If you are a taller player then this is a no-brainer. If you are on the smaller size perhaps try it out before you buy it; it might not be the most comfortable fit.

And after tuning it to it's "sweet spot" it shoots smooth like the Ego 8's do.

Price is high but if you are reading this, obviously you are comparing high end markers. Ego Ten scores a Ten.
10 out of 10Last edited on Friday, April 16th, 2010 at 4:31 pm PST
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nick947 Monday, June 28th, 2010
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month6 of 6 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Angel "the gat"
09 Impulse
Marker Setup: Ego 10 Ashes
Empire Prophecy w/ empire speed feed
Pure Energy 68/4500
Hybrid tank cover
Strengths: Sexy
Low kick
Overall performance
Weaknesses: Price
Review: Basically, this gun is amazing.

It comes fully-loaded with all of Planet Eclipses technological developments that have spawned over the years. This gun is definitely a culmination of years of experience making amazing guns.

Lets go over a few key things about this gun, starting from when you open up the case...

Packaging: As everyone knows by now, Planet Eclipse always delivers in this category. Even the etek line comes in stellar packaging. The gun case is a nice metal case with zipper seal. Inside you'll find your gun, barrel, lube, spares, manual and barrel sock. The case has extra slots for barrel backs should you choose to purchase some.

Feel: This gun simply feels incredible in the hands. Extremely ergonomic design. The reg is far enough forward that your thumb can fit between it and the trigger guard, which is how some people prefer to hold their gun.

Design: The design of the Ego 10 is extremely solid. Clamping feedneck, on/off oops ASA which now purges, BIGGER LCD!, 4pt adjustable trigger, wired eyes (not ribbon), amazing board with tons of customization, shaft3 barrel, solid reg, MAC solenoid, cure3 bolt, Zick2 rammer....the list goes on! Like I said, this is all of Eclipses top technology thrown into one gun.

Performance: This is one of the nicer shooting guns I've used. Out of any ego/etek, it definitely has the least kick. You can really see that they've put some more effort in reducing kick vs. having the highest ROF. Tourny paintball and any paintball for that matter does not require 30+bps. The Ego 10 does shoot up to 28bps, so if you're a youtuber whos all about trying to max out your hopper, you can still do it! The gun does not chop - cure3 at work. Don't expect chops on your average 10-15bps PSP ramp whatsoever. Efficiency is good too. I usually get about 1100-1300 shots from a 68/45 filled to 4000psi. The main issue is the barrel bore which is .693. With .685 bore on tourny paint, efficiency will be much higher.
Conclusion: Bottom line is this gun is amazing. The price is steep, but in this case you do get what you pay for. If you want a good gun but only have 400-600 to spend, get its little brother - the ETEK3. If you can fork out the cash for this baby, please do so. In my opinion it's the nicest high-end out there.
10 out of 10
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protostar123 Friday, May 28th, 2010
Period of
Product Use:
3 months2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
08 ego - close
luxe - smoother shooting
geo - just didnt like mine.
Marker Setup: poison ego 10
performance wise your ready to go out of the box. i threw on SPD grips and a green macroline For looks haha.
Strengths: simple design = RELIABLE
Very light
barely noticeable kick.
Weaknesses: Sweetspotting settings.
Review: I got this gun barely used in a trade for my LUXE. i miss the way it shoots but the extra reliability is more than welcome. i had owned an 08 ego a year or so before the ego10 and was very suprised by how much the kick has been reduced and the overall feeling of the gun is more natural.

Lets start out with the problem i had. when i tested this gun from the previous owner i didnt have a chrono. it was shootin so inaccurate that i almost didnt buy it...but i figured hey, its either the barrel or paint, so it would be an easy fix. anyways turns ot he had it shootin at about 350, so when i put it to around 290 it was much better.

Now, when i finally got it to a chrono the gun was very dissappointing. The gun was so inconsistant i almost wanted to contact the kid for my luxe back. first 5 shots were :

Seeing as i am the kind of person that would prefer to fix his gear then buy new stuff, i began messing around. First off i reloaded Factory settings. (changed nothing, i think the kid already was using this). im not sure what did the trick as i played with everything at once before i tested it out. heres what i did. :

- Replaced and lubed Rammer o-rings.
- cleaned and lubed HPR and LPR
- turned dwell up from 10.5 --> 13
- adjusted LPR one full turn in from flush.

(if you are reading this, you will most likely have to lower your velocity through the reg because the dwell jacks it up a bit.)

Anyways, my ego now shoots from about 293-297.

performance wise it is the smoothest EGO to date (opinion). my first time playing with it at a walkon with my team i killed 7 people in 3 games and only got shot once. Being a front player this gun is everything i could ask for. ive been sliding on this thing for nearly 3 months and it hasnt gone down once.
Conclusion: Buy this gun. Ignore your friends telling you other guns, Ignore the SL's. if you buy this gun and still cant kill people, stop playing.
9 out of 10
I found this review  
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